Balanchine’s Biggest Fan – Nancy Lassalle, 93

“She was the ultimate board member,” said Albert Bellas, chairman emeritus of the S.A.B. “She was financially supportive, knowledgeable and committed.” She was also a daily presence. – The New York Times
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49 dead trees "planted" in Madison Square Park

Maya Lin installed 49 dead Atlantic White Cedar trees in a park in New York City to warn of climate change, reports Reuters. "They're called, 'Ghost Forests,' so I wanted to bring a ghost forest to raise awareness about this phenomenon," she added, noting that more than 50% of Atlantic Cedars on the U.S. — Read the rest
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Powell’s Books Union Protests Store’s Rehiring Practices

Under dispute is whether or not Powell’s is obliged to honor employees’ prior seniority, salaries, and benefits. The union says that the store, in a string of emails last year, had agreed to honor the employees’ work history upon rehiring. The store, on the other hand, asserts that, since more than 12 months have passed, they are under no such obligation, and has insisted that former employees reapply for their old jobs. – Publishers Weekly
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New Research: Angkor Wat Population Was Greater Than Modern Boston

Researchers have determined the city’s population at its zenith in the 13th century, and the number is impressive: some 700,000 to 900,000 people likely called the Angkor region home, making it one of the world’s largest pre-modern cities. Compare that with the 2019 estimated population for Boston, at 692,600. – Artnet
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Scotland Says Theatres Can Reopen. Theatres Say “No”

In a survey conducted by the Federation of Scottish Theatre (FST), 96% of members responded that it is not economically viable for them to reopen under the current restrictions. – The Guardian
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Fear My Book? Ban My Book?

“Those who seek to ban my book and others like it are trying to exploit fear — fear about the realities that books like mine expose, fear about desire and sex and love — and distort it into something ugly, in an attempt to wish away queer experiences.” – The New York Times
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Google invents a new tool that can make you hear color

Have you ever heard colors? As part of a new exhibition, the worlds of culture and technology collide, bringing sound to the colors of abstract art pioneer Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky had synesthesia, where looking at colors and shapes causes some with the condition to hear associated sounds. With the help of machine learning, virtual visitors to the Sounds Like Kandinsky exhibition, a partnership project by Centre Pompidou in Paris and Google Arts & Culture, can have an aural experience of ...
Tags: Google, Art, Technology, Painting, Brain, Paris, Innovation, Centre Pompidou, Kandinsky, Neil Harbisson, Wassily Kandinsky Kandinsky, Guillaume Piolle Wikimedia

Setting Of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ Is Being Turned Into A Hostel, Sending Literary Folk Into A Tizzy

The unassuming 18th-century townhouse at 15 Usher’s Island is where Joyce’s great-aunts ran a music school, and their annual Epiphany dinner was the model for the gathering in the final story of Dubliners. Two Irish investors who bought the house for €650,000 (cheap by current Dublin standards) have gotten permits to convert the four-story building into a 56-bed tourist hostel — and outraged writers from Edna O’Brien and John Banville in Ireland to Rachel Kushner and Salman Rushdie abroad have ...
Tags: Art, Ireland, Words, Colm Tóibín, Dublin, James Joyce, Joyce, Salman Rushdie, Edna O Brien, John Banville, Rachel Kushner, 05.11.21, Dubliners Two

Maybe Hollywood Could Just Give Up On The Golden Globes Entirely

Kyle Buchanan: “That’s the thing about awards: These trophies are only as important as the recipients believe them to be, and now that the illusion of the Golden Globes has been punctured, stars might find it hard to go back to suspending their disbelief. … In the meantime, it’s possible that another awards show” — such as SAG or Critics’ Choice — “could move to early January to effectively take the Globes’ place on the awards calendar next year.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Golden Globes, Kyle Buchanan, 05.11.21

The Point Of The Point Magazine

“As we see it, one of the goals of the magazine is to help our readers remain open to the possibility that facets of everyday life and culture they might be inclined to trivialize or look down upon may have something to teach us. This doesn’t mean we don’t allow criticism, of course; criticism is part of taking something seriously.” – LitHub
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A Soldier’s Tale for Today — Premiered

As I put it in a program note: “It’s a COVID-period entertainment: compact, flexible, rejecting Romantic symphonic upholstery in favor of a dry, caustic sonority conducive to bitter entertainments, light-hearted yet not evasive.” – Joseph Horowitz
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The WPA is history

New York City has announced a new program, City Artist Corps, inspired by FDR’s Works Progress Administration. There are two major problems with launching a WPA-styled policy in 2021, one in terms of the choice of policy, and one in terms of the very conception of arts policy. Let’s look at these in turn. – Michael Rushton
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World Dance? Seriously?

