McLuhan—The Great Withholding

Marshall McLuhan "Woman in a Mirror" pp. 80-81 in The Mechanical Bride (2002 Gingko Press edition) [orig. 1951] This ad employs the same technique as Picasso in The Mirror. The differences, of course, are obvious enough. By setting a conventional day-self over against a tragic night-self, Picasso is able to provide a time capsule of an entire life. He reduces a full-length novel (or movie) like Madame Bovary to a single image of great intensity. By juxtaposition and contrast he is able to "say" ...
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Old Friends

The day the Louvre Museum was due to open I got online and got a ticket to wander around again. It was so great to be there once more. They limit the number of people who can enter so it wasn’t very crowded. The lobby. Mercury. A fovorite room. pretty statue. Winged Victory still in the same place. Ah, Mona! I rather like this one too. A few paintings that I like are moved or on loan I guess.
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The Silencing Of America’s Most Distressed Areas

The newspaper crisis – and be assured, for small, local places, it is a crisis – means that areas where people need the most are getting covered the least. – LitHub
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A Return To Movie Theatres, Or Not, Summer Watchlist

Choose your own adventure – couch or theatre? Crowded or distanced? Popcorn or not? (That’s a trick question: Always get the popcorn.) – The Atlantic
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What Novelists Can Learn From The Marvel Comics Universe

Sounds ridiculous, right? What do literary novels have in common with Avengers or WandaVision? Benjamin Percy says his Comet Cycle came about because he wanted to “go wild, do something different, change shit up, and create an experience—from a creative and business perspective—that was lit from beginning to end.” – LitHub
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Check Your Local Little Free Art Gallery If You’re In Need Of Visual Stimulation

One artist says little free art galleries stir “feelings of ‘cute aggression,’ a term that describes the way our minds cope with the onslaught of positive feelings brought on by something adorable — you just want to squish/squeeze/eat it. Thankfully, no one has tried, but part of the popularity might come from the feeling that you could. Artists and tiny gallerists alike say bite-size art is less intimidating.” – Washington Post
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Sophie Rivera, Photographer Of Puerto Rican New York, 82

Rivera began by asking her neighbors to be her subjects. “The images she made were majestic four-by-four-foot prints of everyday New Yorkers of all ages. They were time-stamped by their hair styles and clothing as citizens of the 1970s and ’80s, but they were made eternal by their direct gazes, formal poses and the nimbus of light with which Ms. Rivera surrounded them. Vivien Raynor of The New York Times likened these Nuyorican Portraits, as they were known, to the portraits of Édouard Manet; T...
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Can We Ever Trust A Recorded Image Again?

A new documentary “focuses on surveillance and the cop-worn body-cam in specific as key topics, exploring the headquarters of the Taser, drone and camera manufacturer Axon in search of insights on the police state’s expansion. But this inquest soon gives way to a more expansive interrogation of the treachery inherent to every photo and frame of video, warped and modified and presented with purpose.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Art Basel Will Take Place In September

A successful Hong Kong venture means Switzerland gets its fair (with new safety protocols, no surprise). – Artnet
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Frederike Mayrocker, Grande Dame Of German Language Poets, 96

Mayröcker, an Austrian, earned acclaim as a formally inventive poet, but her writing “ranged far more widely, producing an immense body of work that encompassed nearly every literary genre: novels, memoirs, children’s books, drama and radio plays as well as poetry. (Only a handful of her works have been translated into English.)” Perhaps that should change. – The New York Times
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Bach, But Make It Upside Down

Another creative moment borne from boredom during the pandemic: “Dan Tepfer plays the first of Bach’s “Goldberg” Variations. The piano is a Disklavier, which can record and play back. When he finishes, Tepfer taps a button on his iPad, triggering the piano to play back what he’s just recorded with the notes inverted, as if the score were turned upside down.” And if you’re skeptical, know that Anthony Tommasini of the NYT approves. – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Bach, Goldberg, Anthony Tommasini, Dan Tepfer, Tepfer, 06.04.21

John Boyega Exits Netflix Production Mid-Filming

Production is paused for the role in Rebel Ridge to be recast and reshot. The Small Axe star left for family reasons, he said – The Guardian (UK)
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Calls for Keith Haring mural to stay at Barcelona site being turned into care home

