How A Book Gets Adapted For A Movie

It’s not always obvious or a direct line. Start with a good story. Characters that lift off the page. And then it gets complicated. – LitHub
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Dysfunctional DC Arts Commission To Get A New Leader

If approved by the D.C. Council, Reginald Van Lee will lead an 18-member board that critics describe as dysfunctional, toxic and beset by cronyism and white supremacy, according to internal documents and reports and interviews with 14 people associated with the commission. A partner agency of the National Endowment of the Arts, the commission awarded 1,044 grants worth $29.9 million last year; this year’s grant budget is $33 million. – Washington Post
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Tech companies still don’t understand watch design

Modern smartwatches have been around for more than eight years, and while things have improved, tech companies are still churning out unimaginative designs.
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A Film That Takes Us Inside The Met Museum In A Difficult Year

“The film puts us on remarkably intimate terms with the gargantuan organism that is the Met and the many tasks that keep it running. We wander through back hallways and empty galleries, in and out of conservation labs, privy to recent (unannounced) discoveries beneath the surface of a familiar masterpiece.” – The New York Times
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Want To Sponsor Artwork In The Notre Dame Restoration?

The organization Friends of Notre Dame de Paris is letting the public donate directly to sponsor some of the cathedral’s individual artifacts. To date, 10 artworks have been fully funded, all of them sculptures, at around $10,000 each. – Artnet
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How to Properly Move Your Houseplants Outdoors for the Summer, Because You're Doing It Wrong

Sunlight and summer rain can be great for outdoor plants, but it’s also a great time to give your indoor plants some fresh air. Unfortunately, though, some plants make it outside and then never make it back...because you killed them. The timing and positioning of your plants are important, along with some other…Read more...
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How The AI That’s Supposed To Revolutionize Dubbing Foreign Films Actually Works

“The technology is related to deepfaking, which uses AI to paste one person’s face onto someone else. … It involves capturing the facial expressions and movements of an actor in a scene as well as someone speaking the same lines in another language. This information is then combined to create a 3D model that merges the actor’s face and head with the lip movements of the dubber.” – Wired
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Meet The Grand Old Man Of Kathakali

Kalamandalam Gopi, who’s about to turn 84, has been studying and performing the dance-drama form from the Indian state of Kerala for 70 years, taught generations of performers, and set new standards in the genre’s stage makeup, gestures, and use of facial expressions. To celebrate his 80th birthday, he chose to perform one of the most demanding roles in the entire Kathakali repertoire. – The Hindu (India)
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The Pitfalls Of Public Philosophers

“We urbanites, who dwell in the medium of public political discussion, also live in the element of opinion. Leo Strauss loved to intimate that a few of us could instead live in the element of knowledge, as if he were hanging up a shingle that read ‘Secrets, this way!’ The irony of saying such a thing in public is obvious.” – Aeon
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"No, I am living in the present, not in the past. Or in the future, I don’t know. I live day by day..."

"... and what is happening that day, the next day, is important to me — so I don’t care. I’m not somebody who cares very much about 'this happened on such a day,' all that."Said Françoise Gilot, asked "Do you have any thoughts on it today, looking at it after so many decades?," quoted in (NYT). "It" = her memoir, "Life with Picasso." "Life with Picasso" is a great read. I read it in the 1970s, when I myself was embedded in an artist-on-artist relationship.Gilot began a 10-year relationship wi...
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Do Away With Classics Because They’re Imperialist?

“As the field’s most famous practitioner, and a dedicated anti-racist and feminist, Mary Beard takes a middle position: she believes neither that classics deserves a pedestal nor that it must be destroyed. Recently, in conversation, Beard defended her stance—and spoke about feminist translations, Internet manners, and the fluid properties of the canon.” – The New Yorker
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Why Are Telecom Companies So Bad At Media?

“Joseph Epstein once wrote that “Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all.” He must have been talking about the telecom chief executives. Envy is the driving force behind their explorations — and the reason their efforts repeatedly fail. They are almost always envious of the success of Internet-based companies. They hated Google for making money from advertising. They hated Apple for making money from music. They were envious of Netflix making the big dollars from streaming.” Om Mal...
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‘This American Wife’: When Yale Drama Grads Take On The ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise

“This project takes formal cues from lensed images. It’s styled as an episode of Real Housewives run amok, and the team cites French surrealist film, the photography of Man Ray, and the melodramas of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Douglas Sirk as major inspirations.” – The New York Times
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Sometimes The Best Way To Preserve Ancient Mosaics Is To Rebury Them

