Art21 – Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships

The Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships is a new role at Art21 aimed at expanding the reach of its visual arts programming and educational content as a component of its recent strategic plan. As a member of a small, high-producing team (currently 11 full-time staff, not including this role), the Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships is a rich opportunity for a creative and entrepreneurial relationship-builder who will be able to build on an already strong brand and br...
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Dudamel’s Conducting Fellowship Program Is Paying Off Big Time

The main thing these former fellows may take home from L.A. is indoctrination. New music here is part of the daily diet. Dudamel’s curiosity has led to a far more varied repertory at the L.A. Phil than that of any other major orchestra. – Los Angeles Times
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Inside Richard E. Grant’s First Time in Drag for ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’

Over four decades of acting, Richard E. Grant had never done drag until he was cast in the new feature “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie,” premiering Sept. 17 on Amazon. Grant plays Loco Chanelle, a mentor to young Jamie (Max Harwood), a 16-year-old who dreams of becoming a drag queen. But what exactly is Richard E. […]
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Our Notions Of Privacy Are Ancient. Do They Fit In Our Modern World?

The evolutionary biologist E O Wilson once said of the source of human challenges in the 21st century that ‘we have palaeolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology’. – Psyche
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Report: Hollywood Streaming Companies Hire More Women Than Traditional Studios

The long-running industry report card finds that in the 2020-21 television season, women accounted for 52% of major characters on streaming programs were women, while networks trailed behind with 45%. – Variety
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See The Six Architecture Finalists for This Year’s Stirling Prize

A bridge, a museum, a mosque… Here’s where the best of UK architecture is in 2021. – BBC
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How A Jazz Musician Found 30,000 Facebook Followers During COVID

Since shortly after the pandemic effectively closed the world down in March 2020, Jim Clayton’s Danforth area home — more specifically his dining room — has become Jim’s Piano Bar, with Clayton logging more than 425 performances, turning a personal Facebook following of 250 into an international audience of more than 30,000. – Toronto Star
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‘Learned Behaviour’ At The Royal Ballet: How A Case Like Liam Scarlett’s Could Happen

Luke Jennings: “His behaviour [was] egregious and exploitative, but his is not an isolated case. It is symptomatic of a culture I have seen up close over many years, [one] that shaped and enabled him, that allowed for his own exploitation as a young man.” – London Review of Books
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Minoru Yamasaki – The Architect Weighed Down By The World Trade Center

His long career has become, for many, a caricature or outright failure, the stuffing wedged between the two disasters of the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex in St. Louis and the World Trade Center in New York. – The Baffler
Tags: Art, World Trade Center, St Louis, Visual, Pruitt Igoe, Minoru Yamasaki

Liv Ullman And Jessica Chastain On Playing The Same Role In ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ Five Decades Apart

“Forty-eight years after the original aired, Ullmann is still aghast at her character’s decision to have a later-in-life affair with her ex-husband — ‘In our version, I hated it!’ she says — while Chastain sees it as ‘free love,’ something pure and beyond moral reproach.” – New York Magazine
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Mugabe, My Dad and Me review – a personal lesson on empire and identity

York Theatre RoyalTonderai Munyevu reflects on the men who have loomed large in his life in a thought-provoking show‘Where are you from?” It’s a question that writer and actor Tonderai Munyevu gets a lot. In the opening moments of Mugabe, My Dad and Me, he recalls it being asked by a white man he was serving in a bar, who went on to offer strong, ill-informed opinions about Munyevu’s native Zimbabwe. This show is Munyevu’s response.As the title suggests, it revolves around two men who have loome...
Tags: UK, Africa, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, Tonderai Munyevu, Mugabe My Dad, RoyalTonderai Munyevu, Munyevu

Quick Study: Rethinking Theater Arts

For this entry, I’m sharing the latest episode of Quick Study, the NEA’s research podcast. This month, we discuss Emerging from the Cave, a study commissioned by the Sundance Institute and authored by Jesse Cameron Alick. The report captures the most pressing challenges and opportunities for today’s theater artists—in their own words. A transcript of this podcast is available at the NEA website. Click here for the most recent episode of Quick Study.
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Playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie Dead At 85

“[He] was a mainstay of the experimental theater world, … especially known for America Hurrah, a form-bending trio of one-acts that opened in 1966 in the East Village and ran for more than 630 performances.” (In Alabama, authorities shut it down after two.) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Alabama, People, East Village, Jean Claude van Itallie, America Hurrah

Baryshnikov The Dancer Becomes Baryshnikov The Photographer

“I can see the almost spiritual obsession with dance that I myself have felt, but now observe it from the outside,” Baryshnikov says by phone from his home in New York. “For me it’s like rediscovering the very essence of dance.” – Toronto Star
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Substrate: The Predictive Brain

It’s common to consider our brains as reactive – receiving sensory information from our bodies and our environments, making sense of that inbound information, and directing our response thereafter. It’s also common to consider that much or even most of this reaction happens at a conscious level – there’s a tiger-like rustling in the weeds, tigers are bad news, therefore our brain says: “run from the tiger.” But there’s accumulating evidence that neither of those assumptions is correct. Phot...
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Reframing Disinformation

“It turns a huge question about the nature of democracy in the digital age – what if the people believe crazy things, and now everyone knows it? – into a technocratic negotiation between tech companies, media companies, think tanks, and universities.” – Irish Times
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Missing For Two Years Now, Where Is Maurizio Cattelan’s Golden Toilet?

