How Young People Are Demanding Change In Dance

I was really inspired by all the young people I saw demanding change, whether in how they were taught dance history, the shoes they were given the option to wear in class, who got hired or admitted into ballet schools and the teachers they would be learning from. – Pointe Magazine Pointe Magazine
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Is The Idea of “Toxic” Masculinity Counter-Productive?

“In today’s context, it is unclear why we are talking about boys and girls as though these are fixed identities to which masculinity and femininity naturally attach, unless to speak in these terms promotes a form of gender moralism, or gender dogma.” – Psyche
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How To Think About The “Big Data” Economy

Policy makers, economists, techies, lawyers, business leaders, and consumers should borrow an idea from cultural anthropology and consider the concept of “barter.” – Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review
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Revolving Door? Toronto Symphony CEO To Step Down

Matthew Loden has reportedly decided to leave the role after accepting an offer to serve as Dean at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University in Huston, Texas. – Ludwig Van
Tags: Art, Music, Toronto, Matthew Loden, Shepherd School of Music, 07.07.21

Our Loftiest Ideas Are Rooted In Practical Needs

Unlike ideas of air, food and water that allow us to think about the everyday resources we need to survive, the venerable notions of knowledge, truth or justice don’t obviously cater to practical needs. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.06.21

Why Is Amazon’s Science Fiction So Toxic?

Amazon has shat out science-fiction programming for years, and it ranges, on the smell-o-meter, from the merely obnoxious to the just plain noxious—a flatulence that fluctuates. – Wired
Tags: Amazon, Art, Media, 07.06.21

#IALivingWage: Hollywood’s Writers’ Assistants Fight For More Money And Less Misery

Despite the famously long hours and low pay, aspiring TV writers compete madly for these jobs, hoping to get a foot in the door and onto the career ladder. But, as one assistant puts it, “the ladder has been disappearing.” – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 07.07.21

Bronco Bust: NY Times Censors the “Story Told by Art in the Oval Office”

Where’s Frederic Remington? His “Bronco Buster,” arguably the most famous bronze sculpture by this popular “cowboys-and-Indians” artist, was chosen
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‘He’s A Friend Of Dorothy’: A Brief History Of Yesteryear’s Favorite Gay Euphemism

For you young’uns, back before Stonewall, this was an expression gay men used to identify each other. (If a guy replied “Dorothy who?”, one quickly retreated.) But who was Dorothy — Gale or Parker? – Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, Words, Dorothy, Stonewall, Gale, Parker, 06.29.21

Is Disagreement A Social Media Design Problem?

Social media developers can take steps to foster constructive disagreements online through design. But our findings suggest that they also will need to consider how their interventions might backfire. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Media, 07.07.21

Netflix And (Ugh) ‘365 Days’ Have Made Poland Into A Hotbed Of Video Production

The industry that produced Andrzej Wajda and Agnieszka Holland never anticipated that a trashy softcore flick would become its most-watched product, the world’s lockdown guilty pleasure. Fortunately, Netflix has been putting a lot of resources into more (and more respectable) projects in Poland. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Poland, Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Wajda, 07.08.21

Why Is Creativity Going Down?

Studies suggest that bored people score higher on creativity tests. As our distractions have multiplied, our minds have less opportunity to wander. Thus… – Medium
Tags: Art, Ideas, 06.01.21

Art gallery owner selling Hunter Biden's paintings estimates they'll go for $75,000 to $500,000 each

Hunter Biden Kris Connor/WireImage A gallery owner selling Hunter Biden's paintings estimates they could go from $75,000 to $500,000 each. The gallery owner will sell Hunter's artwork without disclosing who buys them, even to Biden. The arrangement puts the White House in an ethical gray area, experts told The Washington Post. See more stories on Insider's business page. A gallery owner who struck an arrangement to sell Hunter Biden's paintings says the individual pieces o...
Tags: Art, Post, Politics, Washington Post, White House, Painting, Trends, Joe Biden, House, New York Times, Biden, Donald Trump, George W Bush, The Washington Post, Trump, Hunter

Creativity Scores Are Going Down

“A researcher at the University of William and Mary analyzed 300,000 Torrance Test scores since the ’50s. She found that creativity scores began to nosedive in 1990. – Inc
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.06.21, University of William and Mary

At The Robot Version Of The Eurovision Song Contest

The A.I. Song Contest features three dozen or so teams that use artificial intelligence networks to create parts of, and sometimes all of, a song, along with a jury of scientists and songwriters led by Imogen Heap. And what did they come up with? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, 07.07.21, Imogen Heap And

Dovetail Design Strategists – Project Administrator

Dovetail Design Strategists, the leading independent architect selection firm in the States seeks a Project Administrator for part-time position. Dovetail Design Strategists, LLC is a boutique independent architect selection firm based in Manhattan. Dovetail is searching for a candidate who is a creative thinker with strong organizational, project management, problem-solving skills and multi-tasking abilities. The Project Administrator will work directly with the company Founder and President...
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Select Cricut Accessories & Materials 50% Off!

