How West Magazine Created a Southern-California Pop-Culture Aesthetic with the Help of Milton Glaser, Gahan Wilson, and Others (1967-1972)

In the late 1960s, a counterculture-minded media professional could surely have imagined more appealing places to work than the Los Angeles Times. Widely derided as the official organ of the Southern California Babbitt, the paper also put out a bland Sunday supplement called West magazine. But West had the potential to evolve into something more vital — or so seemed to think its editor, Jim Bellows. The creator of “the original New York magazine in the early 1960s,” writes Design Observer’s Ste...
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Associate Director of Communications, Cal Performances

Cal Performances is the performing arts presenting, commissioning and producing organization based at the University of California, Berkeley. The mission of Cal Performances is to produce and present performances of the highest artistic quality, enhanced by programs that explore compelling intersections of education and the performing arts. Cal Performances fulfills this mission by presenting, producing, and commissioning outstanding artists, both renowned and emerging, to serve the University a...
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Silicon Valley Wants Us To Live In The Multiverse. How Bleak Is That?

“The metaverse is a vision that spans many companies—the whole industry,” as Zuckerberg put it. “You can think about it as the successor to the mobile internet.” – Vice
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X-ray Table

Transparent version of modern coffee table shows that it is made out of bones. X-ray coffee table made out of 3D printed bones designed by Mousarris. Also check out: DNA Table
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Hollywood Takes Down Tribute To DW Griffith

Crews on Thursday night began dismantling two giant white fiberglass elephants, which are part of the complex’s tribute to the Babylon set of D.W. Griffith’s 1916 movie “Intolerance.” – Los Angeles Times
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Yelp Debuts Refreshed Logo, App Icons

Yelp introduced a refreshed logo and suite of application icons Monday. Yelp Yelp The new app icons will begin rolling out on iOS Monday, with Android to follow later in the week, featuring the business directory and crowdsourced review forum's iconic red, but more visually vibrant and with a fresh look. When Yelp users start...
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The Singular Influence Of Kerry James Marshall

The return to figurative art in the past two decades has been embraced by a new wave of younger Black artists, and for many of them, it is now clear, Kerry James Marshall has been a primary inspiration. – The New Yorker
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Italy’s New UNESCO Sites in Padua, Bologna, and Tuscany

The 2021 UNESCO session raised Italy's number of World Heritage Sites to 58—the most of any country in the world.
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Padua’s Frescoes, Bologna’s Porticoes, and Montecatini Terme Are Italy’s Newest UNESCO Sites

The 2021 UNESCO session raised Italy's number of World Heritage Sites to 58—the most of any country in the world.
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The Plan To Make Paramount+ Streaming Successful

The road ahead won’t be easy for ViacomCBS. Its fledgling Paramount+ was a late entry into streaming, and is essentially a rebranded and expanded version of CBS All Access. – The New York Times
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Greenland's ice melt enough to cover Florida in water

Greenland’s vast ice sheets are melting away at an alarming rate, according to a recent report. As reported by the Danish government, the ice sheet lost 8.5 billion tons of surface mass on Tuesday alone. On Thursday, another 8.4 billion tons were lost thanks to high temperatures. The melting experienced on Tuesday released enough water to cover the entire state of Florida in two inches of water. This meltdown has caused concern, as continued large-scale melting of Greenland’s ice could lead to f...
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Creativity As An Act of Activism

“I think creativity by its nature is activism,” says composer-pianist Max Richter. “It’s about meaning, it’s about experiment, it’s about the unknown, it’s about discovery.” – The Guardian
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Vegan, natural soaps include limited-edition art prints by female artists

Art Bar founder Jen Black has been a creative director and designer for international brands since 1996. Her idea for the Berlin-based company came to life in 2018, after she made the concrete decision to live and create in alignment with her values. The main mission of the Art Bar is to encourage self care and body positivity by providing organic soaps with natural ingredients, like plant-derived base oils, glycerin and essential oils. There are no chemicals, preservatives or toxins, and all so...
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How To Get At The Culture Of Anti-Vaccine Mindset

Sociology suggests that pundits and policy makers have been looking at vaccine refusal all wrong: It’s not an individual problem, but a social one. – The Atlantic
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Thriller In The Dance Company

“At times, the plot’s inevitable murder, sexual intrigue and family secrets seem almost incidental to the auditions and rehearsals, the bickering dancers and complaining parents, the punishing toe shoes and pulled muscles.” – Washington Post
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Wildfires rage across Turkey's Aegean coast

