Create Your Very Own Enamel Pins Design: Colour Matching

  Photo by Nikita Khandelwal from Pexels Have you ever thought about creating and designing your enamel pins? After all, they are one of the modern, most fashionable, and trendy accessories. Lapel pins are becoming popular, and they are pretty helpful.   However, the choices of lapel pins on the market may restrict you. There are two primary sorts of enamel pins, the commercial ones and the ones used for causes.  You can wear causes just for specified events. The commercial ones are so g...
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So This Is The Metaverse, Eh? Yawn…

A game-y galaxy that seamlessly fuses with the meatspace. What matters is that metaverse is now the buzzword du jour and that Facebook wants a piece of it. The bad news is that Zuckerberg’s metaverse ambitions sound boring as hell. – Wired
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Canada Weighs Policies To Make Big Tech Companies Pay For Journalism

News companies in Canada have been struggling financially and digital platforms have vacuumed up most of the ad revenue that used to go to newspapers and broadcasters. – Toronto Star
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Flexible Chair

Comfortable wooden chair made out of flexible plywood sections designed to slightly bend under the weight of a person. Karekla Chair designed by Phebos Xenakis features steel frame and safety arch hidden under the seat. Most people are afraid to sit down on the chair because the safety arch is not visible. When a person […]
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How An Obscenity Trial 50 Years Ago Inspired A Generation Of Protest Art

The six-week trial of Oz magazine at the Old Bailey was the longest obscenity trial in England’s history. It remains the most absurd. – The Guardian
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A Creative Redevelopment That Intends To Skip The Usual Mistakes

Birkenhead is barely a mile from Liverpool, situated on the opposite bank of the River Mersey. It was once known as the “New York of Europe” thanks to its shipbuilding, but deindustrialisation and waves of austerity have created significant decline. – The Guardian
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How Working In (For Now) Post-COVID Broadway Works

It’s a resumption of business — and, for many arts workers, employment — that’s been eagerly awaited and long in coming. But it’s also a balancing act of safety and economics. – Variety
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In Praise Of Celebrity Memoirs

The sooner you accept that star stories are full of embellishments and omissions, invented quotes and one-sided recollections dictated to patient ghostwriters, the sooner you’ll come to appreciate them as the grand and eccentric performances that they are. – The New Yorker
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Sierra Nevada red fox to be listed as an endangered species

The Sierra Nevada red fox is to be listed as an endangered species following a decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday. The slender, bushy-tailed fox is one of the rarest mammals in the U.S., and its population has been threatened since the 1970s. According to the federal wildlife officials, the population of the red foxes has dropped to just 40 in an area stretching from Lake Tahoe to the south of Yosemite National Park in California. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said in...
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Could 1980s Film Noir Actually Be Better Than The Classic 1940s Stuff?

Neo-noir “could spell out what the 1940s films could only imply, with themes, violence and sexuality that could only be hinted at four decades before. … In the era of Reagan and MTV, it was a genre that was at the same time throwback and cutting-edge.” –
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Teaching Kids To Read And Getting Them To Enjoy It — What The Data Says

Emily Oster looks at the phonics vs. whole-language debate (she has one word for you: “delumpification”) and what studies show about how to entice (not persuade) children to read for pleasure. – Literary Hub
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The Play Doctors Of Poughkeepsie

Though its theater season each summer is a must-see in the industry, even that is more inward facing than outward, with only a few performances of each show and no reviews allowed. – The New York Times
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Upper Los Angeles River Plan wins award for inclusive, sustainable design

The influential Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Revitalization Plan (ULART) has earned the prestigious global 2021 AZ Award from Azure Magazine for its plan to “recalibrate natural urban waterways by deploying nature-based solutions to create new community space and help rectify decades of neglect.” In an international competition commissioned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), the ULART plan by Studio-MLA stood out for i...
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Will Lagos be submerged by 2100?

In Lagos, the rainy season signifies more than the inconvenience of getting your feet wet and trying to remember your umbrella. Instead, annual flooding means getting wet to at least your knees if you venture out. But even if you stay in, water might flood in and destroy your house. And it’s getting worse. Experts predict the city might be submerged by 2100. Peak flooding usually comes in September. But already in July this year, Lagos was suffering from flooding that endangered lives and proper...
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And Now… AI-Generated Sculptures That Look Eerily Real

The resulting totemic structures, biomorphic forms, and sleek stacked shapes against drab gray backgrounds have a strange, mass-produced patina, as vaguely similar as Ikea furniture. – Hyperallergic
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In Defense Of Watching TV At High Speed

