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What’s being specified recently? Which segments are thriving? Which are suffering? How has COVID impacted product development and sales in architecture and interior design? Brushed Lines LVT and Tokyo Twist Modular Carpet by Interface These are questions that everyone in the industry is invested in. , a publication from Design Analytics and Designer Pages Pro, has answers to these questions and more. Coact Modular Lounge and Coact Lounge by OFS Not only will you find specifi...
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Epic Labor Battle At Sydney Bookstore

Such disputes reflect a growing recognition across the publishing industry that the prestige and attractiveness of working in and adjacent to creative and cultural sectors – and the passion of its workers – can also form the preconditions for low wages and insecure work. – The Guardian
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Design Museum Gets Its 11th Director Since 2013

Some employees said that a carousel of different directors bringing new approaches has exhausted staff, strained relationships with some artists and damaged trust in the board. Former directors described the institution’s woes as reflective of bad board governance. – The New York Times
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Report: Worldwide Building Of Arts Facilities Was $5.9 Billion Last Year

Despite last year’s dip, there’s reason to think that the cultural sector is coming back strong. Even amid global uncertainty about travel, cities doubled down on investment in cultural attractions. – Artnet
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Report: Worldwide Building Of Arts Facilities Was $5.7 Billion Last Year

Despite last year’s dip, there’s reason to think that the cultural sector is coming back strong. Even amid global uncertainty about travel, cities doubled down on investment in cultural attractions. – Artnet
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Lessons From Shared Crises: Community Connection Matters

As the Blitz and other collective crises have taught us, resilience is not a given and has to be managed with an understanding of peoples’ fears and wishes, including their need for connectedness. – Psyche
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Enough With The Era Of Visionary Museum Directors

That era should be over. The director’s job is to set clear priorities for staff, to mentor, coach, and be clear-sighted about what is next; to leverage the expertise of the board; to make hard choices when needed. – Hyperallergic
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American TV’s Journey In The 21st Century Has Been From Irony To Sincerity

“Two decades ago, TV’s most distinctive stories were defined by a tone of dark or acerbic detachment. Today, they’re more likely to be earnest and direct.” James Poniewozik explores the how and why. – The New York Times
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London floods spark worry over climate change preparedness

On Sunday, the residents of London were caught up in flash floods following a heavy downpour, reigniting conversations about climate change preparedness. Experts have previously warned that the world’s largest cities are at the risk of facing devastating climate change consequences, which they are not prepared to handle. Images from Sunday’s floods show Londoners wandering through floodwater, not knowing what to do or where to go. Some drivers even attempted to drive through the water against ex...
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How Matt Damon Keeps Complicating Our Ideas About Matt Damon

“You only have to look a bit closer at Damon’s career, at the notion of Matt Damon, Movie Star we have in our heads, to see that nice might be an ingenious sleight-of-hand, an illusion of sorts. Because that darkness is there.” – The New York Times Magazine
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Why Critics’ Opinions Matter

“I’ll claim that my response to art is more complex than the average museumgoer’s because it’s my professional responsibility—and passion—to be as well informed as I can about what I’m looking at (and where, when, and why I’m looking at it).” – Vasari 21
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French offices receive a green update with Benetti MOSS walls

Sometimes, the best ideas are inspired in the most unlikely of ways. That was certainly the case for the new green walls in Mustela’s offices. A water-cooler chat at the French offices of Mustela, a company specializing in products for babies, sparked an idea that fanned into a new and versatile office design that reflects nature in its composition. At the initial meeting, interior designer Luca Medici; CEO of Benetti Home Stivens Benetti; Rosanna Re of the Sales Division of Benetti Home; and M...
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Spotify Now Has 165 Million Subscribers – More Than Apple And Amazon Combined

As for the rest of Spotify’s Q2 2021, the company reported 365 million monthly active users—a growth of 22% YOY. Total revenue was €2.33 billion, or about $2.75 billion. That’s an increase of 23% YOY. – Fast Company
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Heartbreaking video shows salmon suffering through heat wave

A video captured by nonprofit group Columbia Riverkeeper shows the horrifying effects of the Pacific Northwest heat wave on sockeye salmon. Just short of a salmon snuff film, the video shows listless fish dotted with white fungal patches and red lesions as they struggle to survive an epically hot river. Salmon are born in freshwater, venture into the ocean to mature, then return to their birthplace to spawn. The group of salmon captured on the video was traveling upstream in the Columbia River e...
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"When the French government launched a smartphone app that gives 300 euros to every 18-year-old in the country for cultural purchases like books and music, or exhibition and performance tickets..."

