What If You Were Unable To Form Any Mental Images?

Aphantasia is a recently-identified variation of human experience affecting 2-5% of the population, in which a person is unable to generate mental imagery. Can you still be an artist? – The Conversation
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Leaked Letter: Artists And Former Directors Lobbied To Close Kneehigh Theatre This Year

“Without its creative leadership in place, we believe that Kneehigh’s chapter in history has come to an end. – The Stage
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Is It Okay To Resell An NFT Artwork If You’re The Artist?

Part of the problem with NFTs is that there is not yet any shared culture around reproductions or derivative works of short video, animations, or audio-visual works that derive their primary profit potential from NFT sales. – Slate
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Opera star detained at Paris airport accuses immigration of racial discrimination

South African soprano Pretty Yende, due to star in Bellini opera, given French visa after strip searchThe South African opera star Pretty Yende has accused French immigration authorities of “outrageous racial discrimination” after being detained, strip searched and held in a dark room at Paris’ main airport.“Police brutality is real for someone who looks like me,” Yende, who is black, said in a social media post on Tuesday, a day after the encounter at the Charles de Gaulle airport. Continue rea...
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Made Up Places For Real Interactions

What if cultural endeavors, particularly the public and the performative, are themselves a form of political action? – 3 Quarks Daily
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More Carnavalet

More photos of my visit to the Carnavalet Museum, home of the history of Paris. A look out a window at the newly replanted garden below. Maybe I need a musuc room with yellow walls too. Wooden wall art. An ornate bed for a royal baby. A whole room was painted in this fashion. There is the entire interior of a jewlry shop there done in the Art Deco style designed by Muscha, including, somehow, the gorgeous mosaic floor. A lovely fireplace too. ...
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Why John Newbery Is Considered The Father Of Children’s Books

Beginning in 1744, he published about 100 storybooks for children, plus magazines and “ABC” books, becoming the leading children’s publisher of his time. – Washington Post
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From the Seine to the Hudson: The “Jersey City Pompidou”? Incroyable!

As a loyal New Jerseyan, I’m trying to squelch my own customary skepticism about such international museum undertakings, but the pronouncements about this project have been high on hype, low on specifics. My efforts to extract more details about what’s planned have been mostly met by: “It’s too early to say.” – Lee Rosenbaum
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Book Blurbs Have, In Fact, Existed For Centuries

“The word ‘blurb’ was coined in 1907 by the comic writer Gelett Burgess but they have been around a long time…. In the early 14th century, Dante’s great poem was simply called the Commedia, until his disciple Boccaccio added the lofty adjective Divina: arguably the most successful piece of publishing puff in history. One of the first major carnivals of blurbery came in 1516, when, ahead of the publication of his satire Utopia, Thomas More wrote to his friend Erasmus, urging him to make sure the...
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Venezuela Is Down To Just One Ballet Company, And That One Is Teetering

“Ballet Teresa Carreño in Caracas … is the last ballet company remaining in the country, a hallowed institution that was already on its last legs due to politicization, lack of resources, absence of artistic direction, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. The absence of an artistic director sits at the core of BTC’s challenges. … After being a leader in contemporary practices and innovation during the 1980s and 1990s in Latin America, it now faces an uncertain future.” – Pulitzer Center
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Motion Picture Academy Elects Most Diverse, Gender-Balanced Board In Its History

The elections increase the number of women on the organization’s 54-member board from 26 to 31, marking the first time in the group’s 94-year history that its board has been majority female. The number of governors from underrepresented racial and ethnic communities increases from 12 to 15. – Los Angeles Times
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If The U.S. Won’t Do Another Federal Theatre Project, The States Should

“With state-based funding for the regional theatre system, we could return to a repertory model with full-time employment for actors and serve our local audiences better than a national program ever could. In doing so, we could establish a secure, socially just work environment for the American theatre artists of the 21st century.” – American Theatre
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New Antitrust Crusader Confirmed To Run The FTC — And Big Tech Shudders

