When NYC Dance Companies’ Artistic Directors Started Talking…

Newly close colleagues and friends, they have shared ideas, problems, strategies and solutions, and for the first time will present a series of performances together. – The New York Times
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You Believe In Privacy? Turns Out We Believe In Convenience More

Despite this surge in support for privacy, we’re looking at a situation where routine surveillance of citizens will continue to become normalized—not through coercion, but through convenience. – Fast Company
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Saving The News? We Need To Rethink The News

More and more observers are agreeing that a wholesale rethinking of how news is produced is necessary if rigorous, trustworthy journalism is going to survive—both financially (as an economic institution) and culturally (as a civic one). – Boston Review
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Justice For College Improv!

Eliminate the distinction between collegiate and professional improv, because there is none. We henceforth reject the label “amateur improvisers.” “Improvisers” is embarrassing enough, we have been told. – The New Yorker
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Study: NYC TV Production Back To Pre-Pandemic Level

After a brutal 2020, TV production was one of the first industries back to work in the city and continues to advance. – Deadline
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Humpback whales in Alaska thrive in absence of cruise ships

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed humpback whales in Alaska to enjoy some peace, according to a new study. Researchers say that reduction in noise caused by cruise ships is to thank for the positive changes being witnessed in whales’ social lives.  Before the pandemic, humpback whales stuck together and expressed themselves less. According to National Park Service biologist Christine Gabriel, this behavior has changed since the dawn of the pandemic. With fewer cruise ships disturbing their habit...
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Una Stubbs: a life in pictures

Una Stubbs – the actor whose long career took in Summer Holiday, Worzel Gummidge, Till Death Us Do Part and most recently Steven Moffat’s Sherlock – has died aged 84.Una Stubbs, actor in Sherlock and Till Death Us Do Part, dies aged 84Una Stubbs obituary Continue reading...
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Against Beach Reading

No, this isn’t a polemic against the less-than-heavyweight material stereotypically enjoyed on a blanket on the sand. This is a polemic against reading at the beach. – The Atlantic
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The Problem With Novels About Life With The Internet

Ephemerality is the intractable problem plaguing most writing about the internet… Even if we’re stuck with social media for the long haul… its trends and user behaviors change so quickly that any attempt to trap them in amber becomes instantly dated. – The New Republic
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Gradient offers cooling and heating with a lower energy footprint

As the Earth continues to warm, passive designs for natural ventilation and heating are no longer enough in many areas. To escape extreme temperatures in either direction, effective air conditioning and warming are becoming an increasingly essential element of home design. Yet, it comes at a cost to the environment in the form of high energy usage. A company called Gradient has set out to change that with a window unit that’s efficient, innovative and climate-friendly. Centralized heat pumps ha...
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Establishing Serious Theatre In The French Countryside

The Federation of Local Festivals and Theaters, formally launched this month at the Avignon Festival, is made up of 17 rural companies started by young theatre grads who “found themselves frustrated with the rigid structure of France’s theater world.” – The New York Times
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Would Extinction Be Such A Bad Thing?

Since we are considering whether extinction might be better than continuing to exist, the question arises whether some pains could be so great that they outweigh any number of pleasures and other goods. – New Statesman
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Sicily hits record high temperature amid heatwave

In the latest extreme weather news, Europe has set a new record high temperature. Sicily hit 48.8 degrees Celsius this week, or 119.85 Fahrenheit, according to a reading at a Syracuse, Sicily monitoring station. At press time, the record high hadn’t yet been verified by the World Meteorological Organization. But if the organization accepts the reading, it will be the hottest day in recorded European history. The previous record was 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 Fahrenheit), set in 1977 in Athens, Gr...
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Have The Coen Brothers Broken Up?

Well, there’s no indication they’ve quit speaking to each other, but it seems Ethan has moved into live theater, leaving the movies to Joel. “If (their) films were the product of a true, across-the-board collaboration, what essential element will be lost when Ethan is gone?” – The Bulwark
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Evel Knievel Museum Moving From Kansas To Las Vegas

According to a report on Monday, the museum dedicated to the career of Robert Craig Knievel, who became known for his death-defying stunts and tricks on motorbikes, will move to the Las Vegas Arts District. – KVVU (Las Vegas)
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Ellen Havre Weis, 64, Founder Of The Museum Of Modern Mythology

The museum was a once renowned San Francisco tourist destination where a vinyl Michelin Man rubbed elbows with a lifesize statue of Colonel Sanders. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, San Francisco, People, Michelin, Ellen Havre Weis

