Laguna Beach’s Pageant of the Masters opens with ‘Made in America’

After the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the Pageant of the Masters, its director Diana Challis Davy worried it might never reopen. “It caused me to think about what makes the pageant exist,” she said on Thursday, July 8, a day after the Laguna Beach show that recreates near-identical replicas of famous artworks with live actors opened with this year’s “Made in America” theme. “To a great extent, it’s because we have volunteers who are willing to give up their summer. I realize now that their enthu...
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When Artists Decided To make Pop Culture The Raw Materials For Their Work

In the 1950s and 60s artists increasingly looked at the products of pop culture as ideas and materials they could use for their own work. Louis Menand explains. – New York Review of Books
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Study: Public Broadcasting Has To Do Better Programming for Teens

“Overall, our interviews suggest that there is a significant gap in youth understanding of the value of public media as something distinct from commercial media.” – Current
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Claim: Streaming Is A Dark Hole That Is Killing Indie Films

Independent filmmakers “need the real curators, the festivals, academies, critics. We need producers who will fight for a voice that is unique, rare, ambitious and challenging.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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What An Anti-Racist Organization Looks Like and How the Cultural Industry Can Respond to Racial Injustices

Tune in to presentations on these topics and many others for FREE! Join colleagues from across the globe to discuss the most important trends of our time. Arts Reach New Ways Forward – a comprehensive package of breakthrough strategies to help you navigate uncertain times and be fully prepared for the future opportunities that await — is helping hundreds of organizations across the globe succeed. Join now to get all the benefits outlined below for one month FREE. We guarantee your sati...
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The Portfolio: Stories of our Soil explores womanhood, nature and exploitation

Once we have borne the brunt of what has happened to us, we must decide to begin again and change ourselves The post The Portfolio: Stories of our Soil explores womanhood, nature and exploitation appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Nature, Capitalism, Colonialism, Friday, Art Gallery, Humanity, Womxn, Women’s Month, Bongi Bengu, Monique Mrazek, Ruzy Rusike, Stories of Our Soil, The Melrose Gallery

A landscape is politicised through events taking place in: Senzo Shabangu’s ‘ Humble Abode’ exhibition

Senzo Shabangu’s solo exhibition, showing as part of the National Arts Festival, interrogates the contradictions of   life in Makhanda The post A landscape is politicised through events taking place in: Senzo Shabangu’s ‘ Humble Abode’ exhibition appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How They’re Planning To Televise The Tokyo Olympics Without Fans

Those plans include an “online cheer map” and a “fan video wall” that will be made available to TV rightsholders, and which will also be accessible via the Olympics website. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 07.08.21

Bookshop Fined By Hungarian Government For Selling Book Featuring LGBT Families

The shop has been fined for selling a children’s story depicting a day in the life of a child with same-sex parents, with officials condemning the picture book for featuring such families. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, 07.08.21

What’s At Stake For Arts Venues Stranded By Bungled Federal Assistance Program

Since the program was created with the passage of the Save Our Stages Act in December, the grant been plagued by glitches and delays. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Issues, San Francisco Chronicle, 07.08.21, Bungled Federal Assistance Program

Can Walking Tours Be Turned Into Theatre?

Alexis Soloski considers four of them currently running (if that’s quite the word) in New York City, suggesting that they can be a good post-lockdown reintroduction to the experience of being an audience member. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Theatre, Alexis Soloski

Why The American Sitcom Has Endured for So Long

“If you look at what people watch on streaming platforms, it’s all sitcoms. What’re the most valuable properties out there? – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, 07.08.21

Just How Do You Determine What’s Cultural Appropriation?

Scholarly consensus regarding cultural appropriation has long accepted that the lines between cultural appreciation and appropriation may be difficult to clearly determine in real time, and especially within the contemporary social media-driven zeitgeist. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.07.21

Former UK Culture Minister Calls For Electronics Tax To Fund Arts

In a column co-written with artist Yinka Shonibare, Ed Vaizey, culture minister under David Cameron and now in the House of Lords, argues for a 1%-3% per device tax on electronics manufacturers that would go into a “Smart Fund” to support arts throughout the UK. – London Evening Standard London Evening Standard
Tags: Art, UK, David Cameron, House Of Lords, Issues, Yinka Shonibare Ed Vaizey

Is This A Time To Open A New Performing Arts Conservatory?

Even as institutions are merging and closing due to the pandemic, Danny George and Ricky Loftus George are planning to receive students at the Norwalk Conservatory College in Connecticut, 90 minutes from New York, next year. Then they have to get accredited. – Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed
Tags: Art, New York, Connecticut, Issues, Danny George, Ricky Loftus George, Norwalk Conservatory College

We All See The World Through Our Own Lenses. So What About a Lens of Dance?

