Toradze’s Piano Stories

Behrouz Jamali has created the kind of film I had always hoped to see about Alexander Toradze.  I permits Toradze to speak for an hour without abridgement or abbreviation. It abjures soundbites.  I believe it should be seen by all devotees of the piano, and to fledgling pianists at music schools and conservatories. Born in Tbilisi in 1952, Toradze graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, toured the West as a Soviet artist, defected to the United States in 1983, and has since taught an...
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Oklahoma City Ballet Sues Insurance Company Over Denied COVID Claims

“An all risk policy is to cover any loss that you have during the policy period, unless it is specifically excluded.” – KFOR KFOR
Tags: Art, Dance, Oklahoma City, 07.12.21, Ballet Sues Insurance Company

How Mathematical Models Gave Us An Advantage With COVID

Enormously useful mathematical tools that have been put to work during the pandemic—from classical differential equations to more recent techniques such as Monte Carlo methods and Markov chains—were in many cases invented by mathematicians who had no particular goal in mind. – Nautilus Nautilus
Tags: Art, Ideas, Monte Carlo, Markov, 06.21

What Jerry Saltz’s Rejection Of Substack Really Means

“Some more enterprising major-media columnists sometimes compare Substack to the broadsheets of journalism’s early decades in the 1800s, though they do this, invariably, as a means of dismissing digital newsletters as retrograde.” – Seth Abramson Seth Abramson
Tags: Art, Words, Jerry Saltz, 07.11.21

A Music Critic Reconsiders The Star Spangled Banner As A Piece Of Music

What if, after 90 years, we took a diagnostic check on this venerable musical document to see whether it still works as intended? – San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, 07.01.21

Security Guards Curate Baltimore Museum Show

“I was struck and moved by the extraordinarily personal, cogent arguments that each officer made for their selection, which was so different from the intellectual and filtered approach that a trained curator would take.” – The Art Newspaper The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Visual, 07.12.21

They Said COVID Would Kill Cities. Clearly It Hasn’t

What is so alluring about the perpetually imminent End of Cities? Why won’t that idea itself die? – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.13.21

British TV Has Become A Major Worldwide Export

And it isn’t just Downton Abbey and Killing Eve: MasterChef and Naked Attraction air in dozens of countries. In fact, other nations are now considering mandated limits, fearing that UK programming is crowding out their own industries. – The Guardian The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, Downton Abbey, Media

“Wolo” Who? Stephan Wolohojian Succeeds Keith Christiansen as Metropolitan Museum’s Head of European Paintings

The Metropolitan Museum held off announcing its new designee to oversee its resplendent European Paintings Department until after Keith
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Keith Christiansen, Stephan Wolohojian

The Man Who Saved The Slovenian Language

Over six centuries in the Habsburg empire and most of another in Yugoslavia, the tongue of this tiny Alpine land might well have faded away. But one dedicated (or obsessive) 18th-century priest/author/publisher led the effort to mold a bunch of hillbilly dialects into a serious language. – Atlas Obscura Atlas Obscura
Tags: Art, Words, Yugoslavia, Habsburg

Horses and Humans Together

When I was about eleven years old, my family moved into a house on a Southern California palisade overlooking a country club that included a golf course, stables, a polo field, and a stadium…. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Art, Southern California, Ajblogs

France Fines Google $593 Million Over News Sharing

It is “one of the first attempts to apply a new copyright directive adopted by the European Union intended to force internet platforms like Google and Facebook to compensate news organizations for their content.” – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Media, France, European Union, 07.13.21

A love from beyond the grave – Kurt Tong on his ‘ghost marriage’ photographs

His latest project, piecing together the story of a bereaved Hong Kong man who wed his dead fiancé, has won an award. The photogapher reveals how it began with the discovery of a trunk of keepsakesAt the centre of Kurt Tong’s elaborate visual narrative Dear Franklin, there is a doomed love story that is also a ghost story. It traces the intertwined lives of Franklin Lung, a man who rose from poor beginnings to become part of Hong Kong’s social elite in the 1940s, and a young woman known only as ...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Books, Photography, China, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Awards and prizes, Colonialism, Franklin, Tong, Kurt Tong, Art and design books, Dear Franklin

The Arts Have A Class Problem

Our research found that a complex blend of social inequalities, labour market failures, and outright discrimination are making these jobs so exclusive and keeping talented working-class people from making it. – The Conversation The Conversation
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.03.21

