Strong to the Finich: In Defense of Popeye the Musical

I’m working on a new book called Play / Back: A Different History of Movie Musicals, and it’s been such a fun exercise for two reasons. First, I’m discovering incredibly weird, cool movie musicals I had never heard of before, like Madam Satan, Volga-Volga, The Happiness of the Katakuris, Zachariah, and lots of others. Second, I’m really studying films that I have seen before, but I’m seeing them with entirely new eyes, and finding so many wonderful new details. Especially with those films that ...
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Livestreaming Is Changing Public Access

You don’t have to wait for news reports; just watch livestreams from protests, lectures, concerts, and more. “With endless images and videos at our constant disposal, people are entirely able to form their own understanding of events—and of the narrative choices involved in crafting newspaper articles and cable network broadcasts.” This is great, and terrible, for journalism and the public alike. – CJR
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What Are Companies Planning To Do With All Those Music Catalogs?

Universal, Hipgnosis, Primary Wave, and others have paid multiple hundreds of millions for music catalogs ranging from Bob Dylan’s to that of Stevie Nicks. But “music publishing and related intellectual-property management and exploitation is not a business one enters lightly. Famously called ‘a business of pennies,’ it requires attentive nurturing and development in order to maximize the value. … [Song catalogs] are demanding, ephemeral assets that require a lot of attention — pitching, repack...
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Greece Will Improve Access To The Acropolis

There’s an argument raging in some circles about a new concrete walkway at the monument – but the culture ministry is not backing down. “In collaboration with Greek associations for people with disabilities, the ministry said signs in Braille and bold would be installed for visitors with visual impairments, in addition to scaled models of the monuments. Handrails and slope warning signs will also be introduced.” – France24 (AFP)
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Just Chill, And Enjoy Being An Amateur

If you want to be healthier and happier, that is. “Can’t we stop succeeding for just one moment? Cease trying to be exceptional at something? The answer is yes, but to do so you must embrace your inner amateur.” – Psyche
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Andras Schiff Embraces Historical Instruments

Admirers and critics alike may say, “At last!” This is a strong about-face. “He proudly played Bach on modern pianos; referred to fortepianists with an interest in Schubert as mere ‘specialists’; and told a New York Times interviewer in 1983, ‘I’ve heard some ghastly things done in the name of authenticity.’ Time and experience, though, have brought about a wholesale change in his attitude, and Schiff has transformed into an eager evangelist for the use of historical keyboards.” – The New York ...
Tags: Art, Music, New York Times, Bach, Schubert, Schiff, Andras Schiff, 06.04.21

The Nexus Of Dance And Drag Is Growing

And it’s not — not just — the Trocks and RuPaul’s Drag Race. The latter, however, by its popularity and creativity, does seem to have created space for dancers and choreographers, even high-profile ones, to shake off the rigid gender expectations that have held sway in dance and to experiment with costuming, make-up, and gender-neutral movement and roles. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Rupaul, Trocks, 06.03.21

Scholars In Belgium Are Ready For Restitution Guidelines

The Belgian government has dragged its feet – so “a group of Belgian experts have drafted a set of restitution guidelines for dealing with the nation’s colonial collections.” – Artnet
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Saudi Arabia Aims Its Cultural Diplomacy Blitz At Greece

“The major partnership,” announced in May, “will include funding for archaeological preservation of the historic Al Fao region in the southern part of Saudi Arabia, and an exchange of expertise on heritage and museums, archaeology, antiquities, cultural festivals, and modern culture. … Previous partnerships with France, Germany, and the U.K, took place before the murder of [Jamal] Khashoggi. Yet Greece seems to be moving ahead despite calls to boycott the kingdom.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Issues, U K, France Germany, Al Fao, Jamal -RSB- Khashoggi, 06.01.21

Puppies Are Now Born Ready To Communicate With Humans

Humans have probably changed dog genes in this arena. A new study shows that “even 8-week-old puppies with little exposure to humans can understand pointing and show sophisticated levels of social cognition in other tests. On top of that, the study found that each fluffball’s genetic makeup was a strong predictor of its ability to follow a pointed finger to a hidden treat as well as the pup’s tendency to pay attention to human faces.” – Smithsonian
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Why Is Philly’s Post-Pandemic Arts Budget So Anemic?

