TPAC seeks Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center seeks a dynamic and inspiring diversity and inclusion executive to help the organization more fully integrate its core values throughout all facets of its operations – both internally and externally. COMPANY DESCRIPTIONTennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation (TPAC), located in downtown Nashville, is a nonprofit performing arts center dedicated to providing and supporting the presentation of the performing and cultural arts. Founded in 1980...
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How Hollywood Has Avoided Telling The Story Of The Massacre Of Black Tulsa

We don’t avoid telling stories about difficult topics. “There have been numerous movies about slavery, about Jim Crow, about the Vietnam War. There have even been movies about America’s inaction to the genocide in Rwanda, a story whose national footprint is likely much smaller than that of the Tulsa massacre’s. Yet when it comes to the more than 30 race-related massacres that occurred in this country between 1917-1921, even before the one in Tulsa, there has only been one movie made: John Singl...
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The Power Of Fiction Helped Millions Of Us Get Through Lockdowns

Author Valeria Luiselli just won the Dublin literary award. She says that she, her daughter, and her niece have been reading out loud to each other since the pandemic began. “I can say, without a hint of doubt, that without books – without sharing in the company of other writers’s human experiences – we would not have made it through these months. If our spirits have found renewal, if we have found strength to carry on, if we have maintained a sense of enthusiasm for life, it is thanks to the w...
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Jerome Hellman, Producer Of Midnight Cowboy And Coming Home, 92

With barriers at every turn, from an anxious director who didn’t want to work with the leading actors to disastrous early scripts, no one expected Midnight Cowboy to get completed – or be a hit. Jerome Hellman “helped steer the project through crisis after crisis, fudging on cost estimates, fighting with recalcitrant collaborators and surreptitiously shooting scenes on the streets of Manhattan to produce a bold, barrier-breaking movie that in 1970 became the first and only X-rated film to win t...
Tags: Art, People, Manhattan, Jerome Hellman, 05.29.21

The Fonts Of The NYT Book Review

The history of the New York Times Book Review is pretty interesting for word nerds. “Although photos already appeared in other parts of the paper, these came only later to the Book Review. The publication turned instead to typography — some of it quite fanciful — to set its distinctive-looking pages apart.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, New York Times Book Review, 05.28.21

A New Disney Movie Gives Punk’s Overlooked Women Designers Their Due

Yes, that’s a weird confluence, but Cruella still makes it happen. “Cruella signposts something essential about punk: the power of reinvention. For the original punks, clothes weren’t just clothes but a ticket to a whole new you, cut to your own design.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Visual, Cruella, 05.27.21

Gavin MacLeod, Star Of The Mary Tyler Moore Show And The Love Boat, 90

MacLeod had been a working, but struggling, actor for many years when he read for The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970. He had been asked to audition for the role of Lou Grant – the role that eventually went to Ed Asner – but asked to read for Murray instead. “As Murray, the balding, humble head writer and Mary’s office best friend, Mr. MacLeod was given to firing zingers at the show’s other regulars, especially the pompously vain anchorman, Ted Baxter (Ted Knight, a longtime friend of Mr. MacLeod...
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TV Characters, Like Everyone During The Pandemic, Have Trouble Connecting

Both on Master of None and Solos, even when the pandemic isn’t in the script, it affects everything. New seasons feel “intriguingly defined by current events, and yet similarly handicapped by them.” It’s not easy to make TV during a global pandemic, but, says a critic, “All I want now, watching shows after 14 months of social withdrawal, is to be allowed into people’s lives again, to feel something intense and unfamiliar, to be granted even a fleeting attachment to someone I don’t know. … We’re...
Tags: Art, Media, 05.26.21

French Quarantine Rules May Prevent Britons From Attending Cannes

The problem is a new variant: “After delays caused by Covid, the festival confirmed it would take place in early July, but France has announced a seven-day isolation period for visitors from the UK in response to rising concerns over the Covid variant B.1.617.2, first detected in India. The move is likely to affect thousands, both among the press corps and industry delegates, and large numbers of unregistered attendees.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Media, France, India, Cannes, 05.27.21

Misconduct Allegations Rock LA’s Largest LGBTQ Theatre Company

Celebration Theatre’s longtime AD Michael Shepperd was accused of sexual misconduct over more than a decade – and the accusers say that the theatre mishandled those complaints until last week, when an internal investigation prompted the theatre to let him go. When there’s a power differential, can a small theatre be a “safe, sex-positive” space? – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, La, Theatre, 05.28.21, LGBTQ Theatre Company, Michael Shepperd

