Meet Lincoln Center’s New Artistic Director

Shanta Thake, most recently an associate artistic director at the Public Theater, will assume the role of chief artistic officer at the center, the nation’s largest performing arts complex, as it works to broaden its appeal beyond classical music and ballet. – The New York Times
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Does Social Media Make It More Difficult To Act Morally?

What if it’s degrading our capacity for moral attention — the capacity to notice the morally salient features of a given situation so that we can respond appropriately? – Vox
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Portable Fireplace

Weatherproof suitcase inspired fireplace made of stainless steel and ceramic glass allows people to travel with fire. Travelmate smoke-free portable fireplace with heat-resistant powder-coated frame designed by Studio Vertijet for Conmoto. Ethanol 1 L fuel reservoir tank with provides flames for 3 to 4 hours. High quality glass fire screen pane is held in place […]
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Beginning August 16th, You’ll Need Vaccination Proof To Attend NYC Shows

“If you want to participate in society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time,” tweeted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. – Hyperallergic
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Departing Philly: Timothy Rub Joins the Exodus of Major Museum Officials UPDATED

Who wants to be an art museum director? The list of major museums searching for new heads is
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Objections To An East London Mega-Entertainment Sphere

What we now face is a massive live entertainment venue, almost as tall as Big Ben, covered with nearly a million garish LEDs, programmed to display videos and adverts. – The Guardian
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Someone Created A Fake Cormac McCarthy Account And Twitter Verified It (Oops)

Twitter acknowledged the mistake on Tuesday morning. A spokesperson said: “The account referenced was verified by mistake and that has since been reversed. – The Guardian
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Blanka Zizka On The Biggest Challenge In American Theater

Because of the constant need to fundraise, says the outgoing director of the Wilma in Philadelphia, “the people who are actually creating the work are the only people who are freelancers. How do you run theaters when you are surrounded by administrative staff only?” – The New York Times
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How The Creative Class Broke America

David Brooks: “These days, your education level and political values are as important in defining your class status as your income is. Because of this, the U.S. has polarized into two separate class hierarchies—one red and one blue.” – The Atlantic
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Killer whale stranded in Alaska gets rescued

Last Thursday, boaters and locals helped rescue a stranded orca whale on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. Boaters found the 20-foot-long mammal stuck in a 4-foot-long rock crevice on the rocky shore. The boaters first alerted the U.S. coastguard before taking any action. Images making rounds on social media show good samaritans with buckets pouring water over the whale to prevent dehydration. Although the coastguard took about 6 hours to arrive at the scene, boaters and locals kept the whale sa...
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Maybe We Should Give Saint-Saëns A Little More Respect

In the face of (the) modernist revolution, Saint-Saëns (kept) churning out tasteful, perfectly formed, self-consciously harmonious music. Pieces that critics might dismiss as bourgeois confections, but which, in an age when anything goes, now sound strangely bold. Revisionist supporters like to reclaim Saint-Saëns as the first neoclassicist.” – The Guardian
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MTV Is 40 Years Old. It Changed American Culture

Given the commercial and cultural behemoth it would become, MTV’s launch was inauspicious. – The Conversation
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Minimalist House in Minohshinmachi focuses on nature

The clients for this home in the northernmost part of Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, wanted the architecture to represent local history and culture while also developing a modern aesthetic in a space that closes the gap between indoors and outdoors. Architect Yasuyuki Kitamura honored the clients’ wishes for a sustainable home that spoke to nature with thin beams on the interior and large windows to invite in natural light and open up the views of the nearby Mount Aogai. Known as the House in Mi...
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Invasive lanternflies want to take over the U.S.

Spotted lanternflies are extremely cool-looking bugs, with polka-dotted wings in shades of red, black and beige that make them resemble paper lanterns. But people should be very worried about this invasive insect, according to entomologist Frank Hale. The spotted lanternfly hales from India, Vietnam and China. It probably immigrated to the U.S. as a stowaway in a cut stone or wood product shipment circa 2012. The initial U.S. sighting in 2014 was, fittingly enough, on a common invasive tree of h...
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Is It Fashionable To Be Ignorant?

