A complete 2021 back-to-school supply list for K-12, including remote and in-classroom learning essentials

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Johnce/Getty Images We've compiled a school supply list full of everything students need for a successful school year. From elementary through high school, here are the best backpacks, remote learning supplies, and more. We also included essential hygiene products for kids, including face masks and hand sanitizer. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Every year, kids get a school supply list filled ...
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How Fan Fiction Is Changing Writing

In online communities, the number of voices informing a work grows as readers comment on one another’s posts and learn together. – The Atlantic
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Show Of The Year: Six Of The Most Beautiful Paintings In The World

Why would a display of just six Titian paintings at a small New England museum qualify as the art event of the year, and possibly the decade? – Washington Post
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What Drove The 60s Boom In British Jazz

“In 1966, 1968 – this was a time of liberation. We were all involved in anti-apartheid marches, CND marches, embracing different cultures. It all fed into the music and brought a freedom to it.” – The Guardian
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Folger Theatre Gets A New Artistic Director

Karen Ann Daniels, 45, has been director of the Public Theatre’s Mobile Unit since 2019 and before that had similar audience-engagement responsibilities for six years at the Old Globe Theatre in her hometown of San Diego. – Washington Post
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How Live Dance Came To Times Square At The Very Height Of Lockdown

In the spring of 2020, mad with cabin fever, Jena VanElslander and a few friends started meeting every so often just to dance in the emptiness of Midtown Manhattan. A year later, her TSQ Project is still doing that, only with fully choreographed shows. – Dance Magazine
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Cinematographers Call On Producers To Stop Dangerous Long Working Days

“Reasonable rest demands that the employers not treat our members like machines that can just work until they are broken and then be replaced.” – Deadline
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Baserange goes the extra mile for eco-friendly clothing production

The key to any successful business is the partnerships made along the way. For Baserange, its goal to manage a transparent, ethical and environmentally-friendly garment company is supported by a network of similarly-minded factories. Baserange was started in 2012 by Blandine Legait and Marie-Louise Mogensen. The original product line focused on undergarments, but the collection now includes an assortment of clothing options. With the focus on diversity, inclusion and natural beauty for the cust...
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Ithaca raises $100m to decarbonize buildings

The city of Ithaca in New York is paving the way for others with its ambitious project of converting thousands of privately owned commercial and residential buildings into carbon-free and sustainable structures. The upstate city is home to Cornell University and Ithaca College and contains over 30,000 homes. As part of a deal signed in 2019, the city seeks to involve homeowners in a program that will decarbonize buildings. Ithaca plans to offset all its carbon by 2030, and officials recognize th...
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San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House Gets New, Roomier Seats

San Francisco Opera chief Matthew Shilvock: “The seats have historically been patrons’ No. 1 concern for the building. Letters to me. Letters to the box office. Letters to the city. And with some justification. We had springs coming through some of the seats.” – The New York Times
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Court blocks Alaskan drilling project

During his administration, President Trump approved a massive oil drilling project in Alaska. Now a federal judge has reversed his move. Judge Sharon Gleason of the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska ruled that the Interior Department did not fully consider the project’s environmental impact. President Biden had gone along with the ConocoPhillips’ Willow project, located in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve. The federal government specifically set aside this area to produce oil and...
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Do Women Philosophers Do Different Philosophy?

Underlying this question is a sense that our voices are not seen as philosophers’ voices, but primarily as women’s voices. It is as if women would necessarily have a distinctive point of view, as a group. – Aeon
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The Tempestuous, Scandalous Life Of England’s First Female Fiction Writer

Lady Mary Wroth, a noble at James I’s court, had two bastard children with an Earl who ignored them and dumped her. The cream of London society was horrified when she put those secrets, and many of theirs as well, into a novel and play. – Smithsonian Magazine
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mySUN combines human energy and solar for a renewable solution

Solving the climate crisis requires smart energy solutions that will reduce the need for fossil fuels and create sustainable options. This is exactly what WZMH Architects is focused on. It wants to design buildings with reduced energy consumption that are fueled by renewable energy. But buildings that run on renewable energy need a renewable energy source to draw from. How about a combination of human energy, the sun and a great idea? Together with Ryerson University, WZMH has created a microgr...
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The Supreme Court Threw Out This Filmmaker’s Suit Against North Carolina. Now He Has Another Chance

When Rick Allen sued NC for (ahem) pirating his footage of the salvage of Blackbeard’s ship, the justices unanimously ruled that citizens can’t sue states in Federal court. But a different Court decision offers Allen a new angle: the 5th Amendment’s Takings Clause. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Essays in the Works About That ‘Bastard Angel’

The late poet Harold Norse, né Rosen, was a born maverick whose splendid Memoirs of a Bastard Angel is a delicious account of his life and involvement with some of the most celebrated American and British writers of the 20th century, among them William Carlos Williams, W.H. Auden, Tennessee Williams, James Baldwin, Paul Bowles, William S. Burroughs, and Charles Bukowski. Now Clemson University Press is planning to bring out a collection of personal and scholarly essays about his poetry and his ...
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7 open-shelving design concepts to inspire your decor

