What Do Hamilton, Hermes, Usher, Celie, Evan, Benny, Haywood, and Bonnie & Clyde Have in Common?

Publishing a new book is like Opening Night, except without watching the show, and without seeing anybody afterward.Last November, I decided it was time to write about some of the amazing musicals of the last decade or so, which I have not yet gotten the privilege of working on. With my past several analysis books, every chapter was about a show I had directed here in St. Louis with New Line Theatre. And I wrote about the shows as we worked on them. Not only was it fun to write about our shows,...
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Dance’s Role In African Culture

Although “dance uses a progression of steps and movements to resonate with the speed and beat of a piece of music and coordinates the body in a cadenced manner, most African dances are segregated body movements that can be very hard to organize intellectually.” – Global Sister Report Global Sister Report
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African Animators Are Using Cartoons To Save Endangered Languages

“Many African animators’ quest for representation goes beyond just having characters who look like them. Animation has also become a tool for preserving endangered African languages.” – Global Voices Global Voices
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Longtime Aspen Festival Opera Director Suddenly Dies

Edward Berkeley directed classics and championed new operas in Aspen, while mentoring generations of emerging singers. He oversaw rehearsals in his signature shorts, high socks and sneakers and traveled almost exclusively by bicycle in Aspen. – Aspen Times Aspen Times
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How To Get Businesses To Comply With The Americans With Disabilities Act?

“For the A.D.A. to yield its promise of equal access for the disabled, it may indeed be necessary and desirable for committed individuals to bring serial litigation advancing the time when public accommodations will be compliant with the A.D.A.” – The New York Times The New York Times
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Groundhog Day Scenario: Opponents Of Obama Library Go Back To Court To Delay

In documents filed with the court last week, the Obama Foundation says an injunction that delays the Center will increase costs by “at least $2.2 million per month,” and will likely have a negative impact on fundraising. – Chicago Reader Chicago Reader
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Netflix Growth Slows Dramatically

The company “added a mere 1.5 million paying members globally in the second quarter, which is down 85% from the same period last year, when it reported 10.1 million subscriber additions.” – Yahoo! Yahoo!
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‘The British Fox News’ Is Off To A Very Messy Start

Actually, ‘risible’ is the adjective the headline for this article uses to describe the first month on air of GB News. Here’s a shake-your-head rundown of the disarray, featuring Brexit archvillain Nigel Farage in the Tucker Carlson role. – Columbia Journalism Review Columbia Journalism Review
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‘Sexy Beasts’ Unmasked: Crafting the Wild Headpieces of Netflix’s New Dating Show

The saying “Love is blind” will be put to the test July 21, when Netflix launches the dating series “Sexy Beasts,” which already has the internet abuzz. Each episode features a person looking for love — but they will have to choose a match based purely on personality: The contestant picks the winner from three […]
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RHS Hilltop opens its wings to the study of horticulture

The widely respected Royal Horticultural Society is getting a promotion, coming out from the shadows and into the forefront of horticultural science. The U.K.’s first dedicated garden science hub is opening at the RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey, which will showcase educational opportunities and scientific work in the field of horticulture. Designed by WilkinsonEyre Architecture, RHS Hilltop – The Home of Gardening Science sits in an area of scientific laboratories and classrooms, as well as public...
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Mitigating The Brain – We’re Still Not Sure What Works

“An essential but unanswered question in my field is: can the brain changes evoked by treatments – whether drug-based or psychotherapy – explain why only some people get better after each specific form of treatment?” – Psyche Psyche
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The Cancelers Are Wrong: Chaucer Was No Rapist, Racist Or Anti-Semite

“My decades of research show he was no raunchy proponent of bro culture but a daring and ingenious defender of women and the innocent. … I believe the movement to cancel Chaucer has been bamboozled by his tradecraft – his consummate skill as a master of disguise.” – The Conversation The Conversation
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Here and Now

Drawing by Felicien Rops. The morning light takes its time  coming through the bedroom window.
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This vineyard suite is tucked into a Tuscan UNESCO world heritage site

Recently unveiled in the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco in Val d’Orcia, Italy, part of a UNESCO world heritage site, the first unit of a luxury vineyard suite project was recently unveiled to the public. Known as Casa Ojalá, the guest suite has a few whimsical features like retractable beds, hidden furnishings, a merry-go-round terrace, roof portholes and a series of pulleys, gears and ropes. With over $1 billion worth of development expected by 2025, the hotel will embrace the surrounding natur...
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So Nice, They’re Doing It Twice: A Second Kennedy Center Honors This Year

“We have gone through the worst crisis in performing arts history. We need to celebrate the artists who have carried us through this time.” – Washington Post Washington Post
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After Two Decades And $800 Million, Berlin’s Humboldt Forum Is Finally Welcoming Visitors

“The museum’s programs are to reflect three core themes: the history of the site, the brothers Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt’s global discoveries, and an examination of colonialism and its consequences.” – Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
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Those Olympic anti-sex beds? Theyre actually for recycling.

