This position is one of several new hires in Tisch School of the Arts focused on representation in the arts as part of the NYU Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative. Job Description: NYU Tisch Department of Dance seeks an experienced dance educator and dance practitioner of contemporary form(s) originating from the African diaspora. Candidates should possess expertise and embodied knowledge in hip-hop, commercial, or street dance forms and the ability to teach them in ways that ackn...
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NYU Tisch Department of Dance seeks an experienced dance educator and dance practitioner of contemporary form(s). Candidates should possess expertise and embodied knowledge as a choreographer, performer, and teacher and the ability to teach a diverse student population using inclusive course materials and culturally responsive teaching strategies. The Department is actively expanding the perspectives and areas of specialization offered by its full-time faculty. The candidates’ research ...
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Our Misperceptions Of How The Brain Works

“Scientists have searched fruitlessly for brain boundaries between thinking, feeling, deciding, remembering, moving and other everyday experiences.” But these “are poor guides for understanding how brains are structured or how they work.” – Quanta
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The Quiet Value Behind The Enduring Success Of “Antiques Roadshow”

In a show whose segments are punctuated by dollar amounts, there’s actually a quiet, persistent suggestion to direct our aspirations somewhere else: history, family, sentiment, even love. –
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America’s Founding Colonial Stories Are Nice Fairy Tales. The Reality Was Less Flattering

The political leaders and famous personages that tower over our imaginations are condensed to life-size. They make grubby, horrid choices; they bumble, fumble, and scheme their way through moments of import. – The New Republic
Tags: Art, America, Issues

Famed Music School Falls Silent As Taliban Take Afghanistan

“The students are very fearful about their future – not just of their education and their [music] programme, but also about their life. They do not feel safe in Afghanistan.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan

How Publishing Literature Has Changed

Most authors have day jobs, which is nothing new; Herman Melville worked as a customs inspector. The difference in 2021 is that traditional side careers are less viable and also less “side.” – Vanity Fair
Tags: Art, Words, Herman Melville

Thanks To Streaming, Indian TV Is More Daring Than It’s Ever Been (Or Is It?)

Certainly one encounters more kissing, bare skin, and profanity today than when there was a single, state-owned channel. (More high-quality scripts, too.) Studios like to claim that today’s groundbreaking shows deal provocatively with difficult social issues — but some of the ground has been broken before. – BBC
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Eventually, One Gets Old Enough To Really Appreciate Proust

“Like Marcel, we’ve spent decades building our models of the world, and like him we’re starting to see them for the gimcrack that they are. We’re beginning to sense just how much effort is involved in holding a person together.” – Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words, Marcel

How The Counterculture Became The Main Culture

It’s a truism that high culture, as it used to be known, has been steadily losing its authority since the rise of mass culture in the early twentieth century. – New Criterion
Tags: Art, Ideas

At Last, Dorothy Parker Has A Tombstone, Complete With Epitaph

“Leave for her a red young rose,Go your way, and save your pity;She is happy, for she knowsThat her dust is very pretty.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Dorothy Parker

Data Science: The Creepiest, Most Ominous Word In Macbeth

It turns out that Macbeth uncanny flavor springs from the unusual way that Shakespeare deploys one particular word, over and over again. – OneZero
Tags: Art, Words, Shakespeare, Macbeth

Convert Your PowerPoint to a GIF with Ease!

Have you ever wanted to give someone a small snapshot of a presentation? Perhaps you have just a couple of slides you’d like to easily share. What if you could make a 30-second teaser slideshow for that purpose from a deck you’ve already created? Well, now you can! An easy way to engage your audience is to create and share a GIF of your existing PowerPoint. Once you learn how to do this, the possibilities are endless! You can create a quick snippet to share in a newsletter. You can post one on y...
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Was The Nuclear Family As Our Primary Social Unit A Mistake?

If you want to summarize the changes in family structure over the past century, the truest thing to say is this: We’ve made life freer for individuals and more unstable for families. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas

The Science of Logo Design: How to Choose an Effective Logo for Your Business

Your company logo is important. Here are 4 best practices and scientific insights to help you choose an effective logo for your business.
Tags: Design, Sales, Color, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing Psychology

The pure hell of managing your JPEGs

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. Natasha and Alex and Grace and Chris were joined by none other than TechCrunch’s own Mary Ann Azevedo, in her first-ever appearance on the show. She’s pretty much the best person and we’re stoked to have her on the pod. And it was good that Mary Ann was on the show this week as she wrote about half the dang site. Which meant that we got to include all sorts of her ...
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MoMA’s Online Courses Let You Study Modern & Contemporary Art and Earn a Certificate