Typically, it’s an intermediary—a manager, a producer, a critic—who labels something as “world dance.” The term denotes exoticness, authenticity—and it sells. It’s also problematic and limiting. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 05.10.21

Helmut Jahn obituary

Architect known for his flamboyant, postmodernist buildings in Chicago, Berlin and cities around the worldStanding on a corner of downtown Chicago as a dazzling rocket ship of mirrored glass and salmon pink steel, the James R Thompson Center, more than any other building, encapsulates the flamboyant oeuvre of the German-American architect Helmut Jahn, who has died aged 81 in a cycling accident. The glitzy government building, originally known as the State of Illinois Center, is a fitting monumen...
Tags: Design, Germany, US news, Chicago, Architecture, Philadelphia, Helmut Jahn, James R Thompson Center, Chicago Berlin, State of Illinois Center

How To Grapple With An Artist’s Legacy When You’re Responsible For It?

As I’ve tried to make decisions about those areas of influence, I’ve found that I have to fight the “what would Michael have done” or “what would Michael want” voice. While it seems natural to say that my primary job is to listen to that voice, I’ve come to realize this rationale is not a legitimate way to make decisions. – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Issues, Michael, 05.10.21

A Musical About COVID, Titled ‘Breathe’

“Before we get to the logistics of writing, staging and filming a musical” — one with five songwriting teams, four directors plus a supervisor, a passel of actors, and creators Jodi Picoult and Timothy Allen McDonald — “in the midst of a pandemic, let’s address the elephant in the Zoom: Why would anyone want to watch a 90-minute theatrical production about COVID-19 — especially one with scenes named after symptoms many of us have experienced firsthand? (They are: Fever, Aches, Swelling & Irrita...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Jodi Picoult, Timothy Allen McDonald, 05.10.21

Berlin Film Festival Will Get A Live Version This Year After All — Outdoors

“The Berlin Film Festival, which took place online earlier this year, will show most of the movies that were part of the competition at outdoor cinemas across the German capital next month, taking advantage of falling COVID-19 infection numbers. The summer special offered by the festival, also known as the Berlinale, will take place from June 9 to 20 at 16 venues including a specially created open-air cinema at Museum Island in the heart of the city.” – Reuters
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Want Certainty? (It Might Not Be Good For You)

Philosophers have long warned that this desire for certainty can lead us astray. To think and learn about the world, we must be willing to be uncertain: to accept that we don’t yet know everything. – American Scholar
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.02.21

Black Obsidian Sound System (BOSS) — a collective of "queer, trans and non-binary Black and people of colour involved in art, sound and radical activism" — critiques the art industry that nominated it for the Turner Prize.

The London Times reports in "Turner Prize nominee paints Tate and awards culture as villains":  It said the art industry failed to financially reward collectives, had an “in-built reverence” towards individuals, and regarded “black, brown working class, disabled and queer bodies [as] desirable, quickly dispensable, but never sustainably cared for.”... In a statement released this week BOSS said that while arts institutions were “enamoured by collective and social practices” they were not “proper...
Tags: Art, UK, Law, Awards, Language, Turner prize, Tate, London Times, Ann Althouse

Penn State University To Build Largest Art Museum Between Philadelphia And Pittsburgh

“The new [$85 million,] 71,000-square-foot facility will be constructed alongside the botanic gardens at the university’s arboretum. It will increase the size of the museum by more than 40%, adding more space for exhibition, collections, and education as well as visitor services and administrative offices for the museum and the arboretum.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.07.21

Andrew Lloyd Webber Restores/Updates London’s Oldest Theatre, Built in 1663

In 2000, Lloyd Webber purchased the building, which he calls “objectively marvellous.” For the past two years, with Stephen Thurley’s help, he has been restoring it to its Georgian grandeur, a sixty-million-pound undertaking. There’d been some wear and tear since 1812. “The architecture had been greatly compromised,” Lloyd Webber said. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lloyd Webber, 05.10.21, Stephen Thurley

Conductor Christian Thielemann Is Losing His Job

The culture ministry of the German state of Saxony has announced that Thielemann’s contract as music director of the Staatskapelle Dresden, one of Europe’s oldest and most admired orchestras, and the Saxon State Opera (aka the Semperoper) will not be renewed when it expires in the summer of 2024. The contract of Semperoper superintendent Peter Theiler, which expires at the same time, won’t be extended, either; culture minister Barbara Klepsch says the government wants to chart a new course for ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Dresden, Saxony, MDR, Staatskapelle Dresden, Thielemann, Christian Thielemann, 05.11.21, Saxon State Opera, Peter Theiler, Barbara Klepsch

