Jazz Resurgence in Pittsburgh

There are new clubs in the city and new haunts where jazz can once again be heard regularly. There is fresh talent filling out the rosters of trios and quartets. And there are fresh ears hungry for a bit of cultural nourishment. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Back to the Future: The Musical review – the car’s the star

Adelphi theatre, LondonThis is a splashy theatre-film mashup, with gravity-defying effects, cute quirks and offbeat gagsHow does a car speed at 88mph on stage? That must have been the biggest challenge for this musical adaptation of the hit 1985 film about Marty, Doc and the time-travelling DeLorean, which has to achieve that ferocious velocity to tear back across the decades to 1955. Kudos to the production for pulling off the effect so spectacularly.It really does seem as if the DeLorean is de...
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How The Word “Performative” Got Corrupted

What is worse, the meaning of performative in contemporary parlance, while not very precise, is almost exactly the opposite of the word’s original meaning. – Hedgehog Review
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Pet Portraits: How to Turn your Photos into Art

If there is one thing that connects all pet owners it's the love we share for our pets. These animals are so much more than just pets however, they are part of the family. It's customary to display photos of your family members around your home and this tradition should include pets as well. However, if you're looking to take it one step further, you should consider having a custom pet portrait (or two!) created.Stellar Villa is a small business based in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in ...
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Jacksonville Symphony Seeks Director of Major Gifts

Position Title: Director of Major GiftsStatus: Full-Time/ExemptReports To: Vice President & Chief Advancement Officer Position Summary The Jacksonville Symphony Advancement Department raises funds through donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, the public sector, and special events to support artistic and educational programming and general operating expenses. The Director of Major Gifts role will be responsible for expanding the base of major gift donors, primarily...
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Bill Rauch On The Performing Arts Center At The World Trade Center

The PAC will be the final piece of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, a three-story building — 129,000-square feet with three flexible venues that allow for 11 different possible configurations, ranging from 84 to 1205 seats. – New York Theatre
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What’s The Next Defining Tech Era?

So what can we see bubbling up in techland at the moment? If you believe the industry, metaverses (plural) – basically conceived as massive virtual-reality environments – might be a big thing. – The Guardian
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Why Do We Still Care About Shakespeare?

So why do we still read him, and why do so many people still flock to his plays, despite their archaisms lichened with footnotes and, to citizens of our ironic century, his easily parodied apostrophizing? Why do we still care? – Washington Post
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The Mercury Prize Glorifies Albums When No One Listens To Albums Anymore

Since the turn to online services, however, the award has undertaken an additional role. It is upholding the idea of the album in the face of technological change. Even the televised event is structured like a record. – The Conversation 
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Why Young Korean Musicians Are Ascendant In Classical Music

Thierry Loreau, a Belgian filmmaker and TV director, sees the domination of young Koreans in classical music competitions as a cultural phenomenon, labeling it the “K-classics generation.” – Korea Times
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LA’s New Movie Museum Has A Weird Omission: Music

The studios, of course, have a long and famous history of cluelessness when it comes to soundtracks. They’ve tossed countless original scores into the trash to reduce clutter. – Los Angeles Times
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Moloko to Publish Dutch Mordant

“ALL DRAWING FROM THE IMAGINATION I’D CONSIDER A FORM OF AUTOMATIC DRAWING; IF IT EXISTS, IT WILL EXIST ONLY FOR THE FIRST TIME.” — Gerard Bellaart From left: Back cover, spine, front cover, an interior page. I think [my images] arise from the instinctive tendency to not look for semblances or analogies. Meaning, to find all that happens in spite of me—imagination versus verisimilitude. One forever seems to be looking for a dimension not directly visible and through the technique at one...
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Art History School: Learn About the Art & Lives of Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustav Klimt, Frances Bacon, Edvard Munch & Many More

Artist and videographer Paul Priestly is an enthusiastic and generous sort of fellow. His free online drawing tutorials abound with encouraging words for beginners, and he clearly relishes lifting the curtain to reveal his home studio set up and self designed camera rig. But we here at Open Culture think his greatest gift to home viewers are his Art History School profiles of well-known artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent Van Gogh. An avid storyteller, he’s drawn to th...
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The Awful Way The CIA Used Louis Armstrong

The CIA used the musician in what was then the Congo. “It’s genuinely heartbreaking. He was brought in to serve an interest that was completely contrary to his own sense of what was right or wrong. He would have been horrified.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Congo, Cia, Louis Armstrong, 09.12.21

The Podcast About The Book Reporting On The Massive Flop That Was Bonfire Of The Vanities

