Simon Rattle: We’ve Lost Many Musicians in the Pandemic

“Many of the first-choice people said, ‘Look I’m sorry, I’m not doing this any more. I have a family. I had to take another profession. Six months ago, I’d have welcomed it’,” he said. – The Guardian
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We Need New Thinking About Looted Art

‘Looted’ is a contested term: it covers a spectrum from out-and-out pillage to ostensibly legal transfers of title that may have occurred under coercion or under rigged laws. – Apollo
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Theatre Critic Assumes Fellow Critic Is White, Then Has To Reassess When She Discovers Otherwise

I felt ashamed of my mistake, for not seeing a colleague for who he really is. “How limited your perception is, Lily!” I thought. And: “I wonder how much else I miss?” Probably, I decided, quite a bit. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Why English Is Such A Chaotic Collection Of Letters And Pronunciations

From the early Middle Ages, various European languages adopted and adapted the Latin alphabet. So why did English end up with a far more inconsistent orthography than any other? – Aeon
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NPR Revenue Only Declined Two Percent Last Year

The public radio network’s operating revenue slid just two percent in 2020 to $270.1 million. And last year’s revenue was actually up seven percent from 2018 when NPR reported $251.3 million in operating revenue. – Inside Radio
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Our Habits Aren’t Just Mindless — They Actually Help Make Us Smarter

Even our most mundane habitual routines actually display a great deal of intelligence. Indeed, they are often intelligently context-sensitive and flexible in such a way as can support and structure our goals and projects. – Psyche
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Henceforth, The Main Unit Of Entertainment Is Not TV Or Film But Corporate Universe

The proof (as if Marvel weren’t enough): Space Jam: A New Legacy — whose subtitle ought to be “Warner Media: We Own the Rights to a Lot of Shit and We Want You to Interact With All of It. At Once. And to Get Your Kids Hooked Early.” – Vulture
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Barry Diller: Only Ten Percent Of Movie Theatres Will Survive

“Because of streaming, because of the pandemic, because of the enormous production of longform content … the word movies — what we think of as a movie — is evolving and no longer means what it did just a couple of years ago.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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An adaptive reuse project in Rome features modular meeting rooms

A design collaboration between Masina Studio in Rome and London-based THDP studio, the DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti will connect two buildings into one property using adaptive reuse techniques. Only the structures and facades have been preserved, with internal partitions constructed to create a contemporary social space and hotel. Adaptive reuse is the process of reusing an existing building (or in this case, buildings) for a new purpose different from which it was originally built for. Whil...
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In ‘The Autobiography Of Alice B. Toklas’, Gertrude Stein Depicted Great Artists And Writers. They Hated Her For It.

“Such was the ire that the magazine transition published a Testimony Against Gertrude Stein. Matisse vented his fury at his wife being described as having a mouth like a horse while Braque railed against her insistence on Cubism being a wholly Spanish affair.” (Worse, she called Hemingway “yellow.”) – BBC
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The 10 countries most and least threatened by climate change

A new study published in PLOS ONE has identified countries most at risk of “climate change-related harm” and those in a good position to deal with climate change’s effects. The study scientifically demonstrates the correlation between toxic pollution that can directly damage human health and non-toxic pollution such as greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers looked at both aspects of pollution to determine countries that are most at risk and those that are in a position to navigate such challenges...
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From Cretan Bull-Vaulting To Simone Biles: A Brief History Of Gymnastics

Yes, circa 1500 BC, leaps and vaults were done on or from the back of a live bull, not an inanimate, leather-covered “horse.” – Smithsonian Magazine
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New Mexico's families of color already feeling climate change's effects

In hot, dry New Mexico, climate change is already playing out. And it’s hitting people of color especially hard, say climate change experts. In Albuquerque, New Mexico’s biggest city, the International District, where many families of color live, is a heat sink. Too much concrete and not enough vegetation traps heat. Several organizations are planting trees in lower-income areas of the city, but it will be a while before saplings can provide shade. Related: Environmental racism in America “As it...
Tags: Design, America, New Mexico, Albuquerque New Mexico, Permian Basin, International District, JOAN BROWN, New Mexico Interfaith Power, Johanna Bencomo, Mario Atencio, Diné Citizens Against Ruining

‘Things are changing and it’s optimistic’: a celebration of contemporary African art

Three Black artists, African and African American, explore common lineage and traditions“Oftentimes, we have to poke history, like ‘You are sleeping. What is going on? Wake! Wake up!’” said Victor Ehikhamenor, a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist, to the Guardian. Related: ‘Cultural appropriation is a two-way thing’: Yinka Shonibare on Picasso, masks and the fashion for black artists Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Design, Africa, Culture, Art and design, Yinka Shonibare, Victor Ehikhamenor

ABT Executive Director Says She Will Depart To Work On Social Impact Fund

Kara Medoff Barnett will be leaving to lead social impact marketing and strategy at First Republic Bank and develop the recently established First Republic Foundation. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, First Republic Bank, Kara Medoff Barnett, Abt