Siteless is a book of architectural inspiration

One of my friends gave me a copy of the book, Siteless: 1001 Building Forms by François Blanciak as a gift a few years ago, and I use it often for reference images and inspiration for my drawings. Although I'm not an architect and this is an architecture-inspired book, the forms in it are great for drawing inspiration, creature parts, or just fun eye candy. — Read the rest
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How The Show ‘Friends’ Helps People Around The World Learn English

Yes, that’s right, the long-running sitcom (still massively popular with Millennials and Gen-Zers thanks to streaming) is useful for English language-learners around the world. “The dad jeans and cordless telephones may look dated, but the plot twists — falling in love, starting a career and other seminal moments in a young person’s life — are still highly relatable.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, 05.29.21

The ‘Paddington 2’ Stranglehold On Rotten Tomatoes Is Over

There’s a bad review of Paddington 2? Yes” “The new Paddington 2 review slammed the warm-hearted adventure film for having deviated from the spirit of Michael Bond’s children’s books, being ‘contrived and ridiculous,’ with Paddington being ‘over-confident, snide and sullen,’ claimed ‘considerations of race and identity, key to the Paddington character, are not addressed,’ and added that voice actor Ben Whishaw sounded ‘like a member of some indie-pop band coming down from an agonizing ketamine ...
Tags: Art, Media, Paddington, Ben Whishaw, Michael Bond, 05.28.21

Faye Schulman, Who Fought The Nazis With A Rifle And A Camera, 101

Her rifle was important during the war; her camera became more important after: “As one of the only known Jewish partisan photographers, Mrs. Schulman, thanks to her own graphic record-keeping, debunked the common narrative that most Eastern European Jews had gone quietly to their deaths.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Faye Schulman, 05.28.21

USC’s Pacific Asia Museum Reopens With A Goal

And that goal is to decolonize itself. Museum director Bethany Montagano: “We felt a sense of urgency to do this because colonial systems of oppression were really rearing their ugly head in the wake of COVID … especially as it relates to Asian Americans and the colonial brand of poison projected onto Asian Americans.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Usc, Visual, Pacific Asia, 05.29.21, Bethany Montagano

What Ta-Nehisi Coates Did For Black Panther

And, as his five-year run writing for the comic series comes to an end, what it did for him. “Coates decided early on he wanted to see how Wakanda truly became the technologically unmatched African ideal, which meant looking in the closet for skeletons.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, Wakanda, Coates, 05.29.21, Ta Nehisi Coates Did For Black Panther

How Will Amazon Exploit Bond, Other MGM Classics?

Amazon desperately needed content, but will the Bond plan work? “Bond is a treasure trove, unexploited beyond the 25 feature films focusing on its star, which Amazon would dearly love to develop into a Marvel- or Star Wars-like ‘universe” ‘The only problem is that Bond is partly owned by Eon Productions in the UK, which is run by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, who exercise strict control over how the character is used – even down to choosing the actor who plays him.” – The Guardian (UK)...
Tags: Amazon, Art, UK, Media, Barbara Broccoli, Bond, Eon Productions, Michael G Wilson, 05.29.21

There’s A New Black Superhero In Town – And That Town Is Milan

It’s not common for Italian shows to have mostly Black casts, but the new show Zero does – and makes the invisibility of Black Italians a superpower. – NPR
Tags: Art, Milan, Media, 05.27.21

Under Biden’s Plan, NEA Funding Would Rise

On the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, President Biden proposed a 20 percent increase in funding for an agency the previous president always threatened to cut entirely. “According to the endowment’s analysis, the Biden spending plan would be the largest single-year increase in its funding since the jump between 2009 and 2010 when its budget rose from $155 million to $167.5 million.” – The New York Times
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There’s No Actual Mayor Of Easttown, But Residents Have Some Thoughts On Mare

The chair of the Board of Supervisors of Easttown says the real town isn’t much like the show. “‘I can’t remember when the last homicide was here, if ever,’ said Marc Heppe (pronounced “heppy”), chair of the Easttown Township board of supervisors. … The big conflicts are over ‘a lot of NIMBY stuff’ — new development and more traffic. But locals are proud of the show.” – Los Angeles Times
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Alix Dobkin, Who Wrote Songs Of Liberation, 80

Dobkin was an early idol in the women-loving-women movement. “Long before K.D. Lang transformed herself from a country artist into an androgyne pop idol and sex symbol, smoldering in a man’s suit on the cover of Vanity Fair being mock-shaved by the supermodel Cindy Crawford; long before Melissa Etheridge sold millions of copies of her 1993 album, Yes I Am, and in so doing came out as a gay rock star; and long before the singer-songwriter Jill Sobule’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ hit the Billboard charts,...
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