McLuhan—Kicking the Cigarette Machine

Marshall McLuhan "The Corpse as Still Life" pp. 104-106 in The Mechanical Bride (2002 Gingko Press edition) [orig. 1951] A generation later Edgar Allan Poe hit upon this principle of "reconstruction," or reasoning backwards, and made of it the basic technique of crime fiction and symbolist poetry alike. Instead of developing a narrative straight forward, inventing scenes, characters, and description as he proceeded, in the Sir Walter Scott manner, Poe said: "I prefer commencing with the consider...
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invisible sculpture for sale

From the department of “you are not going to believe this”, there’s an Italian artist named Salvatore Garau who recently auctioned a sculpture that does not actually exist and someone paid $18,300 for it! Literally, there is nothing but a certificate of authenticity and some instructions for how to display it. He calls it an […]
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Anna Friel: ‘I thought acting would be a hobby – never a job’

The actor, 44, on learning to relax, the double edge of kindness, and the power of herbsI don’t know which memory came first: falling down the stairs and knocking down our Christmas tree, being bought my first nail varnish and getting it on my Wonder Woman pyjamas, or accidentally setting my brand-new parka on fire the first day I wore it. Each probably reveals something about my soul.Pop stardom was my plan for a while, although briefly. Coming from an Irish family, I’d often walk into the livi...
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Creating a Safe Space for Your LGBTQ+ Students

In 2021, you would think we’d be at a point where inclusivity and acceptance are the norm. However, LGBTQ+ students are still frequently the victims of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, and are often made to feel alone, uncomfortable, scared, or unsafe in school. In drama class, we ask our students to open themselves up and […]
Tags: Theatre, Diversity, Lgbtq, Teaching Drama, Representation, Safe Space, Inclusivity, Pride Month

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