The Unusual History Of Free Jazz

Given the revolutionary nature of the music, it’s no surprise that many in the field greeted it with such disdain. – The Guardian
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New Movie Museum Shows LACMA Made A Mistake Selling Old Department Store

Christopher Knight: “Although the department store would not have made good art museum exhibition space, it is now very easy to see how well it would work for virtually every other art museum function.” – Los Angeles Times
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Australian Court Rules Media Can Be Sued For Comments On Posts

It comes after a former teenage prisoner sued media companies over Facebook comments posted below articles about his mistreatment in detention. – BBC
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Where We Are Now In Teaching Machines To Learn

High hopes for the imminent arrival of general AI have been there from the very beginning, and the successes of machine learning keep them high. – The New Atlantis
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Demon twins and sci-fi raves at Galway’s gobsmacking arts fest

With theatre for an audience of one, a whirlwind set of Kevin Barry stories and sparky songs, the Irish festival is in fine formAdapting to Covid-19 restrictions with ingenuity, Galway international arts festival has embraced hybrid forms of performance: live in theatres, streamed, filmed, recorded for headsets or available for a single audience member to encounter alone. In the case of Attic Projects’ arresting Volcano (★★★★☆), presented in four 45-minute parts, viewers have the intense experie...
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Two Huge Tom Cruise Movies Are On Hold. Will Hollywood Survive?

Suddenly, the unthinkable had happened: Tom Cruise seemingly now had nothing to do. – Deadline
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Katherine Dunham Was More Than A Choreographer And Ethnographer. She Was An Entrepreneur.

Her Ballet Nègre in Chicago, founded in 1930-31, was only the second ballet company of any kind in the country. Her dance revues Tropics and Le Jazz “Hot” became Broadway hits. Katherine Dunham Dance Company toured the world and supported a school — and she handled the finances herself. – Forbes
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Of Writing And The Usefulness Of Cliches

It was only with the emergence of an artistic movement, beginning around the mid-18th century, that probable language came to be regarded less as the building blocks of composition and more as the too-familiar, the outworn, the boring. – Aeon
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What’s The Latest Dangerous Distraction For Drivers? Infotainment Screens On Their Dashboards

“With American traffic fatalities recently hitting a 15-year high, an infotainment arms race seems like the last thing we need right now. The car industry is poised to give us one anyway.” And the systems are more or less unregulated. – Slate
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Do Big Film Festivals Still Matter?

These days it pays to look at things from a sober perspective, but let’s face it: glitz can be fun. – Toronto Star
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How On Earth Did Experimental Downtown Drama Land On Broadway?

“An unusually large proportion of the 10 plays opening this fall are what one producer calls ‘formally inventive’ and others might label downtown, avant-garde, or (that dread word) challenging.” Jesse Green considers three of them: Is This a Room?, Dana H., and Pass Over. – The New York Times
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A startup is now making artificial hearts for terminally ill patients

Carmat's artificial heart imitates the functions of the human heart. Bertrand Guay/AFP via Getty Images French company Carmat said it would begin selling artificial hearts in the second quarter of 2021. The heart is mainly targeted at patients suffering from terminal or "endstage" heart failure. A man suffering from end-stage heart failure received an artificial heart implant, the startup said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A French company developing the worl...
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How Expertise Is Being Redefined

I believe there exists a modicum of groupthink in an established expert community; solidarity in opinions may be seen as desirable among some in the scientific community, sometimes at the expense of intellectual debates and scientific discourse. – Future
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Art collection expected to fetch at least $600m to help settle divorce

Macklowe collection includes works by artists including Picasso, Rothko and GiacomettiIt is a collection that has attained almost mythical status in the art world, one that contains spectacular works by Picasso, Rothko, Warhol and a nightmarish Giacometti sculpture of a Pinocchio-like nose in a cage.After a US judge ordered its sale to help settle a billionaire couple’s acrimonious divorce there has been a string of rumours and stories about who would sell the collection and when. Continue readi...
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A Choreographer’s Podcast Examines How The Hell You Can Eke Out A Living In Dance In This Country

Miguel Gutierrez’s Are You for Sale? explores “the ethical entanglements between art and money”: the convoluted systems of philanthropy and grant applications, the good and bad points of state funding, “these horrible, infantilizing roles that the economic conditions of making work impose onto us.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Miguel Gutierrez

