Copland and Joe McCarthy on NPR – a “Surreal Experience”

“Aaron Copland and the Spirit of Labor Day” – the radio documentary I was delighted to
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Blind To The Truth (Limerick)

This is a true, personal story. And it remains a vivid memory: My teacher in pre-school would whine: “Is your coloring off by design? You must crayon within The lines, or your kin Will be called. I am drawing the line!” Seems it never occurred to my teacher That I’m naught but a near-sighted creature, Who could NOT see those lines. She missed all the signs. To this day, I would love to impeach her.
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I’m back again!

This is my first posting in two weeks, and it’s nice to be back. No, I didn’t die, nor was I even slightly injured, but since it’s the first time in many years that I’ve taken so much time off from this blog, and since my last posting was preceded by another prolonged hiatus—it strikes me that I should explain my absence. Part of the problem was that I was swamped with work, including an extended stretch of theater-related travel that kept me more or less continuously on the go for more ...
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Snakes, spirits and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: São Paulo Biennial makes defiant stand in Brazil’s culture wars

As the Bolsonaro government stokes divisions, the art festival offers a pointedly diverse and inclusive programme, including sculptures by the late dub reggae legendWhen fire devastated the National Museum in Brazil in 2018, one of the few objects to be found intact among the smouldering ruins was the St Luisa meteorite. While the Rio de Janeiro museum is still being rebuilt, the black rock, around a metre in length, is the star exhibit of the São Paulo Biennial, which opened at the weekend.The ...
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"We don’t have any literature that says he made the painting for Tiffany... But we know a little bit about Basquiat... We know he loved New York, and that he loved luxury and he loved jewelry."

"My guess is that the [blue painting] is not by chance. The color is so specific that it has to be some kind of homage. As you can see, there is zero Tiffany blue in the [ad] campaign other than the painting... It’s a way to modernize Tiffany blue."Said Alexandre Arnault, a communications vice president at Tiffany, quoted in "Basquiat’s friends ‘horrified’ by Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Tiffany campaign" (NY Post). I was going to quote the expressions of horror by Basquiat's friends, but when I got to A...
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Nichesss doesn’t just write copy for you — it’ll even explain your business idea with AI power

TLDR: Nichesss AI Copywriter offers copy in any format you need in seconds, capable of powering your social media, advertising, or even reshaping your next startup venture. There are lots of different types of writers out there. There are novelists, blog writers, ad copy specialists, and Facebook posters, to name a very, very small select group. Trying to tailor any single writing tool to service the needs of all of those types of writers is a lofty, and frankly, nearly impossible mission. Howev...
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Just because: Aaron Copland’s Quiet City

Steven Schick and the La Jolla Symphony perform Aaron Copland’s Quiet City, with Stephanie Richards on trumpet and Carol Rothrock on oboe: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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How to Paint a Ceiling Without Getting Paint Everywhere, Including on Yourself

When you think about painting a room, chances are you’re picturing giving your walls a refresh, or a makeover in a new color. But ceilings are a different type of canvas—one that can change the feeling of the entire room.Read more...
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Theatrefolk Featured Play – Virtual Platform by Claire Broome

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. Virtual Learning by Claire Broome is a perfect play to navigate the chaos of online learning. Life is absurd right now – time to embrace it! Online learning is a world of its own that doesn’t come with a map. Will Student be able to navigate this world of rotating […]
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