What The Little Island Reveals About Manhattan Island

Little Island discombobulates many of the ways in which the body physically adapts itself to the pulse of the city. You are neither busy nor bored. – Washington Post
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Bed Made of Balls

Innovative furniture made out of soft foam balls can be transformed into beds, sofas, and chairs of different shapes. Comfortable “feel seating system” designed by Animi Causa can change its form to reflect the emotional state of the body. You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it. Also check out: […]
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Why NBC’s Olympics Broadcasts Didn’t Get Ratings Gold

The 14-day average of 16.5 million viewers through Wednesday is down a whopping 41% from the audience for the 2016 Games in Rio. – Los Angeles Times
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Can This Technology Help You Be A Better Writer?

Lynit is a digital platform that helps authors visualise, plan and weave together the various elements – such as characters, plot arcs, themes and key events – that form a story. – BBC
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See how an interior designer hacked a basic Ikea Pax wardrobe into a lush, inky blue walk-in closet

Erin Kestenbaum Ikea offers several storage systems that can be ordered in sizes that fit almost any space. In the hands of a design pro, the basic off-the-shelf style can be transformed into something unique. Here's how one Ikea hacker turned a Pax wardrobe system into a Vogue-worthy walk-in closet. See more stories on Insider's business page. Erin Kestenbaum is an interior designer and photographer based in Connecticut. Erin Kestenbaum Back in 2016, she and her h...
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Fine particulate air pollution linked to increased dementia risk

Researchers at the University of Washington have found a relationship between increased levels of fine particle pollution and the risk of dementia. In a study that borrowed data from two long-running studies in the Seattle area, researchers established that high levels of particulate matter in the environment corresponded with a greater risk of dementia. The data used was borrowed from a study that has measured air pollution in the Puget Sound region since the 1970s and a study researching risk ...
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Get Real! C’Mon — Your Membership Is Expiring!

Same dance, different day, eh, hoss? Just wanted to remind you that your membership is expiring soon. So we’re kind of getting down to the wire here. – The New Yorker
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Race And Classical Music — Challenging A Reckoning

Heather MacDonald’s Part 2: “The biggest victim in the racial attack on classical music is the music itself. Once the poison of identity politics is injected into a field, it can never recover its prelapsarian innocence.” – City Journal
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A green roof makes Lazy House a sustainable beauty

Lazy House’s design emphasizes the relationship between house, garden and city. Each element flows together in this beautiful, harmonious home. Part of a new urban area in the Czech Republic, Lazy House is located above the Zlín valley on a slope that connects to the Lazy residential district. With its lower floor base sunk into the slope, the house has a square floor plan with a rotated layout. The house sits facing the north and the valley below to create gorgeous views. Related: 4 green-roof...
Tags: Design, Czech Republic, House, Homes, Insulation, Bamboo, Green Roof, Zlín, Czech Republic Lazy House, Lazy House, Petr Janda

Are Writers Being Left Behind In The New World Of Streaming?

“Creatively, it’s sort of like the Wild West — you can do anything you want and find a home for it, but financially it’s like an emergency what’s going on.” – Los Angeles Times
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The Art Of Distraction

It hardly matters how committed you are to making the best use of your limited time if, day after day, your attention gets wrenched away by things you never wanted to focus on. – The Guardian
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Dead zones expand in the Gulf of Mexico and on Oregon coast

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced last week that the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico are worse this year than they expected. Four million acres of habitat off the Texas and Louisiana coasts are so oxygen-depleted that fish and other bottom-dwelling species can’t live there. Dead zones are more scientifically called “hypoxic zones.” This refers to places where so little oxygen is dissolved in the water that marine species move on, if they’re mob...
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Artists Aren’t Just Born, They’re Made

If you want to make digital art, you need to learn to code. A training in film will help with moving-image art. So much is obvious. But today we’re in thrall to a vacuous Romanticism that insists artists are born not made. – The Guardian
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Marjan van Aubel's solar roof couples renewable energy with beauty

Expo 2020 Dubai is gearing up to open in October 2021. This multi-national event will bring together ideas to improve societies and the environment. The Netherlands is participating with a pavilion that will display the ability to harvest water, energy and food through innovative technologies, including a cone-shaped vertical farm beneath colorful solar panels. Marjan van Aubel, a Dutch designer with several solar-based innovations under her belt, was selected to design the solar roof for the Ne...
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The Problem With Anti-Racist Self-Help Books For White People

Be careful what you wish for. To anyone who has been conscious of race for a lifetime, these books can’t help feeling less brave than curiously backward. – The Atlantic
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New York – Lucy Raven at Dia:Chelsea Through January, 2022

Lucy Raven (Installation View), via Dia Marking the reopening of the Dia Art Foundation’s Chelsea headquarters following an expansive renovation project, artist Lucy Raven has installed a set of new works that emphasize points of renewal, construction, and the organization’s place in the history of contemporary art through a deft and intuitive process. The show, open through next year, features a […]
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Take a Journey Through 933 Paintings by Salvador Dalí & Watch His Signature Surrealism Emerge

