Manager of Operations at the Jacksonville Symphony

The Manager of Operations is a flexible, adaptive, and enthusiastic member of the Jacksonville Symphony’s operations team, working with a wide range of internal and external partners to facilitate the smooth and successful execution of all Jacksonville Symphony presentations and programs. The Manager of Operations oversees the flow of production information across a variety of programs and initiatives and efficiently collects, processes, and effectively communicates operations information...
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Want To Spread A Complicated Idea? Social Media Influencers Can’t Help

Surprisingly, the researchers discovered that new and provocative ideas emerge at the edge of networks, from people with fewer contacts and little obvious pull. – Fast Company Fast Company
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.21.21

Oh, The Stories We Tell About Works Of Art… Any Of Them True?

The treasures residing in august museums, the antiquities we revere. They acquire meaning as the stories around them grow. Problem is… – London Review of Books London Review of Books
Tags: Art, Visual, 07.29.21

Meet Arts Emerson’s New Programmer

“What really stuck out to us was … Ronee’s real commitment to inclusivity, her real commitment to BIPOC artists and elevating those voices. But also there is a deep commitment to the world — climate justice — in her practices.” – WBUR WBUR
Tags: Art, People, Ronée, BIPOC, 07.21.21, Meet Arts Emerson

We Need To Reattach Desire And Creativity. Enter A Philosophy of Porn

It has become unfashionable to subject pornography, and the market of desire it serves, to ethical critique, largely because of the broader embrace of an ethic of “sex positivity…” – Prospect Prospect
Tags: Art, Ideas, 07.18.21

We Need To Rethink Honorific Titles Such As “Professor”

Tyler Cowan: “Why for instance should I be called “Professor Cowen,” but few people would address the person fixing their toilet as “Plumber Jones”?” – Bloomberg Bloomberg
Tags: Art, Ideas, Jones, Cowen, Tyler Cowan, 07.20.21

Artists Protest Polish Government’s Plans To Oust National Gallery Director

More than 800 Polish artists, curators and critics have written to the country’s culture minister opposing plans to remove the director of the Zachęta – National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. – Art Review Art Review
Tags: Art, Warsaw, Visual, National Gallery of Art, 07.21.21, Zachęta

Oregon Ballet Theatre Acknowledges It Fired Artistic Director Kevin Irving

“It is true that the Board approved a resolution to end his tenure with the company,” read a statement released by an OBT spokesperson. “This resolution was a thoughtful, considered Board decision with sufficient reason and authority to act.” – Portland Tribune Portland Tribune
Tags: Art, Oregon, Dance, Board, Kevin Irving

A beginner's guide to gardening

Some form of gardening has been around since the first days of human existence. It’s an activity that not only helps sustain life but brings joy and satisfaction. However, as the saying goes, getting started is the hardest part. It can be intimidating to understand the verbiage around gardening and figure out what plants will grow well where you live. When you boil it down, gardening is a very basic act and, contrary to what you’ll see in gardening catalogs and online supply stores, it doesn’t r...
Tags: Design, Usda

Why I Loved The Video Of Greek Police Dropping A Picasso

Sophie Haigney: “I thought, before seeing this video, that I was tired of art. … It was only after watching this video repeatedly that it occurred to me: What I was tired of was not art but the predictability of how we encounter it.” – The New York Times Magazine The New York Times Magazine
Tags: Art, Visual, Sophie Haigney

Hollywood’s Diversity Problem — In Numbers

The study found that overall, 16.1% of the below-the-line workforce is Latino and 4.7% is Asian American. Both groups are dramatically underrepresented compared with their share of the state population (39.4% and 15.5%, respectively). – Variety Variety
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 07.21.21

G20 nations subsidized $3 trillion in fossil fuels since Paris agreement

A report by BloombergNEF and Bloomberg Philanthropies shows that G20 countries have continued subsidizing fossil fuels at the expense of the environment. Despite committing to tackle climate change, G20 countries have provided more than $3.3 trillion in subsidies to fossil fuel since the Paris climate agreement in 2015. Antha Williams, the environment lead at Bloomberg Philanthropies, says that countries have committed to tackling climate change on paper, but actions tell a different story. “On ...
Tags: Design, Climate Change, G20, Pollution, Fossil Fuels, Paris, Italy, Un, Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Antha Williams, Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance NZAOA, NZAOA, Thallinger

