Almost 5000 COVID Infections Linked To Cornwall Festival

Health officials said 4,700 people who have tested positive for coronavirus confirmed they had attended the festival in Newquay or had connections to it. About three-quarters of them are aged 16-21 and about 800 live in the county. – Irish Times
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John Cleese Making A Show On Political Correctness

“There’s so much I really don’t understand, like: how the impeccable idea of ‘Let’s all be kind to people’ has been developed in some cases ad absurdum.” – Irish Times
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Wanted: Theatre Directors Without Vision

“The laser focus on a director’s vision is problematic. It sets the director up as a prophet rather than a leader. It focuses on a destination, an imagined end goal, and not on the journey.” – Howlround
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The Grateful Dead Archive Contains Thousands Of Streamable Concerts. But What’s Really Cool Are The Fan Comments

Read in bulk, certain repetitions emerge. Recordings are “tasty” and “crispy,” “gifts” and “treats,” but also “killer” and “monsters.” Eyebrows bounce and mouths hang loose. – N + One
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We’re Living Through A Time Of Disasters. Will They Make Us Tougher Or…

After surviving a disaster, a minority of people become more resilient, so that, should another disaster strike, they are better able to cope. For most people, though, the stress compounds. – The Atlantic
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Extinction Rebellion protests take over London

On Monday, Extinction Rebellion (XR) protestors blocked a busy junction in Covent Garden, London during their first day of protests. Participants chained themselves together to block a roundabout at Long Acre. A van joined at the junction with a 4-meter-high pink table featuring the slogan “Come to the table.” As XR plans a fortnight of protests in London, this slogan represents their call to bring everyone to the table to discuss the climate crisis. Related: Extinction Rebellion LA protests cli...
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Whistled Languages Are Not Dead Yet

In at least 80 cultures worldwide, people have developed whistled versions of the local language when the circumstances call for it. … By studying whistled languages, (linguists) hope to learn more about how our brains extract meaning from the complex sound patterns of speech.” – Knowable
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The 21 best interior design books to inspire your next home project, according to actual interior designers

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Amazon; Rachel Mendelson/Insider If you want a coffee table book that's both beautiful and useful, read these interior design books. They're full of tips and tricks to inspire your own home makeover. See also: Interior designers swear by these luxury bedding brands for a cozy and attractive bedroom In addition to showcasing beautiful interiors and looking pretty on your coffee table, inter...
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MINI Strip car uses 3D printing and recycled materials

With a focus on the future of sustainability in automotive design, the MINI Strip is a one-off car that resulted from a collaboration between two British brands. MINI and Paul Smith custom-made the vehicle, which premiered to the world in London in August 2021. The MINI Strip stands as a driving force behind innovations in sustainable auto manufacturing. The name comes from the starting point, which was a stripped-down Mini Cooper SE. From there, the entire design focuses on the theme of ‘Simpl...
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Color Wars: The Art World’s Silliest Feud May Have Produced Some Actual Good

When Anish Kapoor acquired exclusive rights to Vantablack (“the world’s blackest black”), Stuart Semple led a chorus of furious objections to the idea of owning a color. Despite plenty of puerile one-upmanship between the two since, the quarrel has led Semple to create some genuinely new pigments. – CNN
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Martin Scorsese On Working With Fran Lebowitz

“My approach to our conversation was to listen to her; I would get angry, happy, inspired,” Scorsese explains. “Fran is, to me, asking very serious questions even when she’s being humorous about things. Deadline 
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These plants do not exist

Check out Jonathan Whitaker's AI-generated paintings of plants, illustrated in the colorful, heightened style of old watercolor notebooks. Plant Collage300 plants from an alternate reality. Created by me @johnowhitaker A using AI. Zoom in and explore! 8600x4770px JPEG.
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Mass Exodus And An Unholy Mess At France’s Most Prestigious Classical Music Competition

The Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition is in crisis after its artistic directors — pianist Bertrand Chamayou, violinist Renaud Capuçon, and La Scala CEO Dominique Meyer — and a large part of its staff have quit, reportedly fed up with mismanagement and money troubles. (in French) – France Musique
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New environmental racism scorecard calls out ExxonMobil

The grading period has ended, and it’s time to find out who got the high scores and who’s failing the class. According to a new environmental racism scorecard released by shareholder advocacy group As You Sow, ExxonMobil came in last. In other words, an F minus. The group’s recent evaluation of the 500 largest publicly traded companies is an updated version of its March scorecard. The earlier version looked at 26 indicators of racial justice, such as workplace diversity and how often employees o...
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Life, Death and Numbers: Ann Patchett on the Members Of The National Academy Of Arts And Letters

The two hundred and fifty members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters are writers, composers, visual artists, and architects. It is a fixed number. When a member dies, potential new members are nominated and voted on. – Harper’s
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Copper-clad Bondi House highlights compact, multi-level living

Armed with a thoughtful combination of natural light, garden outlooks and angled design, this copper-clad townhouse in Australia manages to achieve compact, multi-level living with a deep sense of privacy — despite its location on an exposed corner site. The Bondi House, named for the beachy suburb where it’s located in eastern Sydney, comes from Fox Johnston Architects and has already been shortlisted for the 2021 Australian Interior Design Awards, Houses Awards and the AIA NSW Architecture Awa...
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UNESCO Calls For Preservation Of Afghanistan’s Heritage, But Who Will Actually Protect It?

