Artistic Director – Geva Theatre Center

GEVA THEATRE CENTER (Geva) in Rochester, NY seeks a highly creative, collaborative, and community-minded leader to serve as its next Artistic Director as it approaches its 50th Anniversary Season in 2022. The Artistic Director will be a true partner to Geva’s Executive Director in producing the highest quality artistic offerings and continuing an essential dialogue with the Rochester, NY community that has supported the institution for close to half a century. As the company’s guiding voice ...
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Producing Artistic Director – Classic Stage Company

CLASSIC STAGE COMPANY (CSC) in New York, NY seeks a Producing Artistic Director to lead the organization and bring current and future supporters and fans along on an exciting journey to challenge the traditional perception of classic work by reimagining great stories across the world’s repertoire that illuminate our common humanity. The Producing Artistic Director will possess a flair for thoughtful artistic curation combined with entrepreneurial zeal and a talent to execute plans that celeb...
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‘Heartbroken’ Osage Nation leaders decry sale of sacred Missouri cave with ancient artwork

Indigenous leaders had hoped to purchase the land, which is home to 1,000-year-old drawings and was auctioned off for $2.2mA Missouri cave containing Native American artwork from more than 1,000 years ago was sold at auction Tuesday, disappointing leaders of the Osage Nation who hoped to buy the land to “protect and preserve our most sacred site”.A bidder agreed to pay US$2.2m to private owners for what’s known as “Picture Cave,” along with the 43 hilly acres that surround it near the town of Wa...
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Data’s In: Disney To Release All Its Movies In Theatres First

It comes after Disney’s successful theatrical release this month of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. – BBC
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‘Heartbroken’ Native American leaders decry sale of sacred Missouri cave with ancient artwork

Osage Nation leaders had hoped to purchase the land, which is home to 1,000-year-old drawings and was auctioned off for $2.2m A Missouri cave containing Native American artwork from more than 1,000 years ago was sold at auction Tuesday, disappointing leaders of the Osage Nation who hoped to buy the land to “protect and preserve our most sacred site”.A bidder agreed to pay US$2.2m to private owners for what’s known as “Picture Cave,” along with the 43 hilly acres that surround it near the town of...
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How We Learn To Know What We Want

Capitalism promises an endless series of alterations —tiny changes that… don’t amount to change at all. Aesthetic education, where “one suspends one’s current values in the expectation of acquiring better values,” can lead to more authentic transformations. – Commonweal
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How 9/11 Changed Comedy

Some of the comedic experimentation that immediately followed 9/11 tested the limits of free speech for entertainers, who made up the new rules as they went along and found that even jokes about 9/11-adjacent subject matter occasionally crossed a line. – The Atlantic
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Dante’s Purgatory In A Time Of Global Uncertainty

The concept of Purgatory was relatively new when Dante was born. Dante’s conception of Purgatory is remarkably like a wilderness boot camp. Its terrain is forbidding—more like an alp than like a Tuscan hillside. – The New Yorker
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The Case For All Art Being Ecological

 Works of art are not merely representations of the way things are but function to reveal and evolve a community’s shared understanding. Each time a new artwork is added to any culture, the meaning of what it is to exist is inherently changed. – 3 Quarks Daily
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‘Negotiated Authenticity’ — What Black Scriptwriters In Hollywood Have Always Been Expected To Provide

That’s how one screenwriter describes the unspoken task she and her Black colleagues usually face: “it’s still white people determining what the Black experience is and then hiring Black writers to ‘authenticate’ it.” Hannah Giorgis looks at those expectations and how Black writers handle them. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Black, Hannah Giorgis

The Up- And Down-sides Of Envy

Professional envy can have positive and negative repercussions. Workplaces where managers make a point of comparisons — posting leaderboards or naming employees of the month — provide fertile ground for cultivating envy. – Knowable
Tags: Art, Ideas

How A Public Spaces Program Is Transforming A Russian City

“We come and ask people what they want done, what they want preserved, and what they want to go. And if less than three-quarters of the people are happy, we change the project according to their comments.” – Bloomberg
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Scientists Unlock Keys To Creative “Hot Streaks”

The team found that for all three career types, work tended to be more diverse just before a true hot streak than expected from the randomly selected points. – The Guardian
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South Korea Considers Adding A Serious Museum To Its Busiest Airport

Authorities are planning to set aside two spaces at Seoul-Incheon, one in each terminal, as a satellite location for one or two major museums. Among those reportedly under consideration are the Tate Modern and the Pompidou Center. – The Korea Herald
Tags: Art, South Korea, Tate Modern, Visual, Seoul Incheon

Peru Has A New National Museum With Thousands Of Pre-Columbian Objects

“The Peruvian government has inaugurated the Museo Nacional del Perú, a $125m museum that was initiated by the ministry of culture to preserve the country’s heritage and now boasts a collection of nearly 50,000 pre-Columbian objects” — including some looted items now repatriated. – The Art Newspaper
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Mirga’s Successor At The City Of Birmingham Symphony Has Been Chosen