New Oakville North additions put pedestrians first

Most master-planned communities take into account things like location to central services and inclusion of a gym, but North Oak at Oakvillage, a multiphase condominium development in Oakville, Canada, builds housing units while incorporating sustainable building practices, too.  Oakvillage is a pedestrian-first community with a focus on connecting to the nearby natural elements of the area. A scenic, 1.5 kilometer multipurpose trail is woven throughout the community. Moreover, onsite trails lea...
Tags: Design, Earth, Canada, Homes, Urban Planning, Geothermal Energy, Condominiums, Pedestrian Friendly, Oakville Canada, New Oakville North, Oakvillage, Sixteen Mile Creek Bronte Creek Natural Park, Lions Valley Park, North Oak, Roya Khaleeli, Innovation for Minto Communities GTA

The Difference Between Music Education and Not

“I felt so small. A half Navajo and half Apache girl writing ‘fancy’ music for a quartet — something I had never dreamed of or even crossed my mind.” – Blavity
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France May Just Be A Bit Ambivalent About Teaching Its Regional Languages

In the 19th century, French schools were forbidden to teach in Breton, Basque, Provençal, Corsican, etc. Starting in the 1970s, interest revived and some schools started to use them. Now a new law has forbidden immersive education in regional languages; activists are furious. – Global Voices
Tags: Art, France, Words, Breton Basque Provençal Corsican etc Starting

Christie’s Will Open a New Hong Kong Headquarters in 2024

Christie’s will open a new, state-of-the-art Hong Kong headquarters in 2024, following the auction house’s strong results in past years in Asia.“We will evolve from primarily hosting two main auction seasons a year, to programming all year-round,” says Francis Belin, Christie’s Asia Pacific president. Read more at Art Newspaper  
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Scattered Parts Of 14th-Century Triptych Reunited At Getty Museum

The exhibition of works by Paolo Veneziano includes the reassembly, for the first time in decades, of pieces of the so-called “Worcester triptych,” which are usually housed at, respectively, the Getty, the Worcester Museum of Art in Massachusetts, and the National Gallery in DC. – Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, Massachusetts, National Gallery, Worcester, Visual, Getty Museum, Paolo Veneziano, Worcester Museum of Art

Charles McNulty Panned A Play. The Playwright’s Hurt Father Wrote Him, And That Got McNulty Thinking

“Generosity for generosity’s sake will only hasten (critics’) redundancy. But candor and compassion aren’t antithetical terms.” – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Choosing the Right Colour for Your New Home

Moving to a new house can be stressful on many levels. In addition to having to get used to a new neighbourhood, city, or even a whole new country, the house itself can feel alien. To make a house feel like a home, it has to look and feel like a part of you. Adding colour to the walls of your new home is not only a quick and cheap way to make a space more uniquely yours, but if you choose to do it yourself, it is a fabulous way for you to connect to your new home. So if you have just moved into...
Tags: Design, Wallpaper, Paint, Color Theory, PRIMARY-CHANNELS, COLOURlover Features, OTHER-CHANNELS, ColorSchemer Touch

Portugal’s Four Greatest 20th-Century Writers Were Actually One Person

Fernando Pessoa published not only under his own name, but under three different personas as well. These weren’t pseudonyms (he called them “heteronyms”): the four had completely different biographies, personalities and opinions and regularly argued with each other in print. – Literary Hub
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Cranbrook School teaches environmental stewardship

Education comes in all forms — books, videos, audio recordings and interactive, hands-on, learning like that taking place at Cranbrook School in the Wolgan Valley, located about three hours north of Sydney, Australia. Students on this campus share experiences uncommon to mainstream education, mainly in the way they are relied upon to actively participate in the buildings’ and site’s upkeep. The idea is to educate students about a host of life skills such as gardening, homemaking, fire-building a...
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YouTuber Deepfakes Mandalorian So Well That LucasFilm Hires Him

One of those fans did so well, Lucasfilm has hired him to help it ensure its upcoming projects won’t feature underwhelming de-aging and facial visual effects. – Engadget
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How to see inside art materials / supplies shops

I've just discovered something which allows me to see inside shops which provide art materials, equipment and related supplies - on my own screen! It's probably been around forever but... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark on Art)]
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Turner Prize returns to Tate Liverpool as part of exciting 2022 programme

Tate Liverpool today announced that it will host the Turner Prize in 2022, marking a return to the city for one of the world’s best-known art prizes for the first time in 15 years. Over the summer of 2022 the gallery will also stage a major exhibition, Radical Landscapes, which will explore our individual and […] The post Turner Prize returns to Tate Liverpool as part of exciting 2022 programme appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
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Stonehenge Could Lose UNESCO World Heritage Status, Too

Just days after the UN body stripped Liverpool’s waterfront of the same title, UNESCO approved a report recommending that the prehistoric site be added to the World Heritage in Danger list if plans for a nearby highway tunnel aren’t amended. – The Guardian
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Host Of Public Radio’s ‘The Takeaway’, Tanzina Vega, Resigns

“The well-known journalist has been on medical leave for months at the same time the network has looked into human-resources complaints against her, including claims that on multiple occasions Vega blew up at members of her staff.” – The Daily Beast
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New Opera Company Debuts In Chicago

The Opera Festival of Chicago focuses on Italian works which may be somewhat familiar from recordings and broadcasts but rarely get professional productions in the US. They’re starting small (two one-acts and a concert), but plan to work up to four operas per year. – Chicago Tribune
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