chuck close, rest in peace

The artist Chuck Close died last week at the age of 81. He was an incredibly talented artist, a progressive thinker, and a diehard New Yorker who was often seen around town, especially in museums and galleries. I had the good fortune to interview Close at his studio in 1998. I saw a few paintings in progress, and had a glass of wine with him. The interview was for a cover story for New Mobility magazine, and at that point, a highlight of my writing career. My interview with Close is notable...
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Canada’s National Ballet Outside (And It’s So Much More Complicated Than That)

Given such limited capacity and the pent-up eagerness of ballet fans, all four performances were fully booked almost as soon as they were announced. – Toronto Star
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Why Charlie Watts Was The Engine Behind The Stones

Watts’s drumming was unique. He differed from his peers in the rock drumming pantheon, partly due to being a jazz aficionado, a sensibility that he took to the music of the Stones, and also through his self-contained manner. – The Conversation
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Sotheby’s Hires A Gallery Wrangler. What Does This Signal About The Art World?

What’s changed is not that art fairs have been diminished but that the auction houses built broader sales and marketing platforms in the years leading up to the pandemic, which have turned out to be effective at serving a large new audience for art. – ARTnews
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Is Our Digital World Squeezing Out Our Ability To Wander?

The idea of the urban rambler—the flâneur—as a half-belonging creature took hold in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and adopted a variety of forms in the twentieth. – The New Yorker
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Luis Alfaro’s Plan To Make LA A Theatre Dynamo

“A theater is best expressed by the work it initiates. I think it’s really important that we not just bring in the great work but that we make the great work. We haven’t even begun to express the city and its fullness.” – Los Angeles Times
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Tsitsi Dangarembga’s next work won’t be read by anyone until 2114

The Zimbabwean writer joins authors including Margaret Atwood and Ocean Vuong who have agreed to lock away new writing in the Future LibraryTsitsi Dangarembga made the Booker shortlist for her most recent novel, This Mournable Body, the story of a girl trying to make a life in post-colonial Zimbabwe which was praised as “magnificent” and “sublime”. Her next work, however, is likely to receive fewer accolades: it will not be revealed to the world until 2114.The Zimbabwean writer is the eighth aut...
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Many People Don’t Realize That John Cage Wrote Some Quiet, Very Beautiful Music

Aficionados may love Suite for Toy Piano or Sonatas and Interludes, but mostly folks know only the conceptual piece 4’33” or raucous chance-based works like the one for electronics and household appliances (Variations VII) or Roaratorio (don’t even ask). Those folks should hear the Number Pieces. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, John Cage

The Fascinating New Science Exploring Consciousness

Consciousness has long been the preserve of philosophers and priests, poets and artists; now neuroscientists are investigating the mysterious quality and trying to answer the hard question of how consciousness arises in the first place. – The Guardian
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Because Multiple Immersive Van Gogh Experiences Are Not Enough, Here Come The Immersive Monets

“Not one, not two, but three separate traveling immersive exhibitions based on the famed Impressionist’s paintings are currently gearing up — and one could be headed to a city near you.” – Artnet
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Oops! Landmark Study On Honesty Used Fake Data

The data were collected by an insurance company, Dan Ariely says, but he no longer has records of interactions with it that could reveal where things went awry. “I wish I had a good story,” Ariely told Science. “And I just don’t.” – Science Magazine
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AI Cloned Val Kilmer’s Voice So He Could Speak After Cancer Surgery

The generated voices have gotten more realistic in the age of deepfakes, a technology that uses AI to manipulate content to look and sound deceptively real. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, Val Kilmer

Manufacturer Alan Heller, Dead At 81, Manufactured Plastic Housewares That Were Colorful And Even Witty

“Plastic in those days was ugly, and it was cheap. But Alan and (designers) the Vignellis had made something that was beautiful, and it could be abused. You could put it in the dishwasher. You could drop it. And it lasted forever.” – The New York Times
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Cricut Maker Champagne Machine Bundle – Lowest Price at Amazon + Free Shipping!