Julie Salamon’s book stunned the country – especially Hollywood. It “portrayed the world of big-budget studio filmmaking as a high-stakes battle, in which three mercurial factions — the artists, the executives and the audience — are ever at odds with themselves and each other.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 09.10.21, Julie Salamon

Time To End Artsploitation

Behind the New Museum’s veneer of social justice was rampant exploitation. Salaries were so low that full-time employees worked extra jobs. An hourly rate in visitor services and the bookstore teetered just above minimum wage. – The Baffler
Tags: Art, Issues

A College Honors Class Turned Its Zoom Fan Fiction Into A Film Deal

Last year, The Great Gatsby came out of copyright, and that’s a good thing for a The Great Gatsby 2.0 honors seminar at the University of Iowa. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 09.10.21

The Movie Museum Is Finally Open

The new PR line is that “the long-awaited cathedral of movies is landing at just the right time — perhaps when the film industry needs it most.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Visual, 09.12.21

Coronavirus Art, But Make It Optimistic

When a retired nurse saw that hundreds of vaccine vials were empty and going in the trash, she set about creating something from them instead. – NPR
Tags: Art, Visual, 09.08.21

The Larger Narrative Arc Of Colson Whitehead’s Novels

Basically, it’s weird jobs. “All these different jobs provide existential questions about how the world works and how they work, how they function, I guess.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Words, Colson Whitehead, 09.12.21

The Creative Arts Emmys Have Crowned Multiple Winners Already

Primetime Emmys are coming up soon, but some shows cleaned up early at the Creative Arts Emmys as well. Here’s the whole list. – Entertainment Weekly
Tags: Art, Media, Creative Arts Emmys, 09.12.21

Could This Facebook Ruling In Australia Eventually Lead To The End Of Comments?

A court ruling “promises to upend what has been a core principle of who gets blamed for bad behavior online — in ways that, if repeated, could have the effect of stifling public speech.” – Nieman Lab
Tags: Art, Australia, Issues, 09.08.21

The Paintings Within A Painting Of Matisse’s The Red Studio

A new show puts it all in context – and explains why Matisse suddenly decided, when the painting was finished, to make it red. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Matisse, 09.12.21, Painting Of Matisse

Michel Laclotte, Champion Of The Musee D’Orsay And The New Louvre, 91

Though debate was hot about the M d’O, as it’s now marketed in Paris, that “was a tepid academic tiff compared with the one that erupted when plans for a multiphase renovation and expansion of the Louvre, called the Grand Louvre, were unveiled in the early 1980s.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Paris, Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, 09.10.21, Michel Laclotte

Just because: Leonard Bernstein’s “The Age of Anxiety”

Krystian Zimerman, Leonard Bernstein, and the London Symphony perform Bernstein’s “Age of Anxiety” Symphony in 1986. The work, inspired by W.H. Auden’s book-length 1947 poem of the same name, is introduced by a short interview with Bernstein: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
Tags: Art, London, Ajblogs, Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein, W H Auden, Krystian Zimerman Leonard Bernstein

Theatre Has An Internship Problem

Or, you might say, an exploitation problem. – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, 09.10.21

Nicaragua’s Government Is Arresting Prominent Writers Before A Presidential Election

“State prosecutors in Nicaragua have ordered the arrest of one of the country’s most prominent writers, Sergio Ramírez, accusing the 78-year-old novelist of inspiring hatred and conspiring to destabilize Nicaragua.” Those charges sound common these days in Nicaragua. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, Nicaragua, Sergio Ramirez, 09.10.21

Glasgow Gets Back Its 26-Ton Floating Head

After decades forgotten and unclaimed in a boatyard, then carefully restored, Richard Groom’s Floating Head is back. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Glasgow, Visual, Richard Groom, 09.12.21

The Evolution of Kandinsky’s Painting: A Journey from Realism to Vibrant Abstraction Over 46 Years

Like most renowned abstract painters, Wassily Kandinsky could also paint realistically. Unlike most renowned abstract painters, he only took up art in earnest after studying economics and law at the University of Moscow. He then found early success teaching those subjects, which seem to have proven too worldly for his sensibilities: at age 30 he enrolled in the Munich Academy to continue the study of art that he’d left off while growing up in Odessa. The surviving paintings he produced at the e...
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Scientists identify key conditions to set up a creative ‘hot streak’

Researchers use AI to reveal runs of artistic success are commonly preceded by an experimental phaseWhether it is the director Marta Meszaros, or the artist Jackson Pollock, those in creative careers often experience a particular burst of success.Now researchers have used artificial intelligence to reveal such “hot streaks” are commonly preceded by an experimental phase followed by a focus on one particular approach once the winning period has begun. Continue reading...
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