This outdoor recyclable cooler uses wool insulation to keep your drinks cool, and comes with its own charcuterie board lid!

Wool has a pretty good reputation as an insulating material, but you don’t instantly think of wool being used to keep something cool. Sure, woolen sweaters, mitts, socks, caps, they’re all used to trap your body heat and keep you warm, but with insulation, the inverse is true too! Meet the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler, an outdoor cooler that uses eco-friendly wool (as opposed to chemical insulants) to keep your cool drinks cool… and as an added bonus, it comes with a lid that doubles up a...
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Tiny Kitchens so well designed + fully functional that they feel anything but tiny!

Tiny homes seem to have taken over, so why shouldn’t tiny kitchens be a viable option as well? I mean, our modern-day cramped homes really don’t have sufficient space for sprawling, over-the-top kitchens! What they need are well-equipped kitchens that take up minimum space, without compromising on functionality in the least. And, we’ve gathered a collection of mini kitchens, that may not be physically large, but will still manage to meet all your culinary needs nonetheless! These kitchen design...
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The Physics Behind Executing This Common Gymnastics Move

If the wolf turn was just about balancing on one foot, it probably wouldn’t be in an Olympic-level beam routine. It’s the spin that really makes this thing so difficult. – Wired
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This new AirPods Pro case takes on a barrel shape to fit in pockets with your other EDC items!

Antón visualized an AirPods Pro case concept that holds each AirPods Pro in vertical placement, swapping out a rectangular build for a barrel-shaped case. The new case for AirPods Pros is even wider than the previous generation of AirPods. Wedging that case into your pocket between your keys, wallet, and other EDC items is uncomfortable and makes our pockets too bulky. Iván Antón, a product and graphic designer based in Madrid, recently visualized an AirPods Pro Case concept that gives the case...
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What Happens To Pop Music Stars When Recording Labels Lose Confidence

Stats from UK music trade body BPI say that only one in 10 signed artists are expected to succeed commercially, and if the relationship does fall apart, any music an artist has made typically remains owned by the label. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, BPI

A Smaller Edinburgh Fringe Festival — Is It Better?

For some in a city with a population of only around 500,000, a break from the Fringe last year, followed by a much smaller festival this year — one that doesn’t clog up roads and sidewalks, or cause short-term rents to skyrocket — has been welcomed. – The New York Times
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Medium To Offer Writers 50% of Subscriber Revenue Their Content Generates

In comparison to other digital media platforms, Medium was quick to compensate creators—and, according to Digiday, “Medium’s Partner Program has attracted more than 200,000 enrollees and paid out some $28 million to participants since the program’s launch in 2017.” That said, Medium will further their partner program with a new initiative that compensates writers with 50% of the new subscriber revenue their content generates (after payment …
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Fresh Bird: Twitter Adds Beakful of Design Changes

Twitter unveiled some design tweaks Wednesday with the aim of making its platform "more accessible, unique and focused on you and what you're talking about." The Chirp font the social network initially discussed in January is now being rolled out. Twitter's color palette was updated to be more high contrast and less blue, which the...
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Instagram Is Turning Away From Photos To Videos. Artists Are Angry

The move has the artistic community seeing Pantone 032. Though there’s no way of knowing how many artists, architects and photographers have left the app, many are at least threatening to. – The Guardian
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This Polaroid camera comes with an inbuilt stylus that lets you doodle on your photos before they print

Looks like the Galaxy Note and the instant camera had a baby! Meet the NOTIC, a camera concept that takes instant photography to the next level. While most instant cameras are a mere two-step effort – clicking and printing (or developing if you’re pedantic), NOTIC adds a third intermediary step that lets you customize your photos before they print. The camera’s built-in stylus lets you doodle on your photos, adding notes, emojis, sketches, etc. to give your photo a more heartfelt, personal touc...
Tags: Design, Cameras, Fujifilm, Stylus, Polaroid, Product Design, Instant Camera, Jinwoo Jang, NOTIC

