The Fate Of Artists And Culture Workers Under The Taliban

A vibrant, educated, outward-looking civil society formed, and many Afghans facing Taliban 2.0 have no memory of the shockingly brutal Taliban regime that fell in 2001. Kabul may not be governable by the old Taliban methods. – Washington Post
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Attempts To Fix A Mies van der Rohe Masterpiece – A Disaster As A Museum

As a museum, it has always been a disaster. Ever since it opened, the New National Gallery has been dogged by cracking windows, heavy condensation and awkward display spaces, presenting a curatorial nightmare for its staff. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Visual, New National Gallery, Mies van der Rohe Masterpiece

Rite Of Passage: Now There Are Academic Citations For TikTok

The iconic MLA Handbook has added an entry for TikTok, so Noam Chomsky 2.0s, who need to cite videos from the social media powerhouse, can now do it properly. – Fast Company
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The Societal Benefits Of Public Nudity

According to a series of surveys conducted by researchers at the University of London, not only did those who engaged in naturism have higher levels of self-esteem and life satisfaction than their clothed counterparts, they also became even happier as they participated in those activities more frequently. – The Walrus
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The Thriving Book Community On TikTok

BookTok is a hashtag on TikTok, where readers post videos of book recommendations, talk about writing novels and make reading-related jokes. The hashtag #BookTok currently has more than 18 billion views on TikTok. – CBC
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Why We Need Poetry Right Now

Indeed, in our age of social media, words are often used as weapons. Poetry instead treats words with care. – The New York Times
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Is There Too Much Music?

he source of discovery is the last 70 years of music. It’s all brand new, right now. So you’re competing with every song that has ever come out.” –BBC
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Why Artists Need Mentors

Many times when teaching, (especially dance criticism or dance history) I find that many people do not know important and influential dancers, teachers or choreographers that came before them, and they have no curiosity in learning. This leads to a kind of arrogant ignorance. – Anabella Lenzu
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Vice President, HR & Inclusion (Opera Philadelphia)

Opera Philadelphia is seeking a Vice President, Human Resources & Inclusion to add to its senior management team. The organization is committed to equity and inclusion practices and they know this new senior management position is instrumental in holding themselves and the organization accountable to the work. They will be looking to the successful candidate to guide them in determining and directing staffing goals and strategies to support the fulfillment of their mission. Work Shouldn’t Suc...
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How To Nurture A Classical Music Community During A Pandemic

For violinist Jennifer Koh, the answer crystallized early in 2020: Hire composers, and get on Instagram. – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Jennifer Koh, 08.30.21

The End Of Fans?

At this tumultuous moment, I think we each have to decide for ourselves which pieces of art to keep, and which to throw out. Perhaps fandom — defined as the attachment to the artist as creator — should no longer be the point. – CNN
Tags: Art, Issues

What A Classical Retelling Means To Its Writer, And Its Audience

Madeline Miller’s 2011 book The Song of Achilles has, she says, helped readers come out to their parents; has inspired people to earn Ph.D.s in Classics; and even led to some intense tattoos. That’s a lot for someone who was worried that the backlash to her novel might be huge. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, Madeline Miller, 08.27.21

Nobody Makes Superheroes Like Australia

DC and Marvel got you bored? Hunt down Captain Invincible, Griff the Invisible, or, even better, the TV series Cleverman, told from an Indigenous Australian perspective. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Australia, Cleverman, 08.30.21

Micki Grant, Composer And Trailblazer, 92

Grant was the first in so many categories. First woman to write the book, lyrics, and music to a Broadway musical. One of the first Black actors with a long-running character on a soap opera. And when she couldn’t win – see 1986’s flop Phillis, about Phillis Wheatley – she bounced back. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Grant, Micki Grant, Phillis, Phillis Wheatley, 08.27.21

Is Seeing Live Theatre Worth All Of The COVID Precautions And Stress?