Between rising sea levels and super hurricanes, a summer day at the beach isn’t as relaxing as it used to be. And now, thousands of tourists trying to have fun at popular resorts on Turkey’s Aegean coast have been evacuated due to epic wildfires. At least eight people have perished, and boats rescued thousands of holidaymakers from resorts. While resort evacuations are high on the international visibility scale, local people suffer the most. “I feel so much pain, like I lost a child,” said Nurte...
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Getting fit and ready for surgery

A quick note just to say that during August, there won't be so many blog posts. What's currently way more important than blogging is resolving my severe ankle arthritis problem i.e. remove... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
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How Theatre Is Being Reimagined After The Lockdown

I do think that there is a new energy, there’s a new kind of way of engaging with live performance that is very exciting. You see all these non-traditional spaces opening up because of what happened in 2020, because of the economy, because there are more spaces available to artists to take over.” – Howlround
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Nelson Mandela Park adds a breath of fresh air to an industrial part of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known for skyscrapers and modern architecture. Now, a new masterplan promises to transform an underused harbor site into an urban green space for a neighborhood that could really use more parks. The Nelson Mandela Park is a welcome addition to Rotterdam’s South Maashaven district, a historic grain port. SWA/Balsley is the creative force behind the new park. The design company completed its masterplan for the Nelson Mandela Park this spring. The park cleverly blends in with Rotterda...
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Theatre Internships Are Problematic. What To Do?

While it is laudable that these theatres no longer run programs that contribute to the industry’s holding pattern of inequity, complete cancellation is ultimately a failure of imagination. – Howlround
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Pandemic Cautions Turned The Death Cafe Virtual

And, like old Dutch memento mori paintings, the forum lets people talk about something that happened to an awful lot of people in 2020 and 2021 – death. – Boston Globe
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Out of the Past Journalism as the Poetry of Fact

I spent most of my adult working life as a journalist. Kay Boyle, prolific author of novels and short stories, once sent me a praising a piece I had written as “the poetry of fact.” Which led to this blogpost back in 2016. ° ° ° At the Chicago Sun-Times I watched some great wordsmiths up close. Roger Ebert wrote with an ease that seemed miraculous. His profiles flowed like swift streams. David Elliott was another. His reviews had the density of Hart Crane poems. (I exaggerate, but only a ...
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This home startup lets you order custom curtains and shades - and right now it's having its first sale ever

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. If you want beautiful, high-quality curtains or shades, you've probably considered going custom - which is usually expensive. Mesken is a home startup for custom curtains and shades at a fraction of traditional prices. The easy-to-navigate site helps you make measurements and guides you through every step of the process. As part of Insider Reviews' Secret Sale, you can take 15% off your order - the b...
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The Woes Of Planned Blockbuster ‘Jungle Cruise’ Show The Pandemic Is Still On

That is to say, with the Delta variant tearing through countries and kids in the U.S. still unable to be vaccinated, Jungle Cruise made a poor showing on the big screen (and Disney Plus $$ wasn’t enough to make up for that). – The New York Times
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Papermelon makes sustainable jewelry from upcycled paper

Devi Chand is the founder and passionate artist behind Papermelon, a jewelry company with sustainability and beauty as its primary missions. Papermelon jewelry is constructed from upcycled paper, which is collected from friends, neighbors and well-wishers. The paper types vary wildly but include newspapers, magazines, storybooks, paper bags, gift wraps, calendars and pamphlets. Chand decided on paper as a result of her love for crafting. Although she’d completed a college degree in design and e...
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What Our Repeated Mistakes Tell Us About Our Culture

“As fallible as human transmission can be, the fact that our mistakes in transmitting cultural information occur in systematic and directed ways, rather than purely randomly, is opening a new pathway to understanding continuity and change within the field of cultural evolution.” – Nautilus
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Tasked With Writing A Family Spy History

Author Rebecca Donner knew little about her great-great-aunt. Turns out she (and her husband) were one of the most famous American spy couples of the Resistance during WWII. – The New York Times
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The September 11 Museum Desperately Needs Reform

Leadership bungled budgets and staff during the pandemic – but aslo has a longstanding, baked-in message that Muslim Americans say fuels war and Islamophobia. – Hyperallergic
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When Landscape Art Gets A Big, Ugly Fence Around It

The sad, Airbnb-inflected tale of an artist whose family and nonprofit are at odds, not only dividing the artist’s art from artist’s house (with that fence), but setting townspeople against each other every day. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, 07.31.21

Hospital Art Can Play A Vital Role In Patient Recovery

But what kind of art should it be? “Some advocate for the calming power of nature scenes, while others push for works of gallery quality: rousing, conceptual, complex.” – The New Yorker
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