Sarah Kaufman On How She’s Different From Other Dance Critics

“It’s a small part of my job to cover performances inside a theater. … My goal (is) to reveal that dance is in us, that we all have the power to appreciate it, to do it to the extent that we can, and to enjoy it.” – Harvard Political Review
Tags: Art, Dance, Sarah Kaufman

Live, work and shop at this green building in France

The Partenord Habitat Plot in the Porte de Valenciennes neighborhood in Lille, France, eliminates the idea of a pollution-creating commute to work. In this design, office space, housing and retail areas are all integrated into one. Three sections of the building work together in an integrated design. The offices, headquarters and housing all share the same foundation. The housing section includes 50 units, and there are seven different office spaces. On either side of the headquarters, there ar...
Tags: Design, France, Architecture, Solar, Lille France, Terracotta, Graywater, Coldefy, Mixed Use, Porte de Valenciennes, Partenord Habitat

Most beautiful US college campuses

You don’t choose a college based on its looks, but if the place where you’re planning on spending most of your time for the next four (or more) years is stunning, it can only be a good thing. After all, your campus is your home away from home, so choosing one that’s gorgeous, as well as well-rated, is a surefire way for you to have the time of your life. From amazing natural surroundings to breathtaking architectural pieces, here are 13 beautiful college campuses in the United States that are...
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Frank Gehry Turned An Old Bank Building Into A Concert Hall For Less Than $15 Million

You’d expect a concert hall to cost 10 or 20 times that amount. What’s more, after the bank moved out, the place was, among other things, a Burger King. Now it’s the home of Youth Orchestra Los Angeles, the L.A. Philharmonic’s Sistema-style program. – Los Angeles Times on MSN
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Goodreads Has An Extortion Problem

The site has a bullying problem, too. Huge traffic and inadequate moderation have allowed “review bombers” to threaten authors: Pay us or we’ll flood your book with bad reviews and tank its rating. (Or maybe we’ll do it just for kicks.) –
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New Grant Program Helps Museums Prepare For Climate Change

The new Frankenthaler Climate Initiative, funded by the late artist Helen Frankenthaler’s foundation, gives cash to museums to make their infrastructure more energy-efficient and prepare to aid their communities during natural disasters. – The Washington Post on MSN
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Domaine de l'Anse Sauvage emphasizes lush greenery

The Domaine de l’Anse Sauvage uses abundant outdoor green space in conjunction with a residential housing and apartment hotel development to blur the lines between the natural and indoor worlds. Located in northern Tunisia, the complex set out to counter the overdevelopment up and down the surrounding coastline and protect the endangered forest to the south. Planners put vegetation at the center of the overall project, both for the benefit of residents and the environment. Botanical gardens, gr...
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How Will The Humanities Record The COVID Plague?

 The account by the Greek historian and general, Thucydides (460-400BC), of how the Athenians responded to their virulent plague in the fifth century, directly or indirectly influenced how many later historians in antiquity described plagues. – The Conversation
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Conductor Gianluigi Gelmetti Dead At 75

A student of Sergiu Celibidache, Gelmetti served as principal conductor or music director of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony (1989-1998), the Rome Opera (2000-2009), Sydney Symphony (2004-2008), and Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo (2012-2016). – Limelight (Australia)
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Lonnie Bunch Introduces Smithsonian’s New Initiative On Racial Reckoning

“Beginning with a national summit on August 26, ated events — from conferences to town halls to immersive pop-up experiences — are designed to spark conversations nationally, regionally, locally, and among friends and family.” –
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Longtime NPR Host Neal Conan Dead At 71

“(He) was a mainstay of NPR programming for most of (its) half-century, joining the outlet in 1977 as a producer and departing in 2013 after hosting Talk of the Nation for 11 years. He then moved to Hawaii to farm macadamia nuts. – The Washington Post on MSN
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They’re Going To Auction Off $100 Million Worth Of Picassos In Vegas

MGM Resorts collected the 11 works for sale and, for a time, had had them on display at the Bellagio resort. The company says it’s deaccessioning them in order to expand its art collection, “giving a greater voice to artists from under-represented communities.” – Artnet
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Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture washed into sea by Japan storm

Experts consider possibility of rebuilding artist’s work, which was swept off a pier near NaoshimaExperts are determining whether it is possible to reconstruct one of Japan’s most recognisable works of modern art after it was badly damaged during a recent tropical storm.The sculpture, a giant black and yellow polka-dotted pumpkin by the celebrated artist Yayoi Kusama, has stood at the end of a pier on the “art island” of Naoshima in the Seto inland sea since 1994. Continue reading...
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