Broadway Power Brokers Sign On To Transformative Diversity Reforms

The agreement commits Broadway and its touring productions not only to the types of diversity training and mentorship programs that have become common in many industries, but also to a variety of sector-specific changes. The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway

Some Detective Work: Company Says It’s Figured Out The Deepfakes In Bourdain Documentary

If the company’s analysis is correct, the deepfake Bourdain controversy is rooted in less than 50 seconds of audio in the 118-minute film. – Wired
Tags: Art, Media, Bourdain

A Universal Translator Powered By AI

Aleph Alpha, a startup in Heidelberg, Germany, has built one of the world’s most powerful AI language models. Befitting the algorithm’s European origins, it is fluent not just in English but also in German, French, Spanish, and Italian. – Wired
Tags: Art, Words, Heidelberg Germany, Aleph Alpha

Getting To Know The Shocking Shirley Jackson

To one angry reader, Jackson responded with a single line: “If you don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree.” – Shondaland
Tags: Art, People, Jackson, Shirley Jackson

Annual Amazon deforestation rate hits highest levels in a decade

A new report by Brazilian research institute Imazon shows that the Amazon forest has experienced the highest level of annual deforestation in a decade. Despite global calls for action, poor policies championed by President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil have contributed to increased deforestation. Data released by Imazon shows that 10,476 square kilometers of the Amazon were deforested between August 2020 and July 2021. That’s almost 13 times the size of New York City. According to Imazon data, the ar...
Tags: Amazon, Design, News, Climate Change, New York City, Deforestation, Brazil, Forest, Souza, Imazon, Jair Bolsonaro, Carlos Souza, Salles, Bolsonaro, Marcio Astrini, Climate Observatory

HipHop Joy Is A Powerful Protest

Hip-hop is so accessible to everybody – where maybe ballet and other styles of dance might have felt unattainable, with hip-hop, the only criteria is you’ve just got to be dope, and that’s it.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Dance

The International Garden Festival presents new 2021 installations

Magic lies outside is the theme of the annual International Garden Festival, which aims to “bring us hope, to exalt creativity and to add colour to this world that is struggling to overcome this global pandemic and to come out of several months of confinement.” Now in its 22nd year, the 2021 edition at Reford Gardens in Quebec, Canada features five new installations, submitted from Canada, the United States, France and Sweden. These additions extend the current gardens, creating an outdoor muse...
Tags: Art, Garden, Gardening, New York, Design, Sweden, Canada, Gardens, Great Britain, Landscape Architecture, Stockholm Sweden, Quebec Canada, United States France, Saône, Porte, Garden Art Installations

Music Critics Make Errors In Judgment All The Time. Why?

Crudely put, it occurs when you don’t have the right conceptual tools for the job. The result is an inability to make sense of what is happening and a resulting tendency to force phenomena into crude, distorting pigeonholes.” – Nightingale Sonata
Tags: Art, Music

“Superb Baroque” Debacle: A Blow-by-Blow on the National Gallery’s No-Show Show

Soon after posting on Thursday about the National Gallery of Art’s cancelation of its A Superb Baroque: Art in
Tags: Art, National Gallery, Ajblogs

Unprecedented rainfall hits snowy summit in Greenland

On Greenland’s highest summit, snow is the norm. But on the weekend of August 14-15, it rained. A lot. Seven billion tons of water hit the ice sheet for the heaviest rainfall since researchers started keeping records in 1950. This means that Greenland is heating way, way too fast, according to senior research scientist Ted Scambos of the University of Colorado’s National Snow and Ice Data Center “What is going on is not simply a warm decade or two in a wandering climate pattern,” Scambos told CN...
Tags: Florida, Design, Climate Change, Cnn, Ice, Rain, Greenland, National Science Foundation, Ted Scambos, Scambos, Jennifer Mercer, Office of Polar Programs

What Makes A Song Great – Lyrics Or Music?

While a melody can tether you to a song, however, it’s the lyrics that make you want to excavate it. The best songs pull you in beyond their hooky topline. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music

360 Degree Virtual Tours of the Hagia Sophia

Last year, when Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an announced that Hagia Sophia would be reconverted into a mosque, he assured a concerned UNESCO that changes to the 1,500-year-old former cathedral-turned-mosque would have “no negative impact” on its status as World Heritage Site. “A state must make sure that no modification undermines the outstanding universal value of a site listed on its territory,” the world body has said. Claims to the contrary notwithstanding, the “universal val...
Tags: Travel, Art, Facebook, College, Turkey, History, Bbc, Architecture, Unesco, Khan Academy, Istanbul, Reuters, Sophia, Constantinople, Josh Jones, Hagia Sophia

Butterfly Effect bridge offers safe passage for pollinators

As a result of the Our Energy Our Landscape design challenge, Dutch design studio VenhoevenCS, landscape architecture agency DS Landschapsarchitecten and solar energy firm Studio Solarix have developed the Butterfly Effect, a concept design that can produce energy and a safe route for insects. At its core, the project creates a web that stretches over a Dutch highway to provide insects safe passage across the busy A67 motorway on the Strabrechtse Heide. The team claims that 85% of our food supp...
Tags: Design, Bugs, Bridges, Netherlands, Solar, Bridge, Insects, Butterflies, Butterfly, Landscape Architecture, Dezeen, Marjan van Aubel, Solar Roadways, Pollinators, Studio Solarix, Cécilia Gross

When Hoaxes Were Invented And The Era Of English Gullibility

The rise of newspapers and magazines meant that tales of the bizarre and the outrageous could circulate widely and quickly, while the rapid increase in printed advertising made it easy to promote stunts and shams. – The Spectator
Tags: Art, Ideas

