A First Look At Stratford’s New $70 Million Theatre

Its physical beauty is a far cry from the rough-and-ready look of the previous Tom Patterson Theatre: a converted curling rink. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Theatre, Stratford, Tom Patterson, 06.08.21

Latest Hot Music Market: Meditation Apps

With no dance floors or concert halls to fill, many listeners turned toward gentler, unobtrusive music to help quiet their restless minds. In response, artists who might not have publicly ventured into this sometimes esotericterrain now feel emboldened to do so. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, 06.08.21

Chicago’s City-wide Debate On Its Monuments

No other American city has opened up this sort of wide-ranging dialogue about how cities make monuments. Swept up in this inquiry are five statues of Abraham Lincoln, as well as monuments to George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and the Italian Fascist Italo Balbo. – Bloomberg
Tags: Art, Chicago, Visual, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Ulysses S Grant, 06.08.21

Amid housing shortage, investors double down on prefab startups

Construction startups have raised $1.5 billion since the start of this year as builders rush to address the shortage, according to Crunchbase.
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Museum Endowments Soar During Pandemic — But…

Disappointingly, however, that silver lining has been tarnished by an unconscionable rush to the auction house by numerous museums eager to take advantage of a very bad decision made last year by the Assn. of Art Museum Directors. To ward off expected catastrophe, AAMD hastily relaxed a fundamental prohibition against using income from the sale of museum art to pay for museum operations, which includes collection care. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Visual, AAMD, 06.08.21

NFTs Of Artists Vandalizing Their Art — What Could Go Wrong?

When the artist is the instigator of damage (to their own work, or that of another, such as Robert Rauschenberg erasing a Willem de Kooning work), the act of vandalism becomes part of an artistic strategy. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Willem De Kooning, Visual, Robert Rauschenberg, 06.08.21

How Did We Finally Get To A Consensus On Repatriating The Benin Bronzes? (A Roundtable)

“To better understand this critical turning point, Artnet News brought together three key figures for a conversation about the restitution of the Benin bronzes: Victor Ehikhamenor, a Lagos-based artist and trustee of the Legacy Restoration Trust, an organization working on the Benin bronzes’ return; Pitt Rivers Museum curator Dan Hicks, author of The Brutish Museums; and Marla Berns, director of the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles. Here’s what they told us.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Benin, Lagos, Visual, Pitt Rivers Museum, Artnet News, Dan Hicks, Fowler Museum, Victor Ehikhamenor, Benin Bronzes, 06.08.21, Legacy Restoration Trust, Marla Berns

A New Era In Our Relationship With “Non-Human” Things

For the first time, Timothy Morton wrote, we had become aware that “nonhuman beings” were “responsible for the next moment of human history and thinking.” The nonhuman beings Morton had in mind weren’t computers or space aliens but a particular group of objects that were “massively distributed in time and space.” Morton called them “hyperobjects.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Ideas, Morton, Timothy Morton, 06.08.21

How Has Technology Changed Orchestras? — My Talk for the League of American Orchestras Conference

I’m not sure how smart it is to attack the premise of the session you’ve been asked to be part of, but I was asked for a provocation, so here goes. – Douglas McLennan
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 06.09.21, American Orchestras Conference

Another US Classical Radio Station To Leave The Air

Northeast Indiana Public Radio purchased the license for 94.1 FM in 2002 for $1.8 million and has been operating it since then as Classical 94.1 WBNI. But NIPR never raised enough money to cover both running costs and debt service from acquiring the frequency, so the broadcaster is now selling 94.1 FM — for $350,000 — to a licensee which will operate it as “Rhythm and Praise” with an Urban Gospel format. – Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly
Tags: Art, Music, US, NIPR, 06.05.21, Northeast Indiana Public Radio

The Complicated Benefits Of Reading Literature

“No one now can go on insisting on the usual beneficial effects of literature without taking serious and systematic account of Currie’s arguments. Not to do so in future will count as intellectual negligence.” – Notre Dame Philosophical Review
Tags: Art, Words, Currie, 04.02.21

Alvin Ailey ADT In The Age Of BLM: Artistic Director Robert Battle

“The foundation is the experiences of African Americans in this country — and knowing that is not monolithic. Within the diversity in African American culture, people, and experiences, it’s finding ways to engage to tell those stories that reflect the time in which we live. Not all choreographers I bring in are African American. That’s important because there are two things we are demonstrating. One, the notion of telling our own story, but also that my dancers are versatile and can do the work...
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Dance, Alvin Ailey, Wayne McGregor, Robert Battle, Rennie Harris, 06.08.21

Santa Fe’s Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Announces Big Expansion

