Give Me Back My Music, You Damn Romantic

McKenzie Wark The Beach Beneath the Street (2011) p. 106—music as the highest Romantic art; and Romanticism as the Dionysian opposite of classicism Both taxonomies are trite, but I'd never considered them together, which places music precisely where polite Bourgie non-culture places it: unclaimed, mercurial, ultimately not to be trusted. As just one half of a dialectical pair (Apollonian-Dionysian), music is also incomplete, in need of grounding. Incidentally, it is hard not to notice the comple...
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LA County report highlights racial pay disparities in nonprofit arts groups

LOS ANGELES >>  Arts organizations in Los Angeles County pay entry-level employees who are white more than Black, Indigenous and other employees of color, according to a newly released report. “What this report reveals on income disparities cutting along racial lines is not surprising,” Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Hilda Solis said. “We know that arts and culture play a critical role in the economic and social resiliency of Los Angeles County, and as we build our ecosystem back, we mu...
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Why Do Canadians Like American TV More Than Canadian?

How do you get Canadians to care about the homegrown equivalent of the Emmys or Oscars when they seem more interested in American content? – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Media, 5.17.21

V&A Museum Union Warns Job Cuts Would Cost “1,000 Years Of Expertise”

The museum, which plans to reopen only five days a week at first, is looking to save £10 million a year after its visitor numbers collapsed in lockdown. – Evening Standard
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.17.21, Museum Union Warns Job Cuts Would Cost

Using Public Domain Songs As Fodder For Something New

With support from a wide cast of collaborators, Angry and Katherine McMahon are taking songs from the public domain — a class of creative works whose copyright protections have expired or been otherwise forfeited, making them freely available for public use — and reimagining them for the present moment. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Katherine McMahon, 05.17.21

What The Pandemic Has Cost The Arts

“There is another thing the rest of us, the audience, do not fully appreciate: the crisis is rooted in the destruction that was visited upon the arts even before the pandemic—that is, in the scandal of free content, which has been going on for more than twenty years and which implicates us all.” – Harper’s
Tags: Art, Ideas, Harper, 05.21

How TV/Movie Costumes Shape Our Perceptions Of Royalty

In film and TV dramatisations of familiar royal tales, the audience is presented with a romanticised and glamorised vision of royal history. Sumptuous silks and gilded homes make up the lush material world on screen. In reality, they are far removed from the bed bugs, tedious political documents and the stench of recently used chamber pots. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Media, 05.12.21

What James Whiteside Has Been Doing With (Or To?) Dance Through The Lockdown

“As theaters went dark during the pandemic, the New York-based Whiteside” — best known as a prinmcipal at ABT — “began putting out a flood of original content on Instagram and YouTube: going behind the scenes of his workouts and rehearsals, offering live dance classes, creating comedic skits, and debuting inventive music videos … [all featuring] bombastic online alter egos, such as a singer named JbDubs, drag artist Ühu Betch, and a turkey-baster-wielding journalist called Shannon Bobannon (who...
Tags: Art, New York, Dance, Whiteside, Abt, James Whiteside, 05.14.21, Ühu Betch, Shannon Bobannon

The Year Of Singing Dangerously

The wildfire-like spread of the coronavirus over a couple of hours of choral singing inside a Washington church was enough to send shockwaves throughout the singing community in California. – KQED
Tags: Art, Music, Washington, 05.17.21

Newark’s Old Works Offloaded: NJ’s Most Prominent Art Museum Sells “Outdated” Outcasts Tomorrow

As part of her reinvention and rebranding of the Newark Museum (which, in 2019, added “of Art” to its name, even though it also includes science exhibits and a planetarium), its current director, Linda Harrison, less than three years into her tenure, appears to be running roughshod over its own policies, not to mention the AAMD’s deaccession guidelines. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Newark, Ajblogs, Newark Museum, Linda Harrison, AAMD, 05.18.21

Dick Van Dyke Is 95, And He Really Wants To Get Back On Stage

“His last singing gig took place on a Saturday night 15 months ago at the Catalina Jazz Club. He packed the house. They even had to cram in extra tables. … ‘Oh, God, I knew I liked it, but I didn’t know how much I would miss it,’ he says of performing. ‘I really miss getting up in front of an audience.'” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Dick Van Dyke, Catalina Jazz Club, 05.13.21

Regulators Eye Warner/Discovery Merger With Skepticism

“That deal was sold to the Department of Justice and to the public on the basis of an efficiencies claim, which apparently has not panned out,” said Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute. “Now there’s even more reason to cast a very skeptical eye.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Department Of Justice, 05.17.21, Diana Moss, American Antitrust Institute

How Long is Now?

