Bandwagon Is Changing The NY Phil’s Relationship With The City

Instead of the whiff of noblesse oblige and platitudes about the uplifting nature of classical music, this is about working together. “The key phrases when Bandwagon 2 was announced last month were the desire to ‘center the voices of our partners’ and ‘utilize the Philharmonic’s resources to amplify the work of our collaborators.’ In less fancy terms, the orchestra is stepping back, giving over its stage and its money rather than hogging them.” – The New York Times
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How Sesame Street Went From Radical Experiment To Mainstream Success

When the show premiered, it wasn’t the beloved Big Bird and Elmo experience that people think of today. “In 1969, Sesame Street unveils and there is a African American couple who live in the same neighborhood with their white neighbors — yes, with Big Bird and several other Muppets — but it’s a very integrated cast. The first time this [was] ever seen on television in Jackson, Miss., the public television station received a lot of complaints and they stopped airing the show. Miraculously, a com...
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Nashville Isn’t Coming Through For Women

But TikTok is, forcing country radio to pay attention, and give opportunities, to young singers in new ways. – The New York Times
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Streaming Theatre Will Do For Now

But nothing can replace the live experience. “Call it immediacy or authenticity, unpredictability or uniqueness, but it’s part of the reason people pay more to attend a single concert than they will to purchase the entire recorded works of the same musician.” Live streaming theatre, though, is tricky. – Irish Times
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Where Tap Dance Came From, And Where It’s Going

It’s a long history, and a new generation is reviving the art even during the pandemic. – CBS News
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Doctor Who And Torchwood, And Men Behaving Badly

First there were reports that Noel Clarke, who played Mickey from 2005-2010 on the Doctor Who reboot, was a serial sexual harasser and bully. Now come reports that John Barrowman of Doctor Who and Torchwood repeatedly exposed himself on both sets. – The Guardian (UK)
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Is Drawing In Decline In Britain?

Some of the nation’s top (male) artists are unhappy about the lack of drawing classes, bemoaning the lack of compulsory drawing classes at the Royal College of Art, Slade, and other art schools. Apparently, one says, “You now have people who are more interested in conceptual art – which is actually what you do if you can’t draw.” – The Observer (UK)
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Lloyd Price, Whose Smash Hits Prefigured Rock, Dies At 88

Price, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, had his first big rhythm and blues hit with “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” in 1952. “Nicknamed Mr. Personality after his most recognizable hit, which reached No. 2 on the Billboard singles chart in 1959, Mr. Price found success with Black and white audiences alike. He was a prolific songwriter as well as a gifted singer — a combination that was relatively uncommon at the time — and his songs were covered by many others.” – The New York Times
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The End Of Net Neutrality Was Riddled With Fraud

Fraud – and 8.5 million (Eight. Point. Five. Million.) bot comments secretly created by ISPs to urge against net neutrality. To be fair, there were millions of other fake comments, but according to the New York Attorney General’s report, “the astroturfing effort by the broadband industry stood out because it used real people’s names without their consent, with third-party firms hired by the industry faking consent records.” – Wired
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What Will Happen To Eli Broad’s Grand Dreams For Los Angeles?

Broad’s vision was of a Champs-Elysées on Grand Avenue, but all with his stamp on it. “Broad’s ambitions ought to prod Angelenos to consider what they think should be central to their city. Emperors, bureaucrats and billionaires mold cities to their desires, but so could humbler aspirations. … To better serve its future sense of place, Grand Avenue may require less architecture and more humanity.” – Los Angeles Times
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A tarot deck from the age of corona

Steve Speer, the creator of some very out-there, psychedelic animations from the early 1990s, brings us the magical CoronaTarot. Speer collaborated with occultist Ami Lahoff and Pantheist Lena Strayhorn to create this one-of-a-kind deck. Images relating to the current politics, media, and memes of the pandemic-era make up the 78 unique illustrations; A masked person looking nervously into the mirror with a reflection of a skeleton staring back (Lovers), a naked woman crouching over a river, w...
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Broadway Reopens In Four Months, But Theatre Workers Still Need Help