The Birth of Espresso: How the Coffee Shots The Fuel Our Modern Life Were Invented

Espresso is neither bean nor roast. It is a method of pressurized coffee brewing that ensures speedy delivery, and it has birthed a whole culture. Americans may be accustomed to camping out in cafes with their laptops for hours, but Italian coffee bars are fast-paced environments where customers buzz in for a quick pick me up, then right back out, no seat required. It’s the sort of efficiency the Father of the Modern Advertising Poster, Leonetto Cappiello, alluded to in his famous 19...
Tags: Facebook, Design, Technology, College, Food & Drink, Smithsonian, Turin, Renato Bialetti, Leonetto Cappiello, Cappiello, Gaggia, James Hoffmann, Victoria Arduino, Angelo Moriondo, Jimmy Stamp, Achille Gaggia

The National Gallery Cancels Its Postponed Italian Baroque Exhibition

The coronavirus strikes the show in DC again, for the second time in 18 months. “Museum officials pointed to international travel restrictions, the safety of the staff who would install the exhibit, and the potential that the pandemic could worsen.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Dc, Visual, 08.20.21

Hung Liu, Artist Who Blended China And The West, 73

“‘Five-thousand-year-old culture on my back; late-twentieth-century world in my face’ is how Ms. Liu described her life-changing arrival in the United States from China in 1984, when she was 36 and already an accomplished painter.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, China, People, United States, Liu, Ms Liu, 08.22.21

Satellite Imagery Reveals Azerbaijan’s Destruction Of Armenian Sites

It’s not good: “A surge in construction by Azerbaijan, especially of roads, has led to either partial or full destruction of several cemeteries and cathedrals in the area of Shushi, a town with significant cultural importance to Armenians.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Azerbaijan, Issues, Shushi, 08.22.21

Sonny Chiba, Martial Arts Master And Star Of Tarantino Movies, Dies Of Covid At 82

“With an acting career that began in the 1960s with a string of roles in Japanese martial arts films and TV shows and went on to include more than 100 films, Chiba became widely known in the west after being name-checked in True Romance” – and being featured in Kill Bill. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, People, Chiba, 08.19.21, Sonny Chiba Martial Arts

Higg provides a sustainability report for consumer products

The race is on to battle climate change in notable and impactful ways. While every citizen can help by reducing emissions and lowering their carbon footprint, the largest contributors to the problem are businesses. Even companies with good intentions when it comes to monitoring materials and manufacturing may be contributing to the problem more than they think. Higg is a technological solution to this problem that addresses the issue by providing a score for a product’s impact. To understand th...
Tags: Post, Design, Technology, Walmart, Patagonia, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Low Carbon Footprint, Sustainable Living, Higg, Sustainable Business Practices, Jason Kibbey, Kibbey, Mimi Frusha COO, Josh Henretig, VP Global Partnerships

A 50-Year-Old Art Heist May Soon Be Solved

Artist Leon Kossoff died two years ago, still hoping he’d see the 14 paintings and six drawings stolen in 1972. The truck that left London disappeared from Rome and was later found 17 miles away with the locks smashed and Kossoff’s works all gone. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, London, Rome, Visual, Kossoff, 08.22.21, Leon Kossoff

Update On Australia’s Dancing Zookeeper

The update is a little rough: Both of the musical theatre-trained keeper’s jobs depend on tourism, and Melbourne has very, very few tourists these days. – The Age (Australia)
Tags: Art, Australia, Dance, Melbourne, 08.22.21

Western Cultural Institutions Must Support Afghan Artists

“The threats of violence are such that most of the Afghan artists and cultural workers I contacted while reporting this story — both in and out of the country — declined to be interviewed on the grounds that it could endanger their own lives, or those of their families and friends.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Issues, 08.22.21

The Popularity Of Immersive Art Rooms

We all need to escape sometimes, but what does that mean about the art? – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Audience, Visual, 08.22.21

Kaari Upson, Artist Of Disquiet And Desire, 51

Upson, “one of the most significant artists to emerge from the vibrant Los Angeles art scene this century, won early attention for The Larry Project, an open-ended phantasmagoria,” and she continued with resin sculptures that merged Americans’ bodies with their houses and possessions. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, People, Upson, Kaari Upson, 08.20.21

The Clickbaitification Of Netflix

It may destroy the streaming giant. – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Audience

What Little Optimism Might Have Been Left For NY’s Big Concert Got Washed Away By Hurricane Henri

“The Homecoming Concert felt like a stolen glimpse of that alternate reality [without Delta]: live music again, finally; exuberant crowds with few masks in sight. Fitting, then, that its abrupt, weird ending pulled the audience back into a chaotic, uncertain and disappointing world.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Hurricane Henri, 08.22.21

A Film Crew Recreated A Shtetl In Ukraine

And now the media-created shtetl, possibly the most realistic one now in existence in the country, may become a sort of shtetl museum. – Times of Israel
Tags: Art, Ukraine, Visual, 08.22.21

A Tiny Maori Designed New Zealand Airport Is Up For A Big Prize

The UNESCO Prix Versailles “recognises architecture that fosters a better interaction between economy and culture.” The airport in the town of New Plymouth is up against airports in Berlin, New York, and Athens. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Unesco, Visual, Versailles, New Plymouth, Berlin New York, New Zealand Airport, 08.20.21

Jill Murphy, Author Of The Worst Witch Books, Has Died At 72

Murphy, who dreamt up The Worst Witch series at age 18 (the first book was published when she was 24), refused to sell the rights to Disney because they wanted far too much control. – BBC
Tags: Art, Disney, People, Murphy, Jill Murphy, 08.20.21

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