As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re not just walking around without masks, we’re learning how to re-enter our bodies. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York Times, 07.08.21

This Woman Has Been Playing Piano For 104 Years, And She’s Still At It

Colette Maze was born in 1914, began picking out melodies on the keyboard by age three, released her first CD at 84, and recorded Debussy at age 103. She still practices four hours a day. – Classic FM Classic FM
Tags: Art, Music, Debussy, Colette Maze

Why Amazon Really Bought MGM

As Jeff Bezos bluntly put it in 2016, “When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes.” But isn’t Amazon’s own studio enough? No, it is not. – Wired Wired
Tags: Amazon, Art, Media, Jeff Bezos, Golden Globe, Amazon Really Bought MGM

Don’t Be So Quick To Call It A Cult

If we accept that cult members have some degree of volition, the job of distinguishing cults from other belief-based organizations becomes a good deal more difficult. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.05.21

New Yorker Cartoonist Danny Shanahan Dead At 64

Over three decades he published more than 1,000 witty single-panel cartoons in The New Yorker and other magazines, with characters ranging from cats and monkeys to Lassie and Batman. But he spent his final year under a serious cloud. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Danny Shanahan

Astounding and weird aristocratic oil paintings from a smeared reality

British oil painter Ben Ashton creates mind-bendingly beautiful and strange oil paintings in the style of aristocratic portraits from the 18th century. His latest body of work, titled "To Our Glorious Future," is now hanging at the new location of Seattle's Roq La Rue Gallery today through the end of the month. — Read the rest
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Hunter Biden’s Gallerist Will Keep Buyers’ Identities Secret, Even From The Artist

Both the dealer himself and the White House say this will prevent even the appearance of influence-buying by purchasers of paintings by the President’s son. Transparency advocates say it’s exactly the wrong move. – The Washington Post on MSN The Washington Post on MSN
Tags: Art, Washington Post, White House, Msn, Visual, Hunter Biden

Owner Sues French State For Right To Sell Leonardo Sketch Abroad

Once the drawing was identified as a da Vinci, the Culture Ministry put an export ban on it and offered to buy it for €10 million, but the current owner has an independent valuation of €15 million. He won’t sell for less, the government won’t pay more, and it’s in the court’s hands. – Artnet Artnet
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Eye Candy for Today: Hubert von Herkomer’s Miss May Miles

Miss May Miles, Hubert von Herkomer I have not seen the original of this painting, but my experience with comparing art images on the web with their originals — in the case of paintings I have seen in person — gives me the impression that some well-intentioned but misguided individual along the way has increased the saturation of the color, likely thinking this would make the image more appealing. I’ve taken the liberty of color correcting the image back to what I feel would have been the mor...
Tags: Art, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Hubert von Herkomer, May Miles, Miles Hubert von Herkomer

Customize PowerPoint with Theme Colors

Hopefully, you’ve spent some time crafting a perfect color palette for all of your branding tools. Whether it be signage, printed collateral, or a PowerPoint deck, having a cohesive look starts with a solid color palette. So, naturally, when creating your slide deck, it’s important to utilize your exact colors throughout. Of course, depending on the use case of the PowerPoint, your color usage will vary. So, ensuring your theme colors are correct helps your brand’s look and feel come through lou...
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The Second NYC Art Movement Multidisciplinary Exhibition

NYC Art Movement is launching its second multidisciplinary art show in the heart of Bushwick. Our purpose to support the artists – and culture – of New York City in a time of rehabilitation as we prevail through the COVID-19 pandemic. In the summer of 2020, the store fronts of...Read more »
Tags: Art, New York City, Exhibition, Bushwick, NYC Art Movement

Chasing the Bluebird – online art exhibition

Applications are now open for our online exhibition “Chasing the Bluebird”. The Bluebird has a strong and positive symbolism in the spiritual world. It symbolizes the essence of life and beauty, joy, fulfillment, prosperity, and good luck. The blue color is a symbol of peace, honesty, and contentment. We are...Read more »
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Coney Island Art comes to BWAC in Red Hook

You’d expect a show named The Art of Coney Island to chronicle the ups and downs of Coney’s amusement park and beach, and surely they are represented in this exhibition, at BWAC Gallery, 481 Van Brunt St., Red Hook, Brooklyn, from July 10 through August 15; stark depictions of steel...Read more »
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Real-Life Protagonist Of ‘Cat Person’ Comes Forward

When Kristen Roupenian’s New Yorker story went viral in 2017, Alexis Nowicki got a flood of text messages from people she knew asking if it was about her. Turns out it was, even though Nowicki had never met the author. Here’s how she figured that out. – Slate Slate
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Up to 70% off Clearance Event at Michael’s – 1000+ Items

Hurry, there are some great clearance deals at Michaels  Get Up to 70% off Clearance Event at Michael’s – 1000+ Items Free Shipping $49+ Check out the many baking supplies:   Don’t forget Michaels also takes competitors coupons! For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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