‘I was filled with dread’: after her father killed her mother, Amani Haydar found words to heal

In her new book, the lawyer, artist and women’s advocate turns family trauma into something extraordinary, far-reaching and ultimately hopefulThe day after Amani Haydar’s father murdered her mother, the rewriting of her life’s story began.Her childhood, her memories, her beliefs, her ideas about her parent’s relationship – they were all up for reassessment after “the night everything happened”. In those first few days in 2015, that phrase were the only words Haydar could find for such an appall...
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Gap In Museum Pay Is Widening

Museum directors brought home an average annual salary of $320,600, compared to $317,500 in 2019. Meanwhile,visitor services associates, who were most impacted by job cuts, earned less in 2020: an average of $31,600 (full-time) compared to $32,600 in 2019. – Hyperallergic
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Hollywood Battles With Insurers Over COVID Claims

Fireman’s Fund gives the example of a nonessential crewmember having face-to-face contact with a movie director and then reporting infection, requiring a costly shutdown for 14 days. Who pays? – The Hollywood Reporter
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San Diego Opera In Its Best Financial Shape Ever

The company’s endowment, which was $4.8 million when Executive Director David Bennett arrived in 2015, has nearly doubled to $8.8 million. – San Diego Union-Tribune
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Does It Matter Where Arts Funding Comes From?

It seems artists are now welcome to protest about funding arrangements. But this is a no-win situation for the artists. – ArtsHub
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.02.21

Tik Tok – Now Three Times As Long?

Rather than 60-second video limit, TikTokkers will have three minutes. Will that make them more or less creative? – The Hollywood Reporter
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Yeah, Well — We’re A Sucker For Those Dancing Robot Videos – This Time With BTS

“While Spot’s smooth dance moves might bring a frisson of worry to any K-pop fans thinking that K-pop boy-bands might be the next industry that Boston Dynamics is targeting for its robots to replace human workers in, right now it seems that BTS isn’t too worried about the competition. – The Verge
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What Makes Aristophanes Relevant Today? Call It ‘Patriotic Obscenity’

“When adversaries in politics go low, one has no choice but to go equally low, if not lower, in order to have the same visceral impact [on] the same number of people. And what was revealed to me under the previous administration was that the fate of our whole democracy might hang on your wit and your ability to use obscenity and travesty and mockery effectively.” – Los Angeles Review of Books
Tags: Art, Theatre, 06.20.21

Discovered: Evidence Van Gogh Was A Founder Of A Brass Band (Still Playing Today)

In 1884 Vincent van Gogh helped set up a band in the village of Nuenen, where he was living with his family and developing his skills as an artist. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, People, Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Nuenen, 07.02.21

The New Hotness In Exotic Dance? Lesbian Doms Performing For Straight Women

“[They] are pioneering a new style: masculinized lesbian stripping that appeals both to the LGBTQ community and to a straight female crowd — the type who generally show up to more mainstream and much whiter male strip shows like those by the Chippendales.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Dance, 06.30.21

Magnificent new paintings from Korin Faught

I've posted many times about one of my favorite living oil painters of the human figure, Korin Faught. One of her remarkable large paintings of "twins," titled "Adele Twice," has been a centerpiece of my family's homes for more than a dozen years and brings us so much joy. — Read the rest
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The last artisan bagpipe workshop in Scotland's capital is keeping over 600 years of heritage alive

Kilberry Bagpipes is the last traditional bagpipe workshop left in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.Most commercial bagpipes are mass-manufactured, but crafting a set by hand takes about four days.The bagpipes have been a key part of Scottish heritage for well over 600 years.See more stories on Insider's business page. Read the original article on Business Insider [Author: [email protected] (Meg Teckman-Fullard,Amelia Kosciulek,Arabella Burfitt-Dons,Sam Fenton)]
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New York Times Experiments With Insta/Twitter To Focus Stories

“You have the copy of the tweet, a couple of lines in the card, and then it’s just a lot more information and context, and everyone knows that context can be lacking on social.” – NiemanLab
Tags: Art, New York Times, Words

This Flight Attendant Wrote A Hair-Raising Novel By Jotting It On Cocktail Napkins

Author T.J. Newman: “I said [to a pilot friend], ‘What would you do if your family was kidnapped and you were told that if you didn’t crash the plane, they’d be killed?’ I knew by the look on his face that I’d struck a nerve. He was terrified. He didn’t have an answer. And I knew I had a story.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, T J Newman, 06.30.21

Bollywood Isn’t Nimble Enough To Have Made COVID Films Already, But This Indian Film Industry Is

The Malayalam-language cinema, based in India’s best-educated state, Kerala, has managed to produce compelling dramas dealing with the pandemic — from a two-hander shot entirely inside a car to a loose adaptation of Macbeth set on a rubber plantation — despite lockdowns and cash crunches. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, India, Macbeth, Kerala, 07.01.21

So Yale Theatre School Tuition Will Be Free. Is This A Good Thing?