As an executive of the Institute for Art and Law tweeted: “It would be for other states, or international bodies like the United Nations, to seek enforcement.” Uh-huh … – The Art Newspaper
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Dance Is Physical, Sure, But Why Don’t We Focus More On The Mental Preparation?

In this day and age, it has never been so important to have the tools to cultivate a mindset of self-belief. “Especially nowadays with social media, it’s so difficult to not compare yourself.” – Eleanor Pugsley
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Dallas Black Dance Theatre Makes ‘Spectacular’ Debut Before Dance World’s Elite

The company has played the Kennedy Center, and it performed at the Olympics in Atlanta (1996) and London (2012), but perhaps none of those occasions will be as important for its future as its triumphant performances this month at Jacob’s Pillow. – KERA (Dallas)
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“The Theatrical Arm Of The Civil Rights Movement”

The Free Southern Theater was founded by members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to travel around 1960s Mississippi, performing for poor Black farmers to let them know about the battle to secure their right to vote. – American Theatre
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Under New Censorship Law, Hong Kong May Retroactively Ban Older Films

“Authorities are tightening their grip on the screening of films with a series of censorship law amendments that will include empowering the city’s No. 2 official to ban previously approved productions if they are deemed threats to national security.” – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
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Rise of the robo-drama: Young Vic creates new play using artificial intelligence

Inspired by a Guardian article, the theatre’s surreal and spellbinding show AI is a collaboration between humans and the system GPT-3Last autumn, a deep-learning computer programme wrote an essay for the Guardian. The GPT-3 system argued that humans had nothing to fear from robots. Kwame Kwei-Armah, artistic director of the Young Vic, read it and felt inspired. Could there be a future in creative collaboration between AI and humans? If AI could write an article, could it create a play too, in re...
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Associate/Professor in Performing Arts Leadership, University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Duties: The appointee will: work alongside departmental leadership to re-envision the Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship (PAME) undergraduate minor in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance; teach performing arts management at the undergraduate level with the potential of engaging graduate students through existing or new course offerings; participate in the development of an arts leadership curriculum that embraces anti-oppressive methodologies and commits to advancing access, di...
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Akersbakken Bicycle Hotel design blends into the landscape

With a community and business mindset that matches Oslo, Norway’s initiative to make the city carbon-neutral, the Akersbakken Housing Association set out to provide a very basic resource, bicycle parking, in an environmentally friendly and visually appealing way.  To help on the project, the association contacted Don Lawrence Architects with a request to design what is now referred to as the Akersbakken Bicycle Hotel. At its core, it’s nothing more than a space to park bikes, yet the finished d...
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Bret Easton Ellis’ Unconventional Podcast Model

Ellis’s storytelling approach, that of serializing his memoir on a podcast, allows him to exploit both types of unreliable narrator: the one who knows they’re unreliable and the one who doesn’t. – 3 Quarks Daily
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Josephine Baker To Be Instated In France’s Panthéon

The expatriate American singer-dancer, who arrived in Paris in 1925 and became a legend, will become only the sixth woman, and the first Black woman, to be included among the 80 “immortals” memorialized in the French capital’s most august monument. – Yahoo! (AFP)
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Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie Reopens At Last

“Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, an iconic modern art museum designed by Bauhaus pioneer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, reopened to the public Sunday after a six-year refurbishment of the glass-fronted building.” – AP
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Texas Performance Venues In A Tight Spot Over Vaccine Passports

In June, Gov. Abbott signed a law making it illegal for most businesses to require proof of vaccination from customers. But a growing number of performers are refusing to play venues that don’t require audience members to provide such proof. – The Dallas Morning News
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Blaxit: The African-American Artists Following In The Footsteps Of DuBois, Baker, Baldwin, And Simone

Taking advantage of the free movement a US passport provides, and tired of the disadvantages that come with dark skin at home, these performers, writers, and visual artists are making lives and careers overseas. – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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9 tips to transition into seasonal decor buyers will fall for

Although the temp might still be high outside, now's the time to start thinking ahead about creating warm spaces for fall. Whether you're going all out with staging or giving clients some advice, here are a few fall decorating tips to celebrate the season.
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