Other cities are thinking big: Chicago’s Arts 77 has $60 million for individual artists and arts organizations. “City departments from parks and rec to libraries, community development, streets, and schools would all participate. … New York City has set aside $25 million for a municipal jobs program that aims to put 1,500 artists to work in communities across the city. San Francisco has started a pilot program with a similar focus. Los Angeles has established a $36 million arts recovery fund to...
Tags: Art, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Issues, Philly, 06.04.21

How Alamo Drafthouse Pulled Itself Out Of Chapter 11 In 12 Weeks

“After furloughing around 80 percent of the chain’s workers at once, and having survived the financial crucible of bankruptcy by selling itself to deep-pocketed backers, the company is poised to make good on its grandest ambitions to date. Such expansion, though, comes with a subtle but undeniable shift in corporate culture.” – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, 06.03.21

So Many Acting Students, So Few Living Wage Jobs

Is the theatre industry training too many students? The pandemic sure made it seem so. “There is a vital need for creative practice and an equally critical need to earn a living. It’s not a binary consideration, but one that increasingly feels antithetical.” –
Tags: Art, Theatre, 06.03.21

Kneehigh, Acclaimed Theatre Company, Abruptly Shuts Down

The Cornwall-based company, a frequent visitor to the US whose production of Brief Encounter was nominated for Tony and Olivier Awards, said in a statement that it was financially stable, but that “recent changes in artistic leadership raised questions as to whether Kneehigh could sustain their vision going forward.” Founding artistic director Mike Shepherd had resigned in March after 41 years; deputy artistic director Carl Grose left in January.- The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, US, Cornwall, Kneehigh, Tony, Mike Shepherd, Carl Grose, 06.03.21, Kneehigh Acclaimed Theatre Company

Pompidou Center To Open First U.S. Branch In — Wait, Where?

Jersey City, NJ — which would, if not for the state boundary, be like Brooklyn, since it is directly across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan, to which Jersey City is connected by subway trains. (In fact, this new museum will be right smack next to a station for those trains, so there’s no excuse that it will be too hard to get to.) Assuming approval by the City Council, the Centre Pompidou x Jersey City is expected to open in 2024. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Visual, Jersey City, Hudson River, Jersey City NJ, 06.04.21, Centre Pompidou x Jersey City

Hobby Lobby Sues Professor Who Allegedly Sold Them Papyri Stolen From Oxford

“The $7 million lawsuit … alleges that Dirk Obbink stole 32 items from the Egyptian Exploration Society at the University of Oxford’s Sackler Library and sold them to Hobby Lobby, the nationwide arts and crafts chain owned by an evangelical Christian family,” which was trying to rapidly assemble a collection for the Museum of the Bible, which it opened in DC in 2017. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Oxford, Words, University of Oxford, Dc, Dirk Obbink, Sackler Library, 06.03.21

Modi’s bulldozing of parliament shows him as the architect of a Hindu Taliban | Anish Kapoor

Flattening the majestic Murghal-inspired buildings is the latest stage in a hateful, vanity-fuelled campaign to de-Islamify IndiaAt the heart of New Delhi, the capital of India, sits a Mughal-inspired monument that houses the seat of the Indian parliament. Built by the British architect Edwin Lutyens between 1911 and 1931, the parliament buildings and their grand roadways and water channels follow the form established by the Islamic rulers of Iran and elaborated by the Islamic sultanate of Samar...
Tags: Art, India, Narendra Modi, World news, Iran, Culture, Architecture, South and Central Asia, Art and design, Sculpture, New Delhi, Samarkand, Anish Kapoor, Modi, Lutyens, Edwin Lutyens

Conservative Publishers Are Finding ‘Ice Cold’ Market For Books Trashing Joe Biden

