Alonzo King LINES Ballet Development Associate

Alonzo King LINES Ballet seeks a Development Associate to support all aspects of the Ballet’s growing fundraising operations. Job Title: Development AssociateReports to: Director of DevelopmentConditions: Full-Time, Exempt positionMonday-Friday, nights and weekends as necessaryMedical Insurance, Vacation Alonzo King LINES Ballet seeks a Development Associate to support all aspects of the Ballet’s growing fundraising operations. This is a unique opportunity to join an intern...
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Photos: L.A. Art Show rolls into Convention Center

Art enthusiasts combed through the Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall for the L.A. Art Show in Los Angeles on Friday, July 30, 2021. The event featured exhibits of traditional contemporary, modern, digital and new technology art. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer) Charmaine Harris, 45, walks past a large painting on exhibit at during the L.A. Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall in Los Angeles on Friday, July 30, 2021. The event featured exhibits of tra...
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Broadway Announces New COVID Mandates For Its Reopening

Masks will also be required for audiences inside the theaters, except while eating or drinking in designated locations. – Deadline
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Cash-Strapped Mexico Reburies Petroglyphs

“The global health contingency caused by COVID-19 forced the institutions of the different levels of government to prioritize the allocation of resources for the health care of the population.” – Artnet
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NFTs Of Chimpanzee Art Raised (Again) The Idea Of Animal Art (And Creativity)

The launch of these NFTs is the latest chapter in a long and complex history of non-human animals in the art world. – The Conversation
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A Good Death (From A Literary Perspective)

“I cannot expect to have a good death if my life did not accomplish certain specific things. And these things are not material.” – Los Angeles Review of Books
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How Can The Uffizi Sue Over An Image In The Public Domain?

Italian law strongly protects its heritage. The definition of cultural heritage itself under Italian law is broad: any works which “are of artistic, historical, archaeological and ethno-anthropological interest”. – The Conversation
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How Will Actors’ Equity’s New Open Access Policy Change Theatre?

Will a larger, more activist union make things fairer? Or will business remain more or less as usual? “We asked several industry sources and union folks to give us their best guesses and hopes about how this momentous change will play out.” – American Theatre
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Selling Out? When I Wrote Just For Money

“This was a question I also grappled with: could my creative prostitution involve high art, be the literary equivalent of Belle de Jour (1967), stylish and sexy, or would I have to roil in whorish filth, using cheap metaphors and knocked-off cliches?” – Aeon
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Three Americans' lifetime emissions enough to kill one person

A recent study on the mortality cost of carbon emissions has revealed that the average emissions created by 3.5 Americans are enough to kill one person. Further, the study found that emissions from a single coal-fired power plant are enough to cause roughly 900 deaths. The study, published in Nature Communications, is the first of its kind. The analysis draws from several public health studies to determine the exact mortality cost of every metric ton of carbon emissions. It was established that ...
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What Really Made Nadia Boulanger Tick?

“It is widely assumed that Boulanger consciously renounced composition after her sister died in order to champion Lili’s music and focus on teaching. But the biographical reality is more complicated.” – The New York Times
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Atlanta Ballet CEO Steps Down After Reinventing The Company

Arthur Jacobus’s 12-year tenure has seen the company rebrand itself as an organization committed to creativity and innovation, followed by a reversal of that initiative with the forced departure of artistic director John McFall at the end of the 2015–16 season and the hiring of Gennadi Nedvigin. – ArtsATL
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A modern design for a sustainable, zero-waste kitchen

If you’ve been wondering how to maintain a kitchen that produces no waste whatsoever, take a look at this project. Designed by Austria-based furniture designer Ivana Steiner, this modern zero-waste kitchen incorporates unique features to be as environmentally conscious as any room of the home could ever hope to be. Steiner put in the work to develop this zero-waste kitchen concept. She conducted field research, put together a zero-waste focus group and spoke with local shopkeepers and customers...
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Earth Overshoot Day 2021 has arrived. What does it mean for the planet?

While the pandemic had humanity burning up the world’s resources more slowly than usual, the trend has reversed. Earth Overshoot Day, alas, arrived yesterday on July 29. If you’re not familiar with this day, it’s the date that humans’ use of ecological resources and services exceeds what Earth can regenerate in a year. Last year, thanks to global lockdowns, Earth Overshoot Day fell on August 22. Although the pandemic is still raging in many countries, the world has somehow crept back to where we...
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The Complicated Psychology Behind Our Attraction To Video Games

If video games are play, they’re an expression of our highest capacities as humans—our love of freedom, of imagination, and creative whim. But when they are work then our affection for them is an extraordinary concession to modern conditions of unfreedom. – Dissent
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Reviving Australia’s First Major Oratorio, 85 Years After Its Last Performance