The museum owns the former Safeway building, where its Education Center is located; the 1870s Bergere House, where museum administrative offices as well as library, archives and research center are located; and the two-story, 19,362-square-foot office building at Marcy Street and Grant, where the Sommer Udall Law Firm and the museum have offices. – Santa Fe New Mexican
Tags: Art, Santa Fe, Visual, Safeway, Education Center, 06.08.21, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Announces Big Expansion, Bergere House, Marcy Street, Sommer Udall Law Firm

Meet the millennial crypto-art entrepreneurs backed by Scooter Braun who want to dominate the 'wild, wild west' of the NFT market

Mark Mastrandrea and Jeff Cole, the founders of IKONICK. Courtesy of IKONICK IKONICK, a canvas-art company, blends pop culture and quotes into high-end art millennials love. Now, it plans to disrupt the NFT space. It dropped its first NFT last month, earning $100,000 in sales. The founders spoke with Insider about tapping into the millennial art buyer and the future of NFTs. See more stories on Insider's business page. "Dreams weigh more than excuses."So says an all-white, bold font sp...
Tags: Art, Instagram, Small Business, Entertainment, Investments, Boston, Disney, Trends, Markets, Economy, Millennials, Nba, Adweek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Christie, NFT

Graeme Ferguson, Co-Inventor Of IMAX, Dead At 91

After he and his brother-in-law, Roman Kroitor, created documentaries for Expo 67 in Montreal that used multiple screens and projectors, they decided to invent a single large-format projector. By the mid-1970s, they had established the technology and made and shown a few highly praised nature documentaries, but it took many years to overcome producer and exhibitor skepticism and get IMAX accepted as the popular spectacular it ultimately became — and Ferguson was the top creative mind behind the...
Tags: Art, People, Ferguson, Montreal, Roman Kroitor, 06.06.21, Graeme Ferguson

Yemen’s War Is Erasing Its Past

Yemen’s museums, the richest in the Arabian peninsula, are a reminder of the toll that war has taken on the country’s cultural heritage, often eclipsed by civilian casualties and the dire humanitarian situation. In the disputed city of Taiz, nature has combined with conflict to leave the historic National Museum building in ruins. Charred manuscripts, burned shelves and shattered glass are scattered inside. Acacia trees have taken root and helped to tear down the walls. – Reuters
Tags: Art, Yemen, Visual, National Museum, Taiz, 06.09.21

Staffers At ‘The New Yorker’ Threaten Strike, Picket Anna Wintour’s House

The magazine’s salaried employees formed a union three years ago and have been negotiating for higher pay (at a publication known for low wages) ever since. About 100 of them went to the street outside the Greenwich Village townhouse of Condé Nast’s global editorial director on Tuesday, carrying signs in their publication’s recognizable headline typeface reading “Fair pay now” and “You can’t eat prestige” and chanting “Bosses wear Prada, workers get nada.” (The New Yorker is the one Condé Nast ...
Tags: Art, House, Conde Nast, Prada, Words, Anna Wintour, Greenwich Village, Wintour, 06.08.21

‘Come To The Theatre And Arrest Us’: Andrew Lloyd Webber Says He’ll Reopen His Theatres At Full Capacity ‘Come Hell Or High Water’

In response to news that Boris Johnson’s government is considering postponing the full reopening of performance venues scheduled for June 21, the musical theatre mogul said he cannot afford to operate his West End theatres at the 50% occupancy permitted now and might have to sell them if capacity controls aren’t removed. – BBC
Tags: Art, Theatre, Boris Johnson, Andrew Lloyd Webber, 06.09.21

TV’s Tricky Question: To Include COVID In Storylines Or Not?

“It was an issue, if not the big issue, that writers across Hollywood had to face: how to plan a season amid an evolving crisis. Would their universe feature COVID-19, see it in the rearview mirror or pretend it never even happened? And if featured, what would that world even look like? It’s not as though any of them had a crystal ball. … But quickly the choice — a decision made in writers’ rooms [throughout the industry] — became clear: They had to work the ever-changing real world into [their...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Los Angeles, 06.08.21

Rethinking The Orchestra Business

The Symphony’s shift to a customer-centric approach is also reflected in their departure from sending the industry standard “killer offer” coupons to first-time audiences in an attempt to bring them back. It seems simple on the surface, but offering a cash voucher instead of a discount coupon is a dramatic shift in messaging from the egocentric “Please come back!” to the customer-centric “Thanks for coming! Let us help you afford another concert.” – Culture for Hire
Tags: Art, Music, 05.27.21

Where That Hudson River School Painting Sold By The Newark Museum Will End Up

Thomas Cole’s Arch of Nero wound up being one of the symbols of the ongoing argument about US museums’ deaccessioning of artworks in order to get through the financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. Fortunately, the destination of this particular painting is neither inappropriate nor far away: the purchasers are placing it on long-term loan with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. – ARTnews
Tags: Art, US, Visual, Nero, Thomas Cole, 06.08.21

