The Story of My Life

We never stop discovering hidden treasures in The Story of My Life, the Broadway musical that New Line opens in a couple weeks at the Marcelle Theater in Grand Center. We ran the whole show for the first time last night, and for the first time on the set, and it went really well! Putting all the pieces together, even in a slightly rough form, reveals so much about this wonderful, intricately constructed, richly detailed musical! We originally (and over-optimistically) planned to do Something Ro...
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An “Epochal” Decline For NYC?

New York City, the financial and business capital of the world, and until very recently a hub for tourists, may well be the canary in the coal mine that predicts a decline in the very idea of the megacity. – The Baffler
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Our Classrooms In Crisis

At this moment of ferocious contestation over the meaning of the classroom, we might a closer look at what actually goes on there. – Boston Review
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How Things Change When Your Dance Video Becomes A Viral Sensation

She’s earned a following of more than 250,000 on Instagram and 460,000 on TikTok — as well as amassing 15.3 million likes on TikTok. – Lake Geneva News
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No, Not All Judgments Or Opinions Are Equal

Popular dogmas such as “judgments of artistic value are subjective” and “all judgments of artistic value are equal”, university literature departments have undercut aesthetic education, and given power to the market to decide what is good art. – PopMatters
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Why Are Cities Still Building Super-tall Buildings?

“I’m almost insulted by the reminder that the high-rise virus continues to spread. Waste of energy, waste of resources, almost impossible to protect indefinitely. A physical reflection of late-capitalist, winner-takes-all approach to economics. And all priapic phalluses to boot.” – dezeen
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It’s Not Easy To Be Both A Professional Dancer And Religiously Observant

“By and large, the North American dance community is secular and leans politically to the left. For Orthodox Jews as well as some evangelical Christians, Catholics and Muslims, among others, carving out a career in dance while practicing their faith remains a challenge.” – Dance Magazine
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Problem: Making AI Addicts

When we look to concrete problems in present-day AI systems, we see other — stranger — ways that things could go wrong with smarter machines. One growing issue with real-world AIs is the problem of wireheading. – The Conversation
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This A Cappella Quintet Can Mimic Your Electronic Devices

“Traditional a cappella groups cover pop lyrics and full music beds with impressive skill. But one group in South Korea, called MayTree, is taking the genre further to mimic the digital devices that occupy our lives.” (audio) – The World (PRX)
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Why Short, Soft-Spoken, Fey Truman Capote Was So Popular With The Strong And Powerful

“In the beginning, they’d look down on him. But everybody who took the time to speak with him was captivated by his intellect; it was his stardust. … These super-masculine men were first intrigued by his intellect, then they were impressed by the force of his personality.” – Hyperallergic
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Blowback On Productivity

If you accept that increased productivity helps the common good, the question becomes how to reliably achieve these increases. Until recently, the answer to this largely involved optimizing systems. – The New Yorker
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Most Diverse Booker Prize Finalists List Ever

Four debut novelists – Diane Cook, Avni Doshi, Douglas Stuart and Brandon Taylor – are up against the acclaimed Zimbabwean Tsitsi Dangarembga, and the Ethiopian-American Maaza Mengiste for the £50,000 award. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Brandon Taylor, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Maaza Mengiste, Diane Cook Avni Doshi Douglas Stuart

Incredible flipbook-style animations made from dozens of people's tattoos

@philberge #Duo avec @kewpietattoo tattooed the legend ♬ I like hot moms – Thatmulletdude Montreal tattoo artist Phil Berge tattooed dozens of people with slightly different artwork to create fantastic flipbook-style animations. Above, Snoopy dancing his iconic dance. Below, the result of Berge tattooing 76 people to create a a scene from Betty Boop's Snow White (1976). — Read the rest
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Professional Classical Musicians Have The Same Physical Problems (Other) Athletes Do

LA Phil violist Ingrid Hutman: “When we’re injured, we tend to go to sports doctors because that’s what’s available. It’s very difficult to find practitioners who understand the peculiarities of musicians and what we do.” – San Francisco Classical Voice
Tags: Art, Music, San Francisco, LA Phil, Ingrid Hutman

Loving Or Hating Ebooks: The Quality Of ‘Bookiness’

“Whether you love or hate ebooks is probably a function of what books mean to you, and why. … What it means to read, what the experience of reading requires and entails, and what makes it pleasurable or not, is not so easy to pin down.” – The Atlantic
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LA MoCA Makes it Official: Johanna Burton Will Be Its Solo Director

Two weeks ago, she was named executive director, working alongside Klaus Biesenbach, whose title was changed to artistic director. Last Friday, Biesenbach was appointed to lead Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Now MoCA says Biesenbach won’t be replaced and Burton will be the sole director. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, La, Berlin, Visual, Burton, Klaus Biesenbach, Biesenbach, Johanna Burton

The Gender Gap Is Growing In Our Universities

“In almost every rich country, women earn the majority of bachelor’s degrees. Almost every country that gives men and women equal access to education discovers, within a few decades, that women are doing better. – The Atlantic
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The New Hot Spot For Art In Athens Is — Piraeus (?!)

Yes, the Greek capital’s grotty old seaport, which has been busy, industrial and unpleasant for 2,500 years, is seeing serious art galleries, and the high-end restaurants that service gallery patrons, bustin’ out all over. – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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Japan’s ‘Nobel For The Arts” To James Turrell, Yo-Yo Ma, Sebastião Salgado, Glenn Murcutt

The Praemium Imperiale, including ¥15 million ($136,000) for each recipient, is awarded for painting (Salgado, a photographer), sculpture (Turrell, a light artist), music (Ma, a cellist), architecture (Murcutt), and theater/film (no prize awarded this year). – Deutsche Welle
Tags: Art, Japan, People, Turrell, Salgado, Murcutt

The New Yorker’s Archivist Counted Up Decades’ Worth Of Nonwhite Writers’ Bylines, And …

Erin Overbey: “As someone who’s done the research, seen all the numbers, I can tell you that things are simply not changing quickly enough to present real, concrete progress.” – Nieman Lab
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At LA’s MoCA, Johanna Burton Isn’t Just Executive Director, She’s Now The Only Director

Two weeks ago, she was named executive director, working alongside Klaus Biesenbach, whose title was changed to artistic director. Last Friday, Biesenbach was appointed to lead Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Now MoCA says Biesenbach won’t be replaced and Burton will be the sole director. – Los Angeles Times
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Public Radio Is Moving Into The ‘Urban Alternative’ Format

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is giving a total of $1.3 million to public stations in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Jackson, Mississippi to develop digital services offering “hip-hop/R&B music while remaining true to public radio’s values.” Similar channels are in place in Chicago, Denver, Houston, and Norfolk. – Inside Radio
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Snapshot: Lewis Milestone’s 1939 film of Of Mice and Men

The 1939 film version of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, starring Burgess Merideth and Lon Chaney Jr., directed by Lewis Milestone, and scored by Aaron Copland: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Director of Marketing, Communications, and Visitor Experience

The Director of Marketing, Communications, and Visitor Experience is responsible for the strategic development and oversight of all communications and marketing activities for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis—including digital strategies, public relations, advertising, social media, and audience development efforts—as well as visitor services, which includes front-of-house operations, shop, café, bar, and the Museum’s facility rental program. This individual seeks to creatively promote ...
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