  Wow! Amazon is there for crafters today! If you’ve been wanting a Maker, don’t miss this sale! They are selling out! Get the Cricut Maker Champagne Machine Bundle for an amazing price, plus Free Shipping at Amazon Also check out the bundles available at! Some great deals there too! Details: The Cricut Maker... Read More
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A New Tool To Try To Decode The Voynich Manuscript?

The 15th-century volume is written in a neat, careful script that bears little resemblance to any natural language, and no one has yet cracked its code. In a Q&A, Yale linguist Claire Bowern talks about approaching the task with computational statistics. – Knowable
Tags: Art, Yale, Words, Claire Bowern

That Naked Baby On The Cover Of A Nirvana Album 30 Years Ago? He’s Suing For Damages

He’s now 30, and on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles federal court against a host of defendants tied to the album, alleging the cover is “sexual exploitation” that will hurt him — emotionally and physically — for the rest of his life. – Washington Post
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Russian cinema: a century of state-approved propaganda

During the Soviet days, movies promoted socialist ideology.Today, films serve up cautionary tales about revolution and insurrection.However, Russian cinema is more than propaganda; the films are as rich as the country's history.In 1930, the renowned Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein traveled to New York City in the hope of striking a production deal with Paramount Pictures. While executives were impressed with the director's inventiveness and artistic vision, they worried that the overtly polit...
Tags: Art, Putin, Vladimir Putin, Film, Nazis, Russia, New York City, Mexico City, Innovation, Elton John, Moscow, Finland, Armando Iannucci, Red Army, Ussr, Kremlin

Leveraging the AIDA Framework for Content that Sells

Having a wide array of tools at your disposal is a great strategy as a presenter. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all formula that will work for everyone. However, the more you try new approaches, the more likely you’ll find one that fits your preparation method best. Today we’re introducing you to the AIDA Framework, which could prove very useful in preventing long, arduous content-creating sessions while still getting results. The AIDA framework was created to help write conversion or product...
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As Pandemic Worsens, So Does Outlook For LA’s Small Theaters

“And so the question looms: How much longer can these companies stay afloat financially? With pandemic funding drying up, 99-seat theaters are scrambling to stay on track with reopenings that were planned during better days.” – Los Angeles Times
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How Could Sony Have Let The Mike Richards ‘Jeopardy!’ Fiasco Happen? Like This

In case anyone was still wondering, yes, Richards-as-executive-producer definitely rigged the choice of Richards as host. Here’s a look at the circumstances, expected and unexpected, that led Sony Pictures Entertainment to a PR disaster at its biggest game-show property. – Vulture
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Kuwait Freaks Out Over One Women-Only Belly Dancing Class

“The Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry rushed to close down a sports club and suspended all its activists for the foreseeable future, in response to a crisis sparked by popular and parliamentary protests over the fitness club’s belly dance class.” – Global Voices
Tags: Art, Dance, Kuwait, Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Why Movie Theatres Need Vaccine Mandates

In an uncertain time, vaccine mandates for eligible moviegoers might be the only way to salvage the long-term future of the cinema experience. – The Atlantic
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Edinburgh Fringe Starts Emergency Campaign To Raise $10 Million

“The Edinburgh festival fringe has launched a £7.5m emergency appeal after it lost millions of pounds during the COVID pandemic. … (The Fringe) was entirely shut down in 2020 and this year has operated at a fifth of its normal size.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Edinburgh

Met Opera Reaches Deal On Contract With Orchestra

“The agreement concludes several months of tension over how significant future pay cuts would be for musicians, who went for nearly a year without pay during the pandemic.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music

Smithsonian Kicks Off Major New Project On America’s Racial History

“‘ ‘ (is) an ambitious multiyear program … that will tap into the vast expertise of the Smithsonian to examine the history and legacy of race through conversations, community events and digital content.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues

NBCUniversal Seeks To Boot Nielsen From Top Of Ratings Measurement Business

Nielsen had long been the undisputed master of counting broadcast media’s audience, but its traditional methods have had trouble accurately measuring the number of people streaming programming online. NBCU has had enough and is actively assembling alternatives. – Variety
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