Re-Entering Community Life In Person — But I Have Stage Fright

“In my official capacity as theater critic, I’m prepared to make a cultural diagnosis. As the pandemic shows signs of coming under control in the U.S., an epidemic of stage fright is exploding.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, 05.03.21

NYC To Lift COVID Capacity Restrictions May 19. Broadway Back?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that one capacity restriction that will remain in place, with limits still being mandated on the number of people who can attend events at large outdoor stadiums. Those will remain at 33% capacity. Even though the rules have been loosened, Broadway isn’t expected to welcome guests back for several weeks, even months. – Variety
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Eli Broad, Philanthropic Cautionary Tale

Broad’s style — his power plays, his demands for control and fealty, and his determination to go it alone — meant that controversy and ill-feeling dogged many of his big projects. He fell out with the architects; he crossed swords with directors such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Michael Govan; and his behavior stirred up resentments among fellow cultural philanthropists, many of whom refused to give to projects that had Broad’s name on them. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Michael Govan, 05.03.21, Eli Broad Philanthropic Cautionary Tale

Music Is The Universal Language? Let’s Reconsider

In the past two years, the debate over whether music is universal, or even whether that debate has merit, has raged like a battle of the bands among scientists. The stage has expanded from musicology to evolutionary biology to cultural anthropology. – Nautilus
Tags: Art, Music

Lynda Hartigan, Peabody Essex Museum’s Passed-Over Deputy Director, Belatedly Gets the Top Spot

Two years ago, when the Salem, Mass. museum named Brian Kennedy, then director of the Toledo Museum, to succeed longtime director Dan Monroe, I wondered why Lynda Hartigan hadn’t gotten the nod. Now, after a brief detour to Toronto as deputy director at the Royal Ontario Museum, Lynda is returning to direct the museum that she so ably served, beginning as chief curator in 2003. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Toronto, Ajblogs, Brian Kennedy, Toledo Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Dan Monroe, 05.02.21, Lynda Hartigan, Royal Ontario Museum Lynda

Ermenegildo Zegna Teams with Stellantis

Today, the Ermenegildo Zegna Group announced its affiliation with Stellantis. By 2025, the Zegna Group’s entire fleet of 200 will go green. A new green-car policy has gone into effect at the company, well known for its pricy clothing and accessories. “The quality of our products must go hand in hand with our respect for nature. […] The post Ermenegildo Zegna Teams with Stellantis appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Europe, Design, Technology, Media, Advertising, Global, Sales, Sustainability, Green, Luxury, Electric Vehicles, Italy, Autos, Carbon Footprint, Hybrid, Branding

Charles Grode Shares the Impact of Collaboration

The President & Executive Director of the Merit School of Music shares about the importance and impact of collaboration between arts organizations. –
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Merit School of Music, 05.01.21, Charles Grode

Check out these MacPaint masterpieces from the 1980s

I came across this awesome Historical Gallery and Archive of MacPaint art from the '80s. I love the old-school digital aesthetic to these images, and feel inspired to play around on MacPaint myself after looking through the archive. Bill Atkinson's MacPaint was developed by Apple Computer and released in 1984 with The original Macintosh personal computer. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, News, Macintosh, Apple Computer, Bill Atkinson, 1-bit Aesthetic, 1-bit Art

Beleaguered StubHub Ticket Service Will Now Offer Refunds For Canceled Events

Customers complained to the press and filed lawsuits. In an interview, StubHub customer experience vice president Daron Fowlks declined to comment on litigation but said that customers who bought tickets to events in the U.S. or Canada on or before March 25, 2020, and were issued credits for cancellations, will now get refunds. Those will be paid out by the end of May. – Seattle Times
Tags: Art, Canada, Issues, Stubhub, Daron Fowlks

Beleaguered StubHub Ticket Service3 Will Now Offer Refunds For Canceled Events

Customers complained to the press and filed lawsuits. In an interview, StubHub customer experience vice president Daron Fowlks declined to comment on litigation but said that customers who bought tickets to events in the U.S. or Canada on or before March 25, 2020, and were issued credits for cancellations, will now get refunds. Those will be paid out by the end of May. – Seattle Times
Tags: Art, Canada, Issues, Stubhub, Daron Fowlks