Charles Packer’s The Crown of Thorns premiered in Sydney in 1863 and was considered a masterpiece, sung every year at Eastertime by Australian choral societies — until everyone dropped it after 1936. Then, a few years ago, a collector found a score in a secondhand bookshop. – ABC (Australia)
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“We Cannot Go Back To How It Was” — Dancers Reflect On Their Return To The Stage

Principals from ABT (Calvin Royal III and Misty Copeland), NY City Ballet (Tiler Peck), the Martha Graham company, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane, Ballet Hispánico, Passion Fruit Dance Company, and Kaatsbaan (Stella Abrera), plus Savion Glover himself, consider the present and near future. – Harper’s Bazaar
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This island home has a green roof seeded with native, drought-tolerant plants

Lone Madrone is a 1,600-square-foot vacation retreat located on a rocky, south-facing shoreline on Orcas Island, a horseshoe-shaped islet in the San Juan Islands archipelago off Washington state. The home’s green roof is landscaped with a variety of plants and vegetation that are both native and drought-tolerant, a feature that designers hoped would increase the biodiversity value of the area. The home, called Lone Madrone, is built for a family of four and is clad in wood. It utilizes a simple...
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Why Scarlett Johansson Is Suing Disney (And Why It Matters)

A star of her scale taking on a studio of an even bigger scale, potentially burning whatever bridges remain, is an unusual gambit but it’s a fight that’s been steadily brewing since the pandemic sped up the streaming wars last year. – The Guardian
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Design expert Scott Tong outlines 4 concepts founders should consider when designing products

In the last decade, high-quality design has become a necessity in the software space. Great design is a commodity, not a luxury, and yet, designing beautiful products and finding great designers continues to be a struggle for many entrepreneurs. At Early Stage 2021, design expert Scott Tong walked us through some of the ways founders should think about design. Tong was involved in product and brand design at some of the biggest brands in tech, including IDEO, IFTTT, Pinterest and more. He’s now ...
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How to list artwork dimensions

Which way round should the dimensions of artwork be listed when providing information about an artwork (i.e. drawings / paintings / prints) Height and then width OR width and then height? There... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
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New York – Marlene McCarty: “Into the Weeds: Sex & Death” at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Through July 30th, 2021

Marlene McCarty, Into the Weeds: Sex and Death (Installation View), via Sikkema Jenkins and Co. On view through the end of the month at Sikkema Jenkins & Co., artist Marlene McCarty has orchestrated an impressive multi-disciplinary installation, Into the Weeds: Sex & Death. Delving into the titular subject through a range of materials and works, the show centers on […]
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Emily Brontë Wrote A Second Novel. Did Charlotte Burn It?

The manuscript was unfinished but well underway when Emily died at age 30. The legend has been that Charlotte, envious and conservative, threw it in the fireplace. Scholar Emily Zarevich considers whether this could be true and what might have been in the lost work. – JSTOR Daily
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Why Newsmax Is Flopping

The network’s founders hoped to supplant Fox News, but viewership is down by half since January. Why? Says one expert, “Newsmax is just not good. … Most of their lineup is … people who couldn’t make it at Fox News. They just don’t have any talent.” – Vox
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Longest-Running Kids Animated Series In History Will End After 25 Years

Arthur, starring everyone’s favorite cartoon aardvark, debuted on PBS in 1996 and will air its final season in 2022. In fact, one of the show’s writers said that production wrapped two years ago. – The New York Times
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Appalachian Beekeeping Collective boosts pollinators and supports beekeepers

Oh, honey. This ultra-sweet concoction is nature’s candy, a product of hardworking bees. It can be controversial among plant-based eaters, but the reality is we can enjoy this natural sweetener if we learn to live in harmony with the bees. Unfortunately, bees are in trouble. Bee hives have decreased about 60% since the 1940s, and these important pollinators are only facing more crises as the planet heats up. Organizations like Appalachian Beekeeping Collective are here to help. Appalachian Beek...
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Dallas Symphony Is Selling Music As NFTs

Proceeds go to the musicians of the Met — which still isn’t regularly performing. KERA
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How Broadway Is Working COVID Safety Into All Its Operations

Actors’ Equity is requiring vaccinations. COVID safety officers are being added to production teams, and a leading epidemiologist has been hired to train them. Peter Marks looks into how the new measures are being put into practice. – The Washington Post
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Judge Rules Controversial San Francisco School Murals Must Remain Uncovered

In 2019, alums and students at George Washington High School protested what they saw as racist imagery in a set of Victor Arnautoff frescoes there, and the school board voted to cover them up. Now a judge says that decision violated state law. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Be human, open, and honest: Using BIPOC material in the classroom

Our 2020-2021 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Panel shares some thoughts on using BIPOC material (like the monologues in the BIPOC Voices and Perspectives Monologue Resource) in the classroom. And if you’re not, consider the reasons why. What’s stopping you? How can you overcome those obstacles?  1. Do your research. Do your dramaturgy. If you’re […]
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