UK Report: 80,000 Jobs, £4 billion, Lost In The Arts Sector During COVID

According to the report, music, performing and visual arts have also lost 26% of jobs – 80,000 – due to the Covid-19 pandemic. – The Stage The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 07.21.21

Wallace Shawn, ‘The American Theatre’s Most Insistent Class Traitor’

“Other writer-actor types have played the upper-middle-class intellectual as a kind of sheepish hero, all the while hiding, or prettifying, or justifying the dark interiors that often accompany that seemingly benign performance. Shawn turns this kind of character inside out and shows the demon within.” – The New Yorker The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Theatre, Shawn, Wallace Shawn

France announces end of male chick culling

Being shredded alive. Getting gassed. It sounds like a horror movie, but in fact, it’s the true crime genre. But no more, say the French. France announced on Sunday that as of next year, male chicks can no longer be culled Around the world, about 7 billion male chicks are killed every year. Approximately 50 million of these unfortunates are born in France. Why this fowl sexism? Male chicks produce neither eggs nor meat. And then there’s all that crowing, and at such an ungodly hour. For these cr...
Tags: Design, France, Germany, Animals, Eu, Kfc, Chickens, Reuters, Le Parisien, Positive News, Julien Denormandie, Stella Kyriakides, EU Food Safety

Elon Musk's tiny house is a Boxabl casita

What do Elon Musk and tiny homes have in common? For now at least, a tiny house called Boxabl is Musk’s abode, which, rumor has it, he lives in near SpaceX ground zero in Boca Chica, Texas after selling off nearly all of his real estate holdings. The 20×20 model might be commonly known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or perhaps a guest house, but in the Boxabl world, it’s referred to as Casita. Unlike other tiny houses, Boxabls have a unique, flat-pack design that allows them to break down ...
Tags: Elon Musk, Design, Prefab, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Tiny Home, Flat-pack, Prefabricated, Tiny Home Design, Adu, Casita, Boca Chica Texas, Boxabl, Boxabls

Who Figured Out How To Type Chinese Characters On A QWERTY Keyboard? A Political Prisoner

Zhi Bingyi had an engineering Ph.D. and a German wife, so when the Cultural Revolution hit, he was, of course, declared a reactionary. Trapped in solitary confinement, he began a thought process that ultimately helped transform China. – Psyche Psyche
Tags: Art, Words, Zhi Bingyi

Has The Internet Worsened Our Cognitive Abilities? The Studies Suggest That…

“An intergenerational discourse that looks at the next new thing—be it digital technology, the telephone, radio, TV, even way back to Socrates’ time, when he talked about the invention of writing as bringing about the end of memory—and worry.” – Nautilus Nautilus
Tags: Art, Ideas, Socrates, 08.20.21

Two Long-Separated Fragments Of Egyptian Book Of The Dead Reunited

Well, reunited digitally. The two pieces — one now at the Getty in L.A. and the other in Christchurch, NZ — are from linen inscribed with verses from The Book of the Dead that was used to wrap a mummy. – Smithsonian Magazine Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, Getty, Words, Christchurch NZ

"Pornhub vows to guide viewers swiftly past 'all the prude paintings' and take them 'directly to the good stuff' on a dedicated website and app..."

"... which features hardcore reenactments of sexy works housed in six major museums by an amateur couple known by the monicker MySweetApple. In their riff on Edgar Degas’s 'Male Nude' (1856), in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Impressionist painter’s sprawled sitter gets a blowjob.... Kitagawa Utamaro’s 'Fujin sogaku jittai' (1802-1803), according to Pornhub, is 'a woodblock print of a girl washing her hair so blissfully that she hasn’t noticed the monumental ni...
Tags: Art, New York, Law, Museums, Naked, Edgar Degas, Pornography, Pornhub, National Gallery, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Met, Fujin, Degas, Ann Althouse, lawsuits I hope will fail, Kitagawa Utamaro

Uffizi Gallery Is Suing Pornhub Over Its ‘Classic Nudes’ Virtual Museum Tour

Last week the adult website launched an online guide to erotic(ized) artworks at six of the world’s great museums. Then one of those institutions started legal action over Pornhub’s infringement of intellectual property rights. (The Louvre made threats but has backed off.) – Hyperallergic Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Pornhub, Louvre, Visual

So What Do Other Documentarians Think About Using The AI-Simulated Voice Of Anthony Bourdain?