Charles McNulty, in Los Angeles, says yes, but: “Anticipating the stress of the new COVID-19 protocols, I forgot the old stresses, the lunatic driving at Hollywood and Vine, the $25 parking fee (‘credit card only, please’). The woman sitting behind me returned after intermission with a bag of potato chips.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Theatre, Los Angeles, Audience, Charles McNulty, 08.27.21

Let’s Talk About Luma Arles

The art park (project? bioregion?) in France is a bit unclear right now. Luma “is a wonderland of good intentions. They certainly don’t pave the road to hell, but they do offer versions of desirability that are at odds with each other.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, France, Visual, Luma, LUMA Arles, 08.29.21

The Outdoor Concerts In Ireland Where Musicians Arrive By Canal And Barge

Sounds gloriously picturesque: “There’s a tall lamp standing on the stone quayside at a lock in rural Co Carlow on a warm and clear evening. Beside it, a cream and green barge is moored, with a mixing desk on the bow and a few cables trailing on to the bank up towards the lamp.” – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Music, Ireland, Audience, Co Carlow, 08.26.21

Using Artists – And Art – To Revive A Town In Cornwall

There’s a revival in the town of St. Austell, thanks to the history of clay. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Cornwall, Visual, St Austell, 08.29.21

Found: a controversial painting hidden inside a painting by Vermeer

When restoring a painting by Vermeer, conservators discovered an image of Cupid covered up by an additional layer of paint. The paint was removed, revealing the painting as the Dutch master had originally intended it.While this discovery settles old debates about the work, it also raises some new questions — like: who covered it up?Every now and then, conservators stumble upon an unseen detail that completely alters the meaning of a centuries-old image. Earlier this week, the Gemäldegalerie Alte...
Tags: Art, Innovation, Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, Schneider, Delft, Dresden Germany, Vermeer, Mark Rothko, Pearl Earring, Harvard Art Museums, Gemäldegalerie, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Vermeer Norbert Schneider, Stephan Koja

Donald Newlove, 93, Author Who Explored The Depths Of Drink

Newlove wrote hundreds of articles, essays, and stories; novels; and several books of advice for writers as well. Once sober, he called his former muse “Drunkspeare.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Newlove, 08.27.21, Donald Newlove

Jeopardy’s Next Big Headache

What kind of vetting do they have over there at Sony, anyway? – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Sony, Issues, 08.27.21

Here Are The Fall’s Award-Bait Films

In theory, four fall film festivals are about to take place, with masked, vaccinated, and tested participants. “Yes, the last Oscars were just four months ago. But there’s no shortage of intriguing awards season hopefuls premiering at these festivals.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, 08.27.21

Artificial Intelligence Can Kind Of Produce New Yorker Cartoons, But Those Captions

“Comics artist Ilan Manouach and AI engineer Ioannis Siglidis developed the Neural Yorker, an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that posts computer-generated cartoons on Twitter.” The results can be hilarious – or deeply unsettling. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Ideas, 08.29.21, Ilan Manouach, Ioannis Siglidis

When The NYT Book Review Minced Few Words

You might call the headlines “brutally honest,” if you were being kind. “Novel or Nightmare?” one asks. “Two Pathetic Books,” one proclaims. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 08.27.21

The Opera Tenor Who Likes To Take His Audience To The Edge

Australian tenor Stuart Skelton on Wagner: “Singers are like athletes doing long-distance competitions. You get to the point where you’ve reached your physical limits. You hit the wall. Then it’s a mental game of trying to dig deep into your technical resources to keep going.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Wagner, Stuart Skelton, 08.29.21

Good Thing It Wasn’t Banksy

Or was the graffiti artist after whom the NY Police Department sent a drone, a helicopter, and several cars actually the next potential Banksy or Basquiat? – Vice
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, NY Police Department, 08.27.21

GRID 3GS Deconstructed iPhone Art Review

A company called Grid Studio reach out and asked if I was interested in checking out one of their art pieces. Basically they take popular tech, deconstruct it, and turn it into a really cool art piece for display. They currently offer old phones, media players (iPod), smart watches, and even portable game consoles! They have sent over their GRID 3GS, which is a deconstructed iPhone 3GS, let's take a look! The post GRID 3GS Deconstructed iPhone Art Review appeared first on
Tags: Reviews, Iphone, Art, Review, DECONSTRUCTED, iPhone 3GS, Grid Studio, GRID 3GS

A Genre Of Books Promises To make You Smarter. True?

Most of the time, thinking sounds like hard work, but add “smart” to the front and it sounds more attractive: hipsterishly mid-Atlantic, vaguely technological (like “smartphone”), and with an implied promise of some handy trick or shortcut. – The Guardian
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