Nicholas Quah writes that the habit, reviled by creators, simply makes it easier to get through mountains of content, leaving time to try stuff (like generic Netflix documentaries) he’d otherwise skip. (And 1.25x speed just doesn’t distort things that much.) – New York Magazine
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‘Ode to Idealism’ A Contemporaneous ‘Day of Imagination’ in Brooklyn

David Bloom Contemporaneous, an ensemble of some two dozen musicians, started out at Bard College as the brainchild of a pair of undergrads. Now, more than a decade later, the ensemble is based in New York City and continues to thrive professionally. It will present its largest production to date on Sept. 18. Billed as The Day of Imagination, the program will feature three sets over a full day, four world premieres, six hours of music, and 50 artists. The founders and co-artistic direc...
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Why Composer Jake Heggie Writes His Operas Entirely By Hand

“Making a mess is central to creativity and certainly to composition. … (With music software,) I think that sometimes young composers can be misled. Because it looks perfect on the screen and it looks perfect when it’s printed out, and it’s not done.” (podcast with transcription) – Slate
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The Value Of Profanity

Even in a society which tells itself the half-truth that it treasures ‘free speech’, there are, indeed must be, words that are beyond the pale – words that can still shock, thrill or shame. – Literary Review
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Kitchen Garden Textiles makes farm-to-table linens

Heidi Barr gained her textile know-how as a costume designer. Now, she uses that experience, coupled with a passion for sustainable kitchen products, as a basis for her business at Kitchen Garden Textiles. “Our goal is to provide beautiful and practical kitchen textiles that help people live without synthetic fabrics, plastics or single-use disposables in their home or restaurant kitchens,” Barr explained. Related: These sustainable sunglasses smell like coffee and decompose into fertilizer Ki...
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The Dance Of The Discus Throw

Olympic gold medalist Valarie Allman, a former dancer: “I think it’s a second-and-a-half dance that you do hundreds of times and it’s really repetitive, but gosh-darn, I do think it’s a dance. It’s poetry. It’s balance. It’s grace. It’s power.” – The Washington Post on MSN
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This Improv Group Wants To Be The Anti-Upright Citizens Brigade. Is That Possible?

In 2020, the worst of a series of bad years for the company, UCB withdrew entirely from New York. Now the Squirrel Comedy Theater wants to operate using UCB’s artistic principles while avoiding the business practices that alienated so many members and students. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, UCB, Squirrel Comedy Theater

Three ways to hang a picture

This is about three different ways to hang a picture - whether that's a painting, a drawing or a fine art print - and whether it's a small, medium or large artwork.Hanging gear for hanging pictures -... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
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Simone Biles Offers A Lesson For The Dance World

Bradford Chin: “I love that, although most of us dancers are not Olympic athletes, we treat every performance like the Olympics. But, like the Olympics, the dance world is plagued by the contradictory values of self-care and ‘team effort’ heroism.” – Dance Magazine
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Famous Amsterdam canal gets a 3D-printed smart bridge

Amsterdam’s oldest neighborhood is getting a high-tech upgrade thanks to 3D-printing company MX3D and design firm Joris Laarman Lab. The team recently unveiled a stainless steel, 3D-printed smart bridge that will be placed over one of the city’s historic bridges in the Red Light District. The bridge will be equipped with digital technology to analyze crowd behavior. The stainless steel bridge has the capacity to hold a minimum of 19.5 tons, more than even what it was designed for. According to ...
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The (Colorful) History Of Color

If one really wants to see an example of how a colour can come to denote an entire system of values and beliefs, look no further than green. – Literary Review
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Now AI Is Creating Customized Artwork To Order (And It’s Cheap)

“Customers scroll through a selection of artwork and click the designs they like. … Then, the user clicks a button reading ‘Make My Art,’ Artifly becomes familiar with your selections — and … in about a minute, it creates a brand-new personalized artwork.” – Artnet
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The 25 Most Significant Works of Postwar Architecture (Per The NYT’s Style Mag)

“Three architects, three journalists and two designers gathered over Zoom to make a list of the most influential and lasting buildings that have been erected — or cleverly updated — since World War II. Here are the results.” – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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Theatre for One: HERE IS FUTURE

HERE IS FUTURE Theatre for One returns NYC for in-person performances at Manhattan West Plaza with HERE IS FUTURE, a series of new micro-plays commissioned by Arts Brookfield and produced by Octopus Theatricals. What do we bring forward? What do we build anew? The future doesn’t come from nowhere. It...Read more »
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International Call for Filmmakers– 2021 Creative Climate Awards

The Human Impacts Institute’s Creative Climate Awards is an annual series of events that showcase artists creating climate-inspired, public works. In an effort to inspire us to think more critically about our actions and their impacts, the Creative Climate Awards program uses the arts and creativity to share knowledge, broaden...Read more »
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