Head Or Heart? How You Listen To Music

When you listen to music, do you tend to analyze and think critically about what you are hearing (head)? Or is music listening pretty much an emotional experience for you—something that can tingle your spine or make you cry (heart)? – NightingaleSonata
Tags: Art, Music

Book Publishing Is About Free Speech? Ideas? Well That Myth Is Gone

“There may be an ideological component to publishing Pence and Conway, but it has nothing to do with ideas. It has to do with fetishizing ideological diversity, in which publishing garbage books from prominent Republicans is an end in and of itself. These deals only underline what’s been increasingly obvious for decades now: The commitment to free speech and intellectual diversity is a fig leaf, held up to defend often dubious decisions that are rooted in financial concerns, rather than intelle...
Tags: Art, Words, Conway

How to Make the Most of Every Inch of Your Hallway

If you live in a large house, you may see your hallways as those extra spaces to vacuum that simply bring you from one part of your home to another. But if you live in an apartment or a smaller house, hallways are precious and valuable space you should definitely be making the most of.Read more...
Tags: Wallpaper, Visual Arts, Paint, Architecture, Lifehacks, Interior Design, Hallway, Bookcase, Rooms, Decorative Arts, Siobhan Murphy

And The Oscar Goes To South Dakota

South Dakota’s tourist attractions featured heavily in parts of Best Picture winner Nomadland, and now the (iconic to some) Wall Drug and Reptile Gardens are seeing an uptick in tourism. – Rapid City Journal
Tags: Art, Media, South Dakota, Reptile Gardens, Nomadland, 05.01.21

Blaming Liam Scarlett’s Death On Cancel Culture Is Just Another Way To Shut Victims Up

Reactions such as choreographer Alexei Ratmansky’s social media post that claimed “Cancel culture is killing” are deeply harmful – they place “a burden of guilt on victims who may have come forward during the investigations, at a time when the ballet world is finally reckoning with the way it has normalized abuse over time.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Liam Scarlett, Alexei Ratmansky, 05.03.21

What It Feels Like To Finish A Project During The Pandemic

Just ask novelist Ali Smith, who finished the last of a four-book sprint during the first lockdown: “I felt the usual failure … Knackered. Curious as to whether the book would hold water, and as for the series: no idea. Hope, despair. All these feelings passed in the 30 seconds it takes to toast something that’s done with a single measure of single malt, then I emerged from my room into the very real, visceral confluence of hope and despair happening to us all in life in Covid lockdown.” – The...
Tags: Art, Words, Ali Smith, COVID, 05.01.21

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Vowed To Change

From there? Things have been falling apart. NBC’s contingency plans if the group that runs the Golden Globes doesn’t get it together by their self-imposed deadline of May 6. “Among the more drastic options that could be considered: putting the Globes on hiatus, keeping the show but jettisoning the HFPA, or scrapping the awards altogether.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Nbc, Golden Globes, Hfpa, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, 05.02.21

Music Festivals In The UK Say They’ll Have To Cancel Without Government Help

The main problem is an inability to get coronavirus cancellation insurance (perhaps understandable at this point). – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, UK, 04.30.21

A California Appeals Court Holds Amazon Responsible In Third-Party Sales

A hoverboard burst into flames, harming the person who bought it from a third-party seller on Amazon Marketplace and leading to a court case in which a California appeals court said Amazon can’t duck out on this one. “Bottom line: Amazon — and by extension other online retailers — isn’t just a bystander when someone purchases a third-party product. It’s a key part of the transaction. And it can be held accountable if that product turns out to be harmful.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Amazon, Art, California, Issues, Amazon Marketplace, 04.29.21, California Appeals Court Holds Amazon

Will LA MOCA Recover Its Footing?

Yes, LA MOCA is having trouble again. “MOCA’s current trials have come just as the museum was hoping to emerge from a tumultuous history that has included two short-term directors, a raid on its endowment to pay the bills and a proposed merger with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, LA MOCA, 05.02.21

Returning Moviegoers Are Ready For More

After being stuck at home, without movie cinemas, for well over a year, it’s time to break out the big bucks for all of the extras. “The expanding appetite for an enhanced theatrical experience has given the film and exhibition business a shot of confidence and a weapon against streamers amid devastation caused by the pandemic. Yet it also means theaters that don’t offer upscale sight and sound, plush seats and other amenities might struggle to lure customers.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, 04.30.21

Can This Modernist Gem Be Saved?

