Office Administrator, AEA Consulting, Beacon, New York

AEA Consulting, a global consulting firm setting the standard in strategy and planning for the cultural andcreative sector, seeks an Office Administrator to assist the organization in its Beacon, New York, office. Weare looking for an energetic, professional team player who can execute flawlessly in a stimulating, fast-paced environment. The Office Administrator reports to the Managing Principal, providing executive support to him, and works closely with the Manager of Finance and Administration...
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Senior Consultant – New York

AEA Consulting is a global consulting firm setting the standard in strategy and planning for the cultural and creative sector. We are currently seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Senior Consultant to join us in our mission to harness the power of art, culture, and creativity to realize the full potential of people and places around the world. The Senior Consultant is a leader within our consulting team, helping to ensure the successful delivery ofconsulting assignments – manag...
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Vice President of Venue and Theatre Operations – Flint Institute of Music

The Vice President of Venue and Theatre Operations (VPVTO) is a newly-created role for the Flint Institute of Music (“the FIM”) located in Flint, Michigan, and is designed to unify its front and back of house operations and patron experience across its campus and beyond as it scales its work in the community and on multiple digital platforms. Activities include an exciting array of theatre, dance, music, and film programming, multi-disciplinary collaborations, education, and training programs. T...
Tags: Art, Jobs, United States, Michigan, Flint Michigan, Flint, Genesee County, Flint Institute of Music, FSO, Flint Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Diemecke, Diemecke, Flint School of Performing Arts FSPA, Flint Repertory Theatre

Vice President of Artistic and Community Programs – Flint Institute of Music

About the Opportunity The Vice President of Artistic and Community Programs (VPACP) is a newly-created role for the Flint Institute of Music (“the FIM”) located in Flint, Michigan, and is designed to unify the FIM’s exciting array of theatre, dance, music, and film programming, as well as seek opportunities for innovative collaborations that will deliver on the promise of its multi-disciplinary model. This role provides leadership and cohesive vision for all artistic and community initiative...
Tags: Art, Jobs, United States, Michigan, Flint Michigan, Flint, Genesee County, Flint Institute of Music, FSO, Community Programs, Flint Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Diemecke, Diemecke, Flint School of Performing Arts FSPA, Flint Repertory Theatre, Flint Symphony Orchestra Flint Repertory

Famous Writers Writing Books That Won’t be Read For 100 Years

The works will be kept in a room lined with wood from the forest in the Deichman library in Oslo. One hundred years after Future Library was launched, the trees will be felled, and the manuscripts printed for the first time. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Oslo, Deichman

In Australia: Thousands Of Newly Canceled Gigs And Musicians Calling It Quits

With Australia reeling from the Delta strain, major festivals including Splendour and Bluesfest have been cancelled for the second year running, with an estimated 7,000 gigs and live events cancelled each week. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Australia, Delta, Bluesfest

Dance Competitions – A Change Of Culture?

Dance competitions first emerged in the 1970s. Since then, they have spawned a distinctive, seductive subculture, mixing the hard-driving athleticism of organized sports with the presentational flair of performance art. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance

COVID Has Changed How People Will Work For Non-Profits

No longer will many nonprofit (or for-profit, for that matter) employees be cowed into the belief that 60-, 80-, 100-, or 168-hour weeks are acceptable business practices. – Alan Harrison
Tags: Art, Issues

A New Canon Of Climate Change Literature

It’s part of a growing trend in publishing for books focused on the climate, whether from big hitters such as David Attenborough or Bill Gates, or so-called “cli-fi”, climate fiction.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Bill Gates, Words, David Attenborough

MIT engineers design touch-sensing glove that 'feels' pressure and maps stimuli

When you pick up a balloon, the pressure to keep hold of it is different from what you would exert to grasp a jar. And now engineers at MIT and elsewhere have a way to precisely measure and map such subtleties of tactile dexterity.The team has designed a new touch-sensing glove that can "feel" pressure and other tactile stimuli. The inside of the glove is threaded with a system of sensors that detects, measures, and maps small changes in pressure across the glove. The individual sensors are high...
Tags: Design, Technology, China, Mit, Medical Research, Engineering, Innovation, FANG, Nicholas Fang, MIT Fang, Huifeng Du, Liu Wang, Chuanfei Guo