Rethinking The Idea Of Theatre As Public Space

In a world dominated by Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter, the idea of using theatre to drive change and inform our political life may seem naïve, even quaint. But theatre offers something none of these platforms can: space. – American Theatre
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Phil Schaap, 70, Who Knew About Jazz History Than Anybody

From his teens, he astonished the great musicians he met with his recall of details, and for five decades he shared that knowledge as a historian, educator, concert promoter, Grammy-winning record producer, and legendary radio host at New York’s WKCR. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, New York, People, WKCR, Phil Schaap

Writing Good Trivia Questions Is Even Harder Than Answering Them

Thorsten A. Integrity (né Shayne Bushfield) of the trivia site LearnedLeague explains what he has to consider: Is this too hard? Too easy? Is it interesting? Is it accurate? Are there other ways to answer this question? Which part should be the question and which the answer? – Slate
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The Secrets Of 1,000-Year-Old Riddles

The oldest surviving collection of riddles assembled in English is in the Exeter Book, copied around the turn of the first millennium CE. They were part of an extended English tradition of aenigmae and trick questions in both Anglo-Saxon and Latin. – The New York Times
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Artificial Intelligence Will Likely Be More Tool Than Human Replacer

Though a wide range of A.I. technologies have improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade, even the most impressive systems have ended up complementing human workers rather than replacing them. – The New York Times
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Police Disassemble Hong Kong’s Tienanmen Massacre Museum

The June 4 Museum, as it’s called, had been closed to the public (presumably on Beijing’s orders) since June. This morning, police were seen entering the building and carting away display and exhibition materials. – The Guardian
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Alberto Vilar, High-Profile Arts Donor Turned Famous Fraudster, Dead At 80

He proudly (extremely proudly) donated millions to the Met Opera, Covent Garden, Kennedy Center, and others, his name prominently displayed — until the tech stocks he invested in crashed, he reneged on widely publicized pledges, he was caught defrauding clients, and spent years in prison. – The New York Times
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As Sea Levels Rise And Floods Proliferate, Museums Spend Millions To Protect Themselves

Some museums, like the Whitney, learned the hard way (during construction, Superstorm Sandy dumped six million gallons of water into the basement); others (like the Pérez in Miami, right alongside Biscayne Bay) see the danger and build in flood defenses. – Artnet
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The Lost Leonardo: has a new film solved the mystery of the world’s most expensive painting?

Is the $450m Salvator Mundi a fake? This film – featuring tearful sycophants, sneering experts, dodgy dealers and a secretive superyacht – may finally settle the great Da Vinci controversyIt is almost exactly 10 years since Salvator Mundi was unveiled, this “lost Leonardo” instantly triggering astonishment around the world. Since those giddy days, the work has had a turbulent time. As well as becoming the most expensive painting in history, going for $450m (£326m) at auction, Salvator Mundi was ...
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Jazz Venues In New Orleans Weren’t Hurt Too Badly By Hurricane Ida — But The Musicians Were

One historical site was blown to bits, but most performance spaces came out with only some roof and water damage. Yet the performers themselves are reeling: the storm and the Delta variant coronavirus killed the first chances they’ve had to work in months. – The New York Times
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Tove Jansson, Beloved Creator of the Moomins, Illustrates The Hobbit

What is a Hobbit? A few characters in J.R.R Tolkien’s classic work of children’s fantasy wonder themselves about the diminutive title characters who don’t get out much. Tolkien describes them thoroughly, a handful of well-known British and American actors immortalized them on screen, but the last word on what a Hobbit looks like belongs to the reader. Or — in an edition as richly illustrated as the Swedish and Finnish editions of the book were in 1962 and 1973 — to the Swedish/Finnish artist, T...
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As part of Engaging Matters’ 10th Anniversary, we are highlighting important and/or popular posts from the past. In reviewing such posts it became clear that many were grouped thematically. As a result, this Anniversary series will, for the most part, present the theme with links to relevant posts rather than simply re-posting individual items. “Community engagement” has the power not only to enhance viability but also to aid nonprofit arts organizations in becoming truly indispensable. ...
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Executive Director (Full-time, Virtual Office) for National Non-profit Handbell Musicians of America

Established in 1954, Handbell Musicians of America (HMA)* is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to advancing the musical art of handbell/handchime ringing through education, community, and communication. With the vision of “Uniting people to create a diverse community in which handbell musicians of every skill level realize their full potential through a musically-respected art form,” the organization has members in all fifty states and several countries. There are twelve geograp...
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