‘Irreparable Damage’ — Scholars Protest Newark Museum’s Plan To Deaccession Artworks

“When the Newark Museum of Art announced a plan to sell 17 objects in March, it provided few details as to which artworks might appear on the auction block. But a gradual release of the specifics has enraged some historians, including previous employees of the museum, who described the sale as a misguided attempt to monetize some of the collection’s best examples of American art, including … [works by] Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Thomas Eakins, and Marsden Hartley” as well as a particularly...
Tags: Art, Visual, Marsden Hartley, Hudson River School, 05.10.21, Newark Museum of Art, Mary Cassatt Georgia O Keeffe Thomas Eakins

Performance Venues And Museums In UK May Reopen Next Monday (Though Many Will Not)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the lifting of a series of pandemic-related restrictions as of May 17; the new measures include the reopening of theatres, cinemas, concert halls, museums, and similar venues. However, social distancing requirements and capacity limits will still be in place, and many theatres say they can’t afford to reopen to only half-full houses. – BBC
Tags: Art, UK, Boris Johnson, Issues, Audience, 05.10.21

Architect Helmut Jahn, 81, Killed In Bicycle-Car Collision

He’s best-known for a series of major buildings in Chicago, including the Thompson Center, the Xerox Center (now 55 West Monroe), the addition to the Chicago Board of Trade, and the United Airlines Terminal at O’Hare Airport, as well as the Liberty Place towers in Philadelphia, the Sony Center in Berlin, and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. – CNN
Tags: Art, Berlin, People, Chicago, Philadelphia, Bangkok, United Airlines, Chicago Board of Trade, Hare Airport, Sony Center, Helmut Jahn, 05.10.21, Thompson Center the Xerox Center

Puppet of refugee girl to ‘walk’ across Europe along 12-week arts festival trail

Three teams of four puppeteers will accompany Little Amal from Turkey to Manchester to celebrate refugeesA giant puppet of a nine-year-old Syrian refugee girl is to “walk” from Turkey to the UK through villages, towns and cities for one of the most ambitious and complex public artworks ever attempted.The Walk project was meant to have taken place between April and July but was delayed by the pandemic. Now the 5,000 mile (8,000km) journey of Little Amal, from Gaziantep, near the Turkish-Syrian bo...
Tags: Art, Europe, UK, Theatre, UK News, World news, Turkey, Culture, Art and design, Stage, Manchester, Festivals, Refugees, Puppetry, Gaziantep, Little Amal

More Trouble For Golden Globes As NBC Drops Broadcast

“NBC will not air the Golden Globes in 2022, the network said in a statement on Monday morning. This means the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will now have to decide how or if it will move forward next year without its broadcast partner, or more swiftly enact changes demanded by industry leaders regarding the org’s membership and processes.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Nbc, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, 05.10.21, NBC Drops Broadcast

Houston Symphony’s Music Director, Stranded In Europe By Pandemic, Misses Last Two Weeks Of Season

Andres Orozco-Estrada hasn’t been back to Texas to conduct his orchestra for a year, but he had been planning to return for concerts May 7-9 and May 14-16 to close his next-to-last season in Houston. (He’ll step down in the summer of 2022.) But the U.S. government’s National Interest Exemption on pandemic travel restrictions for certain artists expired in early March, exceptions are no longer being considered, and Orozco-Estrada learned at the last minute that he wouldn’t be allowed to enter th...
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The Lady in the Portrait review – painterly pageantry in a Chinese royal court

Fan Bingbing stars as an emperor’s wife having her portrait painted in this artful yet inert period dramaThis French-Chinese co-production about an earlier French-Chinese collaboration offers handsome pageantry amid its lavish recreation of 18th-century imperial court life, but it isn’t quite enough to compensate for a puttering narrative motor. Longtime Apichatpong Weerasethakul producer Charles de Meaux has turned director with a far eastern equivalent of Girl With a Pearl Earring – another de...
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Modern Architectural Home Design Ideas

Looking for modern architectural house plans? When it involves designing your house, you’ve got to be at your best as your home is the reflection of your personality. On top of it, modern architectural house plan concepts are supported without unnecessary decoration with uncluttered frontage and roomy living spaces. So, during this article, we are getting to mention the modern architectural house plan ideas to make sure you’re conscious of the items you’ll get to make your house perfect. ...
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