"... most young people’s impulse wasn’t to buy Proust’s greatest works or to line up and see Molière. Instead, France’s teenagers flocked to manga.... As of this month, books represented over 75 percent of all purchases made through the app since it was introduced nationwide in May — and roughly two-thirds of those books were manga, according to the organization that runs the app, called the Culture Pass.... But the focus on comic books reveals a subtle tension at the heart of the Culture Pass’s...
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West African Talking Drums Really Can Imitate Speech, Say Researchers

Yorùbá speech, that is. The West African language is tonal, using three different pitches, and dùndún drummers can adjust the tension on their drum heads to change pitch, stroke by stroke, to match Yorùbá syllables and words. – Smithsonian Magazine
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12th-Century Organ, By Far The World’s Oldest, To Be Reconstructed

The pipes and carillon bells of the instrument were discovered a century ago at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Scholar-performer David Catalunya says the pipes are near-perfectly intact and that, over the next five years, he’ll make them playable again. – Aleteia
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New York – Tetsumi Kudo: “Metamorphosis” at Hauser & Wirth Through July 30th, 2021

Tetsumi Kudo, Bonjour et Bonne Nuit (1963), via Hauser & Wirth In a wide-ranging practice spanning four decades, postwar Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo explored the effects of mass consumerism, the rise of technology, and ecological degradation on post-war society through satirical, critical, elaborately detailed and meticulously constructed environments that continue to exert a powerful influence […]
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Philadelphia’s Walnut Theatre — Under A Microscope

“I hope that the theatre generally, will be open to the idea that when you limit yourself to doing only primarily white theatre for primarily white audiences, there is well over half the city you are excluding.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Theatre — Under A Microscope

“I hope that the theatre generally, will be open to the idea that when you limit yourself to doing only primarily white theatre for primarily white audiences, there is well over half the city you are excluding.” – American Theatre
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XpreSole Panto waterproof boots are made from coffee grounds

Footwear is a major source of post-consumer waste. With around 7.8 billion people in the world, many of whom own multiple pairs of shoes, landfills are full of discarded, petroleum-based footwear. Another daily-use product, coffee, also contributes to environmental waste to the tune of around 25 billion kilograms annually. Scientists recognize that while coffee grounds seem harmless, when in the landfill they actually release methane gas, which has a greenhouse effect 28 times higher than carbon...
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The 11 best home deals to shop during the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Nordstrom The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here and will run through August 8.The sale is a great time to shop deals on bedding, decor, and more.We've rounded up the best home deals you can shop during the sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a major shopping event with deals on pretty much everything, from women's fashion to beauty and skincare products to home goods.This year, the sale run...
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The Hermitage Hops On The NFT Train

Following in the footsteps of the Uffizi in Florence, the St. Petersburg museum will auction off digital tokens of five works in its collection, one each by Leonardo da Vinci, Giorgione, Monet, van Gogh, and Kandinsky. – Artnet
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The Man Who’s Saving Rohingya Folk Tales

Mohammed Rezuwan is himself one of the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya driven out of Myanmar by that country’s military and mobs. He now travels around the refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, recording and translating his people’s traditional stories. – PRX’s The World
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“Sunday In The Park With George” Barely Escaped Being A Disaster

To start, Stephen Sondheim couldn’t come up with songs because he didn’t think James Lapine’s script needed any. Thus began a cascade of near-calamities, right up to the Broadway opening, until the show shocked everyone involved by getting 10 Tony nominations and a Pulitzer Prize. – The New York Times
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Choreographer Drew McOnie On What Success Looks Like

Success isn’t how many awards you win, or how many five-star reviews you get. Success is built on how quickly you bounce back, how you take the lessons. Everything in between is just wounded ego.” – The Guardian
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A redesign helps an Enel power plant transition away from coal

In a competition to create designs to update power plants in Italy, Frigerio Design Group takes the win with its forward-thinking and innovative approach. The Andrea Palladio power plant in Fusina (Venice) needs a facelift. More specifically, it needs a conversion away from fossil fuel dependence. In a contest titled, “New Energy Spaces,” the environmental transition presented by Frigerio Design Group outlined the solutions needed for Enel, the electricity and gas production company behind the c...
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Young People Are Using France’s Culture Pass To Buy … Manga

Granted, the program was only just gearing up when the pandemic closed arts venues, but officials’ hopes that 18-year-olds would use their few-strings-attached €300 to sample high culture are being punctured by reality. – The New York Times
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How Activists Got New York The Beautiful New Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library

The much-praised new branch of the New York Public Library, across 5th Avenue from the famous flagship, wasn’t supposed to happen. The NYPL board was bent on selling the branch property — until The Nation reported on the plan and advocates set furiously to work. – The Nation
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Amar Ramasar, Last Remaining NY City Ballet Dancer Involved In Sexting Scandal, Will Retire

The 39-year-old’s decision to end his 20-year career with the company next May comes three years after the scandal roiled City Ballet and two weeks after colleague Georgina Pazcoguin revealed in a book that he would regularly tweak her nipples as a greeting. – The New York Times
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