Lina Khan’s bipartisan confirmation to the FTC is as strong a sign as any that she has Congressional backing for her most ambitious ideas. – Protocol
Tags: Art, Media, Ftc, Lina Khan, 06.20.21

Documentaries That Compete For An Oscar May No Longer Compete For An Emmy, Period

The decision by the Television Academy settles the questions over “double-dipping,” where a documentary that entered Oscar competition but did not get a nomination was (if it was later aired on television, as many are) allowed to submit for Emmy consideration. In an unrelated matter, the Academy also made a minor but notable change with respect to gendered acting awards. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Academy, Television Academy, 06.21.21

Giant “Marilyn” Statue Unveiled In Palm Springs — How Offensive Can It Get?

The aim is to saunter between a woman’s spread legs, look up her billowing dress and snicker at her panty-clad crotch — or, better yet, snap a photo for posting on social media. With Marilyn Monroe as its doleful model, this adolescent sculptural trash is presented as a welcome draw for desert resort tourism, battered during the COVID-19 pandemic. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Marilyn Monroe, Palm Springs, Visual, 06.20.21

Why The Pompidou Center Is Putting Its American Branch In Jersey City

“Free space and funding, mostly (and that 15-minute PATH [train] ride to Manhattan). In fact, the museum agreed to the four-story warehouse space sight unseen after a French cultural attaché visited the site once to seal the deal.” – Curbed
Tags: Art, Manhattan, Visual, Jersey City, 06.17.21

Outgoing Boston Symphony CEO Mark Volpe Admits In So Many Words That He Fired James Levine

“I sat with him and explained we couldn’t go forward. And I said, ‘You know, you’re a phenomenal teacher.’ And he looks at me. He says, ‘I only live to conduct.’ And then he says, ‘You’re telling me something?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m telling you, Jimmy, it’s done. We’re over.’ And he looked at me and said, ‘No one’s ever told me I can’t do something.’ Jimmy and I never said another word to each other.” – The New York Times
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Capitol Center for the Arts – Executive Director

Located in the state capital of Concord, the Capitol Center for the Arts (CCA) has grown to become New Hampshire’s premier center for the performing arts. OrganizationLocated in the state capital of Concord, the Capitol Center for the Arts (CCA) has grown to become New Hampshire’s premier center for the performing arts. Opened in 1927 and initially known as the Capitol Theatre, CCA believes in the power of arts experiences to shape lives and strengthen community bonds. To that end, CCA’s miss...
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Roku Says Tons Of Folks Are Watching The Shows It Picked Up From Quibi (But It Won’t Say How Many)

“According to Roku, more active accounts streamed a Roku Original in the first two weeks on the Roku Channel than the number of Quibi accounts did on Quibi over the brief nine months of the app’s lifetime. [The claim] seems credible — but it’s not a particularly high bar.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Roku, Roku Channel, Quibi, 06.18.21

How The Boston Symphony Changed In Mark Volpe’s 23 Years At The Helm

It’s been a consequential time for our culture, and the role of an orchestra has changed enormously. – Boston Globe
Tags: Art, Music, Mark Volpe, 06.19.21

Venice Will Go On UNESCO’s Endangered List If It Doesn’t Ban Cruise Ships

In March, the Italian central government issued a long-awaited decree barring cruise ships from the historic city, citing the damage that the enormous vessels do to the lagoon and the increased danger of flooding in the city that damage causes. Then, earlier this month, one of the behemoths sailed right into the Venice lagoon anyway. Now UNESCO is giving something between a warning and an ultimatum. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Unesco, Venice, Issues, 06.21.21

