SFMoMA Cuts Programs — Community Calls Out Disconnect Of Values

“Are you really telling the Bay Area that you spent the last year and a half forging diversity, equity and inclusion committees, to then eliminate the three most diverse and accessible programs that foster a sense of connection and support for local artists?” – Los Angeles Times
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GENERAL DIRECTOROPERA SAN JOSÉSan Jose, California Opera San José (OSJ) invites applications and recommendations for the position of General Director. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the General Director provides for the overall leadership of this $5 million company, with ultimate responsibility for all creative and operational aspects of administration and production. The General Director is the primary leader in artistic planning, fund-raising, building relationships with i...
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How To Become Wise? Learning Rather Than Persuading

“The most remarkable feature of Socrates’s approach is his punctilious politeness and sincere enthusiasm. The conversation usually begins with Socrates asking his interlocutor: Since you think you know, can you tell me…” – Boston Review
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Haunting Pictures Of Cypress’ Underwater Sculpture Park

The museum is within a marine protected area about 200 metres from Pernera beach and in water between eight and 10 metres deep, so is accessible to snorkellers, scuba divers and free divers. – The Guardian
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Haunting Pictures Of Cyprus’ Underwater Sculpture Park

The museum is within a marine protected area about 200 metres from Pernera beach and in water between eight and 10 metres deep, so is accessible to snorkellers, scuba divers and free divers. – The Guardian
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Water Go-Kart

Aquatic go-kart with innovative mid mounted engine allows people to quickly drive on water and make high speed turns. Go-Kart designed for water features asymmetric catamaran layout for more responsive and agile performance. WoKart transforms water into roads and makes summer vacations fun. Also check out: Suitcase Go-Kart
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We’re Taught That Battle And Triumph Are Desirable. Is Neutrality A Better Option?

Our heroes are the warrior, the entrepreneur, and the activist, not the neutral parties. Neutrality appears cold, lifeless, effeminate, weak, and suspect. – Tablet
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Why It’s So Difficult To Design A Good Olympic Logo

Paris is not the only city to struggle when trying to create a memorable logo. The history of Olympic logos shows it’s not easy to strike the tricky balance between capturing the spirit of the Games and that of the host city. – The Conversation
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No, Say Musicians, UK Government Has Not Solved Post-Brexit Touring Problem

“We knew all this in January,” says the CEO of the musicians’ trade body. “The idea that the government has done something fantastic or that it has won some concessions is not correct. The announcement is not new information to the music industry.” – The Guardian
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Broadway Is On The Verge Of Reopening. Can It? Should It?

“A week ago, there was great optimism that by Sept. 14 we would be raring to go. Now, I would say there’s cautious optimism, what with the delta variant and the many forms of communication coming out that there’ve been breakthrough cases.” – Bloomberg
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Ice melt releases 'forever chemicals' into Arctic Ocean

A study by Lancaster University has found that seawater close to melting Arctic ice contains high concentrations of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Water samples collected from Arctic ice floes show PFAS levels two times higher than samples from the North Sea. The region under investigation lies far from the most populated areas of Europe, leading to the conclusion that the chemicals were not caused by surface water flow into the ocean. The study, led by the University of Lancaster’s...
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Russia Blocks Popular Online Community DeviantArt

Roskomnadzor, the country’s communications regulator, “said it had sent 145 requests to DeviantArt to remove unlawful content from its site since 2019, saying certain pages contained child pornography, pro-drug and pro-Nazi content, as well as other prohibited images.” – Reuters
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People Are Quitting Jobs. Time For A Rethink?

Reports of workers of all types have quit, are quitting, or are looking for reasons to quit. Many are not seeking a new job, either right away or ever. Some are calling it “The Great Resignation of 2021.” Alan Harrison
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New Day School by MMXVI makes use of existing residential building

School districts around the world face the battle of pairing the existing budget with the need to increase usable space for student and teacher use. When the topic inevitably came up for an elementary and middle school in Orpund, Switzerland, the team at MMXVI Architecture was pulled into the discussion. The result is a unique solution that serves a multitude of purposes for the campus and beyond. Known as the New Day School, the building was previously a residential building near the fringe of ...
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Enbridge Line 3 pipeline protestors brutally arrested

Last weekend, at least 20 people were arrested in Minnesota for protesting the proposed Enbridge Line 3 pipeline that would transport Canadian tar sands into the United States. The protestors have been fighting Canadian fossil fuel giant Enbridge for five years. The recent arrests were accompanied by tear gas and painful rubber-coated bullets. “The level of brutality that was unleashed on us was very extreme,” said indigenous lawyer and activist Tara Houska, according to Democracy Now. “People w...
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We Need Better Plots About Friendship

“When friendship exists in the background, it’s unremarkable but generally uncomplicated. But when friendship becomes the plot, then the only story to tell is about how the friendship ended.” B.D. McClay argues that there can be more options. – Lapham’s Quarterly
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Texas’s Governor Forbids Mask Mandates. So People Will Go To Shows?

