A startup that made 'cow-free' milk and ice-cream will soon launch its own cream cheese

The startup is already seeking regulatory approval in Canada, India, and Europe. Shutterstock Perfect Day, based in California, advocates for animal-free products, free from animal exploitation. They aim to ethically produce milk using a cow's milk gene and reproducing it using a fungus. The firm is already selling ice cream and cheese. At the end of 2021 it plans to sell cream cheese. See more stories on Insider's business page. What if there was an alternative to plant-based mi...
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A 126-Year-Old Theatre Upstaged By The Forest Behind It

No matter how good the actors, they are often upstaged by the theater’s unusual backdrop: a steep forest, visible right behind the stage. – The New York Times
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Architects Use Video Gaming Tools To Explain Projects

“We see games as a tool for engagement, for connecting people thinking about how they can become collaborative design environments.”  – Dezeen
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A Kids’ Battle Of The Books Program That Has Them Eager To Put Away Screens

Every year for the past six years Hepburn Penny has organized a Battle of the Books program that sees kids between the ages of eight and 18 ditch their video games and cellphones and commit to reading 10 books over the summer holidays. – CBC
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Fortnite Suspends Dance Moves In MLK Tribute Game After Racist Emotes

The March Through Time experience launched August 26, recreating the Lincoln Memorial and US National Mall where King delivered the speech, and incorporated informational exhibits and collaborative minigames for players. – Games Industry Biz
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YouTube Music Surprises – Now Has 50 Million Subscribers

While global market leader Spotify still has a healthy lead — its most recent total paid subscribers was around 165 million, announced earlier this year — No. 2 Apple Music may feel YouTube nipping at its heels. – Variety
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At Nearly 90, Philadanco’s Joan Myers Brown Isn’t Stepping Down, She’s ‘Moving Over’

“I’m wishing people would understand that I need to shore up this organization. So, if I drop dead, the organization won’t be saying, ‘Aunt Joan ain’t here, what are we going to do?’ I want them to say, ‘Do this, and take care of that.'” – The New York Times
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How Digital Tech Will Kill Nation States (A History)

If we want to figure out how network technologies like Internet and Blockchain will change the world, we need to understand how the nature of previous technologies determined the emergence of new political systems. – Uncharted Territories
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In praise of Donald Newlove

I was knocked out on first reading of Sweet Adversity (1978), by Donald Newlove, who died Aug. 17 at age 93. It’s about co-joined twins who love Louis Armstrong, play jazz in the 1930s and arrive New York’s Lower East Side in the early 1960s, where one of them sobers up. Besides the unique story, it’s the novel’s language that dazzles — intricate, high-spirited sentences that conjured unusual images and ringing perceptions in a continuous, unpredictable stream. It’s hilarious, delirious...
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Professional Theatre Deep In A French Mountain Forest

“Hundreds of productions have been performed at the Théâtre du Peuple, a 126-year-old playhouse 45 miles from the German border. Yet no matter how good the actors, they are often upstaged by the theater’s unusual backdrop: a steep forest, visible right behind the stage.” – The New York Times
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The Surprisingly Big Business Of Library E-Book Lending

The burst in digital borrowing has helped many readers, but it has also accelerated an unsettling trend. Books, like music and movies and TV shows, are increasingly something that libraries and readers do not own but, rather, access temporarily, from corporations that do. – The New Yorker
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World’s Only Manufacturer Of Biblical Harps Destroyed In Wildfire

“Founded in 1984 by American immigrants Shoshanna and Micah Harrari, the tiny workshop” — called King David Harps and located near Jerusalem — “was known internationally for its instruments, which are modeled after archaeological findings and specifications found in Talmudic and biblical verses.” – Tablet
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Consolidation: Four Prominent Galleries Join Up Under One Roof

In joining forces, the foursome are betting they will be more effective together than separately at a time when the gallery sector has seen a 20 percent drop in sales, and many small and midsize galleries are closing. – The New York Times
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Did That Robot Look At Me Funny?