“It is Time” (02020) by Alicia Eggert in collaboration with David Moinina Sengeh. The neon sign was commissioned by TED and Fine Acts for TED Countdown, and driven around Dallas, Texas on October 10th, 02020 to generate action around climate change. Photo by Vision & Verve. I. Time The most commonly-used noun in the English language is, according to the Oxford English Corpus, time. Its frequency is partly due to its multiplicity of meanings, and partly due to its use in common phrases...
Tags: Art, Future, Brand, Barcelona, Earth, Long-term Thinking, Smithsonian, Philadelphia, Brian Eno, Sagrada Familia, Gaudi, Antoni Gaudí, Carroll, Gary, Drexel University, Snyder

Director of Marketing and Patron Services

The Reser is seeking an energetic, skilled, and experienced marketing professional to join our growing team prior to opening. Beaverton Arts Foundation – Patricia Reser Center for the ArtsFSLA Status: Exempt, Full-time with benefits; occasional nights and weekends required.Date of Posting: May 12, 2021ABOUT USThe Patricia Reser Center for the Arts (“The Reser”) is a professional arts center currently under construction in downtown Beaverton, Oregon. Construction began in November, 2019, and t...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Finance, Digital Marketing, City Hall, Board of Trustees, Beaverton, Baf, Reser, Mainstage Theater, Patron Services, Director of Marketing and Patron Services, Beaverton Arts Foundation Patricia Reser Center, Patricia Reser Center, Beaverton Arts Foundation BAF, Chris Ayzoukian

Jeopardy Contestant’s Innocent Hand Gesture Sends Conspiracists Wild

Kelly Donohue’s three fingers, Snopes pointed out, symbolize the number “three.” After his first victory, he waved one finger. After his second victory, he raised two. And after his third, he showed three fingers. He awkwardly folded his index and forefingers into something that looks as if it could be some kind of sign, but doesn’t resemble the “OK” signal that white supremacists have sought to appropriate. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Kelly Donohue, 05.16.21

London’s West End Reopens Yet Again, Hoping This Time Will Stick

There were two attempts in the second half of 2020 to start British theatres up after the pandemic lockdown, and both were quickly ended as COVID cases rose. “Monday’s comeback felt like it was actually permanent, 15 audience members said in interviews, many highlighting Britain’s speedy vaccination campaign as the reason for their optimism. (Over 55 percent of the British population has received at least one dose, a higher proportion than in the United States.)” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Britain, United States, 05.18.21, Time Will Stick

Britain’s Stages Are Not Reopening With Theatrical Comfort Food

“There has been a fear that the large-scale redundancies during the pandemic – an estimated 40% of theatre workers lost their jobs – could be followed by a reopening packed with ‘safe’ work. Instead, ‘bold’ is the adjective being used to describe much of what is to come. … The National Theatre’s deputy artistic director … says the public want challenging art rather than ‘comforting’ work.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Britain, National Theatre, 05.17.21

On The Rediscovery Of Black Composers Of The Past

“Black composers have been emerging over the past year at a dramatically accelerated pace that’s particularly rare amid the normally glacial progression of the classical music world. Young figures such as Valerie Coleman – whose highly appealing Seven O’Clock Shout for the Philadelphia Orchestra was an instant hit – shouldn’t be such a surprise, but what about figures from the past who aren’t around to give a living face to their respective musical outputs? And why are we only hearing about the...
Tags: Art, Music, Philadelphia Orchestra, Valerie Coleman, David Patrick Stearns, 05.18.21

UK Culture Minister: I Won’t Allow Our History To Be Cancelled

“Confident nations face up to their history. They don’t airbrush it. Instead, they protect their heritage and use it to educate the public about the past. They “retain and explain,” rather than “remove or ignore”. They don’t do what Liverpool University did and remove because of his family’s links to slavery.” – The Telegraph (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, Liverpool University, 05.15.21

Co-Host Bob Garfield Fired From Public Radio’s ‘On The Media’

The longtime co-anchor was dismissed by New York Public Radio “after two separate investigations found he had violated an anti-bullying policy. … Mr. Garfield said he was not yet able to speak fully about the circumstances surrounding his firing but defended his behavior as yelling.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Garfield, Public Radio, Bob Garfield, New York Public Radio, 05.17.21

Blake Bailey’s Philip Roth Biography, Withdrawn By W.W. Norton, Picked Up By New Publisher

The acclaimed but controversial bio was dropped by its original publisher after several women came forward with serious allegations of sexual misconduct on Bailey’s part. The book is now in the hands of Skyhorse Publishing, which picked up Woody Allen’s recent memoir after Hachette cancelled it and has also released titles by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, political dirty trickster and pardoned felon Roger Stone, and lawyer-to-famous-pariahs Alan Dershowitz. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Philip Roth, Hachette, Words, Woody Allen, Trump, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Bailey, Skyhorse Publishing, W W Norton, Blake Bailey, 05.17.21