The AI Program That Wrote A Guardian Essay Is Now Writing A Play

“The GPT-3 system argued (in the article) that humans had nothing to fear from robots. Kwame Kwei-Armah, artistic director of the Young Vic, read it and felt inspired.” A year later, GPT-3 is now co-author and co-star of the Young Vic’s current show. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Vic, Kwame Kwei Armah, GPT

Origins Of The Term “Woke”

“A quarter of people think of it as a compliment, a quarter of people think it’s an insult and the rest either don’t know or have never even heard of the term.” –BBC
Tags: Art, Words

Why Does English Have No Equivalent Of The Académie Française? Pestilence

The Royal Society of London actually did attempt to start one in the winter of 1665, with a committee that included poets Abraham Cowley and John Dryden. Plague broke out in London that spring, everyone who could flee the capital did, and that was that. – Lapham’s Quarterly
Tags: Art, London, Words, Royal Society of London, Lapham, Abraham Cowley, John Dryden Plague

OnlyFans Reverses Ban On Sex Workers. Creators Are Still Worried…

What remains is an uncertain future for both creators and OnlyFans, which has plans to go public later this year. The site has more than 130 million users and 2 million creators… – Wired
Tags: Art, Media

Last Week Tonight is the Show We Need, Not the Show We Necessarily Deserve

I remember when I heard John Oliver was getting an HBO show, I was initially disappointed. I thought what I really wanted was him to take over for Craig Ferguson. But I was younger and more foolish then. No talk show could possibly hold a candle to what Last Week Tonight has done for the world. Only fitting, then, that the next logical step in this carnival of madness is…for the art they’ve collected to go on tour. I don’t know if it’s just the three pieces shown here. I don’t know if some of...
Tags: Art, Hbo, Television, Craig Ferguson, John Oliver, Headsup, Last Week Tonight

What’s The Torture In Today’s Russian Prison Camps? Eight Hours A Day Of State Television

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny says the prison he’s in isn’t like the old Soviet gulag, with inmates doing hard labor in subzero weather. Instead, part of what he calls “psychological torture” is being forced to sit and watch Putin-controlled news media and “propaganda films.” – The Irish Times
Tags: Art, Media, Putin, Alexei Navalny, state Television

Algorithms Are Directing How I Grieve For My Dead Mother

I can hide my mom’s photos or block her zombie Facebook account. But I’ve become accustomed to grieving this way. Technology has dictated what I remember and when, because I’ve let it. – Wired
Tags: Art, Facebook, Ideas

Desperate Venezuelans Turn To An Old Video Game To Earn Hard Currency

A large community has grown up around a now-outdated version of the online game RuneScape — and many players in rich countries don’t want to slog through the tasks required to build their characters’ skills or hoards of gold. – Slate
Tags: Art, Media

Director of Patron Services, Florida Theatre

The nonprofit Florida Theatre in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, seeks a Director of Patron Services to lead its Front of House operations. A 1927 historic theatre, the 1,864-seat venue is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s most attended theatres by Pollstar, and provides the 12th largest city in the U.S. with 175-200 live events annually. The Patron Services Director oversees the personnel, policies and procedures that provide the highest level of customer service and safety to 175,0...
Tags: Art, Florida, Jobs, House, Jacksonville Florida, Pollstar, Patron Services, Florida Theatre, Theatre Performing Arts Center Inc

Executive Director – Louisville Ballet

Louisville Ballet is one of the oldest continuously operating ballet companies in the country and serves as the official state ballet of Kentucky. Originally founded as a civic ballet in 1952, Louisville Ballet has steadily grown to become one of the nation’s leading regional ballet companies and has worked with some of ballet’s brightest lights, including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Twyla Tharp, and Wendy Whelan, among many others. The company is currently led by Artistic Director Robert Curran who ha...
Tags: Art, School, Jobs, Kentucky, Ballet, Kfc, Louisville, Robert, Board, Company, MCA, SVP, Brown Forman, Wendy Whelan, Broadway Across America, Val Caniparoli