Banksy Loses More Trademarks In Europe

“The European Union’s intellectual property office just reinforced last month’s invalidation of a trademark owned by the British street artist Banksy. The latest rulings issued from the office’s ‘cancellation department’ this morning relate to two of the anonymous artist’s most famous images, Radar Rat and Girl with an Umbrella. The judgment was made in favor of Full Colour Black, a U.K. greeting card company which recreates Banksy’s works for sale.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Europe, European Union, Banksy, Visual, 06.21.21

‘My parents’ trauma is my trauma’ – Veronica Ryan on making first Windrush monument

She used to worry about ‘not making enough to pay the rent’. But with a solo show, a commission to make UK’s first Windrush monument and an OBE, the artist has stepped out of the shadowsVeronica Ryan’s handbag is always heavy. The British sculptor has been a collector since childhood, and her bag is her toolbox, her magpie’s nest, her anchor for a life lived in many places. It’s also fertile ground. Ryan’s mother once caught a glimpse of a date stone she was attempting to germinate in there. “Yo...
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The Industry, Yuval Sharon’s Opera Company In L.A., Adds Two Artistic Directors

Sharon, the MacArthur fellow who founded the company in 2012 and who became artistic director of Michigan Opera Theatre in Detroit last September, isn’t leaving the Industry. But, in what he describes as a deliberate effort to make the organization more diverse on a managerial as well as an artistic level, he and the board have taken on two co-artistic directors, composer Ashley Fure and interdisciplinary artist Malik Gaines. – Los Angeles Times
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Soprano Gianna Rolandi, 68

New York-born, South Carolina-raised and Curtis-trained, she became one of the top American coloraturas of her generation and one of the stars of New York City Opera, where she was a protégée of Beverly Sills. She later went on to direct the young artists’ program, the Ryan Opera Center, at Lyric Opera of Chicago, where her husband, conductor Andrew Davis, is the longtime music director. – Parterre Box
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A Beautiful Window Unit Air Conditioner? Windmill Has You Covered

We've seen disruption in mattresses, razors, alcohol, toothpaste and, now, window unit air conditioners. Mike Mayer is the co-founder of Windmill, a startup that's setting out to breathe new life into the air care category--starting with their window unit AC. On this episode of I'm With the Brand, we hear about Windmill's relentless focus on...
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AI & X-Rays Recover Lost Artworks Underneath Paintings by Picasso & Modigliani

You see above a painting by Amedeo Modigliani, a portrait of the artist’s lover Beatrice Hastings, unseen by the public until its rediscovery just this year. Or at any rate, some see that: in another sense, the image is a new or almost-new artistic creation, based on X-rays of Modigliani’s Portrait of a Girl. Underneath the paint that makes up that celebrated work lie traces enough to establish the presence of a different, earlier one beneath. But only now, after the employment of neural networ...
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David Bowie on Why It’s Crazy to Make Art–and We Do It Anyway (1998)

Art is useless, Oscar Wilde declared. Yet faced with, say, a painting by Kandinsky, film by Malick, or great work by David Bowie, we may feel it “impossible to escape the impression,” as Sigmund Freud wrote, “that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.” However ambiguously, art can move us beyond the selfish boundaries of the ego to c...
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Unknown treasures: the forgotten women of Manchester’s Factory Records

A new exhibition shines a light on the female creatives and managers who helped turn the home of Joy Division and New Order into a three decade-long powerhouseFrom its figurehead Tony Wilson through to the male-dominated bands that found fame on the label, Factory Records is sometimes seen as the epitome of a muso lad fest. But a new exhibition at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum is having a go at changing all that, casting welcome light on the women who were integral not only to Factory...
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Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate: 7 Courses Will Help Prepare Students for an Entry-Level Job in 6 Months

During the pandemic, Google launched a series of Career Certificates that will “prepare learners for an entry-level role in under six months.” One such certificate focuses on User Experience Design, or what’s called UX Design, the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful experiences to users. Offered on the Coursera platform, the User Experience (UX) Design Professional Certificate features seven courses, including the Foundations of User Experience, Start the UX Desi...
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