US Post Office Launches Stamps Featuring Tap Dancers

“Today, we are celebrating the American art form of tap dance with these vibrant stamps in the heart of Times Square.” – KPVI KPVI
Tags: Art, Dance, 07.10.21

TV Has Done A Bad Job At Portraying Poverty

We need productions that embrace social realism without condescension, interrogate class insightfully, and present characters that are not caricatures. – The Walrus The Walrus
Tags: Art, Media, 07.10.21

LA’s Theatres Face Big Issues In Reopening

Two issues: Uncertainty as to when theatergoers will be ready to cram into small black boxes, and a 2020 state law that stands to substantially drive up labor costs for many of these organizations. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, La, Theatre

Meet Andrew Lloyd Webber, Activist

Lloyd Webber — who redefined musical theater with shows like “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats,” and served for years in the House of Lords — has been harassing Britain’s conservative government. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, House Of Lords, Britain, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lloyd Webber, 07.12.21

Making A Mark on Facebook (12 July 2021)

This highlights items I've featured on my Making A Mark Facebook Page during the period 1st - 12th July 2021 - with a bit more detail. For those who "don't do Facebook" and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
Tags: Art, Facebook, Blogging, Art Exhibition, Art Blog, Making A Mark

Today’s Newsletter Boom – A New Literary Genre?

The first-person informality that has been present since the earliest days of web writing achieves its business apotheosis in the newsletter: from personal essay to personal brand. – New York Magazine New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Words, 07.07.21

9/11 Museum’s Twentieth Anniversary Show Canceled For Budget Cuts

Before the coronavirus pandemic, curators had discussed a large anniversary exhibition examining music’s role in uniting Americans after 9/11 and other tragedies. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.12.21

Why Debate Over Critical Race Theory Has Nothing To Do With It

Recall the central claims of CRT. Racism is a big, systemic problem in America. If you don’t recognize that, if we can’t at least start from there, it may be that rational, empirical debate no longer has any place in American politics – if it ever did. – 3 Quarks Daily 3 Quarks Daily
Tags: Art, America, Ideas, CRT, 07.10.21

Buying Culture? Unopened Super Mario Brothers Game From 1986 Sells For $1,56 Million

The auction house was shocked to see a game sell for more than a $1 million two days after the Zelda game broke its past record. – NBC NBC
Tags: Art, Media, Zelda, 07.10.21

What To Do With The Artists Who Were Bad People?

So little of what well known thinkers and artists did or said is actually reflected in public consciousness,  assuming it makes a showing at all. This can lead people to reject the idea of engaging with them before they’ve even had time to discover the ideas or experiences they might have learned from or enjoyed. – 3 Quarks Daily 3 Quarks Daily
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.10.21

Word of the week: NIL

There’s lower-case nil, a contraction of Latin nihil, which means “nothing,” especially in British and Commonwealth sports scores and doctor’s orders (“nil by mouth,” also the title of a 1987 British film directed by Gary Oldman) . Then there’s the acronym NIL, which in the world of U.S. collegiate athletics stands for “name, image, likeness.” And that NIL is a very big something. Until recently, college athletes in the U.S. were prohibited by the National Collegiate Athletic Association...
Tags: Design, Law, Sports, New York Times, Linguistics, Nashville, Ncaa, New Mexico, Bruce Lee, Gary Oldman, Commonwealth, Bowie, University of New Hampshire, Kevin Keegan, National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA, Sports Business Journal

Bellaart on Kandinsky: ‘Cornered by his white’

From one painter to another. Click the image to enlarge for reading. Card published in a limited edition, 2021.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Kandinsky

Broadway Is So Ready To Open Back Up

Wow: “Just two months ago, only one Broadway show had plans to open in the new 2021-2022 season. Now there are 43.” – Washington Post Washington Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, 07.11.21

Where Are All Of The Great Black Concert Films?

