Natural Linen 966 by Benjamin Moore

Natural Linen 966 by Benjamin Moore The BEST Color Training Program Finally… Learn to Decode Color to Get the Des...
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The New Theatre Hero for the #MeToo/BLM Era

Meet high schooler Shellie Shelby, a biracial young woman who faces her fears, summons her powers, and ends up the lead in the school musical -- in a role traditionally cast with a white actor.I've been wanting for a long time to create a book about theatre in the style of Dr. Seuss. A couple years ago, I talked about it to Zak Farmer, one of our New Line actors, but also a really talented visual artist. He agreed to illustrate the book for me. The result was , and Zak and I could not be proud...
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Can The Arts Lead A Green Recovery?

“Many people working in culture have been forced to take a time out of the day-to-day and reflect on the big stuff. And there is no bigger stuff than the environmental crisis.” – BBC BBC
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The Fascinating Political History Of Dubbing Movies

Dubbing is a brilliant tool for film censorship. Sound films began to appear in the early 1930s, a time when many countries were falling under the sway of totalitarian regimes. – The Conversation The Conversation
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‘Water Stone Words’

This short new movie evokes the rich heritage of humankind’s creative responses to the natural environment over millennia. The
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Speedrunners: The Players Racing To Beat Classic Games

Beating a classic video game might sound like a fun hobby, but Fowler’s years of speedrunning have ballooned into a full-time gig. – Maclean’s Maclean's
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Australian Thinktank Proposes New Model For The Arts (We Have Our Reservations)

ANA pushes the sector further towards a policy model where it delivers ‘returns on investment’ via quantifiable targets. It’s a form of technocratic neoliberalism wildly out of touch with the current COVID-cum-post-COVID reality. – ArtsHub ArtsHub
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Prospect’s List Of The World’s Top Fifty Thinkers

When we turn to the world of ideas, this is a year for people who are individualists by temperament, if not intellect. – Prospect Prospect
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Why It’s So Easy To Ridicule The Art World

The contemporary art world is, more often than not, represented as a ridiculous shell game in which empty provocation is propped up by canny marketing and rampant financial speculation. – ARTnews ARTnews
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The Italians Who Dangle From Ropes To Repair Historic Sites

“EdiliziAcrobatica’s team has rock-climbed up and abseiled down some of Italy’s most significant historic monuments. … Suspended from ropes, the acrobatic technicians can perform a whole range of tasks, from the waterproofing of roofing to welding.” – Apollo Apollo
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Pastel Society 122nd Annual Exhibition now on view - for real!

The Pastel Society's 122nd Annual Exhibition can now be seen in person at the Mall Galleries in London until 24th July 2021. You need to book a ticket online and visit between 10am and 5pm. View of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
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The Serendipity Of Almanacs

Almanacs are an anomaly in the 2021 literary landscape, a choose-your-own adventure of print culture. So much of reading, especially online, is about seeking: looking for a fact, an image, a bit of information. – Los Angeles Review of Books Los Angeles Review of Books
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“An Outsized Image Forged From Undersized Gifts” — How Did Eugene Ormandy Do It?

His baton technique was, er, idiosyncratic; he couldn’t conduct complex meters; he could be cruel. And after 44 years as music director, seemingly everyone was relieved to see him retire. Yet he and the Philadelphia Orchestra became worldwide legends together. David Patrick Stearns considers why. – Classical Voice North America Classical Voice North America
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Remember Waacking? It’s Back

The kinetic, flamboyant, arm-waving dance style was born in the Black and Latino gay nightclubs of L.A., spread via the TV show Soul Train, faded away after the 1980s, and found a long-term home in East Asia. – The Guardian The Guardian
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Washington’s Signature Theatre Picks A New Leader

Matthew Gardiner takes over the 32-year-old company, which operates two performance spaces in Arlington’s Village at Shirlington, at a tumultuous inflection point. – Washington Post Washington Post
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Donald Pippin, San Francisco’s Pied Piper Of Opera, Dead At 95

For 40 years, he and his resourceful company, Pocket Opera, used young singers, small instrumental groups, and librettos in English to bring unfamiliar works to thousands of new audience members. His dozens of libretto translations are still in use all over the globe. – San Francisco Classical Voice San Francisco Classical Voice
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Mapping The Reopening: A TRG Report

55% of U.S. organizations plan to host performances before October 2021. U.K. arts and culture organizations are even more optimistic, with 83% planning a return to performance before September 1. – TRG TRG
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Andy Warhol’s Art Explained: What Makes His Iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans & Marilyn Monroe Diptych Art?

Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself. — Artist Roy Lichtenstein By 2021, most of us accept that Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans are art, but there are some who are still not confident as to why. No shame in that. Art Historian Steven Zucker and the Khan Academy’s Sal Khan tackle the question head on in the above video, concluding that the work is not only a reflection of the time in which it was created, b...
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Real gun designed to look like Lego toy

A company is making and selling real guns designed to resemble Lego toys, just to rub it in. Culper Precision said its customised Glock weapon, named Block19, was developed to "highlight the pure enjoyment of the shooting sports". But Danish toymaker Lego has written to the company demanding that it stop producing the weapon, which is covered in what looks like Lego bricks. — Read the rest
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Pornhub Is Now Offering Virtual Museum Tours

The website has launched “Classic Nudes“, a curated selection of NSFW art at the Louvre, the Met, the Prado, etc. View the works online or in person with your phone; adult actor Asa Akira is your audio guide. The promo video features none other than Jeff Koons’s ex, Cicciolina. (second item) – Artlyst Artlyst
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How Musical Memories Evolve

Our unreliable memories of musical events are only partly the result of faulty powers of recall. Another contributing factor is the aging process. – The Nightingale’s Sonata The Nightingale's Sonata
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What Happens If An Archivist Sneezes On A Centuries-Old Manuscript?

First, for God’s sake, he shouldn’t wipe it off himself. (This lesson was learned the hard way.) Beyond that, there are ways of repairing the damage, or at least keeping it from getting worse. – The Atlantic The Atlantic
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Asking the Right Sales Questions

In the presentation world, it’s important to be in tune with your audience and know when to speak and when to listen. Common mistakes presenters make are not giving enough time for their audience to answer, not asking enough questions, and not asking the right questions. Questions are powerful. Knowing to ask the right sales questions will get results every time. Are you asking the right questions? The Basics Let’s start on a level playing field by establishing some great baselines for asking ...
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California Budgets $50 Million In Pandemic Relief For Small Theaters

“The subsidy came after intense lobbying from small theaters concerned about their future after a 15-month shutdown. Compounding the effects was the prospect of sharply increased labor costs for many theaters as a result of a new gig worker law that took effect in 2020.” – The New York Times The New York Times
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Meet Spoleto Festival USA’s First New General Director In 35 Years

Succeeding longtime chief Nigel Redden in October is Egyptian-American musicologist Mena Mark Hanna, a teacher, composer, Coptic Orthodox cantor (!), and former administrator at Houston Grand Opera. He is currently dean at the Barenboim-Said Akademie in Berlin. – The Post and Courier (Charleston) The Post and Courier (Charleston)
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Italy Bans Cruise Ships From Venice (And They Mean It This Time!)

An announcement to this effect was made earlier this year, but the mammoth passenger boats turned up anyway. But now the national government, eager to avoid UNESCO “World Heritage in Danger” status, has made it feasible for the rule to take effect August 1. – Reuters Reuters
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Can The Metropolitan Opera Start Its Season On Time? It’s Up To The Musicians’ Union

The company, which was having money troubles even before the pandemic, finally has agreements with the unions for onstage (AGMA) and backstage (IATSE) workers. But negotiations over pay cuts with Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, which represents the orchestra, drag on. – The New York Times The New York Times
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Court Throws Out Judge Roy Moore’s Lawsuit Against Sacha Baron Cohen

The former Alabama jurist and Senate candidate sued the actor/mockumentarian over the scene in the Netflix series Who Is America? in which Baron Cohen’s supposed “anti-terrorism expert” wields a supposed “pedophile detector” which goes off as it gets close to Moore. – The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter
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Snapshot: Buffalo Springfield appears on The Hollywood Palace

Buffalo Springfield plays a medley of “For What It’s Worth” and “Mr. Soul” on an episode of The Hollywood Palace originally telecast by ABC in 1967: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Unlock The Vintage Design Style with This Collection of Creative Tools. Just $29

If you’re a fan of the vintage art style you’ll love digging through the wealth of quality design resources in this vintage-themed treasure chest! This is one of the biggest ever vintage collections, bringing you vintage fonts, rare vintage illustrations, textures, old papers, decorative elements, and useful vintage brushes. It’s a true treasure trove for any vintage design lover. These tools regularly sell for a total of $1518, but they’re now available for just $29 for a very limited time. ...
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