Not really. In an informal KERA and Dallas Morning News survey conducted over the past few days, about 70% of more than 1,200 respondents said they do not feel safe or are unsure if they feel safe attending public arts events. – Dallas Morning News
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New York – Borna Sammak: “Beach Towel Paintings B/W Year in Words 4″ at JTT Through August 6th, 2021

Borna Sammak, Not Yet Titled (2021), via JTT Artist Borna Sammak opens a new show at JTT this month, continuing his work drawing on symbols and signage from contemporary pop culture and the modern urban landscape to create a dizzying exploration of aesthetics and meaning in our hyperconnected textual and graphical landscape. Featuring a series of works rendered with […]
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What Holds This Tiny Former Mining Town Together? Its Theater Company

Elisabeth Vincentelli visits Creede, Colorado (population 350), isolated high in the San Juan Mountains, to check out the Creede Repertory Theater, which came up when she Googled “most remote theater in the United States” and which has attracted serious stage professionals for 56 years. – The New York Times
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Millennial startup Arts Help receives $5 million from billionaire Chris Larsen to raise awareness of the climate crisis

(L-R) Adiam Gafoo - Chief Operating Officer; Mo Ghoneim - Founder / Chief Strategy Officer; Mercedes Custodio - Chief Development Officer; Janice Lau-Pearson - Chief Marketing Officer Lane Dorsey Nonprofit organization Arts Help has received $5 million in funding from billionaire Chris Larsen. The money will be used to fund art initiatives seeking to combat the climate crisis. The organization also has plans to develop an NFT marketplace and launch programming around crypto. See more st...
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Far from Frill—Large Investments in Campus Arts Facilities May Attract Higher-Tuition Students

Photo by Loïc Fürhoff on Unsplash In the early 1990s, as a moon-eyed undergraduate at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I often killed time between classes by straying into the Hopwood Room in Angell Hall. Named for Avery Hopwood (1882-1928), an alum and playwright whose Broadway credits include Getting Gertie’s Garter, the carpeted oasis lured few visitors—beyond faculty and students from the MFA program in creative writing. Upon entry, you met a round oak table, or what you assumed ...
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NYC’s Remarkable New Island Of Creativity

On 2.4 acres of lush lawns and man-made, sculptured hills, Little Island percolates daily with creative energy, fueled by talent recruited everywhere from the theaters of Broadway to the platforms of the subway. – Washington Post
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Traumhaus Funari transforms an old military site into affordable housing

Traumhaus Funari is an urban development on the site of a former U.S. military barracks in Germany. The neighborhood design takes a unique approach with a focus on green spaces and pedestrian access, while also creating affordable, diverse and individualized housing. Architectural firm MVRDV aims to redesign the idea of a suburban neighborhood by partnering with Traumhaus, a prefabricated home builder. Putting their strengths together has resulted in a district of homes that owners can help des...
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Bolshoi Ballet Director Wants Company To Build A Third Theatre

The Moscow troupe has the famous 1,680-seat house, which he calls the Historic Stage, and a venue opened in 2002, called the New Stage, which seats only 900. Vakhar Maziev argues that the lack of another large performance space causes problems both financial and logistical. – Gramilano (Milan)
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Corporation For Public Broadcasting Should Be Overhauled To Focus On The Internet: Study

The German Marshall Fund has issued a policy paper arguing that the CPB, which currently channels federal money to local public TV and radio stations, should be revamped to include various online platforms and content, with a particular focus on local institutions. – Axios
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Will Scott Rudin Make A Comeback? Could He If He Wanted To?

Word is that the disgraced producer hopes to return, and he claims he’s working to improve his notorious temper. Would he be accepted? Some insiders argue there’s nobody else with his set of skills, others that nobody is indispensable, and especially not someone so vicious. – New York Magazine
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This restaurant features a green terrace and organic garden

Created by Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura, Margot Restaurant in Argentina is a unique dining experience where the dining room and the open kitchen share a space. You enter the restaurant through the organic garden, where ingredients for the food are grown. This is a farm-to-table experience like no other, with an open floor plan that lets you see every stage of food preparation. You’ll see the ingredients grown outside turned into the food that gets served to your table. The building itself is con...
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Balanchine As A Character In a Crime Novel

July 1943 happens to coincide with a window in Balanchine’s known itinerary. He might just have worked on this other wartime Hollywood morale-lifter, which MacNeal names “Star-Spangled Canteen”, for the fictitious Gold Brothers Studios. Alastair Macaulay
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Who’s Everyone’s Favorite Guy At Jacob’s Pillow This Year? The Weatherman

With all performances outdoors this year, the dance festival hired its first resident meteorologist, Paul Caiano from nearby Albany. And, since this summer’s weather is unusually weird and the Pillow sits in an odd little microclimate, they really need him. – The New York Times
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Painting and paintings by John Singer Sargent

My second post from the archives is about John Singer Sargent and his approach to paintings. Below are past blog posts which are well worth a read to look at the resources I accessed while... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Making A Mark)]
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