Jappe—Debord—The Supersession of Art

Anselm Jappe Guy Debord (1993) trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith (1999) actualize artistic values directly in everyday life as an art that was anonymous and such a way as to transcend the dichotomy between artistic moments and moments of banality. (68) I suppose this drags us kicking and screaming into trying to define Art, for if these are indeed hallmarks of supersession, then as such they betoken something of a radically different type. I usually argue for defining by recept...
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Billie Piper: From vulnerable teen pop star to director of an ‘anti-romcom’

The characters she plays do not match her own life, the actress insists, but it’s hard not to see parallels with her own journeyBillie Piper has occupied a near continual, if shifting, position in the public imagination for almost a quarter of a century. That’s a notable achievement by any reckoning of a performer’s career, but it’s also rather alarming, given that she’s still only 38.Having started out as 15-year-old chart sensation, she walked away from the pop music treadmill, enjoyed a boozy...
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On my radar: Heather Phillipson’s cultural highlights

The artist, whose latest work is currently gracing Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries, on the joy of weather forecasts, a gripping memoir, and the greatness of Theaster GatesBorn in 1978 in London, award-winning artist and poet Heather Phillipson completed a PhD in fine art practice at Middlesex University in 2007. Her work encompasses digital media, music and sculpture, and she has published five volumes of poetry. Her sculpture The End, which depicts a cherry-topped swirl of whipped cream and tr...
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Resource: Tons of Outdoor Prompts!

Looking for some new prompts to get your students writing or improvising? Here are fifty spring- and summer-themed action prompts that you can use to get your students feeling refreshed and inspired! Try using them for games like Improv Community, Sit, Stand, Kneel, or Scenes from a Bag. You can find fifty more prompts (fall […]
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