Beyond Van Gogh: Here’s what it’s like inside the immersive art exhibition in Anaheim

The traveling Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience has touched down in Anaheim, taking over the Anaheim Convention Center with a multimedia display of the Dutch painter’s works that includes some of his most famous offerings like “The Starry Night,” “Café Terrace at Night” and “Sunflowers.” The experience opens on July 20 and will run daily through Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 6. Though there are several Van Gogh exhibitions currently traveling North America, including Immersive Van Gogh, which...
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What Does Netflix’s Purchase Of Famous LA Movie Theatres Mean?

Under the deal, the Cinematheque will continue to program autonomously on weekends, while Netflix will use the theater for their premieres and special events during the week. – Hyperallergic Hyperallergic
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NYC’s Historic Cherry Lane Theatre Bought By Lortel Foundation

The foundation is a few blocks from the Cherry Lane Theater on Christopher Street and has managed the building for the past decade. The sale includes the 179-seat main stage and a 60-seat studio theater. – The New York Times The New York Times
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Renowned artist Kenny Scharf unveils towering mural on LA’s Skid Row

The often bleak streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row got a little brighter on Monday, July 19. A colorful 66-foot tall mural unveiled at the Los Angeles Mission was donated and painted by artist Kenny Scharf. The artwork  on the corner of Winston St and Wall St; features a part of the Los Angeles skyline at street level, rising to a heart reaching up to a cross that sits atop the building, a nod to the symbol of the sacred heart. Artist Kenny Scharf with Troy Vaughn, LA Mission President/CEO, duri...
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What Will Happen To The Music I Collected On Spotify?

“I feel uneasy about the hundreds of playlists I’ve taken the time to compile on the company’s platform: 10 or 20 years from now, will I be able to access the music I care about today, and all the places, people, and times it evokes?” The Atlantic The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Music, 07.19.21

Art Tatum and the “Black Virtuoso Tradition”

On the heels of his film with Alexander Toradze (my previous blog), Behrouz Jamali has released another remarkable film essay dealing with the art of the piano: The Black Virtuoso Tradition. It features what the New York Times once called “piano playing at its most awesome”: Steven Mayer playing Art Tatum. The Black Virtuoso Tradition is an American musical phenomenon that I framed decades ago, inspired by Mayer’s eloquent advocacy of Black pianists who never wrote their compositions ...
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That Tune You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head? Annoying, Right? But There’s A Purpose

These so-called earworms — gross — are annoying but useful, as new research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology in June helps illuminate the exact function these loops play. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tags: Art, Music, 07.19.21

Bourdain Voice Deepfake Reminds Us Documentaries Aren’t Real Reporting

The deluge of nonfiction filmmaking and its seemingly endless permutations has rendered the term “documentary” almost meaningless. – Washington Post Washington Post
Tags: Art, Media, 07.18.21, Bourdain Voice Deepfake

Imaginary Foundation and (deepfake)Jay-Z's brilliant "99 Problems" Byzantine Generals NFT

Our friends at cultural engineering thinktank and surrealist clothier Imaginary Foundation have released their first NFT, a deepfaked collaboration with Jay-Z that's an ingenious riff on blockchain theory disguised as a joke. (Or maybe it's an ingenious joke disguised as blockchain theory?) — Read the rest
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When Ideas In Accademia Get Out Of The Lab, They Can Be Dangerous

There’s a huge leap in jumping from these general, aggregate findings to believing that such simple ideas can guide the behavior of complex states without an incredible amount of additional refinement. – Foreign Policy Foreign Policy
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.03.21

Omaha Symphony seeks Chief Revenue & Advancement Officer

The Omaha Symphony welcomes applications and nominations for the position of Chief Revenue and Advancement Officer, available in the summer of 2021. . . The Organization One of the finest professional ensembles in the Midwest, the Omaha Symphony is committed to excellence, innovative programming, education, and collaboration. With the mission “to enrich people’s lives through the exhilarating experience of live orchestral music,” the Orc...
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Are Master’s Degrees An Educational Scam?

In some ways, they’re more similar than they might seem. Many of them are one-year certificate programs. We don’t call them that. We call them master’s degrees, but that’s part of the problem. – Slate Slate
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.16.21

The Anthony Bourdain Voice-Fake: Documentaries Have Been Faking For Some Time Now

A reenactment and a voice fake actually do different versions of the same thing: Both cement a reality in your mind — the image of something or the sound of something — that didn’t happen, at least not in the way it’s presented. – Variety Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Anthony Bourdain, Time Now, 07.18.21

Is Changing The Name Of The Yale Drama School Worth A Big Donation?

To quote Shakespeare, “what’s in a name?” Quite a lot, it turns out, in these days of societal reckoning. – Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Shakespeare, 07.18.21, Yale Drama School Worth

Here’s a Counter-Factual: Social Media Is Making Us… Nicer?