  If you have a Cricut, this is the deal for you! Check out this sale direct from Cricut! Materials & Accessories 50% off! I love the onesies, you can use them to make numbered onesies for cute monthly age photos. So many great accessories available at amazing prices: is offering Free Economy Shipping on... Read More
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Dancing To Heal From Turmoil And Tragedy

Ari Honarvar, who as a teen danced secretly to get herself through life in post-revolution Iran, writes about how she now leads communal dancing as therapy for Central American asylum-seekers marooned in Tijuana. – Slate
Tags: Art, Iran, Dance, 07.06.21, Ari Honarvar

Rebel Filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. Dead At 85

He built a cult following in the 1960s underground with inventively odd satires, then hit the mainstream in 1969 with Putney Swope, in which a Black Power activist takes over a New York ad agency, followed by Greaser’s Palace, the life of Christ as a spaghetti Western. – Variety
Tags: Art, New York, People, Christ, Robert Downey, Black Power, Putney Swope, Greaser, 07.07.21

How A Drama School Class Handled Graduating Right Into The Pandemic

The theater students of the UNC School of the Arts Class of 2020 hadn’t expected to be starting their careers right at the moment their chosen industry completely shut down. Here’s a look at how they managed and where they are now. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, UNC School, 07.07.21

Call for Entries: Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition 2021

If you want to enter the Annual Exhibition by the Society of Wildlife Artists the deadline for entries is Friday 20 August, 12 noon Last year's SWLA Annual Exhibition The images in this... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
Tags: Art, Painting, Sculpture, Artists, Exhibition, Mall Galleries, Call For Entries, Open Exhibition, Wildlife Art, Society of Wildlife Artists, Drawing Wildlife, Original Prints

Study: Why We See Faces In Inanimate Objects

Face pareidolia – seeing faces in random objects or patterns of light and shadow – is an everyday phenomenon. Once considered a symptom of psychosis, it arises from an error in visual perception. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.06.21

Tokyo Olympics Will Be Held Under State Of Emergency

“The Japanese government formally declared a state of emergency in Tokyo on Thursday, due to rising numbers of COVID-19 infections. Restrictions will be in place throughout the duration of the Games, and may mean that spectators are banned from some events in Tokyo and nearby prefectures.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Tokyo, Issues, 07.08.21

Notre-Dame’s Neighbors Sue City Of Paris Over Lead Levels After Fire

“The plaintiffs” — local residents and a powerful labor union — “accuse the authorities of ‘grave negligence’, which they say exposed city dwellers, particularly children and those working to restore the cathedral, to dangerous levels of toxic lead dust.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Visual, 07.06.21, Notre Dame 's Neighbors Sue City Of Paris

Publishing Industry About To Get Slammed By Supply Chain Troubles

“Truck driver shortages, widespread port congestion, and skyrocketing container costs are among the biggest challenges facing the book industry supply chain for the rest of the year and into 2022.” – Publishers Weekly
Tags: Art, Words, 07.07.21

Scientists Are Figuring Out The Chemical Baths Stradivari And Guarneri Gave Their Spruce Wood

Researchers using an array of high-tech methods have found traces of alum, potash, lime, borax, and plain old salt in the wooden fronts of these old instruments — and the cellulose molecules in the spruce were rearranged by those treatments. – The Strad
Tags: Art, Music, 06.30.21

Watch the Tate Modern Restore Mark Rothko’s Vandalized Painting, Black on Maroon: 18 Months of Work Condensed Into 17 Minutes

“The people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them. And if you, as you say, are moved only by their color relationship, then you miss the point.” — Mark Rothko In 2012, a Russian artist calling himself Vladimir Umanets wrote his name and the words “A potential piece of yellowism” in black marker on the corner of Mark Rothko’s 1958 canvas Black on Maroon. The damage to the painting, housed at the Tate Modern since 1970, was sub...
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5 Things Your Website Is Missing

Designing a solid website is no simple task. We have all come across a website that is, in all honesty, terrible. The pages seem cluttered, information seems impossible to find, and it has an underwhelming design.  Here at Five Technology, we have over 25 years of experience in web development. So it would be [...]}
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Aldo Giannotti Mischievously Scrutinizes Contemporary Notions of Safety & Security at MAMBo

Italian artist Aldo Giannotti’s anthological exhibition “Safe and Sound”, which opened last month at Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna (MAMbo), may have been conceived in 2019, a time when global pandemics were the subject of science fiction rather than the news, but it couldn’t have been timelier in its staging.
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