Consensual Art—Interlude

Peter Laugesen: And I also think that, you know, connected with potlatch and art and all this stuff: Art is simply a gift. Art should be a gift. Art should be given freely to everyone. Not because they maybe want it, but maybe because they don't want it. That's potlatch. I think we should change the slogan we have here to exactly the opposite: "Fear Everything Expect Nothing". "Fear Everything Expect Nothing" in Expect Anything Fear Nothing (2011) ed. Rasmussen and Jakobsen p. 281 Living in Los ...
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Pervis Staples, Who Moved His Family’s Staple Singers From Gospel To Soul, 85

Staples once compared the Staple Singers’ “effect on ecstatic church audiences to ‘a miracle or the hand of God.'” Pervis Staples “attended grammar school with the future singing stars Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls. After class, Pervis and his friends would practice singing under street lamps and in Cooke’s basement.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Sam Cooke, Cooke, Pervis, Lou Rawls, Pervis Staples, 05.14.21

Artists Protest Plans To Raze Major Art Institutions In Delhi

A massive government redevelopment plan – funded and touted by Prime Minister Narenda Modi – will demand “the demolition and relocation of iconic Indian institutions: the National Museum of India, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), and the National Archives Annexe.” Photographer Ram Rahman: “The suspicion of altering history by removing archival documents is something many scholars think is already happening. … And one can only imagine what is going to happen when entire bo...
Tags: Art, Delhi, Visual, Narenda Modi, 05.14.21, Ram Rahman

Apple Wants To Upend Podcasts The Way It Did Music Downloads

The company – which was one of the first to jump on the podcasting train, providing podcast sourcing through iTunes in 2005 – is now figuring out how to get podcast creators paid, which could be a game-changer for podcasters. – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Media, 05.15.21

David Ludwig talks technology in the arts

The Artistic Advisor to the President and Chair of Composition Studies at the Curtis Institute of Music, also Artistic Director of Curtis Summerfest, speaks about the role of technology in today’s conservatory. – Aaron Dworkin
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Curtis Institute of Music, David Ludwig, 05.15.21, Curtis Summerfest

The Dictatorial Polish Conductor Who Changed The Sound Of American Orchestras

The tale of Artur Rodzinski is not a charming one, and yet, “arguably no man had more of a hand in turning American orchestras into the technical marvels they became in the mid-20th century — whether through those he led himself, or through the example he set. He jolted up the standards of some of the great ensembles of the radio age: the Philadelphia Orchestra (as an assistant from 1925 to ’29), the Los Angeles Philharmonic (as music director from 1929 to ’33), the Cleveland Orchestra (1933 to...
Tags: Art, Music, Philadelphia Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, NBC Symphony, Artur Rodzinski, 05.14.21, New York Philharmonic Symphony

The Shy Performance Poet Who Writes About Everything From Sex To Death

Hollie McNish, who once changed her name to “Hollie Poetry” – what she now calls “a search engine name” – says that sex and writing are linked: “All energy drives are linked. I’d call it an orgasm drive – an urge to make something specific from a dream inside your head or skin.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, Hollie McNish, 05.15.21, Hollie Poetry

Theatre Has Long Been Fatphobic, And Actors Are Speaking Out

An errant sentence in a New York Times article (since reworded) led to a lot of participation from actors via social media. They’re fed up with the sizeism and lack of body diversity on Broadway – and everywhere else in theatre. “The infamous ideology of a ‘Broadway body’ — a term that assumes a stage performer’s castability is specifically related to their size — has come to reinforce ‘the imposed ideals we place on women to be waif-like, or men to be Adonis-figured,’ tweeted Kinky Boots alum ...
Tags: Art, Theatre, New York Times, Broadway, Kinky Boots, 05.15.21

Writers Know All Too Well The Other American Epidemic

And it was one exacerbated by the virus – loneliness. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 05.15.21

During Covid, Geology Students Still Did Fieldwork – Via Video Game

Two geology professors built a 3D replica of Sardinia, and it worked so well (including providing a vital connection for lonely, isolated students to socialize) that one of the profs then “spent three weeks in the Scottish Highlands, driving around and taking loads of drone shots, which he used to recreate the landscape around the village of Kinlochleven, another pre-pandemic field trip destination. He made waterfalls, planted 30,000 trees, and (in an act of perhaps unnecessary fealty to realit...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Harry, Sardinia, Kinlochleven, 04.30.21

The History Of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association And Black Movie Critics