And it’s sort of an internal hire: in April 2023, Kazuki Yamada, a 42-year-old from Japan who’s been the orchestra’s principal guest conductor for three years, will succeed fast-rising Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla (and, before her, Andris Nelsons and Simon Rattle) as the CBSO’s chief conductor. – The Guardian
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BlogBack: Alice Greenwald, 9/11 Museum’s Head, Responds to My Post on the Attack’s 20th Anniversary

My personal reflections on The Two-Decade Anniversary of 9/11, in which I took issue with the harsh critique of
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David Pickard On Producing A Proms Season Like No Other

“My overriding memory of this summer will not be the hoops and hurdles we overcame, but the sheer joy of performers and audiences communing with each other once again.” – The Arts Desk
Tags: Art, Issues, David Pickard

What Makes Basquiat’s Untitled Great Art: One Painting Says Everything Basquiat Wanted to Say About America, Art & Being Black in Both Worlds

They wouldn’t have let Jean-Michel into a Tiffany’s if he wanted to use the bathroom or if he went to buy an engagement ring and pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket.  — Stephen Torton, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s studio assistant When Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled (Skull) sold for $110.5 million in 2017 to Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maesawa, the artist joined the ranks of Da Vinci, De Kooning, and Picasso as one of the top selling painters in the world, surpassing a previous record set ...
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For The First Time, A Dancer In A Wheelchair Will Perform With London’s Royal Ballet

Joe Powell-Main studied at the Royal Ballet’s school for four years, until his accident at age 15. Now 23 and a member of Ballet Cymru in Wales, he’ll be in a piece created on the Royal Ballet for the homecoming of the UK Paralympics team. – London Evening Standard
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Is There *Anything* To The Idea That You Can Learn A Foreign Language While You Sleep?

Well, you can’t say there’s nothing to it. But there’s not much. And don’t even think that playing recordings of the language while you’re lying there unconscious will save you from studying grammar and sentence structure. But yeah, it can help a little. – Mic
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Yep, Too Much TV Really Will Shrink Your Brain, Researchers Find

A professor at Johns Hopkins found that middle-aged people who watched an above-average amount of television lost volume in the frontal cortex. (The Guardian‘s TV critic insists, however, that this can’t be true if what you’re watching is good, intelligent material.) – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Johns Hopkins

Remembering Producer Liz McCann

Linda Winer: “She thrived on the gamble, what she relished as the “craziness” of her unlikely life and this “business of strange accidents.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, People, Linda Winer, Liz McCann

Aid For German Arts Institutions Damaged In Summer Floods

“The German government will give €30 million ($35.4 million) in aid for areas impacted by this past summer’s devastating rainfall and floods, including to damaged cultural institutions and monuments.” – Artnet
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George Wein, Who Invented The Outdoor Popular Music Festival As We Know It, Dead At 95

His Newport Jazz Festival, founded in 1954 and packed with major stars from the beginning, was the template for everything from Woodstock to Lollapalooza to Coachella. Wein himself started dozens of other events, including the Newport Folk Festival and New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. – The Washington Post
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Broadway’s Biggest Hits Are Back Onstage At Last

Eighteen months after the novel coronavirus shut them all down, the long-running audience favorites — Hamilton, Wicked, The Lion King, Chicago — resume their runs on Tuesday. Reporter Michael Paulson looked in on the preparations. – The New York Times
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As London’s West End Reopens, It May Scrap Wednesday Matinees

There’s plenty of demand for seats from theatregoers within England, but the audience for midweek afternoon shows is almost entirely tourists from abroad, of whom (thanks to COVID) there are still very few. – The Guardian
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Zoom Into a Super High Resolution Photo of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”

“Just as we take the train to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take death to reach a star,” Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother from Arles in the summer of 1888: What’s certainly true in this argument is that while alive, we cannot go to a star, any more than once dead we’d be able to take the train. The following summer, as a patient in the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole in Provence, he painted what would become his best known work — The Starry Night. The summer after that, he was dead of a gun...
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Managing Director of Administration, Gibney

Gibney, a major force for dance and social justice in New York City, welcomes nominations and applications for the newly designed position of Managing Director of Administration, available in the Fall of 2021. The Organization Founded by choreographer, entrepreneur, and activist Gina Gibney in 1991, Gibney is a dance company, a performing arts hub, and a social action incubator located in New York City. Gibney’s mission is to tap...
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‘It’s the balm we need right now’: how Broadway fought its way back

The long theatre shutdown in New York has taken its toll on the industry but a renewed and reinvigorated outlook towards diversity could have a major impactWhen Ruben Santiago-Hudson walks on stage at the Manhattan Theatre Club on Tuesday night, the electric charge between actor and audience will spark back to life. Then the healing will begin.“It is the balm that we all need right now, not just on stage, but in our city,” says Santiago-Hudson, writer, performer and director of Lackawanna Blues,...
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