Young Vic Says “Theatre Has Changed Forever” And Will Livestream Its Work

Kwame Kwei-Armah told the Guardian the pandemic had changed theatre forever, with the livestreaming of plays becoming “hard baked” into how the industry operates. – The Guardian
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Ross Douthat Sees Mediocrity Everywhere, Laments Paucity Of “Great Thinkers”

“My own favoured explanation, in The Decadent Society, is adapted from the American sociologist Robert Nisbet’s arguments about how cultural golden ages hold traditional and novel forces in creative tension: the problem for the Western world is that this tension snapped during the revolutions of the 1960s, when the baby boomers (and the pre-boomer innovators they followed) were too culturally triumphant and their elders put up too little resistance, such that the fruitful tension between innova...
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What It’s Like To Play The Violin Of Violins

The Sala Paganiniana, where Il Cannone resides inside the Palazzo Tursi, is monitored by scientists, experts, and bodyguards. The instrument is played monthly by curator Bruce Carlson and each year by the winner of the Premio Paganini contest for young violinists. – Strings
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When Conditions Are Ripe To Fall For Misinformation

“People become more prone to misinformation when three things happen. First, and perhaps most important, is when conditions in society make people feel a greater need for what social scientists call ingrouping — a belief that their social identity is a source of strength and superiority, and that other groups can be blamed for their problems.” – The New York Times
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Matthew Bourne Starts New School To Prepare Minority Dancers For Professional-Level Work

Cygnet School, based in Canterbury, “is designed to bridge a gap that Bourne had noticed between young people who excel in dance at a grassroots level and those who are able to proceed with vocational training. ‘A lot of the young people who were coming to us for auditions were quite raw – the talent was there but they weren’t quite ready to go into a professional show. … [They] slip through the net’, said Bourne, particularly if they come from low-income backgrounds.” – The Guardian
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NYC To Launch $25 Million Artist Corps Program To Hire 1,500 Artists

“We’re going to hire artists, musicians, performers, and they’re going to be out in communities doing public art, public performances, pop-up shows…creating murals, you name it,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We want to give artists opportunities, and we want this city to feel the power of our cultural community again.” – Gothamist
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Discovered: When Tennessee Williams Wrote A Fan Letter To Eugene O’Neill

“An impassioned letter from Tennessee Williams to Eugene O’Neill is an astonishing find in the world of American drama studies. Just when it seems that the archival well has been drunk dry for these exhaustively studied artists, something truly wonderful appears and changes things. – UKNOW
Tags: Art, People, Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, 05.06.21

In Kashmir, Sufi Music Was For Men Only. These Young Women Are Keeping It Alive

“For centuries, the tradition was passed down from one man to another. But sisters Irfana and Rihana Yousuf began to play with support from their father, Mohammad Yousuf. A musician himself, he sometimes had to sell household items to afford the costly instruments so they could keep their dream alive – and his. … In Sufism, a form of Islamic mysticism, this music is food for the soul. Its origins in Kashmir trace back to the 15th century. But today, with few traditional artists left in the vall...
Tags: Art, Music, Kashmir, Mohammad Yousuf, 04.19.21, Irfana, Rihana Yousuf

What If An AI Bot Curated The Whitney Biennial?

“A new online art project based on data from the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Liverpool Biennial attempts to imagine 64 different curatorial statements and artist lists for future exhibitions, all ‘curated’ by a robot. … Each alternate universe is characterized by art speak that straddles the line between highbrow and utter incomprehensibility and is based on data drawn from actual Whitney and Liverpool Biennials past.” – Artnet
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Musicians Versus The Streaming Companies – Something’s Gotta Change

The artists’ demands are threaded with anger and anxiety over the degradation of creative labor. But the musicians face long odds. Despite solidarity among many older and independent artists, the most successful current pop acts have largely been silent on the issue. And while many musicians paint Spotify as the enemy, the shift to streaming over the last decade has returned the industry to growth after years of financial decline. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, 05.08.21

Cricut Explore Air 2, Blue – Lowest Price So Far with Coupon at Amazon + Free Shipping!

  Wow! Amazon is there for crafters today! If you’ve been wanting a Cricut, don’t miss this sale! They are selling out! Clip the $20 Off Coupon! Get the Cricut Explore Air 2, Blue for the lowest price ever after you clip the $20 off coupon plus Free Shipping at Amazon Coupon is only available for... Read More
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‘Indiana Jones’ Trilogy Prints From Devin Schoeffler and ‘Wonder Woman 3D’ Prints by Juan Burgos Go On Sale Today

Bottleneck Gallery is working some magic with its newest prints. A trilogy of Indiana Jones prints — one for each film of the trilogy from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, to 1984’s The Temple of Doom, to 1989’s The Last Crusade — from Devin Schoeffler is debuting at the gallery today alongside Juan Ruiz Burgos‘ two 3D Wonder Woman lenticular prints. They go on sale today, so check them out below. Burgos’ two 3D lenticular prints of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince give the illusion of movement, whi...
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How To Think About Racist Statues That Have Been Taken Down

