Gearing Up For Summer Reading

You ready for 75 nonfiction books in 90 days? (Oddly, LitHub also has recommendations for a mere 38 fiction works in the summer, but hey, perhaps fiction is slower than nonfiction for some people?) On your marks, as Memorial Day approaches. Get set! Hit up your local indie bookshop … and … GO. – LitHub
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Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum open again as pandemic eases

PASADENA >> There she was. Still hanging around on Friday, May 28, after a year and a half of a pandemic: “Woman with a Book,” Pablo Picasso’s 1932 oil on canvas. Inside her bold black lines, vibrant colors that beckoned on a wall inside a spacious gallery hall at the Norton Simon Museum. Picasso’s famous abstract wasn’t the only one welcoming back the masses at the Colorado Boulevard museum during its first full week of reopening after being closed during the coronavirus crisis. You know the ca...
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It’s Time To Abolish Museums

Does that sound hyperbolic? It is, a bit. It’s time to abolish what musuems have been in order to see what they can be, how we can be. “Museums exert control over how we vision ourselves, past, present and future. They are the time loops that hold and hoard the works of art that can help us chart a course towards collective liberation. Through maintaining control of a broad swath of artworks and artifacts the museum maintains control of the tools that we use to tell stories about ourselves, the...
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The 1990s Magazine That Showed, And Gripped, Lesbian Mecca San Francisco

Curve began its life as Deneuve, a lesbian magazine founded by a 23-year-old who gambled all her money on horse races, won, and used the proceeds to start the mag. There’s a new movie documenting its evolution, and how different things might be in 2021. Franco Stevens: “Once I came back from the Book Fair in Chicago, walked into my office, and there was a stack of Polaroids on my desk. Apparently, there was a ‘leather day’ at the office when I was gone, and they were all posed on my desk, scant...
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2022 BMW 2 Series Coupes Coming Soon

  The 2022 BMW 2 Series coupes are on their way. Dynamic testing, drivetrain, and suspension tuning on the two-door compact are nearing conclusion. Production begins in the late summer of 2021. The new BMW 2 Series is being described as more nimble, agile, and powerful than previous models. Tuning and testing at Nurburgring’s Nordschleife and […] The post 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupes Coming Soon appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Prizewinning Composer Sara Glojnaric Talks About How Music And Identity Intersect

Sara Glojnarić, who won Berlin’s “Neue Szenen” competition last year, explains that being a woman, being queer, and working against racism all intersect in her work, and she believes others’ identities are reflected in their work as well. When she was in school at Stuttgart, she says, “our professor, Martin Schüttler, encouraged us to engage with that, to work with our identities in our music. He made it clear that we mustn’t run away from who we are when we’re composing. It was a really cool p...
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Restarting The New York Phil, In A Cemetery

Justin Davidson, on the NY Phil’s Green-Wood Cemetery “Death of Classical” concert: “That might not seem like the obvious location to stage the revival of performance culture, but when Green-Wood opened in 1838, it was intended to be one of New York’s grandest, most verdant, and most romantic public parks. (Today, its permanent residents include the orchestra’s late music director Leonard Bernstein.)” And for the musicians who will take part, they will inevitably experience some emotions about ...
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Blindsiding Movie Talent With Streaming Is Probably The New Normal

Gotta keep those subscriber numbers up with direct to streaming movies! But … how do agents, producers, directors, and actors feel about this? It’s not ideal right now: “Talent typically has little leverage should a studio decide to put a title onto a streaming service, sources say. It did not readily occur to either agents or studios that contracts for projects releasing in 2021 — drawn two to three years ago, before some of the major services had launched — would have to stipulate paydays sho...
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How Biden’s New, De-Trumpified Commission Of Fine Arts Could Make A Real Difference

Philip Kennicott: “The new members aren’t just visionaries with a firm command of inspiring rhetoric; they know how to read a plan, look at a model, scrutinize a drawing and make precise comments about the small questions of design, materials, spacing, proportion and light. … Rather than simply assess the impact and design of selected federal projects, most of them in the District, the CFA could become a clearinghouse for progressive design thinking throughout the federal government.” – The Was...
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John Steinbeck Really Did Write A Werewolf Novel. No Way His Estate Is Letting You See It.

“The manuscript, Murder at Full Moon, was completed in 1930 but was never published. A single copy has been sitting, mostly forgotten, in an archive in Texas since 1969. It includes drawings by Steinbeck himself. A scholar of American literature at Stanford University is pushing for the book to be published, but the agents for Steinbeck’s estate vehemently refused this week.” – The New York Times
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Humans Might Not Be Cut Out For Universal Morality

Are there biological or other scientific causes for our moral beliefs? If so, how does that affect our moral beliefs and choices? It’s a bit complex: “Our evolutionary conditioning might have made it impossible for us to acquire knowledge of objective moral truths, even if they exist. The other is that our evolved psychology might make it impossible in any case for us to live according to objective moral standards.” – Nautilus
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France Reveres Roland Petit. Why Doesn’t It Perform His Ballets More Often?