It has long been known that making eye contact with a robot can be an unsettling experience. Scientists even have a name for the queasy feeling: the “uncanny valley”. – Reuters
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Now Amazon’s Even Moving Into Live Audio

“The effort, led by Amazon’s Music division, includes paying podcast networks, musicians and celebrities to use the feature for live conversations, shows and events. … The feature is being built to focus on live music, but the tech giant is also eyeing talk radio programs and podcasts.” – Axios
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But What About the Artists?

An occupational hazard of the social sciences is that we tend to generalize. Even when writing about the dynamic and complex system of arts and culture, it becomes tempting to treat the component parts as monoliths. Thus, when attempting to quantify the arts’ benefits to individuals and society, we often overlook the roles and relationships of different units that work in tandem to produce those effects. For instance, we speak of the social and emotional learning (SEL) that derives from arts edu...
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Amazon's "Cinderella."

That has a 41% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. I scanned the reviews. Nothing worth quoting.  The preview is enough. I looked it up after reading this comment on the review that appears in WaPo: "I watched the preview and was struck by the whole message that Cinderella's new dream is to get to work MORE. Feed into the capitalistic machine, Cinderella! You have no value unless you dream of WORK." Yes, there's a male fairy godmother, not that he's called a "fairy"! He's referred to as "Fabulous Go...
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As If COVID Weren’t Enough, Texas Arts Venues Now Have To Worry About Handguns

As of Sept. 1, any adult in Texas may carry a gun in public, concealed or not, without any license. Private businesses and venues may still ban guns and use metal detectors, but staffers worry that communicating this to some patrons will be, er, challenging. – KERA (Dallas)
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Salman Rushdie Is Serializing His Next Novel On Substack

“‘I’m going to kind of make it up as I go along, but I have some starting points,’ he says. Aside from the novella, it will feature short stories, literary gossip (‘as long as it’s not defamatory’) and writing about books – and film.” – The Guardian
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The Cultural Jewels Of Caracas Decay As Venezuela’s Crises Drag On

As petrodollars flowed and it became one of Latin America’s most prosperous cities, Caracas built cultural and architectural landmarks such as Parque Central, the Museum of Contemporary Art, University City, and Teresa Carreño Theater. Now, amid shortages of money, staff, and good management, they’re moldering away. – Bloomberg CityLab
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How Social Media Has Ruined Art?

The public sphere has been replaced with emotional outbursts and opportunities for consumption. Museums have followed suit, relinquishing their mission to enlighten and challenge the public and offering mere content instead. – ARTnews
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Nielsen’s Accreditation For National TV Ratings Suspended

“The suspension is the latest salvo in a months-long joust between TV networks and the company that has long tabulated (their) viewership, … (as the) industry (seeks) a new yardstick as its audiences light out for new digital territory.” – Variety
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Edinburgh Festivals Bounce Back From COVID, Selling More Than Half A Million Tickets

With pandemic restrictions (excepting some audience capacity limits) lifted just around opening day, 520,000 tickets were sold for events at the International, Book, Film, and Fringe Festivals. The great majority of those, 400,000, were for Fringe events, and another 350,000 people watched Fringe shows online. – The Scotsman
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Composer Mikis Theodorakis, 96

“He was known outside Greece for the remarkable scope of his talent — a catalogue of more than 1,000 songs, film scores, symphonies, operas and other works — but he also was widely viewed in his homeland as the conscience of political resistance.” – The Washington Post
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Timothy Spall’s teenage obsessions: ‘For my art A-level I nailed up apples covered in pubic hair’

The actor on studying with the Sex Pistols, being in a Bowie tribute act, the appeal of Roxy Music, the help of teachers and the power of surrealism Continue reading...
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Pancake aims to make customers flip for its virtual home design platform

Pancake brought in a $350,000 seed round to develop its home design platform that leverages furniture you already have in your home with a designer’s fresh eye on your space. Maria Jose Castro and Roberto Meza, both from Costa Rica, started the company in 2020, based on their own experience of transitioning to work-from-home and needing to outfit a space. However, design services can be expensive, and therefore not accessible to everyone. Pancake is reinventing the way you can work with an inter...
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New Orleans Museums Got Through Hurricane Ida In Decent Shape — So Far

With the post-Katrina levees and fortifications having done their job, the city’s art institutions suffered no flood damage. The worry is how long the collections can tolerate Louisiana heat and humidity without electricity to run the climate control systems. – Artnet
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