In person, we still know how to be classy friends. But class is tricky on social media. No one can be expected to read the room when the room is planet-sized. – Wired Wired
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.18.21

Graham Vick, Opera Director Who Sought Out New Audiences And Formats, Dies Of Covid-19 At 67

Vick, who founded the Birmingham Opera Company, “made exciting and experimental stagings at opera houses across the world.” – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, People, Vick, Graham Vick, Birmingham Opera Company, 07.18.21

The Emotional Return To Tanglewood

One young musician: “What you want to do is play with people—you don’t want to record iPhone videos and upload them to a cloud! … A lot of people have had the experience of just feeling really relieved.” – NPR NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Tanglewood, 07.19.21

Adapting Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Into An Action Film Was Quite The Journey

As anyone who’s read the poem in English Lit classes (or for fun?) can imagine, the challenges ran deep. – LitHub LitHub
Tags: Art, Media, Gawain, 07.19.21

Call for Entries: ING Discerning Eye 2021

This post is about the Call for Entries for the 2021 Exhibition of The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition which will be held at the Mall Galleries and Online between 11 and 21 November 2021 The... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
Tags: Art, Artists, Art Exhibition, Mall Galleries, Art Competition, Ing Discerning Eye Prize, Small Works, Annual Exhibition, Virtual Exhibition, Art Online

On Propaganda Milton Glaser ♥ Information, Not Persuasion

The late Milton Glaser, most famous for creating the I NY logo, had a strong dose of advice more than a decade ago for the propagandists among us — the marketers, advertisers, public-relations spinners and, yes, journalists — along with citizens-at-large facing an onslaught of political campaigns. Milton Glaser It is “essential for us all to question all the beliefs we cherish,” the graphic designer said in a keynote speech to a daylong ‘ganda bash, “Where the Truth Lies” at The Grad...
Tags: Art, Lascaux, Ajblogs, Glaser, Milton Glaser, CUNY, Horace, Purple Coalition

It’s A Weird Performance Summer

Do you need a mask? Does the venue require social distancing? What about proof of vaccination? It all depends. – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 07.18.21

Sofa MOSS par Pavel Vetrov

Petit plaisir du jour, retrouver un designer révélé en 2018, depuis 4 articles sur BED, découvrons le nouveau projet de Pavel Vetrov jeune designer ukrainien édité chez Artu. Moss est une nouvelle collection de canapé et fauteuil, alliant formes douces et générosité. Le designer indique s’inspirer de la forêt et plus particulièrement de la mousse qui embrasse la surface de la pierre ou du bois. On englobe, on enrobe, telle une invitation à venir se détendre sur ces nouvelles assises. Il n’y a...
Tags: Books, Design, Ukraine, Furniture, Prototype, Sofa, Mobilier, Canapé, Fauteuil, Pavel Vetrov, Artu Moss

What’s Holding Back The Vinyl Revival?

Record Store Day 2 was Saturday, but between production issues and the pandemic (and Brexit, for Britain), vinyl isn’t doing as well as it should be. – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Britain, Brexit, 07.16.21

India’s Beautiful Single-Screen Cinemas Are Dying Out

The multiplex and the pandemic are a powerful one-two punch to the heart of “the talkies,” as they’re called. – NPR NPR
Tags: Art, Media, India, 07.17.21

Can We Ever Truly Know Van Gogh?

Thinking of all of the immersive Van Gogh shows, a critic wonders, “Can an artist’s work be reimagined to give an audience in modern times an even more intimate contemporary relationship with the art?” – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, Van Gogh, Visual, 07.18.21

The Hidden History Of Women Heroes Of The Holocaust

Judy Batalion didn’t mean to find all of this out, but she stumbled across a book in Yiddish – which she speaks and reads. It changed everything. – Los Angeles Review of Books Los Angeles Review of Books
Tags: Art, Words, Judy Batalion, 07.17.21

The Friendliest Artist In America

Pope.L is finally having a moment, “but he does not take it for granted. ‘The institution is always about itself,’ he says of museums.” – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, America, Visual, Pope L, 07.18.21

Dance Choreography Can Make Humans More Comfortable With Robots

For instance, “areas of robotics research like social navigation, where robots update their paths to account for nearby humans’ movements, implicitly build upon dance improvisation.” – Scientific American Scientific American
Tags: Art, Dance, 07.16.21

Movie Theatre Owners Blame Drop In Black Widow Numbers On Disney Plus

The cinema owners’ association claimed that profits from Black Widow were less than expected, even when Disney added in those buying the movie to watch at home on Disney Plus. – Variety Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, 07.18.21

Mat George, Co-Host Of Popular Podcast ‘She Rates Dogs,’ Killed In A Hit-And-Run At Age 26

Mat George’s “humorous takes often drew widespread attention on Twitter. Last week, he shared a photo of his mother and Snoop Dogg.” – The New York Times The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Snoop Dogg, 07.18.21, Mat George

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