“Authors have little interest in writing them, editors have little interest in publishing them, and — though the hypothesis has yet to be tested — it’s widely assumed that readers would have little interest in buying them. In many ways, the dynamic represents a microcosm of the current political moment: Facing a new president whose relative dullness is his superpower, the American right has gone hunting for richer targets to elevate.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Joe Biden, Words, 06.02.21

Drainage Workers In Malta Uncover A 2300-Year-Old Tomb

An archaeologist noticed small cuts in an ancient wall – and the reward was a tomb that was used from the 4th to the 1st century B.C.E. The tomb “contained two urns filled with cremated remains as well as the bones of an adult and the articulated skeleton of a young child laid on its back. Artifacts such as a complete amphora, an oil lamp, a glass perfume bottle, and pottery typical of the period were also found.” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, Malta, Visual, 06.02.21

If US Orchestras Want More Diverse Conductors, They Have A Source Of Them Very Near At Hand

Zachary Woolfe: “There are more of them than ever, and they go by a variety of titles: assistant, associate, fellow, resident. Almost every major orchestra has at least one, … [and they’re] a far more diverse group in which women and musicians of color have found success in recent years. … The question now is how soon they will enter the topmost ranks — and whether, as major orchestras search for music directors in the coming years, they will look toward the crowd right under their noses.” – Th...
Tags: Art, Music, US, ZACHARY WOOLFE, 06.04.21

Confusion And Upheaval At New Zealand Opera As One-Third Of Board Resigns

Three members of the national company’s governing body (reportedly the three with the most experience with and connections within the industry) stepped down in May. One of them has since spoken up to refute speculation about specific reasons for their departure, but his explanation is less than entirely clear: “What I saw was a huge upswelling of discontent and confusion about the artistic direction of the company. … This is not about editing opera … this is what we saw as a lack of thought and...
Tags: Art, Music, New Zealand, 05.31.21

Hong Kong’s State Broadcaster Forbidden To Report Political News

“‘We were informed that no political story is allowed,’ says Emily*, an RTHK employee who, along with others interviewed for this article, asked for anonymity to speak freely. ‘We think it’s kind of funny because what isn’t a political story now?'” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Media, Emily, RTHK, 06.02.21

Mellon Foundation Is Giving $125 Million In Recovery Funding To Artists And Small Orgs Across New York

“[The project called Creatives Rebuild New York,] which has also received contributions from the Ford Foundation and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, will provide up to 2,400 artists with a no-strings-attached monthly income and will endow 300 full-time salaried positions at small- and mid-size arts organizations across the state.” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, New York, Issues, Mellon Foundation, Ford Foundation, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, 06.03.21, Creatives Rebuild New York

In praise of African art: How Shona sculpting emerged

How Shona stone art came into its own after independence The post In praise of African art: How Shona sculpting emerged appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Tradition, Sculpture, Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, Philosophy, Henry Moore, Museum of Modern Art, Friday, British Museum, Symbolism, Civilisation, Tristan Tzara, Constantin Brancusi, Shona, Rhodesia

The Art of Creating a Bonsai: One Year Condensed Condensed Into 22 Mesmerizing Minutes

To be a good writer, one must be a good reader. This is made true by the need to absorb and assess the work of other writers, but even more so by the need to evaluate one’s own. Writing is re-writing, to coin a phrase, and effective re-writing can only follow astute re-reading. This condition applies to other arts and crafts as well: take bonsai, the regarding of which constitutes a skill in and of itself. To craft an aesthetically pleasing miniature tree, one must first be able to see a...
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Hand-painted hearts or Captain Tom in bronze? Memorialising the fallen of Covid-19

As heroic statues fall out of vogue, communities have turned to experimental structures – from flourishing gardens to abstract sculptures – as monuments to loss on a vast scaleMaya Lin was a 21-year-old architecture student at Yale University when, in 1981, lacking professional experience, she submitted a class project to a design competition for a memorial for Vietnam war veterans on the National Mall in Washington DC. Her winning design, influenced by the minimalist sculpture and earth art of ...
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