Artwork in building slated for demolition faces uncertain future, though city has pledged to save itIt all began one February night in 1989. Cesar de Melero was DJing in the Ars Studio club in Barcelona when someone told him that the artist Keith Haring was outside but the doorman wouldn’t let him in.“The place was packed, so I put on a record and pushed through the crowd,” De Melero told the Guardian. “And there he was with his saintly, innocent face and I told the doorman to let him in and I s...
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The Studio Of Corita Kent, L.A.’s ‘Pop Art Nun,’ Earns Historic Status

And that’s historic for more than her art; it’s also unusual for Los Angeles to honor women artists in this way. Kent adapted silkscreen printing to the era of Pop. “In the wake of the Second Vatican Council in 1962, which called for a liberalization and modernization of the Catholic liturgy to the realities of 20th century life, she delved into creating work that echoed calls for social justice — be it antiwar efforts, labor campaigns or Black and Chicano civil rights.” – Los Angeles Times ...
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Escaping The ‘Teen On Disney’ Trap

Olivia Rodrigo has figured out something that few have before her. There’s” a shift within the Disney sphere, which has apparently evolved enough to allow its stars to curse while still holding down jobs on PG-rated television.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Disney, People, Rodrigo, 06.02.21

Kim’s Convenience Actor Calls Out Producers, Pay Issues

Actor Simu Liu plays Jung Kim in the show, whose fifth and final season is dropping on Netflix Canada. It’s a critically lauded show with a lot of comedy buzz. But, says Liu, the producers (who were “overwhelmingly white”) discounted input from Asian cast members; the actor also said that the actors were paid at an “absolute horsepoop rate.” – CBC
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The National Black Theater Makes A High-Rise Decision

The National Black Theater is trading up – and up. It will replace its current building with a 21-story high-rise, where the theatre can have three floors while retail and housing occupy the rest. “National Black Theater leaders see the $185 million project, and the partnership they are entering with developers, as a new chapter with the financial and institutional backing to allow them to live out the dream of [their founder, Barbara Ann] Teer, who died in 2008: to nurture a space where Black ...
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The Challenges Ahead For Media’s Newest Giant Company

The government review of the planned Discovery-Warner Bros merger could take more than a year, and subscribers are abandoning Discovery’s cable channels (and cable in general) in droves. Then there’s the huge debt – and the companies’ culture clashes. – Los Angeles Times
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A Mining Company Sponsors A Fringe Festival No More

In Perth, Australia, the multi-arts Fringe World loses its decade-long sponsor, the decidedly non-edgy mining company Woodside, after three years of protests by festival artists. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Perth Australia, Woodside, 06.04.21

Artist Auctions Off Invisible Sculpture

That’s right, there’s nothing there. And it sold for more than $18,000. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Visual, 06.03.21

Keith Haring’s Barcelona mural to be moved as former club faces demolition

Ibiza DJ suggests impromptu 1989 artwork should feature in new building – a care homeIt all began one February night in 1989. César de Melero was DJing in the Ars Studio club in Barcelona when someone told him that the artist Keith Haring was outside but the doorman wouldn’t let him in.“The place was packed, so I put on a record and pushed through the crowd,” De Melero told the Guardian. “And there he was with his saintly, innocent face and I told the doorman to let him in and I said to the boss...
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Bothsidesism Leads To Offensively Inoffensive Opera

See: Bartlett Sher’s Oslo and his Elisir.”It’s rare that history colors a human experience without applying a layer—even a thin layer—to the whole surface.” – Van Magazine
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A Dissident Cuban Artist Is Released From Hospital

Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara “is the leader of the San Isidro protest movement (MSI) of artists and intellectuals pressing for free speech and other rights” in Cuba. He spent nearly a month in hospital after an 8-day hunger strike, without his phone or any means of communication. – Yahoo News (AFP)
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What America’s Best-Selling Books Say About Americans

In the U.S., people like nonfiction, especially self-help – and cookbooks, and sex advice. The books in the best-seller canon “are not books so much as appliances. They are not read; they are used. And probably many of them have been bought by people who do not otherwise buy many books.” – The New Yorker
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How a ghostly outline revealed the secret of Modigliani’s lost lover

The Italian artist may have wanted to brush Beatrice Hastings out of his life, but artifical intelligence has thwarted him by enabling a re-creation of the workNo one wants to be reminded of a failed relationship by having the ex’s portrait hanging around. After Amedeo Modigliani and his lover, Beatrice Hastings, broke up, the Italian artist is thought to have obliterated her memory by painting another woman’s likeness over his portrait of her.So he might not be too happy to learn that science h...
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