The Damage The ‘Nation Of Immigrants’ Rhetoric Does To The United States

“Multiculturalism was the response to civil rights demands, which required a revised narrative of U.S. history. For this scheme to work—and affirm U.S. historical progress—Indigenous nations and communities had to be left out of the picture or somehow woven into the story.” – Boston Review
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The Wormwood Star is a portrait of the mysterious occult artist Marjorie Cameron

"Wormwood Star" is a short film by Curtis Harrington about the extraordinary artist and occultist, Marjorie Cameron. You can watch it here. Cameron, born in 1922, led a fascinating life. She practiced the religion of Thelema (created by the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley). — Read the rest
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If You See Goddesses On Bus Shelter Walls, This Is Why

Artist Martine Gutierrez plays all the parts of goddesses, queens, and other icons on bus shelters in NY, Boston, and Chicago. “I think confusion is delicious,” the artist says. – The New York Times
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After Oregon Ballet Theatre Fired Its Artistic Director, The Resident Choreographer Also Left

And that’s because the resident choreographer – with three upcoming ballets in the 2021-22 season – was the AD’s partner. OBT “sent a letter to its subscribers early this week, and while the news wasn’t surprising, it was emphatic: The company’s 2021/2022 season … was getting a major overhaul.” – Oregon ArtsWatch
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A New Movie Centered Deaf Actors During Its Creation

Though some in the Deaf community are criticizing the new movie CODA for centering the concerns of a hearing character, the movie is (perhaps shockingly) “the first major Hollywood release to feature multiple Deaf leads, [and] its hearing director, Siân Heder, endeavored to make the set as accessible as possible.” – Los Angeles Times
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Leon Litwack, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Scholar Of Race In America, 91

Historian Litwack “illuminated dark corners of the American past by exploring the bitter legacy of slavery and segregation and by confronting the lingering presence of white supremacy in the national consciousness.” – Washington Post
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Artists Recreate New Regalia From The Designs Of The Past

As four Mi’kmaw artists painstakingly sew and bead an outfit that replicates 180-year-old regalia, they wish they knew more about the woman who made the original. One artists says of working 8 hours a day, five days a week, “What keeps me going when it comes to bead work is the thought of, if my ancestors could do it today, what it would look like? It’s kind of like continuing the story that they couldn’t live to tell.” – CBC
Tags: Art, Visual, 08.12.21

Banksy’s Art Spree Included A Miniature Stable Left At A Model Village

The owner “said he was in a state of shock after the famed artist confirmed the model stable was one of 10 artworks left in Norfolk and Suffolk during his so-called Great British Spraycation.” Now, how to keep it safe? – BBC
Tags: Art, Banksy, Norfolk, Suffolk, Visual, 08.14.21

Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theatre To Require Proof Of Vaccination

A (very) recent negative test will also do. But it’s not just audiences: “Additionally, all artists, staff, ushers and volunteers will be required to be vaccinated.” – Washington Post
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Salzburg Reckons With Its Past

Jewish artists brought the annual festival to life, before the Nazis swept them away. But even before the Nazis came to power in Austria, “There was much hostility against the ‘theater Jews’ from Vienna.” – The New York Times
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The Loneliness Of The Full-Time Writer

It’s a luxury writers with other full-time jobs long for – but the lucky often discover the luxury of being a full-time writer is a poisoned chalice. – LitHub
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Janice Mirikitani, Poet Laureate Of San Francisco And Fighter For Justice, 80

Mirikitani was interned with her family during WWII, and later called poetry the language of liberation. She was the founding president of a social service organization and, according to San Francisco Mayor London Breed, “one of our city’s true lights.” – The New York Times
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Beloved Singer Songwriter Nanci Griffith Dies At 68

The leader of the Blue Moon Orchestra and a generous promoter of others’ work as well as her own, Griffith’s “best-loved songs were closely observed tales of small-town life, sometimes with painful details in the lyrics, but typically sung with a deceptive prettiness.” – The New York Times
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The Museum That Tries To Explore, And Value, Joy

And Black joy in particular. The museum’s founder, poet and photographer Andrea Walls, “sees the Museum of Black Joy as a inheritor of the Black Arts Movement.” – NPR
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Blockbuster Series Have Become Incredibly Complicated, But Why?

There’s “an endless succession of sequels, prequels, reboots, spin-offs and connected crossovers. This is all great news for diehard fans, but civilian punters now face either an online refresher course or utter confusion every time they enter the multiplex.” – The Guardian (UK)
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"What does an 'Art Deco Buddhist temple' look like? The phrase is nearly nonsensical; it’s hard to imagine... But this didn’t deter the Twitter account @images_ai, which promises 'images generated by A.I. machines.'..."

"The account has produced everything from a version of Salvador Dalí’s painting “The Persistence of Memory” in the neon-pastel style of Lisa Frank to a depiction of 'the edge of reality and time,' a frightening swirl of floating eyes, hourglasses, and windows onto nowhere.... [T]he account’s proprietor is... Sam Burton-King, a twenty-year-old student at Northwestern University.... They began as a math major, but, finding the coursework too difficult, moved into studying philosophy and music.... ...
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The Concert Business Goes Through Whiplash As Delta Variant Spreads

“Concert promoters, like other arts executives, are hoping that velvet ropes of vaccination requirements around cultural events can serve as an incentive for fans to get the shot.” – The New York Times
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The Only Way The Mouse Could Win A Streaming War

Disney needs a good streaming app – and fast. But it’s probably not ready. – FastCompany
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Museums In The US Start To Reassess Their African Collections

European museums have been reevaluating for a while (and not just since Black Panther), but now “the question for U.S. institutions, which aren’t directly tainted by colonialism in Africa, is to what extent they should investigate their own collections.” – Christian Science Monitor
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Gallery Selling Hunter Biden’s Art Says It Will Follow Ethics Guidelines

Might those wishing to curry favor with the Biden White House buy the paintings? The administration has set guidelines, and prices and buyers are supposed to remain secret – in theory. – The New York Times
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The Arts Are Now Allowed – And Encouraged – To Help Drive Vaccinations

The CDC has released official guidelines, and some nonprofits are offering money, to get artists to create vaccination messages that bypass the traditional messages, and maybe have an even stronger impact. – Hyperallergic
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Amazing Grace: artist’s tribute casts new light on Victorian rescue heroine

Grace Darling’s role in saving the survivors of a shipwreck off Northumberland is to be commemorated on the anniversary of the featA ferocious gale blew across the north-east coast of Britain on the night that made Grace Darling a star of popular history. She was to become a beacon of bravery for the Victorians when she set out in a small rowing boat to help the distressed passengers of the sinking SS Forfarshire.Now she is to be celebrated with a large art installation in Northumberland, commis...
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In Defense of Charlie Brown

I've always had a love-hate relationship with the word deceptively. For example, suppose a musical is actually very complex, but it seems very simple. Is that show "deceptively complex" or "deceptively simple"? Yeah, me either. It's a valuable idea to have a word for, but no one is sure which way it works. Look it up in the dictionary, and it'll tell you it means either.The Oxford English Dictionary website says, "Deceptively belongs to a very small set of words whose meaning is genuinely ambig...
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