Though parts of Summer of Soul were on YouTube for years, most of the recordings languished in a basement. In those decades, white filmmakers made Woodstock an icon. – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Woodstock, 07.12.21

Vijay Gupta’s Path To Music

Being “in dialogue with an audience that otherwise would never have access to that music” opens up what Gupta calls “a mutual space of listening.” – Strings Strings
Tags: Art, People, Gupta, Vijay Gupta, 07.09.21

Who, And What, Will Be Nominated For An Emmy?

Let the predictions – and snub predictions: Small Axe and WandaVision, perhaps? – begin. – Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, 07.12.21

The Attacca Quartet Made It Through The Pandemic

They even recorded, while collaborating over Zoom and using other tools, a new album. “This whole record is sort of like poster child of pandemic production.” – NPR NPR
Tags: Art, Music, 07.10.21

Vinyl Is A Perfect Medium For Discovering Classical Music

Why? “The rough edges of a medium are what allows us to get a grip on it. When I hold a record in my hands, there’s no getting around its physicality, its presence, its here-ness.” – Washington Post Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, 07.10.21

The UK Suddenly Has A Lack Of Filming Space

Disney and Netflix need the UK, but they’re not alone, according to a new report that says it’s time to build more studios and soundstages. – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Media, Disney, Netflix, 07.10.21

At Last, Bringing A Native Perspective To The Met

Patricia Marroquin Norby (Purépecha) lives to “show you how a 19th-century ceramic, textile, carving or painting is made and how it is connected to the contemporary works.” – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, 07.09.21, Patricia Marroquin Norby Purépecha

An Investigation Into Sony Music Australia Yields Hordes Of Complaints

More than 40 former employees have contacted the investigating law firm “since allegations of a toxic workplace culture first aired and its Australian chief executive was removed in June.” – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Sony Music Australia, 07.11.21

Why Netflix Movies Look So Weird

It’s technical: The company “requires narrative feature films made for Netflix be shot on cameras with a ‘true 4K UHD sensor.'” – Fast Company Fast Company
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, 07.10.21

An Oral History Of The Weird Movie That Became A Feminist Classic

That’s right: Legally Blonde. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, 07.08.21

Turns Out Everything We ‘Knew’ About Kids And Reading Was Wrong

For instance, boys like fiction just as much as girls do. And developing brains need stories – that is, fiction – in order to grow. – LitHub LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 07.08.21

"Younger artists in the dreary, austere Britain of the early 1950s began to reject the modernist disdain for the garish hucksterism of capitalist salesmanship."

"[In 1957, one theorist said Pop Art should be] popular, transient, expendable, gimmicky, glamorous, and—he used the term explicitly—big business. Such a frank alliance between avant-garde art and capitalism was made possible by the cold war. The rivalry with communism gave consumerism an appearance of depth. It was not, as elitist critics had long maintained, shallow and meretricious. Consumerism stood for what Harry Truman called, in the 1947 speech that inaugurated the cold war, a 'way of lif...
Tags: Art, Law, Freedom, West, Britain, Capitalism, 1950s, Harry Truman, Coke, 1960s, Revlon, NY Review of Books, Fintan O'Toole, Ann Althouse, Art And Politics, Louis Menand

The New TV Series ‘Schmigadoon’ Tries To Sing Away Problems Of American Musicals

And that only works because its musical-theatre-loving creator writes all of its songs – every single one. – American Theatre American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, 07.09.21

Creating An Opera About The Ugly Side Of Desire

Composer Amanda Feery got a range of advice about composing her first opera, and she decided to ignore almost all of it. – Irish Times Irish Times
Tags: Art, Music, 07.10.21, Amanda Feery

Anti-History Is On The Rise

History needs context – but not according to a certain faction on the American right-wing political spectrum. – The Atlantic The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.10.21

Just because: Christa Ludwig and Gerald Moore perform Strauss

Christa Ludwig and Gerald Moore perform Richard Strauss’ “Cäcilie” on the BBC in 1961: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
Tags: Art, Bbc, Ajblogs, Richard Strauss, Strauss, Gerald Moore, Christa Ludwig

The Language That Poetry Shares With Comic Books

Eve Ewing, multihyphenate creative person (and sociology prof), calls writing poetry and writing comic books her most meaningful “cross-pollination.” – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Eve Ewing, 07.09.21

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