“[Floor mosaics are] an art form that is usually in good condition when first discovered because floors are the first area to be naturally buried over time. But once exposed, mosaics become especially vulnerable to damage by root growth, animals, and humans.” – Hyperallergic
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Claim: Virtual Reality Is Where The Internet Was 20 Years Ago

With VR evolving at its current rate, movie nights or game nights could eventually turn into cyber nights, a new norm for those under 35. Games would no longer need to be marketed towards one group or identity, and would enable a more casual audience to approach virtual worlds without the traditional complexities. For more experienced audiences, this would be a new immersive way to play their favorite franchises. –
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Alix Dobkin, ‘Head Lesbian’ And First Star Of Womyn’s Music, Dead At 80

“In the early 1970s, long before the rise of lesbian or gay-friendly acts such as K.D. Lang, Melissa Etheridge, Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls, Ms. Dobkin was writing and recording songs that celebrated lesbian life. … [She made] music history in 1973 when she released Lavender Jane Loves Women, generally considered the first full-length album by, for and about lesbians.” Dobkin went on to spend decades performing on the lesbian coffeehouse-bookstore-music festival circuit, becoming such an ...
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‘The French Author Is No Longer Just The White Man Over 50’; The Gallic Literary World Is Finally Diversifying

“Major publishers have created special collections to promote first-time authors and ethnic minorities while new publishing houses are opening the field to a larger spectrum of writers, styles, and subject matter. … In parallel, writing workshops and graduate degrees in creative writing – once seen as a North American concept – are popping up around the country and acting as gateways to publication for burgeoning writers. Taken together, these efforts are forcing change in an industry steeped i...
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Sex Scenes On Screen Aren’t Disappearing. In Fact, They’re Getting Better.

“Today’s sex scenes are first and foremost fun — as ideally sex itself should be — and emphasize the truthful over the tasteful. In some cases, you’ll see likable, relatable characters revealing perverse predilections. … Other moments make for embarrassing yet endearing waypoints en route to real intimacy. … Other filmmakers bulldoze the boundaries of which bodies the culture industry deems fit to depict.” – The Conversation
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Gavin Larsen: The Everyday Ballerina

“I danced some fabulous ballets and fabulous roles. And yet there’s hundreds more like me — thousands maybe. We might be exceptional in one way: You reached the top level of your career, and you have these pinnacle moments onstage. But at the end of the day, we’re all a gang. We’re all a crew, we’re all a posse of ballerinas.” –
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New York’s Drama Book Shop, Saved By ‘Hamilton’, Set To Reopen

“[The] quirky 104-year-old Manhattan specialty store that has long been a haven for aspiring artists as well as a purveyor of scripts, will reopen next month with a new location, a new look, and a new team of starry owners — the Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, as well as the show’s director, Thomas Kail, lead producer, Jeffrey Seller, and the theater owner James L. Nederlander,” who bought the store in 2019 after it lost its lease and closed. – The New York Times
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This Is What Banksy Gets For Saying ‘Copyright Is For Losers’

“In a new decision issued by the [European Union] IPO Cancellation Division, a trademark owned by street artist Banksy has been declared invalid. … The attorney who represented the opposing party in the case” — a greeting-card company — “said ‘the real nail in the coffin’ that led to the ruling was ‘the public comments of Banksy and his lawyer’.” – World Trademark Review
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Honey, I Found A Guarneri In The Attic

“A violin found in an attic in Italy has been confirmed as a priceless instrument made by Giuseppe Guarneri ‘filius Andreae’ in c.1705. The age of the wood was confirmed using dendrochronology, and the researchers were even able to prove it came from the same tree as the wood in an already-identified violin by the same maker.” – The Strad
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Eight Ways The Protests After George Floyd’s Death Changed American Culture

“From Judas and the Black Messiah to H.E.R.’s ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ from the canceling of podcasts to the toppling of monuments to oppression, from White Fragility to Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist: Thanks to the culture we shared in a year unlike any other, the world looks, for better or worse, at least a little different.” – The New York Times
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Hilary Mantel on adapting The Mirror and the Light for stage

Mantel had to collaborate remotely with actor Ben Miles to transform latest book into stage productionYes they are fiction and yes historians get irritated that students read them as incontrovertible fact, but Dame Hilary Mantel maintains that you won’t go far wrong in understanding Tudor intrigue if you read her bestselling Wolf Hall trilogy.“I have to say, I think I’ve given Thomas Cromwell a better audience, a better airing, a better public than historians have managed to do through the ages,...
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