Wayne McGregor: ”We Need, In Dance, To Slightly Rebalance What It Is We’re Watching And What We’re Expecting”

“The more we see diverse body types on stage, the more people understand that dance as an expressive art form can have this wide range. It doesn’t have to be a narrow version of what a sylph is like.” – The Guardian The Guardian
Tags: Art, Dance, Wayne McGregor

Movie Theatre Stocks Down As Industry Realigns

“Imagine being a theater owner and realizing studios need you less and less every day. Leverage is shifting rapidly in the streaming era toward the studios.” – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, 07.12.21

‘Voice Cloning’ — AI-Generated Copies Of Individuals’ Speech Intrigues And Worries Voice Actors

Artificial intelligence software can now create very convincing reproductions of people’s vocal timbres and speech patterns. Could this be a tool to let voice performers accept more work, a tool for taking work from them, or both? – BBC BBC
Tags: Art, Issues

Master Bluegrass Fiddler Byron Berline Dead At 77

“Weaving elements of pop, jazz, blues and rock into an old-timey approach to his instrument, Mr. Berline contributed instrumentals” to recordings by Bob Dylan, The Band, and The Rolling Stones. Yet “he was considered a musical visionary in his own right” as well. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Bob Dylan, Berline

The Play For Our Moment? A Harold Pinter One-Act From 1960

Charles McNulty: “The Dumb Waiter lampoons the subservience to authoritarian power by focusing on the behavior of the stooges. Pinter humorously captures their moral rationalizations, their willingness to answer even the most nonsensical of demands, the way their own brutality suffuses them with fear.” – Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Pinter, Charles McNulty

Facemaker AI turns a face sketch into a photo of a face

My excuse for this terrible sketch is that I'm on my treadmill desk so it's hard to draw. Nevertheless, you can see how Facemaker AI converts a rough sketch of a face into a photorealistic one. Please try it yourself and post the results in the BBS.
Tags: Art, Post, News, Artificial Intelligence

Warner (Seeing Easy Money) Introduces “NFTs For The Masses”

Nifty’s, which launches on Monday, is all about making NFTs more accessible to the average person who may not want to spend money (let alone millions) on a digital file that’s stored on a blockchain network. – Fast Company Fast Company
Tags: Art, Media, 07.12.21, Warner Seeing Easy Money Introduces

Verbier Festival Orchestra Quarantined, Misses Its First Concert Of Year

Nine cases of COVID have been discovered (so far) among the orchestra’s young musicians, who are isolating from everyone else at the site. The opening concert has been reprogrammed for the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra, a separate group. – The Violin Channel The Violin Channel
Tags: Art, Music, Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra

You’ll Still Be Wearing Masks At Performances In England, Even After July 19

Freedom Day (as Boris Johnson has called it) will see all COVID-related legal restrictions on arts venues lifted, but the Society of London Theatres and UK Theatre will continue to “strongly encourage” all audience members to mask up. – WhatsOnStage (London) WhatsOnStage (London)
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Who’s Up For Taking Over Dallas’s Classical Radio Station?

Last month, the City of Dallas, which owns and (for now) operates WRR Classical 101 FM, issued a Request for Proposals from nonprofits to take over management of the money-losing station. Fortunately, both of the top logical candidates are interested. – The Dallas Morning News Dallas Morning News
Tags: Art, Music, Dallas, WRR

Jerry Saltz Turns Down $250K Substack Offer To Stay At New York Mag

The Pulitzer-winning art critic said tweeted, “I think it’s fishy to always be barking to your readers to subscribe. … I like being in my huge department store @Nymag where people find me who have no idea who I am … or even thought about art before.” – Twitter Twitter
Tags: Art, New York, Visual, Jerry Saltz

Is Your Website with Five Technology Out of Date?

Is your website with Five Technology out of date? If you haven’t had a redesign in the past 5 years, it probably is. However, don’t fret! Five Technology has the solution for you. We are looking to update our older websites by transferring them to our new and improved Content Management System (CMS). Our newer [...]}
Tags: Design

Robots Are Now Sculpting In Carrara Marble

AI software isn’t designing the sculptures in the Italian quarry town (yet), but it is controlling precision machines that do the strenuous grinding and chiseling of rock that used to wear out human sculptors’ bodies. – The New York Times The New York Times
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