Kirill Serebrennikov Barred From Leaving Russia To Attend Cannes Festival

The award-winning, beleaguered dissident — famous recently for his dance and opera productions — is also a filmmaker, and he has a new title, Petrov’s Flu, in competition at Cannes this year. He wrote the screenplay while under house arrest pending trial on an embezzlement cased widely considered to be trumped-up; he was convicted on that charge last June and given a three-year suspended sentence, during which he is forbidden to leave Russian territory. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, People, Cannes, Petrov, Kirill Serebrennikov, 06.07.21

New York’s $25 Million City Artist Corps: Here, At Last, Are The Details

“Just over a month ago, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that as part of NYC’s post-pandemic recovery, the city will be investing $25 million in … a new recovery program aimed at hiring over 1,500 artists to create works throughout the five boroughs this summer and beyond. Today, he finally revealed more info about exactly how this program will work, and how artists can apply to take part in it.” – Gothamist
Tags: Art, New York, Bill De Blasio, Issues, 06.08.21

New York City Mayoral Race: What The Candidates Have To Say About The Arts

“As the June 22 primary draws near, we rounded up the top six contenders” — in alphabetical order, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Dianne Morales, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, and Andrew Yang — “and summarized their priorities for the sector if elected.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, New York City, Issues, Andrew Yang, 06.07.21

Sci-Fi “Portal” Connects Citizens of Lublin & Vilnius, Allowing Passersby Separated by 376 Miles to Interact in Real Time

Can we ever transcend our tendency to divide up the world into us and them? The history of Europe, which political theorist Kenneth Minogue once called “plausibly summed up as preparing for war, waging war, or recovering from war,” offers few consoling answers. But perhaps it isn’t for history, much less for theory or politics, to dictate the future prospects for the unity of mankind. Art and technology offer another set of views on the matter, and it’s art and technology that come together in ...
Tags: Travel, Art, Facebook, Europe, Technology, College, Haruki Murakami, Seoul, Florence, Vilnius, Barnes, London England, Reykjavik Iceland, Vilnius Lithuania, Lublin, Lublin Poland

How Egyptian Papyrus Is Made: Watch Artisans Keep a 5,000-Year-Old Art Alive

In 2013, French Egyptologist Pierre Tallet discovered in an excavation site near the Red Sea “entire rolls of papyrus, some a few feet long and still relatively intact, written in hieroglyphics as well as hieratic, the cursive script the ancient Egyptians used for everyday communication,” Alexander Stille writes at Smithsonian. The scrolls contained the “Diary of Merer,” the journals of an official who led a transportation crew, and who observed the building of the largest of the pyramid...
Tags: Art, Facebook, College, History, Egypt, Smithsonian, Pliny, Red Sea, Josh Jones, Durham NC Follow, Pierre Tallet, Tallet, Harvard 's Digital Giza Project, Alexander Stille, University of Michigan Libraries

Paintings reveal hidden histories of Africans in England

English Heritage’s six portraits range from a Roman emperor to Queen Victoria’s goddaughterSix paintings that tell fascinating, not widely known stories of people from the African diaspora in England’s history, including the Roman emperor who strengthened Hadrian’s Wall and Queen Victoria’s goddaughter, have been unveiled by English Heritage.The heritage body commissioned six artists to paint portraits, putting them on display at forts, abbeys, historic houses and barracks where they have an ass...
Tags: Art, England, Africa, Race, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Victoria, Roman, Hadrian

Citröen C3 Aicross 2022 : l’âge de raison, par le design

Dans la course aux chiffres des ventes de SUV en France, le C3 Aircross -né en 2017- se contentait d’une 5ème place, loin derrière ses frères et confères que sont les Peugeot 2008 & 3008, Renault Captur, ou encore le Dacia Duster. Une place plus que louable sur le segment ultra concurrentiel, dans lequel le design offre souvent une belle partie des ingrédients de la réussite. A l’occasion de son 5ème anniversaire, le C3 Aicross s’offre une cure de jouvence paradoxalement destinée à lui offrir pl...
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Meet the millennial crypto-art entrepreneurs backed by Gary Vaynerchuk who want to dominate the 'wild, wild west' of the NFT market

Mark Mastrandrea and Jeff Cole, the founders of IKONICK. Courtesy of IKONICK IKONICK, a canvas-art company, blends pop culture and quotes into high-end art millennials love. Now, it plans to disrupt the NFT space. It dropped its first NFT last month, earning $100,000 in sales. The founders spoke with Insider about tapping into the millennial art buyer and the future of NFTs. See more stories on Insider's business page. "Dreams weigh more than excuses."So says an all-white, bold font sp...
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