Instagram Is Full Of Perfect Ballet Bodies, But TikTok Offers More Fun And A Wider Range

Dancer Jennifer McCloskey first realized her medium was TikTok in 2020, during the shutdown. “On her feed, McCloskey seamlessly blends comedy, criticism of ballet culture, and how-to videos. Her mission is to whittle away at toxic ballet culture one TikTok at a time — all while having a little fun, of course.” – Elite Daily
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That Viral Band The Linda Lindas Gets A Record Contract

The girls went absolutely viral for a video of their performance at the Los Angeles Public Library, especially a clip with their song “Racist Sexist Boy.” Now the punk band comprised of 10-16-year-olds has a contract. (Though one hopes they don’t tone things down for the record company.) – Variety
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Former Moonlighting Showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron’s Time At CBS Ends After An Investigation

After multiple writers left the show following season five, the show investigated. The writers – who all refused to be named out of fear of retaliation – say the environment for them was, at best, terrible. Another former writer on Caron’s show Medium and current producer: “It was a toxic environment while I was there. And now that I have much more experience and I have been a showrunner myself, I can tell you, there are a lot of different ways to tell a writer that what they’re submitting didn...
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Don’t Count Print Newspapers Out Yet

Well, not quite yet, anyway. “When futurologist Ross Dawson published his ‘newspaper extinction timeline’ in 2010, he predicted that newspapers would cease to exist in the UK in 2019, in Canada and Norway in 2020 and in Australia in 2022. Wrong, wrong and, barring some unforeseen Australian cataclysm in the next six months, wrong again.” – Irish Times
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Adapting A Bestselling Historical Novel For The Stage During A Global Pandemic Isn’t Easy

But, of course, Hilary Mantel isn’t really into easy. She and actor Ben Miles had to figure out their newest Thomas Cromwell adaptation: “You can only do so much on Zoom, Mantel said, ‘because every line has to find its precise form for the next line to play off it. You have to have precision. We would pass our drafts to and fro, getting them to work and then polish them up line by line. We had to be good clerks to each other.'” – The Guardian (UK)
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Michael Morgan Talks about Developing Young Conductors

The Music Director of the Oakland Symphony speaks about innovation and helping train promising young candidates for the podium. – Aaron Dworkin
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Kathleen Andrews, The Woman Who Helped Bring Us Ziggy, Cathy, And Doonesbury, 84

Kathy Andrews and her husband Jim, “with his best friend, John P. McMeel, concocted a newspaper syndication company from the basement of the Andrewses’ rented ranch house. Ms. Andrews, who had a master’s degree in mathematics, kept the books. They called it Universal Press Syndicate because, Mr. Trudeau said, ‘it sounded bland and boring and like it had been around for a hundred years.'” – The New York Times
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A Japanese Composer, A Burkina Faso Storyteller, And A Congolese Rapper Make Opera

Composer Keiko Fujiie, who moved to Burkina Faso and built a house where the musicians can practice without annoying their neighbors, hopes to tour the country and debunk the idea of opera as an elite art form: “”I didn’t come to introduce European opera here – to the contrary – I needed to study their music, and little by little share the dream of making an opera with them.” – BBC
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Should We Call Great Women Artists By Their First Names?

Maybe. It depends entirely on the scholarship, and the artist. And then there’s research: “The same artist with different names can be confusing even if the change happens just once, as in maiden name (the term itself is rife with problematic patriarchy) to married name. It’s a historical hitch in tracking a person, but also a literary one. Just how should a biographer refer to a woman artist in her youth if she later married and made work under a different name? Using different appellations fo...
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Librarian Ruth Freitag, Who Helped Isaac Asimov And Carl Sagan With Research, 96

Freitag, “a reference librarian at the Library of Congress for nearly a half-century, was unknown to the general public. But she was, in more ways than one, a librarian to the stars. Known for her encyclopedic knowledge of resources in science and technology, Ms. Freitag was sought out by the leading interpreters of the galaxy. She developed a particular expertise in astronomy early in her career.” – The New York Times
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When An Actor Agrees To Take A Subject’s Secrets To The Grave

Actor Diego Boneta could only play famously secretive musician Luis Miguel for Netflix after studying the musician for years – and hiring both an acting and a vocal coach to help him sound, and seem, more like Miguel. But he needed something else: Time with Miguel himself. Boneta says, “He shared some things that he asked me to not share with anyone else, not even the writers. … ‘This is just for you Diego, to help you.’ We shared that secret. It created a complicity between us.” – Los Angeles ...
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Please Stop The Streaming Wars