The planned demolition of the Derby Assembly Rooms, product of a 1970 architectural competition and former host to big acts from The Clash to Elton John, has the city divided and architecture preservation societies infuriated. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Elton John, Visual, 05.02.21, Derby Assembly Rooms

Disney Apparently Decided Not To Pay Some Authors Their Royalties

And now there’s a task force trying to get the authors of novels in the Indiana Jones, Buffy, and Star Wars universes the royalties for recent sales of their books. Disney, according to author Alan Dean Foster, told him that when they bought Lucasfilm and the rights to Foster’s novelization of Star Wars: A New Hope, first published in 1976, that didn’t mean he would continue to earn royalties from the still in-print, still selling book. The Mouse “argued that it had purchased the rights, but no...
Tags: Art, Disney, Indiana, Lucasfilm, Issues, Alan Dean Foster, Foster, 04.28.21, Jones Buffy

Fred Jordan, Who Defied Censorship And Published The Avant Garde, 95

At Grove Press, Jordan and Barney Rosset led the charge to publish as they wished. “Grove’s lawyers were instrumental in overturning anti-pornography court rulings against D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer in 1959, William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch in the early 1960s and the Swedish erotic film I Am Curious (Yellow) in the late ’60s.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Henry Miller, Grove, William S Burroughs, Barney Rosset, D H Lawrence, 05.02.21, Fred Jordan, Grove Press Jordan

The Great Mural Wall Of Los Angeles Gets An Extension

Judy Baca’s 2,700-foot mural Great Wall shows the history of the city, from pre-historic California through the 1950s. But the 1950s were a long time ago – and now a grant means the mural can stretch to a mile, bringing it up to the 2020s. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, California, Visual, Judy Baca, 05.02.21

The Colosseum Is Getting A High-Tech Arena Floor

The project, in which a structural engineering firm will install a retractable floor, is supposed to take two years to complete – and so, says culture minister Dario Franceschini, “in 2023, we will have the splendour of the Colosseum with its arena again.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Visual, Dario Franceschini, 05.02.21

The stunning book design behind the new Philip Dick collection

The Folio Society is releasing a limited edition collection of all 118* short stories written by Philip K. Dick — and like a lot of the Folio Society's work, the graphic design is absolutely stunning. Check out the video for more about the process: This limited edition of Philip K. — Read the rest
Tags: Books, Video, Design, News, Book, Designers, Graphic Design, Design Fiction, Philip K Dick, PKD, Folio Society, Science Fiction Design, Philip Dick, Philip K Read

Seven Stories Press Runs Indie Risks, Reaps A Nobel Prize Winner

Running an independent press isn’t easy in an era of consolidation – and in a pandemic. Seven Stories’ editor-in-chief: “As a business the time of greatest risk—and very possibly also of greatest reward—is right now, this year, next year. We’re on a growth curve, which has not always been the case. The marketplace for books actually grew in America last year, but at the same time it is much harder today for independent publishers to break out a book than it was even as recently as a decade ago....
Tags: Art, America, Words, 04.30.21

A Humble Alley Boasts Hollywood History

Can tourists gain more appreciation of the real Hollywood – could the city do more (a lot more) to help them leave invigorated, and not disappointed? Check out the alley: “So many visitors to Hollywood would love to know about this unnamed space — where, in the early, exhilarating, madcap days of moviemaking, three of the greatest Hollywood stars of all time shot parts of three of their greatest films.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 05.01.21

James Prigoff, Who Documented And Championed Street Art, 93

Prigoff was a the co-author, with Henry Chalfant, of Spraycan Art, “a foundational book in the street-art field that featured more than 200 photographs of colorful, intricate artworks in rail tunnels, on buildings and elsewhere — not only in New York, then considered by many to be the epicenter of graffiti art, but also in Chicago, Los Angeles, Barcelona, London, Vienna and other cities. It included interviews with many of the artists and even captured some of them in the act of creating their ...
Tags: Art, New York, People, Prigoff, James Prigoff, Henry Chalfant, 05.01.21, Chicago Los Angeles Barcelona London Vienna

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