Salvador Dalí made over 1,600 paintings, but just one has come to stand for both his body of work and a major artistic current that shaped it: 1931’s The Persistence of Memory, widely known as the one with the melting clocks. By that year Dalí had reached his late twenties, still early days in what would be a fairly long life and career. But he had already produced many works of art, as evidenced by the video survey of his oeuvre above. Proceeding chronologically through 933 of his paint...
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The Painful Cost Of The Writing Life

The financial cost, the personal cost, the emotional costs … who chooses this? – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 08.09.21

Instagram Pivots To Video, Leaving Photographers And Other Artists Out Of Sorts

Back in the day, “when it launched in 2010, Instagram courted the artistic community, inviting respected designers to be among its initial users and naming its very first filter X-Pro II, after an analogue photo-developing technique.” Then Facebook bought it. – The Observer (UK)
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Bloggers, Poets, Writers Beware

“Words cascade like an avalanche in spring. Try chewing your pencil and staring out the window in despair every so often. — Wislawa Szymborska ‘Songe drolaitique’ © by Gerard Bellaart He called himself  a statistical optimist, which must be a special  two-legged category,  not at all like the rest of us — man or woman — sugared perhaps  with private sonnets sent to friends,  the ones who gave him  hope, the desperate ones  he most admired,   who loved him least.  jh With apolo...
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Branding and Visual Identity for Celebration Union

Branding and Visual Identity for Celebration Union abduzeedo08.09.21 Ana Andreeva shared a branding and visual identity project created for Celebration Union, an event design studio based in New York. The visual language is built on research into the history of celebration - weddings, events, gatherings, and parties, to find the essence of what makes our special days special.  The identity for Celebration Union is an effort to find a visual metaphor that spe...
Tags: New York, Design, Ana, Visual Identity for Celebration Union, Ana Andreeva, Celebration Union

Ngi Space offers a new purpose to traditional ceiling tiles

Architecture can connect with nature, serve a purpose and bring visual charm all at the same time. This seems to be the case with Ngói Space, a multipurpose building located in a residential area outside Hanoi, Vietnam. Ngói Space sits on a corner, drawing attention from every angle. H&P Architects compare the design to that of a tree, such as a branching banyan or bodhi tree, merged with elements of a cave. H&P Architects designed Ngói Space not only as a community hub but as an example of til...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Vietnam, Tiles, Clay, Rooftop Garden, Clay Tiles, Ngói Space, Hanoi Vietnam Ngói Space, Le Minh Hoang

Why Such Disdain For Theatre That Is Commercial?

The antipathy for the commercial sector of the theater, especially from the inside and often fueled by envy or elitism, is far from new. – Chicago Tribune
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Medieval Literature Scholars, Movie Critics, And Fans Of King Arthur Walk Into A Bar

And they all disagree about the most recent adaptation of the anonymously written poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – the movie starring Dev Patel. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Gawain, 08.07.21

Jacob Desvarieux, Musician Who Created Zouk Style, Dies Of Covid At 65

“Desvarieux and the founder of [the band] Kassav’, the bassist Pierre-Edouard Décimus, created a style called zouk by fusing Afro-Caribbean traditions of the French Antilles with sleek electronic dance music.” Even French president Emmanuel Macron paid the musician tribute after his death. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Emmanuel Macron, Kassav, Desvarieux, 08.08.21, Jacob Desvarieux, Pierre Edouard Décimus

We Need To Talk About The Ethics Of Digital Resurrection

The latest in questionable use of an artist’s likeness or image, and/or voice, after death: “A hologram of Whitney Houston will perform a six-month Las Vegas residency beginning in October 2021.” – CBC
Tags: Art, Las Vegas, Whitney Houston, Issues, 08.08.21, Digital Resurrection

What’s Up With The Not-Quite-There Dream Ballet In The Musical Spoof Schmigadoon?

Though they become a joke in the fifth episode of the show, dream ballets used to signal deeper emotions in musicals – but now they’re seen as slow-moving narrative stumbling blocks. – Entertainment Weekly
Tags: Art, Dance, 08.06.21

Nach Waxman, Who Founded Manhattan’s Bookstore Of Culinary Knowledge, 84

Waxman founded Kitchen Arts & Letters in a former butcher shop in 1983, and for decades, he provided what he called “professional tools” for chefs, food writers, food and wine historians, and thousands of other culinary workers. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Manhattan, Waxman, Nach Waxman, 08.07.21, Kitchen Arts Letters

Like Many Others, This Small Theatre Company Would Just Like The Old Normal Back, Please

At the Broadway Rose Theatre in Tigard, Oregon, the founder and managing director is so very done with the pandemic. “We’re a live theater company. I don’t want to do any more streaming. I want live people experiencing a live performance that will different the next night and the night after that.” – Oregon ArtsWatch
Tags: Art, Theatre, Tigard Oregon, 08.08.21, Broadway Rose Theatre

Voters Picked Mulholland Drive As The Best Art-House Movie Of Twenty Years Ago

Better than Monsoon Wedding? Better than Sexy Beast? Better than Amèlie?! Well: “The film remains [David Lynch’s magnum opus, a perfect distillation of his most lasting fascinations.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, David Lynch, Amélie, 08.06.21

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