A survey released by the Actors Fund says that “40% of the arts and entertainment respondents reported being more food insecure during the pandemic, 28% were behind in rent or mortgage payments and 20% had been forced to change housing” – and nearly 80 percent could use some mental health help as well. – Broadway News
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Hollywood Publicists, Netflix, And Amazon Push Golden Globes Group To Reform

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s released list of “reforms” didn’t impress anyone much. Instead, the list set off “a remarkable cascade of criticism toward the embattled HFPA, plunging the group into further turmoil as it attempts to weather a crisis that has imperiled its awards show and its very existence. By Friday evening, two of awards season’s biggest power players — Netflix and Amazon Studios — distanced themselves from the organization, revealing that they would cut ties with t...
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Lyn Macdonald, Who Preserved The Voices Of WWI Soldiers, 91

Macdonald was a producer for the BBC in 1973 when she “was given what she thought would be a one-off journalistic assignment: to accompany a group of World War I veterans from a British rifle brigade on a final pilgrimage to the battlefields of France.” She interviewed more than 600 veterans and wrote seven books about their experiences, popularizing and changing military history. – The New York Times
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Writing, It Turns Out, Can Be Rather Difficult

Masterful essay writer Elissa Mashuta: “This is the dilemma at the heart of the process: writing would be easier if I had an assured end point to aim for, but the essay only works if I begin without knowing what I’ll find as I advance through the paragraphs. I want to control everything, but the essay won’t let me.” – LitHub
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Why American Remakes Of Foreign Films Don’t Always Go To Plan

Art house films in particular bear the marks of their specific directors and writers – and that often doesn’t translate (sorry, Another Round and Leo DeCaprio). “This may explain why so many international films optioned for remakes never get made. Paramount’s version of German Oscar nominee Toni Erdmann (2016), DreamWorks’ planned adaptation of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Like Father, Like Son (2013), or Tom Hanks’ U.S. take of A Man Called Ove, the Swedish sleeper from 2015, remain, as of this writing...
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Martin Bookspan, The Voice Of The Lincoln Center, 94

Bookspan realized young that he probably wouldn’t make it as a solo violinist, but he brought music to anyone with a radio or TV. “After an early career behind the scenes at radio stations in Boston and New York, he established himself as a stalwart of Live From Lincoln Center, the PBS program that became America’s premier source of classical music on broadcast television. He joined the program when it went on the air in 1976″ and retired from it in 2006. – The New York Times
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Can These Movies Save The 2022 Oscars?

Yes, it’s a bit early to start placing bets, but still: “There are many nervous insiders hoping the post-pandemic pendulum will swing back toward those big mainstream movies. So here’s an early look at the presumptive awards field, starting with the very movies the Academy is surely hoping will save the Oscars.” – Vulture
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Emma Donoghue ‘Toned Down The Horror’ In Room

Those who read the book or saw the movie may not quite believe it, but the real-life case from which the author drew her inspiration was far worse. Then there were her own kids. “I had three and a half years’ worth of things to say. About what a huge gap separates an adult and a small child, with only curiosity, humour and love to bridge it. About how a mother is her baby’s captor and prisoner, sometimes both at the same time. About how you long to give your growing kid freedom while somehow, i...
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Art Frieze New York Is Back, And So Are The Art Parties

Someone even asked, “Are we going to pretend nothing happened?” But no, not at the fair itself: “To gain admittance at the Shed at Hudson Yards, visitors had to fill out an online questionnaire and upload their proof of vaccination or negative Covid test results before receiving a QR code. There were no exceptions. Even Michael R. Bloomberg, whose name graces the building, got stuck outside until he provided the proper documentation.” – The New York Times
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The Big Screen Experience Is Unparalleled

No matter what you’ve got in your house, there’s nothing like watching a movie in the theatre with scores of other people. Then there are the prices: “The fact that I know I’m being ripped off is, somehow, part of the charm. Have you got a statistic about the ludicrous mark-up on popcorn for me? Have you got a story about seeing it loaded into the back of the cinema in a dozen bin bags? Ooh baby, yes: talk nasty to me.” – The Guardian (UK)
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