The labels “modern art” and “contemporary art” don’t easily pull apart from one another. In a strictly historical sense, the former refers to art produced in the era we call modernity, beginning in the mid-19th century. And according to its etymology, the latter refers to art produced at the same time as something else: there is art “contemporary” with, say, the Italian Renaissance, but also art “contemporary” with our own lives. You’ll have a much clearer idea of this distinction — and ...
Tags: Art, Facebook, New York, College, Online Courses, Seoul, Coursera, Moma, Colin Marshall, 21st Century Los Angeles, Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA, Museum of Modern Art The Museum of Modern Art MoMA, TikTok Based, Facebook MoMA

For Over A Century, Black American Composers Have Gotten Attention In Europe That They Couldn’t Get At Home

From William Grant Still, William Dawson, and Florence Price to expatriates working there today, African-American composers whose music has been quickly forgotten here have looked to audiences across the Atlantic, where “they listen to my music instead of looking at me.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Atlantic, William Grant, Florence Price, William Dawson

This One Weird Trick Changed Medical Illustration Forever

The carbon dust technique — basically, painting with dust ground from the graphite of a pencil — enabled illustrators to show details of texture that were crucial to their images while letting body parts in the background remain vague in a way that photography can’t do. – Forbes
Tags: Art, Visual

How Finland Gets Support For The Arts? Make Politicians Museum Interns

During the internship day, decision-makers will familiarise them them with the workspaces of museum professionals, the researchers’ rooms, archives and, for example, the reception rooms for objects. – Finnish Museums Association
Tags: Art, Visual

Details Of Venice’s Planned Day-Tripper Tax Are Set

Regional lawmakers have approved a “contributo di accesso” ranging from €3 to €10 based on the time of year, and day visitors will have to make a reservation. Overnight tourists, who already pay hotel occupancy taxes, are exempt. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Venice, Issues

NFTs aren’t just a fluke — they will change the way we experience and own digital media

Just like DeFi’s money legos are about to revolutionize finance, media legos will deeply alter the social layers of the web. They will change how creators issue, distribute, and monetize their work while defining new rules for content exploration, collecting, and community building. This post dives into the paradigm shifts underpinning the internet renaissance and reveals opportunities for innovators. Source: – layered artwork changing over time with 216 composable image combin...
Tags: Startups, Design, Digital, Creative, Creativity, Btc, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Contributors, Défi

Broadway League Turns To Oprah To Convince Theatergoers To Come Back

Winfrey is narrator for the audio and video components of a multi-million-dollar campaign across print, broadcast, and social media to convince COVID-wary audience members to go ahead and see a show. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, Winfrey

Marimekko transforms Bangkok’s Skytrain with a joyful flower pattern

If Bangkok commuters seem to have a spring in their step and a smile on their face these days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. With such a beautiful Skytrain, who wouldn’t? Photo: Marimekko Iconic Finnish brand Marimekko celebrated its 70th anniversary this summer and, to mark the occasion, it collaborated with the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) to wrap the entire Skytrain in its most recognizable design: large and bright poppies. Photo: Marimekko The bold poppy pattern, known as Unikko ...
Tags: Travel, Design, Bangkok, Tashkent, All, Noelle Salmi, ARMI, Marimekko, Armi Ratia, Maija Isola, Unikko, Sylvia Sene Marimekko, Unikko Maija, Bangkok Skytrain

Bo Spassoff, Director Of The Rock School: The Exit Interview

“As he prepares to close this chapter of his career, Bo shares the lessons — for both teachers and students — that he’s gleaned from nearly four decades at the front of the studio” of the much-admired Philadelphia ballet academy. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Philadelphia, Bo, Bo Spassoff

Actors Stranded In Sydney With No Work Or Money By Lockdown And Border Closures

With the Delta variant on the rise in the city, many Melbourne-based actors who had been performing in Sydney were contractually obligated to their shows. Now theatres are closed, the border between New South Wales and Victoria states has slammed shut, and they’re stuck. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, New South Wales, Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne

Consultant – New York or London, AEA Consulting

AEA Consulting is a global consulting firm setting the standard in strategy and planning for the cultural and creative sector. We are currently seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Consultant to join us in our mission to harness the power of art, culture, and creativity to realize the full potential of people and places around the world. Consultants are crucial consulting team members who drive AEA’s project delivery and project management work, while supporting business develop...
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Nocturnes — The Best Music To Help With Your Pandemic-Induced Insomnia

From the first Nocturne ever published (by John Field in 1814), to Chopin and Debussy and Britten, on to Max Richter’s “eight-hour lullaby” Sleep, Anna Meredith’s Four Tributes To 4am, and Craig Armstrong’s new Nocturnes for two pianos, here are suggested soporifics for the stressed-out. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Anna Meredith, Britten, Max Richter, Debussy, Chopin, Craig Armstrong, John Field

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