How Museums Are Responding To Climate Change

After all, museums aren’t much more than glammed-up, oversized attics, right? How high could their carbon footprint really be? – Washington Post
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Coat Hanger Shelf

Multifunctional coat hanger with a shelf carved out in the middle to hold your keys, phone, wallet, and valuable belongings. BÜGAL – coat hanger shelf designed by Calvin Middel and Bence Ridder. Also check out: Paintbrush Coat Hooks
Tags: Design, Tech, Calvin Middel, Bence Ridder

China Will Ban Karaoke Songs With “Illegal” Content

According to one CNN report, a song called “Fart” was blacklisted. The lyrics of the song read: “There are some people in the world who like farting while doing nothing.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, China, Cnn

Stories on Skates, a 3D Storytelling Project with Cynthia Erivo in Partnership with Adobe

Stories on Skates, a 3D Storytelling Project with Cynthia Erivo in Partnership with Adobe ibby08.11.21 Over the past year, roller skating has taken over. Be it physically seeing professionals and amateurs alike in city parks and open spaces or on social media with mesmerizing choreographies and music, skating culture is finally getting the attention it so deserves. To pay tribute to roller skating’s legacy and cultural impact, Cynthia Erivo -  English-born bo...
Tags: Design, Adobe, Cynthia Erivo, Erivo

This portable office desk + PC reinvents co-working, giving you an improved open-office layout

Area Flip is a refreshing mobile office desk PC with a multi-screen setup that is designed to emphasize seamless workflow, interaction, and flexible private working zones. In a typical office setup with desktops as workstations, your portability is limited by the partitions and the wires that clutter but keep you connected. This also leads to a standardized working environment which can get monotonous with time. This problem demands a solution like the Area Flip which maximizes the mobility of ...
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Why Bollywood Is Cranking Out The War Movies This Year

Basically, it’s because Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing the country in a more militaristic direction, especially with regard to Pakistan. And “India’s wars with Pakistan are privileged by Bollywood ‘because we always win.'” – The Guardian
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How Seattle’s Last Remaining Video Rental Store Plans To Go National

Scarecrow has approximately 140,000 titles, on physical media. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu — combined — have approximately one-third of that, and the ephemeral nature of streaming rights means that titles on those platforms come and go. –
Tags: Art, Media, Seattle, Hulu, Netflix Amazon

Jackson Hole Quickdraw 2021 — ‘Borbay a’ la Ansel’

September 18, 2021 — 9:00AM — Jackson Hole Town Square — Hello friends, I’m delighted to announce, that I will be participating in my fourth Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival Quickdraw. Beginning at 9:00AM, sharp, we artist’s will have 90 minutes to create a piece — which will then be auctioned, live, in the tent adjacent …
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Finland’s Nonbinary Iron Age Warrior

Discovered at Finland’s Suontaka Vesitorninmäki in 1968, an Iron Age grave held the mysterious remains of a celebrated warrior whose gender puzzled scientists for decades, as the deceased was accompanied by weapons associated with men of the era and jewelry associated with women from this time period. Now, new information released by geneticist Elina Salmela of the University of Helsinki reveals that the figure was likely …
Tags: Gender, Design, History, Culture, Finland, Archaeology, Linkaboutit, University of Helsinki, Queer Culture, Suontaka Vesitorninmäki, Elina Salmela

California Dixie fire growing too fast for warning systems

The Northern California Dixie Fire that erupted last month continues to make history. The elusive fire officially became the largest active wildfire in the U.S. last weekend. On Monday, it was recognized as California’s second-largest fire in history. Although the blaze started small, various factors have made it difficult to contain. So far, it has claimed roughly half a million acres and lasted for almost a month. Of more concern to firefighters is the rate at which the fire is spreading and h...
Tags: Design, Climate Change, California, Oregon, Fire, Wildfires, University of California Los Angeles, Swain, Plumas National Forest, Daniel Swain, Chris Carlton, Northern California Dixie Fire