“Way overblown,” declared one, who said the backlash shows “people don’t understand … how documentaries are edited.” Others hesitated to condemn it outright, but — “If it was clear that this was a projection of a fantasy, that’s fine. But faking his voice is a betrayal of the contract.” – Slate Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Anthony Bourdain

Funding for Art and Design Education in England is cut

This is about news about: 50% cuts in funding subsidy for art and design coursesa new campaigning organisation for the artsthe potential impact on students and those offering them courses what might... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
Tags: Art, England, Design, Art Business And Marketing, Art Education, Distance Learning, Art Funding

"Giant Balloon Face Floats Over Tokyo/The eerie aerial piece was created by the artist collective 目 ("Mé") and features an anonymous face chosen from over 1,000 submissions...."

"The work has been met with a mixed reception, ranging from humor to more subversive interpretations. Some have likened Mé’s piece to The Hanging Balloons, a story by the Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito in which floating heads with metal nooses set out to kill their human doppelgangers."Hypoallergenic reports. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Art, Japan, Law, Balloons, Tokyo, Me, Ann Althouse, Junji Ito

Habitat for Humanity develops its first 3D-printed home in US

Habitat for Humanity is a long-standing nonprofit whose mission is to provide affordable home ownership to low-income families around the world. Currently, that includes areas of the United States where affordable housing is in short supply. In Tempe, Arizona, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is building its first 3D-printed home on American soil. “This is really a moonshot opportunity for Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona,” said Jason Barlow, president and CEO of Habitat Central Arizona...
Tags: Design, Germany, US, United States, 3d Printing, Arizona, Homes, Affordable Housing, 3d-printed Architecture, Leed Platinum, Habitat for Humanity, Clark Park, Goolsby, IBHS, Peri Group, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

Yup – UK Government Cuts Arts Ed Fifty Percent

The University and Colleges Union says that students across 13 subject areas would be affected including art, design, music, drama, dance, media studies and journalism. – The Art Newspaper The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 07.22.21, University and Colleges Union

BBC Proms To Play To Full Houses

“The BBC Proms will open at full capacity and without social distancing this summer, but attendees will be required to provide proof of their vaccination or COVID status in order to enter London’s Royal Albert Hall.” – The Guardian The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, London, Bbc, BBC Proms

John McMeel, Who Brought Us ‘Doonesbury’, ‘Dear Abby’, And ‘The Far Side’, Dead At 85

He and a friend started Universal Press Syndicate in 1970; Garry Trudeau was their first cartoonist. Among the many other cartoons and columnists he signed were Calvin and Hobbes, Cathy, William F. Buckley Jr. and Roger Ebert. – The Washington Post on MSN The Washington Post on MSN
Tags: Art, Washington Post, People, Roger Ebert, Msn, Calvin, Abby, Garry Trudeau, Universal Press Syndicate, John McMeel, Hobbes Cathy William F Buckley Jr

Battle Breaks Out Over Who Gets Benin Bronzes Returned To Nigeria

The Western institutions who now hold the looted treasures have been assuming the works were destined for a state-sponsored Edo Museum of Western African Art. Now the hereditary king of the Benin people insists they must go to a museum at his palace. – BBC BBC
Tags: Art, Nigeria, Benin, Visual, Edo Museum of Western

Substack Is Launching Its Own Podcast Network

While the service already carries several podcasts, this venture, called Booksmart Studios, is its first major investment in audio, “Substack sees the venture … as a case study for what’s possible for independent podcast networks.” – Axios Axios
Tags: Art, Media, Booksmart Studios

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