Open shelving is more than just a fleeting trend. When done right, it can really imbue a home with some much-needed style and personality while saving space. Here are a few fresh and creative ways to put this concept to good use.
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When The Wires Of Our Brain Get Crossed

Some 4 percent of the population experiences this kind of cross-sensory linking, and studies have shown it’s more prevalent in creative people. – Nautilus
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Book Cover and Layout Design: A Self-Publisher’s Guide

Your book's visual design is as much a marketing tool as an artistic endeavor. This simple design guide for self-publishers can help.
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“Pass Over”, Broadway’s First Play Since Lockdown, May Be In Trouble

One unnamed producer says, “The show is bleeding money,” and not all of the initial capitalization had been raised when previews began on Aug. 4. Opening night is now three weeks earlier than previously announced, perhaps so reviews can spur more ticket sales. – Forbes
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Florence’s Uffizi Gallery Is Sending Art Out To Small Towns

“‘Uffizi Diffusi,’ or ‘Scattered Uffizi,’ an initiative concocted by the gallery’s director, Eike Schmidt, … aims to build stronger ties between the famous Florentine museum and towns scattered throughout the surrounding Tuscany region by lending them artworks usually kept in storage.” – The New York Times
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The ‘Netflix Of Italian Culture’ Is Coming (And A Lot of It Will Be Free)

Operating along the lines of France TV’s Culturebox, the streaming service offers concerts, theater, dance, opera, virtual museum tours, cinema, and documentaries. It’s already online in Italy and Britain and will debut in the rest of Europe and the US in coming months. – Variety
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New “Jeopardy” Host Steps Down

“Over the last several days it has become clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show.” – Washington Post
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Explore the Saltbox Passive House's sweet sustainable design

The Saltbox Passive House is located in Bromont, Quebec, and is a residence for a family of four. The 3100-square-foot home sits in a meadow at the edge of a 2.5-acre wooded plot. Its design combines elements of the local context with energy-efficient strategies to enhance sustainability while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Through the efforts of the architects from Atelier l’Abri, the contractor Construction Rocket and consultants from the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS), the building has...
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In your face: how Chuck Close built images and tore them apart

Face blindness meant the photorealist artist, who has died aged 81, had to dismantle and reconstitute, making every cell of his pixellated portraits ever more dramaticChuck Close, painter of outsized photorealist portraits, dies aged 81Hugely enlarged, Chuck Close stares back at you from behind his glasses, a cigarette lodged in the corner of his mouth. It is a face with a what-you-looking-at stare, and you look back, dwarfed by his image, thinking get-out-of-my-face in return.Taking us from the...
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Our art deals with real injustices, some in Palestine: no wonder we faced opposition « Forensic Architecture

Our battle to restore a statement to a Manchester exhibition was really about what can and can’t be said in cultural spacesOn Wednesday, protesters in Manchester reclaimed one of the city’s main cultural institutions. Despite the rain, pro-Palestine activists gathered in front of the closed doors of the Whitworth gallery, part of the University of Manchester. It was because of their persistent action, and 13,000 letters sent to the gallery, that part of our exhibition, a printed statement titled...
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PowerPoint Merge Shapes Tool Tutorial for Endless Design Potential

In PowerPoint, there are a lot of shapes to choose from when designing your slides. However, there are also limits. If you want your design to be truly limitless, a great way to manipulate the shape offerings is with the Merge Shapes tool. Whether transforming a logo into a background format, making a simple drawing or adding some flavor to your deck, this can all be accomplished by merging shapes. Options Of course, when merging shapes, there happen to be options. Let me explain what those op...
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Just four colors are enough for any map. Why?

Rule of thumb: four colors are all you need to distinguish the countries on any map.But why? It's a simple question with a difficult answer, eluding scientists for a century.In the end, the four-color problem was the first theorem that was cracked by a computer. Graffiti in Örs Vezér Square in Budapest by Hungary's Two-Tailed Dog Party, illustrating the four-color theorem. Credit: Szilas via public domainFour colors: that is all you need for giving each countr...
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Substack Is Becoming A Platform For Fiction

“Authors including Elle Griffin, John McWhorter, Maggie Stiefvater, and Matt Taibbi use the service to serialize new books or publish short stories exclusive to their newsletter audiences … [and] the latest of (them) is Anand Giridharadas.” – Publishers Weekly
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Actors, Get Your Damn Shots Or Get Off The Damn Stage: L.A. Times

Charles McNulty: “Whatever excuses you may have for not doing everything in your power to avoid taking up a scarce hospital bed or putting a friend, family member, colleague or perfect stranger into one, I don’t want to hear them.” – Los Angeles Times
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