It’s not great, as we all know. Here’s the detailed story of Samantha Ofole-Prince, who was invited in 2013 to become a member, sponsored by several other members – and then had her application tanked, apparently because some other members (all white at the time) were worried about “territorial competition.” Now, Ofole-Prince says, “They’ve had decades to address the diversity issues. Unfortunately, they’ve chosen not to … I don’t think it’s salvageable.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, 05.14.21, Samantha Ofole Prince, Ofole Prince

Bob Koester, Of Delmark Records And Chicago’s Jazz Record Mart, 88

Koester funded his recording company by selling jazz and blues records at his store. He “was a pivotal figure in Chicago and beyond, releasing early efforts by Sun Ra, Anthony Braxton, Jimmy Dawkins, Magic Sam and numerous other jazz and blues musicians. He captured the sound of Chicago’s vibrant blues scene of the 1960s,” among many other achievements. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Chicago, Bob Koester, Koester, 05.15.21, Delmark Records And Chicago, Sun Ra Anthony Braxton Jimmy Dawkins Magic Sam

Masks And Other PPE Won’t Leave Movie Sets Anytime Soon

The one thing movie crew members – at least the vaccinated ones – can give up is face shields. One guild member says, “As the studios have negotiated the way forward with the unions and there are still insurance risk factors for studios and production companies, it’s not really up to us as individuals — if we want to work, that is.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Ideas, 05.14.21

Novelist Brit Bennett Is Considering What To Think About Next

Her newest book is a deliberate picture of how America wasn’t ever really great at all for quite a few people. And what’s she considering now? She thinks we’re all in recovery from the former president. “This is a person who colonised our brains for years. I don’t think there was a day in the last four years when we were not constantly reacting or commenting or reading about the things he was saying and doing, or weren’t being affected in a visceral way by his actions and his whims, his moods a...
Tags: Art, America, Words, Brit Bennett, 05.15.21

Barry Jenkins’ Underground Railroad Is Different From Other Slavery Stories

Some of the show, though it does depict the violence of enslavement and other forms of anti-Black oppression, draws on an almost spiritual connection to the land through which the refugees are running (and taking the train). – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, Barry Jenkins, 05.14.21

How Spotify’s Podcast Dance Around Music Copyright Constraints

Basically, it owns both: Some shows use “a hybrid format, which Spotify calls ‘shows with music’ or ‘music and talk, that allows creators to incorporate full songs from the service’s vast catalog into their podcasts free of charge. (Spotify takes a 30 percent cut of ads set up through the service.) The format gives podcasters easy access to music that would be difficult or too costly to attain on their own and presents listeners with a seamless interface for learning more about a song or adding...
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, 05.14.21

The 90-Day Theatrical Window For Movies Is Fully Dead

Thanks, Disney: “After months of teetering precariously on the precipice, the final blow came on Thursday following Disney’s announcement that Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and the Ryan Reynolds’ action comedy Free Guy would screen in theaters for 45 days before landing on home entertainment.” Good luck, movie theatres! – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Ryan Reynolds, Shang Chi

We Need Unconventional Art Now More Than Ever

After 15 months of COVID-19 restrictions, deaths, infections, fear, and all kinds of life challenges, we must have more public art. “It does a simple but essential thing: reminds everyday people that they are not alone in this bizzarro moment, and miraculously and fortunately, they are still alive and kicking.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Audience, Visual, COVID, 05.13.21

It’s Actually Good For Ellen – And Us – That Her Show Is Ending

Though she handled the end of the talk show far worse than anyone thought she could, even given the circumstances, she had to get free of that grind. “DeGenenres’ career before Ellen was unique. As a stand-up and then a sitcom star, she elevated LGBTQ rights in this country — courageously, tenaciously and at great personal cost. The sitcom Ellen was terrific, and not just because it gave us the “toaster oven” joke or even because it featured both DeGeneres and her character coming out, a multil...
Tags: Art, Media, Ellen, DeGeneres, 05.14.21

The Brontes Probably Died Young Because Of Their Water

It came from a graveyard. Or maybe some public privies. In any case, the water was very, very bad. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, Brontes, 05.14.21

Behind The Scenes At The Reopening Of The Hollywood Bowl

 “If reopening the Bowl is like riding a bike,” the L.A. Phil president and CEO says, “the organization has swapped out a Tour de France Cannondale for a unicycle.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Phil, Hollywood Bowl, Cannondale, 05.14.21

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