The fully functional 18-carat commode, titled America, became world-famous while on exhibit at the Guggenheim. (The Trump White House wanted to borrow a van Gogh; the museum said no and offered this piece instead.) It was stolen two days after it went on display in England in 2019. – BBC
Tags: Art, England, America, Visual, Gogh, Maurizio Cattelan, Guggenheim The Trump White House

How ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ Costume Designer Channeled Tammy Faye Bakker’s Colorful Signature Style

How do you make a movie about colorful televangelist and gay icon Tammy Faye Bakker without veering into caricature? That was the challenge for “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” costume designer Mitchell Travers and star and producer Jessica Chastain, who were united in their vision for the look of the film. “We never wanted it […]
Tags: Jessica Chastain, Design, Tammy Faye, Tammy Faye Bakker, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Mitchell Travers

Scaffolding At Stonehenge As First Repairs In 63 Years Get Underway

Workers will stabilize cracks and holes in the stones of the 4,500-year-old monument and will replace concrete mortar used in the 1958 repairs with lime mortar, less rigid and more breathable. – The Guardian
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Unknown Tennessee Williams Story Sees Print At Last

“Honored worldwide as a playwright, Williams also wrote dozens of short stories. A rarely seen piece, ‘The Summer Woman,’ [written in the 1950s and] set in Italy, appears this week in the fall issue of the literary quarterly The Strand Magazine.” – AP
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Soprano Carmen Balthrop Dead At 73

Part of the third generation of Black opera singers to become international stars, she performed throughout Europe and the US, achieving wide fame in the title role of Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha. Her second career was as a beloved voice teacher at the University of Maryland. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Europe, US, People, Scott Joplin, Carmen Balthrop

Are We Looking In The Wrong Places For The Sources Of Disinformation?

The Commission on Information Disorder is the latest (and most creepily named) addition to a new field of knowledge production that emerged during the Trump years at the juncture of media, academia, and policy research: Big Disinfo. – Harper’s
Tags: Art, Ideas, Disinfo Harper

Pencil drawing of old man identified as Van Gogh work

Drawing has been in private hands since around 1910 and is now going on display in AmsterdamA pencil drawing of a broken old man, head in hands looking utterly exhausted, has been identified as a work by Vincent van Gogh.The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam said on Thursday that it had authenticated the drawing as being the work of the man himself. Teio Meedendorp, a senior researcher at the museum, said it was a “spectacular” discovery shining light on Van Gogh’s early career as an artist living in...
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San Antonio Symphony Management Demands To Slash Orchestra’s Size By 40%

In renegotiations for the final year (2021-22) of the current contract, management had proposed cutting salaries in half, down to $17,710 per year. Their latest offer, said to be final, is to cut the roster of full-time players from 71 to 42, with 26 part-timers. – San Antonio Current
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Britain Has A New Culture Secretary (And It Looks Like She’s A Doozy)

“Boris Johnson has appointed Nadine Dorries as culture secretary, giving a first Cabinet post to an outspoken MP who has previously accused the BBC of being biased and claimed comedy is being killed by ‘leftwing snowflakes’.” – The Guardian
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Jaap van Zweden To Leave New York Philharmonic In 2024

“[The orchestra’s music director] announced that he would leave his post at the end of the 2023-24 season, saying that the pandemic had made him rethink his life and priorities.” He’ll also step down from the Hong Kong Philharmonic that spring. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Jaap van Zweden, Hong Kong Philharmonic, To Leave New York Philharmonic

After 35 Years, Chicago’s Goodman Theatre Artistic Director Robert Falls To Depart

“[His] decision, which he said was not made under any kind of internal or outside pressure, brings the exit of Chicago theater’s premier auteurist director, … known for the expansiveness of his ambition, the boldness of his risk-taking and the richness of his conceptual productions.” – Chicago Tribune
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The Developing World Is Collapsing Under COVID And Its A Danger To All

Unless the Western world wakes up, and helps out the developing world with vaccines and treatments, we may be facing a situation in which millions, or even billions, of people will feel compelled either to embrace Chinese authoritarianism or to migrate. – spiked
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Call for applications: MFA in Contemporary Theatre and Performance at The New School

The Contemporary Theatre and Performance MFA at the School of Drama at The New School in NYC reimagines traditional conservatory training to prepare actors, writers, directors, and multidisciplinary artists to thrive as theater-makers in a changed world. The curriculum is designed with a unique approach to MFA-level training where devising, multidisciplinary collaboration, and performance take center stage.This MFA is ideal for artists who seek to deepen their existing practice while adding bre...
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The New School’s MA in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship for performing artists

Discover the first master’s program that prepares performing artists for 21st-century entrepreneurship. In the two-year Master’s in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship at The New School in NYC, you have the opportunity to: Develop and execute projects designed to further your personal career goals.Investigate business models and practices of organizations in the cultural and creative industries.Respond to the political, social, technological, and economic issues that impact arts and culture...
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