It is not at all difficult to find books on the broad scope of human knowledge written by authors who really know nothing other than that there are other people who know a lot about many separate things. – 3 Quarks Daily
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To Thwart Art Thieves, Authorities And Museums Are Going High-Tech

“These days, they’re employing advances like liquid fingerprinting nanotechnology and tiny rare-earth magnets — as well as futuristic tech that’s … easier to take for granted — to persuade thieves and looters to leave art where it is, or to recover stolen items before they disappear for good.” – Artnet
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Roberto Calasso, Giant Of Italian Literature, Dead At 80

His influence came not only through his own prolific writing — most notably in a series of books that retold ancient European, Egyptian, and Indian myths — but as editorial director of the Adelphi publishing house, where he had surprising success in making challenging books popular. – The Guardian
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Self-sufficient Sail House by David Hertz Architects looks like a ship

It’s a nautical home that boasts plenty of space for entertaining plus a self-sufficient design. The Sail House, designed by renowned sustainability architect David Hertz in Los Angeles, was selected as the 2021 Architizer A+Awards Jury Winner for Residential, Private House (XL > 6,000 square feet). Dubbed the Sail House, it’s actually a main house and several guest houses clustered together on Bequia Island, Grenadines, in the Caribbean. Because the Caribbean is a notoriously difficult area to...
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Want A Job In The Pittsburgh Symphony? Here’s How It Works…

At the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, there are currently 13 openings in the violin, viola, bass, flute and percussion sections, a high number of openings for the roughly 100-member ensemble. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Tavis Smiley Wants To Build Nationwide Black Talk Radio Network

The veteran broadcaster, who lost his talk shows on both public radio and PBS after revelations that he had had sexual relationships with subordinates, launched KBLA in Los Angeles in June as an “unapologetically progressive” and “unapologetically Black” news-talk AM station. – Inside Radio
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Urgent Hiring : Artistic Director

The Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana is seeking candidates for the position of Artistic Director. We have created an extensive Position Statement that describes the position and the important role that this person will play at this important time for the organization and for arts within our community. The Phoenix Theatre has a long history of producing thought-provoking and cutting-edge plays. It is widely recognized as a leading voice, collaborator, and contributor withi...
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London’s Science Museum Signed Non-Disparagement Clause In Sponsorship Agreement With Shell

The “gagging clause” was part of the contract for the oil giant’s financial support for this summer’s climate change exhibition at the museum, a show titled “Our Future Planet.” – Channel 4 News (UK)
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Music Is Taking A Bigger Role At The Olympics

The games are moving beyond the John Williams fanfares and national anthems, writes Michael Andor Brodeur. “And not just as background, but as a means of making the ultimate athletic test of human achievement more human.” – The Washington Post on MSN
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Is Classical Music’s Racial Reckoning A Death Sentence?

“The campaign against classical music is worth examining in some detail, for it reveals the logic that has been turned against nearly every aspect of Western culture over the last year. – City Journal
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Architect chosen to design sustainable 2026 Olympic Village

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, also known as SOM, will design the Olympic Village for the upcoming 2026 games in Milan-Cortina. The new village will be a part of the updated Porta Romana Railway Yard Master Plan. SOM was chosen for the project as the winner of an international competition that included nine different countries and 71 different design studios. This project will re-design the entire Porta Romana district and create a new, sustainable urban community. This project will continue to ha...
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Director Of Hay Festival Resigns After Misconduct Investigation

Peter Florence, who founded the famous literary event with his parents in 1988, stepped down after an inquiry confirmed a staffer’s accusation of bullying. – The Observer (UK)
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Dancer Accuses Former Boston Ballet Principal’s Husband Of Assault

The dancer, who was an intern at the time, accuses ballet teacher Mitchell Taylor Button and his wife, then-principal Dusty Button, of various abuses, especially Mitchell for “using his position of power to groom, control and sexually abuse vulnerable young dancers.” – WBUR
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UK Court Slaps Down Planned Highway Tunnel Near Stonehenge

A High Court ruled that the transport ministry’s project for a two-mile, £1.7 billion tunnel near the monument didn’t include a mandated risk assessment and didn’t give enough consideration to alternatives that might cause less damage to the site’s archaeology. – Artnet
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National Museum Of Dance Shuts Down

“The future of the museum” — which has had financial and administrative problems ever since it opened in 1987 — “and its affiliated school in a restored bathhouse in Saratoga Spa State Park is unclear. It is being absorbed into the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.” – Albany Times Union
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What Made Marcel Duchamp’s Famous Urinal Art–and an Inventive Prank

To our way of thinking, the question is not whether Marcel Duchamp conceived of Fountain, history’s most famous urinal, as art or prank. Nor is it the ongoing controversy as to whether the piece should be attributed to Duchamp or his friend, avant-garde poet and artist Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. The question is why more civilians don’t head for the men’s room armed with black paint pens (or alternatively, die-cut stickers) to enhance every urinal they encounter with the signa...
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