To date there are no large-scale programs or comprehensive models for dealing with defaced or removed monuments. However, the museum and heritage sectors — two professions that are founded on the essential notion of preservation — have been challenged by calls, largely from outside of these fields, suggesting that museums take in damaged or fallen monuments. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.05.21

The Birth Of Newsletters, 600 Years Before Substack

“Newsletters began in mid-fifteenth-century Venice. Subscribers would receive handwritten letters twice a week rounding up interesting events. Sixteenth-century merchants used similar news sources to keep track of exchange rates, taxes, and other business news. The form’s popularity expanded in England after the country’s first postal service took off around 1660. This opened the door to news writers, who could use the mail to gather information from distant correspondents and then send the inf...
Tags: Art, England, Venice, Words, 05.02.21

Hollywood Is Hiring Rage Coaches To Teach Awful Execs Some Self-Control

“How to be a better boss is a question that has come under new scrutiny in Hollywood thanks to some high-profile examples of spectacularly bad ones. … In the trickiest coaching situations, a studio or agency’s human resources department hires a coach to work with a reluctant leader. … For those inclined to roll their eyes at the prospect, [a coach] reminds them of what they stand to lose.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 05.06.21

Short Opera Videos Are One Pandemic Innovation We Should Keep

Over the past months we’ve gotten “a range of short films that showcase top talents in American opera, highlight contemporary composers and recruit other artists (including costume designers and cinematographers) as well as tens of thousands of new viewers … [all because of the] overdue embrace of the dormant chemistry between cinema and opera, so rarely consummated.” – The Washington Post
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How, And Why, Barry Jenkins Went Through With Ten Episodes Of ‘The Underground Railroad’

“There was only one time when he seriously thought about quitting. The project … had just been announced, in the fall of 2016. Within hours of the news — BARRY JENKINS TO ADAPT HOT NOVEL ‘UNDERGROUND RAILROAD’ — the tweets had arrived. “THIS is what he’s doing after ‘Moonlight’? I HATE slave movies. Do we really need more images of Black people getting brutalized?” Jenkins almost pulled the plug right then.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Moonlight, Jenkins, Barry Jenkins, 05.06.21

AMC Theatres Loses $567 Million

Revenues at the world’s largest exhibition chain topped out at $148.3 million, down 84.2 percent from the year-ago period, while the company logged a loss of $1.42 per share, an improvement on the loss of $20.88 per share that it reported in the year-ago period. – Variety
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Prints For Hope: Divya Cowasji

We are thrilled to share a very timely initiative by our dear friend and brilliant filmmaker Divya Cowasji. She writes… “I am Divya Cowasji, a Parsi filmmaker and photographer from India. Like everyone here, I am trying to do my bit to help out with the covid nightmare that is unfolding daily at home. I am part of a collective of women photographers from India called 8:30. We are organizing a print sale fundraiser for grassroots organizations helping the most vulnerable through the ...
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La Scala Begins Construction On New Building

“The foundation stone has been laid for [the Milan opera house’s] new building, which will be constructed to the rear of the existing structure.” The project, designed by architect Mario Botta, “will expand the area for assembling sets, there will be new rehearsal rooms including a vast new space for the orchestra and a new ballet studio, and there will be office space for the departments that currently operate from outside the main building.” (second item) – Gramilano (Milan)
Tags: Art, Music, Milan, Mario Botta, 05.06.21

One Of London’s Leading Theatres Says It Will Keep Live-Streaming Productions Permanently

“[Young Vic artistic director] Kwame Kwei-Armah told The Guardian the pandemic had changed theatre forever, with the livestreaming of plays becoming ‘hard baked’ into how the industry operates. [He] said that during lockdown he had resolved to ‘innovate, not just replicate’ resulting in a project titled Best Seat in Your House which will use multiple cameras and allow online audiences to change what they are looking at.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Audience, Vic, Kwame Kwei Armah, 05.06.21

For First Time, No Individual Artists Are Finalists For Turner Prize

“The choice of collectives reflects the fact that few artists have been able to publicly show anything over the past year. It prompted judges to focus on groups of artists whose collaborative work has demonstrably continued, not always in the confines of a gallery. The shortlist is Array Collective, Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S), Cooking Sections, Gentle/Radical, and Project Art Works.” – The Guardian
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Cricut Joy – Lowest Price So Far at Amazon + Free Shipping!

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New York Launches $25 Million City Artist Corps

“The program … will give money to artists, musicians and other performers to create works across the city, whether through public art, performances, pop-up shows, murals or other community arts projects. … [The effort] is expected to create jobs for more than 1,500 artists in New York City.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Issues, 05.06.21

Catherine de’ Medici 1561 portrait to return to London mansion

Painting has been acquired for nation and will be reinstalled at Strawberry Hill House in TwickenhamA monumental portrait of Catherine de’ Medici, one of the most powerful women in 16th-century Europe, will return to Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham after it was acquired for the nation in lieu of tax.The picture was originally installed in the gothic revival mansion built by Horace Walpole, who acquired it 247 years ago, and was part of an important collection amassed by the son of Sir Robert...
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