“Even in Petit’s home country, his works haven’t been staged with great regularity. Nor do companies seem especially interested in resuscitating any of the dozens of full-length works or shorter ballets he created over the course of a long career. It’s a curious schism: Despite the relative obscurity of much of Petit’s work, he remains much-revered in France, where he is still described as a great choreographer who is pivotal to a French ballet heritage.” – The New York Times
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Charles Larson, Who Established Study Of African Literature In U.S. Academia, Dead At 83

“As a professor at American University in Washington, where he joined the faculty in 1970, Dr. Larson taught some of the first classes offered to U.S. students on African writers. At a time when the literary canon consisted almost entirely of works by British and American authors, he helped secure a place in American academia for writers including [Chinua] Achebe and Wole Soyinka.” – The Washington Post
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For sale: Darth Vader helmet house in Houston

When Dr. Jean Cukier decided to build his dream house in Houston, Texas, he grabbed a piece of paper and drew it himself. Cukier loved Star Wars so he took architectural inspiration from Darth Vader's helmet. The 7,000 square-foot, four bedroom/five bath home is now for sale for $4.3 million. — Read the rest
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Okay, Public Radio: ‘Our Culture Of Host Hero Worship Creates Monsters, And It Is Long Past Time To Break This Cycle’

In the wake of Bob Garfield’s firing from On the Media for what he’s described as “anger mismanagement,” Celeste Headlee — who endured mistreatment on and off the air as co-host of The Takeaway with the now-disgraced John Hockenberry — writes, “There is no such thing as a host who is ‘too big to fail.’ Executives in the past have made a devil’s bargain, [sacrificing] psychological safety and well-being for the majority for the comfort of some powerful individuals. … Enough.” – Current
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Fear Of Deepfakes May Be Causing More Problems Than Deepfakes Themselves Are

Simon V.Z. Wood: “Searching for evidence that bad actors were weaponizing artificial intelligence for political gain, what I found instead was an emerging field of detection firms, government grantees, startups, academics, artists, and nonprofits that seemed to depend on one another to sustain interest in deepfakes. Call it the deepfake-industrial complex — or, perhaps, a solution in search of a problem. … The winners in this ecosystem of constant possible delusion are the people who exploit fe...
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Shakespeare’s Globe’s Bumpy Return To Work

Not only are audience members (at a quarter of pre-COVID capacity) required to stay six feet from each other, so are all the actors and crew. That’s presenting quite a traffic management puzzle for director Sean Homes as he restages his 2019 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Elizabethan theatre’s reopening. – The New York Times
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Inside TikTok’s New Incubator For Black Creators

The app – long derided both for squelching LGBTQIA voices and exploiting Black creators – reacted to the George Floyd protests by starting an incubator for Black voices. How’s it working now? “Program members bonded. … They shared legal advice, sample media kits, tips on talking to potential agents or collaboration partners and the stresses of turning a hobby into a career.” And, TikTok says, the program will likely be expanded. – Los Angeles Times
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Hermitage Museum Satellite In Barcelona Gets Go-Ahead

“The [St. Petersburg landmark’s] long-awaited Barcelona branch has finally been given the green light for development. The port of Barcelona’s board of directors announced on Thursday that a proposal for the Hermitage Barcelona was approved, despite considerable resistance from the city authorities. The building, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Toyo Ito, is slated to open in 2024.” – ARTnews
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Plunder of Pompeii: how art police turned tide on tomb raiders

Looters have plundered Italy’s cultural sites for years, but a crackdown by the carabinieri’s art squad means recent trade has not been as fruitfulBy day, the tombaroli, or tomb raiders, marked out the spot. They used long, pointed tools to pierce the earth , beneath which there was a passage that would take them to Roman homes replete with treasure in Civita Giuliana, a suburb of ancient Pompeii, about 700 metres north-west of the main archaeological park.By night, they dug a network of tunnels...
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Sexual Abuse In El Sistema, Long Rumored, Is Now Being Brought To Light

A Facebook post in late April from an alumna of Venezuela’s famous system of free musical education “has since sparked a collective portrait of teenage girls in El Sistema being systematically groomed by older male teachers, with coercive innuendos and propositions as everyday occurrences.” Said one former student of her oboe teacher, “His methods rested on an uplifting discourse of art, passion and intellect. According to him, I had to let myself be carried away by sexual desire in order to ac...
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After Investigation, Embattled Head Of Americans For The Arts Departs Permanently

“Robert L. Lynch, the longtime president and chief executive of the Washington-based advocacy organization Americans for the Arts who had been on paid leave since December amid workplace complaints, has agreed to retire effective immediately, the organization’s board announced Thursday.” – The New York Times
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Millions Lost: Australian Ballet Hit Harder By Pandemic Than Most Of Country’s Large Arts Orgs

“The Australian Ballet forfeited $32 million [Aus] in ticket revenue [and posted $2.4 million in operating losses] for 2020, a pandemic blow that it has only survived thanks to an outpouring of community and government support, plus a decision to raid its reserves and sell off investments. … It bucks the trend of many other major arts organisations including Victorian Opera, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra which chalked up pandemic profits on the back of continued gov...
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From Materials to Design: How to Craft Effective Big Banners for Businesses

When a company needs more visibility in the marketplace, a big banner might be one way to attract attention to the company and its message. But to be effective, the banner must be well-designed, well made, and placed effectively. Big banners are similar to billboards except they are more portable and can be placed in a wider range of locations. Banners can be used temporarily and then rolled up and stored until the next time they are needed. Why Do You Need a Banner? A company may have seve...
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Musicians Don’t Make Good Money From Streaming, But Is That Spotify’s Fault?

The amount of money people are spending on music hasn’t changed from when we bought albums at the record store or CDs by Sony subscription service – but the way musicians get the money, and how much money they get, is radically different. “When we talk about per stream rates, what we’re doing is sort of smushing all of this data together and dividing it up and looking at averages and trying to work out basically where they are. When you do that with Spotify, you come out with a horrendously low...
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