It may be time to just quit everything. “My eyeballs are considering taking themselves off the market entirely. They’re sick of being courted, coaxed and, frankly, pressured into choosing this streaming service over that one, trying to keep up with all the glitzy platforms while not ignoring the quieter but equally worthy requests coming from those who may not be able to afford the lavish campaigns.” – Los Angeles Times
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How Jane Rogers Took On Britain’s Very Male Literary Establishment In The 80s

Rogers: “When I started work on Mr Wroe’s Virgins I was 35. I was wildly ambitious, and had a chip on my shoulder. Faber had published my first three novels and all had found critical favour. But I was broke and my sales were poor, and I was spiky about the literary world.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, Words, Rogers, Faber, Jane Rogers, 05.22.21, Wroe

How Colonial Williamsburg Is Producing Progressive Theatre

The truth is, enslaved people formed the majority of the town’s population at the time depicted at the site. New interpreters and an urgency to depict something closer to the truth of the history pervades the actors and administrators now. And so: “The instruction has gone out lately to all of Colonial Williamsburg’s dozens of actor-interpreters that the city’s slaveholding past is to figure in every tour and talk.” – Washington Post
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This Year’s Kennedy Center Honors Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

The five honorees said that the six-month delay, and the loss of so many performance opportunities and spaces during the pandemic, made this weeklong celebration even more important. Midori: “This is a blessing, but this is also encouragement, and a motivation for me to be able to continue to connect with others, and to collaborate and to anticipate a new world and a new normal.” – Washington Post
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20% Off + 50% Back in Rewards on Canvas, Artist Paint, Paper Pads, Art Supplies at Michael’s

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal to celebrate success! Get 20% Off Regular Priced items 20MADEBYYOU + 50% Back in Rewards on Canvas, Artist Paint, Paper Pads, Art Supplies at Michael’s PLUS Get $5 back in Rewards if you Spend $25   Learn some awesome tips and trips for shopping at Michaels too! For Even...
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Italy Wins EuroVision

Congrats to Italy’s Måneskin. But yikes to the UK (which, technically, is no longer in Europe anyway?). “The UK’s James Newman came last, getting zero points from both the jury and the public. – BBC
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, UK, Italy, James Newman, 05.23.21

Group think: why art loves a crowd

From flâneurs to rallies, protests to parties, human beings are drawn to congregate. With social gatherings a possibility once again, Olivia Laing considers the crowd in art and literatureWhen I was very lonely in New York, one of the things that most comforted me was to wander up Broadway or along the East River, alone but in the company of thousands of strangers. Anonymised by the multitude, I felt the burden of my sorrow slide off me. It was a relief to be part of a whole, no longer agonising...
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An Israeli Airstrike Has Destroyed Gaza’s Largest Bookstore

“The beloved Samir Mansour Bookshop was destroyed on Tuesday by an Israeli airstrike. The shop, which was established in 2008, had thousands of books, including the largest collection of English literature in Gaza, and was also part of a publishing house that focused on Palestinian writers.” Israel claimed the strike’s purpose was to destroy Hamas tunnels. – LitHub
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Movie Theatres Are Begging Audiences To Return

Apparently, 70 percent of the moviegoing public – which is, let’s note, far higher than the percentage of fully vaccinated people in the U.S. – feel comfortable going to reopened movie theatres now. This week, “before the studios showed off trailers for their upcoming slate of movies, [Arnold] Schwarzenegger led the audience in a chant: ‘We are back. We are back. We are back …'” – NPR
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And Now Tattoos Will Be Sold As NFTs

But the owners won’t need to get tatted in real life. “In this new marketplace, customers will be buying the exclusive rights to the design of the tattoo, rather than the tattoo itself. ‘I’m selling you an idea, instead of just hours of my life,’ said [L.A. tattoo artist Scott] Campbell, who has been blurring the line between tattoo and fine arts for years, showing his tattoo-inspired sculptures and paintings at galleries and art fairs. ‘The NFT is basically a digital baseball card.'” – The New...
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Show Our Arts Orgs The Money, Please

U.S. arts organizations are still waiting for that cultural institution money to flow. “Business owners are wary of the promise after weeks of delay and confusion over the initiative, the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, which many had cheered as a lifeline. Each day applicants vent their frustrations on an online forum, regularly polling one another on whether any applications have yet been officially approved or rejected.”- The New York Times
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What Might Opera Look Like In A Post-Pandemic World?

Let the Long Beach Opera show you. “Guests have the choice of watching this production “tailgate-style” or from inside their automobiles. The action occurs throughout a parking structure with multiple screens projected live on big screens.” Safe, and very Southern California as well. – Los Angeles Times
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