The fascinating idea is that the free tuition even can expand exponentially to help yet more artists. It’s an interesting argument, rarely applied to philanthropy in education. – Chicago Tribune
Tags: Art, Theatre, 07.01.21, Yale Theatre School

A Deep Dive Into The Ancient Egyptian Tombs At Saqqara

Once the necropolis for the Pharaohs’ capital city of Memphis, Saqqara has lately been the most exciting and productive archaeological site in Egypt. Here’s an in-depth look at the location’s riches and how they were found. – Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, Egypt, Visual, Saqqara, July/August 2021, Memphis Saqqara

How Charleston Is Finally Reckoning With Its History In The Slave Trade

From the Old Slave Mart on Chalmers Street to historic plantations and downtown mansions to the new International African American Museum to walking tours for visitors, the Holy City is facing up to ugliness that it long tried to decorously ignore. – National Geographic
Tags: Art, Issues, Charleston, Holy City, Chalmers Street, 06.24.21

How Do You Prove Opera Singers Can Act? Put Them In ‘King Lear’

Director Keith Warner assembled a cast made up entirely of opera singers, headed by such major names as John Tomlinson, Thomas Allen, Kim Begley, Louise Alder, Emma Bell, and Susan Bullock — several of whom studied drama seriously as young adults and have been wanting to try this for some time. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Theatre, Keith Warner, 06.29.21, Susan Bullock

Martha Nussbaum And The Striving In Structures

For her entire career, Nussbaum, now seventy-four, has blazed a trail for women in philosophy, a field that historically has not welcomed female thinkers. – New York Review of Books
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The Portfolio: Senzo Shabangu on not being scared of colour

The artist is associated with printmaking, but he wants us to remember that it all starts with a drawing The post The Portfolio: Senzo Shabangu on not being scared of colour appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Depression, The White House, Friday, Lockdown, Art Collecting, The Portfolio, Noah’s ark, Senzo Shabangu, The Importance of Art In The Time of Crisis

Daniele Gatti To Succeed Zubin Mehta In Florence

Fired from Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in 2018, Gatti then had a stint as chief conductor at the Rome Opera. He now succeeds the 85-year-old Mehta as music director of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which includes the city’s opera house and orchestra as well as the famous May festival. – Opera Wire
Tags: Art, Music, Rome, Amsterdam, Florence, Zubin Mehta, Mehta, Daniele Gatti, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Gatti, 07.02.21

Composer Louis Andriessen Dead At 82

He combined Philip Glass-style minimalism with influences ranging from jazz to Baroque music to Stravinsky to hard rock, not to mention leftist politics. He also taught two generations of notable composers, including Missy Mazzoli, Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon, and David Lang. – NPR
Tags: Art, People, Stravinsky, Louis Andriessen, 07.01.21, Missy Mazzoli Julia Wolfe Michael Gordon

Chicago Tribune Puts Theater Critic Chris Jones In Charge Of Editorial Page

The move follows the paper’s loss of 40 journalists since Alden Global Capital bought the Tribune earlier this year. Jones says he’ll continue to review “the major shows” in town. – Robert Feder
Tags: Art, Theatre, Jones, Chicago Tribune, Tribune, Chris Jones, Alden Global Capital, 06.30.21

It’s The Chinese Communist Party’s 100th Birthday, And Socialist Realism Is Back

Not only are they reviving classics of the Cultural Revolution like The Red Detachment of Women, new works celebrating the Party’s achievements are being written for and performed by opera houses, ballet troupes, orchestras, choirs, and even Chinese hip-hop artists. – The New York Times
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The home of shockingly bad sci-fi book covers

We're told from a very young age not to judge a book by its cover. That's all well and good until you're presented with something that is so visually upsetting that it puts even the most classic of classic sci-fi stories into new, terrifying, and disappointing light. — Read the rest
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The Conspiracy Behind the Iconic Statue, the Venus de Milo

The Venus de Milo is one of art’s most widely recognized female forms. The Mona Lisa may be the first stop on many Louvre visitors’ agendas, but Venus, by virtue of being unclothed, sculptural, and prominently displayed, lends herself beautifully to all manner of souvenirs, both respectful and profane. Delacroix, Magritte, Dali, and The Simpsons have all paid tribute, ensuring her continued renown. Renoir is that rare bird who was impervious to her 6’7” charms, describing her a...
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