Smithsonian Kicks Off Multi-Year Project To Reckon With America’s Racial History

“Giving people the reality — here’s the information, here’s a way to contextualize the moment we are in — you can’t build optimism unless you face the reality of the past, the reality of today.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, America, Issues

August linkfest

The rise of rifle logos in American branding: “[T]he terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 … put the US on a war footing for the next two decades and boosted the rifle’s prominence in the national psyche. While pistols have been the chosen weapons of traditional pop culture stars like spies, cops, and gunslingers, military combat prioritizes the rifle, and today’s gun logos reflect that.” (By James I. Bowie for Emblemetric) * Speaking of guns (h/t Iva Cheung): Here you go. The mos...
Tags: New York, Design, Media, Guns, Writing, France, US, History, Bbc, Renaming, Delta, Linguistics, Words, Airlines, Oakland, Gawker

Emerson String Quartet Announces Retirement

The group, which for decades has been one of the world’s most admired of its kind, said in a statement that it will close up shop in 2023, after what will have been 47 years. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Music, Emerson String Quartet Announces Retirement

L.A. Opera Builds All Scenery For New Production In Ten Days

The company’s return to live performance, Verdi’s Il trovatore, was to use sets from the Opéra de Monte-Carlo — but they’re on a container ship stuck in the giant traffic jam at the Port of Los Angeles. But that won’t stop L.A. Opera. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Port Of Los Angeles, Verdi, Opéra de Monte Carlo

"[Bob] Ross’s hair, a holdover from the free-love era, wasn’t naturally curly—he had it permed every few months, a process that he called having his 'springs tightened.'"

"As a nature-loving aesthete, he didn’t seem to have much mind for business matters, which, for better or worse, he left up to the Kowalskis. The documentary treats him as a spiritual healer, somewhere in the family of the Dalai Lama, but it’s more accurate to place him alongside Julia Child, Richard Simmons, and other lovable oddballs who found a niche in mass media and burrowed their way into popular culture. From "What’s Revealed in 'Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed'/A new Netflix ...
Tags: Art, Law, Netflix, Richard Simmons, Bob, Ross, Hairstyles, Speaking, Julia, Bob Ross, Ann Althouse, Annette Kowalski

Who That Album Cover’s Naked Baby Is Today, And The Real Reason He’s Suing Nirvana

Spencer Elden claims that the band exploited him with what he now calls child pornography — but he’s been exploiting that image of his infant self for some time. (He complains it makes it hard for him to date.) His actual grudge appears to be over an art show. – Artnet
Tags: Art, People, Spencer Elden

The Psychology Of Movie Trailer Music

“It’s called ‘trailerizing’ a song. That means changing every aspect of the song but leaving the lyrics. People know the lyrics. The goal is to catch people’s attention.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media

Australian Rock Art May Be 43,000 Years Old

Archaeologists using new measuring techniques have analyzed layers of a mineral glaze covering ancient figures in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and the oldest layer appears to date back more than 40 millennia. – ABC (Australia)
Tags: Art, Abc, Western Australia, Kimberley, Visual

Bramwell Tovey Named Music Director Of Sarasota Orchestra

The 68-year-old chief conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra, formerly music director of the Vancouver and Winnipeg Symphonies and Calgary Opera, begins a five-year contract term on next week and fully assumes the music director title in Sept. 2022. – Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Tags: Art, Music, Vancouver, BBC Concert Orchestra, Sarasota Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey, Calgary Opera, Winnipeg Symphonies

Dealer Charged With Larceny And Fraud For Manufacturing Fake Antiquities

“Prosecutors say Mehrdad Sadigh, a New York antiquities dealer whose Sadigh Gallery has operated for decades in the shadow of the Empire State Building, decided not to go to the trouble of acquiring ancient items. He made (thousands of) bogus copies instead.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, Empire State Building, Visual, Manufacturing Fake Antiquities, Mehrdad Sadigh, Sadigh Gallery

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