Uffizi Gallery Is Making Up Its Pandemic Cash Shortfall By Releasing NFTs Of Its Collection

“And it’s starting off with a bang: an encrypted Michelangelo painting of the holy family, Doni Tondo (1505-06), just sold for €140,000 ($170,000). The museum will split the proceeds with Cinello, an Italian company that has patented a new way to make digital facsimiles of famous paintings, … produced in the dimensions of the original piece, and purport[ed] to be completely unique and theft-proof.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Visual, Michelangelo, Doni Tondo, 05.14.21

Diversity Means Teaching How To Think Rather Than What To Think

“Teaching kids what to think instead of how to think is dangerous. Advocacy-based teaching deprives them of the skills [they need] to reach their own conclusions. Instead they learn to parrot what they know they’re supposed to say to get a good grade. Kids are really good at that, but it doesn’t translate to actually believing what they are saying or knowing why it’s supposed to be important. When you present students with different viewpoints, they develop critical skills, learn how others thi...
Tags: Art, Issues, 05.17.21

Diversity Means Teaching How To Think RatherThan What To Think

“Teaching kids what to think instead of how to think is dangerous. Advocacy-based teaching deprives them of the skills [they need] to reach their own conclusions. Instead they learn to parrot what they know they’re supposed to say to get a good grade. Kids are really good at that, but it doesn’t translate to actually believing what they are saying or knowing why it’s supposed to be important. When you present students with different viewpoints, they develop critical skills, learn how others thi...
Tags: Art, Issues, 05.17.21

Hergé's heirs lose legal battle with Tintin parody artist

Xavier Marabout painted an amusing yet exquisitely detailed series of works depicting Tintin, the overwhelmingly decent and heroic journalist, hanging out with women—a rare creature in the works of Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Moulsinart S.A., the company that holds the right's to Hergé's work, sued for infringement over the depictions and has lost big. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, News, Parody, Copyright, Trademark, Tintin, Hergé, Xavier Marabout, Hergé Moulsinart

"Politics is the great generalizer... and literature the great particularizer, and not only are they in an inverse relationship to each other..."

"... they are in an antagonistic relationship. To politics, literature is decadent, soft, irrelevant, boring, wrongheaded, dull, something that makes no sense and that really oughtn’t to be. Why? Because the particularizing impulse is literature. How can you be an artist and renounce the nuance? But how can you be a politician and allow the nuance? As an artist the nuance is your task. Your task is not to simplify. Even should you choose to write in the simplest way, à la Hemingway, the task rem...
Tags: Art, Law, Communism, Philip Roth, Propaganda, Nuance, Hemingway, Ann Althouse, Order And Chaos

It’s Official: AT&T Is Spinning Off WarnerMedia To Merge With Discovery

“Under the terms of the deal, AT&T will spin off entertainment arm WarnerMedia and combine it with Discovery, creating a TV, film and streaming powerhouse. AT&T’s WarnerMedia owns the likes of the Warner Bros. studio, HBO and streaming service HBO Max, as well as the Turner cable networks, including CNN, TNT and TBS. Discovery’s reality TV-heavy properties include Discovery Channel, HGTV, TLC, Food Network, OWN and Animal Planet.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, Warner Bros, Turner, CNN TNT, WarnerMedia, HBO Max, 05.17.21, TBS Discovery, HGTV TLC Food Network OWN

Amazon In Talks To Buy MGM For $9 Billion: Report

“Chatter that Amazon (and other tech giants) have been sniffing around MGM has circulated for some time. But sources indicated that Amazon’s interest in acquiring the studio has taken on a new tenor beyond the usual rumor mill.” – Variety
Tags: Amazon, Art, Media, MGM, 05.17.21

‘Some people feel threatened’: face to face with Ai-Da the robot artist

Self-portraits by ultra-realistic android go on show at Design Museum in LondonShe, if it can be called a she, began her career with abstract art but has now moved to self, if they can be called self, portraits and they are alarmingly good.“She is getting better all of the time,” said Aidan Meller, the force behind Ai-Da, the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist, who is the subject of a display at the Design Museum in London. Continue reading...
Tags: Psychology, Art, Science, Technology, London, Culture, Art and design, Museums, Robots, Computing, Consciousness, Design Museum, Artificial intelligence (AI, Aidan Meller, Ai Da, LondonShe

World’s Oldest Cave Art Is Being Damaged By Climate Change

“Researchers examined 11 caves and rock-shelters [on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi], which feature art dating from 45,000 to 20,000 years old. … The scientists found that the art, which is made with red and mulberry pigments, is being physically weathered by a process known as haloclasty — when salt crystals form as a result of repeated changes in temperature and humidity.” – CNN
Tags: Art, Sulawesi, Visual, 05.13.21

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