House Lhotka brings energy-efficient home design to the Czech Republic

Sustainable construction is on the mind of builders, architects, engineers, residential homeowners and businesses around the world. A project by SOA architekti in collaboration with Richter Design reflects this mindset with green design elements and privacy in an open and well-lit home.  Located at Lhotka Prague 4 in the Czech Republic, House Lhotka is unique in the creation of a large home with an easily identifiable and functional central space. The house is purposely divided into four volume...
Tags: Design, Czech Republic, Homes, Sustainable housing, Green Architecture, SOA, Eco-friendly Design, Radiant Cooling, Lhotka Prague, Czech Republic House Lhotka, Minohshinmachi

Is Cancel Culture Stifling Comedy? In A Word, No.

“If the ‘wokeism is killing comedy’ crew are motivated by a genuine devotion to great comedy, then they can relax, because it is in rude health when it comes to risk-taking, boundary-pushing content.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues

Are We Finally Getting Over The “Show Up For Dance Class, Even If You’re Sick (And If You’re Injured, Sit And Watch)” Rule?

Dance psychologist Lucie Clements says we should reassess the value of “pushing past the pain”: “You are risking more harm than good if someone is hurt or sick. … It perpetuates that you are not worth as much as the art.” – Dance Teacher
Tags: Art, Dance, Lucie Clements

The Met Gala is featuring a fully vegan menu for 2021

When models, designers and Hollywood celebrities converge on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute for this year’s exclusive Met Gala, they’ll be snacking on a 100% vegan menu. Ten notable New York chefs will create the plant-based menu for fashion’s most prestigious charity event. If you’re more the sweatpants and t-shirt type, you might not know about this event that’s been called the Super Bowl of fashion. Since 1946, movers and shakers have been showing off their best red carpet...
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We’re Being Cajoled To Be Positive. It’s Not Helpful

The pressure to try to adopt positivity as a constant state of being has begun to feel exhausting. Some have gone as far as to call it “toxic positivity,” which may seem contradictory. – The Walrus
Tags: Art, Ideas

Egypt’s Greatest Living Novelist Explores Why The Tahrir Square Revolution Failed

Alaa Al-Aswany on his The Republic of False Truths: “I made a big mistake. I thought the revolution was representing all Egyptians, but we were the minority. … At some point, people turned against us. This novel is a way to understand what happened.” – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
Tags: Art, Egypt, Words, Tahrir Square, Alaa Al Aswany

ESCAPE to this eco-friendly tiny living community in Tampa

Tiny living has become much more than a fad. It’s a way of life. Entire tiny living communities exist now, including the Tampa Bay Village. This community is designed to be eco-friendly. It’s a true community where outdoor spaces and chores are shared by all. ESCAPE Homes has introduced their first mid-century modern tiny home, built specifically for the expansion of Tampa Bay Village. ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village debuted in spring 2020. Soon, it’s expected to increase fourfold. The community will ...
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Cautionary Tale For Publishers: Andrew Cuomo’s Book About Dealing With The Pandemic

When the manuscript began circulating, several major publishing companies vied for it in a frenzied auction, with bids soaring into the seven figures. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Andrew Cuomo

Sotheby’s to Sell 11 Picasso’s from MGM Resorts

Sotheby’s will sell 11 Picasso works owned by MGM Resorts, estimated at a combined value of around $100m.“We are committed to creating an even more inclusive collection that maintains the breadth of our existing portfolio while giving a greater voice to artists from underrepresented communities,” says Ari Kastrati, the chief hospitality officer of MGM Resorts. Read more at The […]
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Stefan Kalmár Steps Down from ICA London Directorship

Stefan Kalmár will leave his position as director of London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, a post he’s held since 2016. “Directorships should never be for life—fixed tenures should be the norm not the exception,” he said. Read more at Artforum  
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