Among all the news about the Tokyo Olympics, you might have heard one particularly wild story about the beds in the Olympic Village. These beds got an unforeseen amount of press coverage when American runner Paul Chelimo joked that the cardboard material was used to discourage “intimacy among athletes.” While the idea of an ‘anti-sex’ bed design captured peoples’ interest, this story is merely a joke gone wild. But there’s still a good reason to talk about these cardboard beds — they’re recyclab...
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It Only Took 145 Years: First Woman Conductor At Bayreuth Festival

A native of Brody, in western Ukraine, where she grew up in a family of musicians, Oksana Lyniv, 43, has spent the better part of the last two decades in German-speaking Europe. – The New York Times The New York Times
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You Probably Hadn’t Heard Of The National Ballet Of Canada’s New Director. That’s Good.

Hope Muir: “I feel like more people like me, who weren’t necessarily huge stars, are going to end up in these roles, with perhaps a somewhat different approach to what ballet can be: more diverse, with more access and transparency about what you are doing.” – The New York Times The New York Times
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Minka Solar Pods provide versatile off-grid work or chat hubs

The worlds of business and leisure are changing at an exponential rate, and keeping up with the times means making space for slowing down. London-based design studio Duffy London understands the need for comfortable and functional gathering spots with off-grid functionality as an alternative to the local coffee shop or boardroom for small get-togethers. Building on the prior success of its indoor Japanese-inspired Minka Pods and Retro Pods, the company has released the outdoor-only Minka Solar ...
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The earliest landscape watercolour painting in England?

Today I saw what is thought to be one of the earliest landscape paintings in watercolour which survives in England. I was visiting the Renaissance Watercolours display - in place of the Renaissance... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
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The real ROI of making your products more accessible

Cat Noone Contributor Share on Twitter Cat Noone is a product designer, co-founder and CEO of Stark — a startup with a mission to make the world’s software accessible. Her focus is on bringing to life products and technology that maximize access to the world’s latest innovations. More posts by this contributor Flawed data is putting people with disabilities at risk New predictions indicate that tech c...
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Artist uses Google street view to find interesting small buildings to draw

Angela Hoa's drawings of Japanese cafes and storefronts capture what I love about walking in Tokyo – the signs, the plants, the colors, the eccentricity. Check out her Instagram to see her work. She also teaches a class on how to do what she does and I'm tempted to take it. — Read the rest
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Big: Actors Equity Opens Up Membership

Actors’ Equity said it was waiving prior restrictions on membership in its quest to become a more equitable organization. – Broadway News Broadway News
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Maybe Netflix’s Move Into Video Games Isn’t Such A Great Idea

Said one securities analyst. “This is like Starbucks saying, ‘We’ve decided to get into the FedEx business because people come to our store already. They can pick up their package when they get their coffee.'” – Fast Company Fast Company
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5 Presentation Design Trends for 2021

Presentations continue to evolve, and we’ve seen some absolutely stunning presentations developed before our eyes in 2021. Because we do this every day, we’ve noticed some new and exciting trends we thought we’d share to keep you in the loop! Here are five presentation design trends to keep an eye on in 2021. 1- Nail Your Style With so many brands doing an excellent job creating visual consistency, this is more important than ever to stay competitive. People are becoming used to well-developed...
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Asians May Seem Ubiquitous In Classical Music, But They Still Face Discrimination

Interviews with more than 40 Asians and Asian-Americans in the classical world reveal that, in 2021, many still have to put up with astoundingly prejudiced treatment and feel themselves locked out of positions where decisions are made. – The New York Times The New York Times
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France Now Requires COVID Pass For Visiting All Cultural Institutions

“Beginning July 21, the ‘pass sanitaire‘ or ‘health pass’ will be required for venues with more than 50 people. Visitors over 18 will be required to show a QR code with a record of full vaccination, or a negative PCR or antigen test from the previous 48 hours.” – Artnet Artnet
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Cloudy Courtyard is crystal clear in its historical inspiration

The best architecture tells a story. It honors tradition and culture. It speaks to history. Although it doesn’t require onlookers to understand the heritage behind the design, it does require the architect to have a deep understanding of the traditional elements that define the style. Such is the case with Cloudy Courtyard, a residence and hotel in Shiguan Xiang, Anqing Yuexi, Anhui. Architectural firm One Take Architects recently completed the project, which began with an idea and developed thr...
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Tate Liverpool presents new commission Emily Speed: Flatland

This autumn, Tate Liverpool will present a new film installation by artist Emily Speed as the inaugural Art North West commission. Flatland uses set design, choreography and costume to depict flattened hierarchies and close-knit community structures. Known for her work examining relationships between people and architecture, Speed’s practice considers how people are  shaped by the buildings they […] The post Tate Liverpool presents new commission Emily Speed: Flatland appeared first on Art in Li...
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